Ups and Downs

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Today I'm Grateful:

1. For a beautiful, love -filled new day
2. For all the wonderful advice I received yesterday (here)
3. That I understand it's ok to write about my downs just as I write about my ups
4. Peace within my mind and spirit
5. That this day starts a new path for me - Freedom To Express (it All)

Yesterday, I asked how most who wrote in journals actually did that. I've been keeping journals for close to 9 years and NEVER ONCE did I ever censor my writing. I wrote exactly what and how and who. I drew in it and I added stickers to them. I still do this although I don't draw to well - I do try. I now know what has happened and it is now fixed. This blog took a life of it's own and I'm deeply grateful. My intent is to uplift and inspire, but what I let slip away was my honesty to myself. Sometimes I'd sit here and want to vent, but will tell myself "no one wants to read about that." In doing this it spilled over into my journal. It's my journal and I can write WHATEVER I feel! Right? I now see what I did to myself and I have corrected it!


In other news:

I received my new cell phone and it's Fabulicious!!!!!

Peace & Blessings


  1. Happy Friday Tabitha!

    Enjoy journaling & your new cell phone - yeah!!!

    I hope your weekend is filled with wonder and blessings!

  2. Love the "fabulicious" phone. I vent in my journal too! :) I figure if no one else cares, God does! :)

  3. Tabitha--I woke this morning with something heavy on my heart--yesterday, when I shared some ideas for prompts in your journal, I never thought once about how my ideas needed two hands to do them. The neat thing is that I never thought of you as "handicapped"--but then, I don't want to have sounded insensitive by suggesting something so "hands on." Please forgive me for inadvertently saying something thoughtless.

  4. Hey Tabitah,

    Come on over and grab your 3 awards at my blog!

  5. Even though this blog about uplifting, I think it should work both ways where when your down, WE can uplift your spirit;) I don't think people are here JUST for the Nice or good stuff, but because we are here for everything! Good and Bad. Life is about Imperfection because that's what makes us human beings.

    Have a great weekend and Love the phone!

    Sharing the Love,

  6. Hi Tabitha!! I'm glad you were able to have those revelations about your blog & journal! Everyone blogs for different reasons, and some people definitely do share alot more personal things than others. I think it's really what you feel comfortable sharing w/ other people! With a journal, you don't feel like you have to "censor" what you write!!

    Yay on your new cell! It's always exciting to get something new!!!!

  7. As your blog friends, we are here for the good, the bad and the ugly! The ups, the downs and the inbetween.


  8. I hope you will keep speaking your truth and being who you are, Tabitha. The world needs more bold, honest, true-to-themselves women. Journaling is a life-changing process. I'm going to invite people to start keeping a JOY journal with me next Tuesday at my blog. Wanna come along? I can't wait to start mine! Have a love-filled weekend.

  9. I'm getting better at not censoring myself. I used to write with the idea that someone else would read it in the back of my mind. I have a special, private 'bitchin' and moanin'' blog for when I have nasty stuff to say that I don't EVER want anyone else to read :) It helps!

  10. Hey Tabitha, thats what I use my private blog for, same thing. And I have about five different journals for different things too. I love writing things, lists etc etc. And I love your new phone. Hope you are feeling fine and have a great weekend.

  11. Fab phone!

    Re. journals - I am spasmodic in writing in them....I can go for many months and not write in my journal at all and then I can have a journal spurt where I'm writing in it everyday. As far as what I write....pretty much anything goes, the good and the's like a cleansing and healing process for me all in one. I used to do Morning Pages as a ritual for nearly two years and I've been wanting to get back into it as I found it very helpful during that time.

    Love your Gratitude list today ~ :)

  12. Well, you get your journals and your fabulicious phone and get your ass over to our porch and help us shoot up some neighbors who are not following the ten commandments... we don't have to steal anything, don't worry: ammunition and alcohol are free...


  13. I came here via a link that YaYa posted in the interview on my blog. I wanted to see who you are for myself. hi! :) As for ups and downs, believe me I have had more than my fair share of down days and I sometimes hesitate to write about them, but I do, because the written word is the most powerful way to get past those bad moments and/or to just get them out so they don't eat away at your insides.

    I still try and make my "regular" blog the positive one. That's not to say I don't write in there when I'm grumpy or depressed but I do most of the negative writing in my cancer blog, that way I'm not exposing everyone to it, just those who want to read it. I started my "regular" blog in attempt to look for good things in my life. to focus on the positives and when life decided to beat me up again, well, it's become harder to look for the good things, and that's the main reason I try to avoid putting the negative things in the regular blog.

    I know I'm rambling, I tend to do that too. :)

  14. I want a new phone!

  15. Hi Tabitha~ Nice to know another native New Orleanian. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I liked this blog post. I keep a journal as well, but it's sort of mutated into my blog. There are some private things I don't blog about that I'll journal, but about 90 percent of the time, I'll blog (much to my family's chagrin and they will say -- Aleta, do NOT blog about this. Lol)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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