Fun Fact Friday!

I was suppose to list 10 honest facts about myself when I received the Honest Scrap award, but I had too much to say already, so I thought it would be fun to do this Friday. (:

10 Fun & Honest Facts About Me:

1. I have 6 tattoos
2. I hate clothes! If I had my way I'd never put clothing on, however, I love wearing shorts and pajamas. I can live in pajamas 365 days of the year. :)
3. Up until April of 09 I had never read anything in the bible except for Job and a few Psalms
4. After I make a point I kind of keep drumming it in. LOL
5. I ADORE coffee, but it gives me funky gas..LOL
6. I STILL watch Cartoons
7. I snort when I laugh too hard...I love those kinds of laughs!
8. I didn't meet my dad until I was 21
9. When I was giving birth to my daughter I NEVER felt labor pains..I mistook labor as gas
10. I HATE HATE doing dishes

Have A Blessed Weekend!!

When No One's Home

When no one's home I call His name. I invite him to meet me in our space to converse. I breathe in and out. I pray for my well being first, then my husband, family and then all beings. In the quiet I feel Him enter our space and I am overjoyed. I thank Him for all he's given us. For all He will give us. For all he's brought us through. I talk to Him about my dreams and goals. I ask Him to guide them and to show me what it is that He wishes for me to do. Who is it He wishes for me to be. He answers, but not in the conventional way you and I may answer a question. One sign or confirmation and I immediately know He has answered me. I thank Him and humbly obey.

When no one's home I sing to Him. I praise his Holy Being. When I close my eyes I see us dancing together and in this moment I am made whole. Each day I am tested. Each day I am broken. But, in the morning I am put together again by my Father's love. We meet in our space, talk, rejoice, sing, dance and He in all of His glory fills me with a love that only our Heavenly Father can provide. He picks me up, dusts me off and re-fills me with His love and grace. He does this every day. With every new morning and while no one's home He perfects my imperfections with His Never-ending Love.

Treats Galore!

This week Jamie asks: What treat do you wish for?

Since it is Halloween time I am wishing for tons and loads of good candy. I wish to sit on my comfy couch and watch the ABC Family Halloween Marathon in peace. I wish for my PO box to be filled with the goodies we need for our Xmas gift bags. I wish to not have a care in the world as I enjoy my yummy treats and awesome movies.

Counting My Blessings On Monday

1. Cool sunshiny days
2. lunch date with hubby
3. hubby's job
4. my nephews sense of humor
5. my nephews wonderful grades (he's giving it his all)
6. A comfortable home
7. Trip to Wal-Mart and Target in the same day (Goodness!)
8. A brand new day
9. The lesson of following Him
10. Music Music and Music
11. A new peep hole that I can reach
12. Fall
13. The ability to provide a warm meal each day
14. Peace, Love, Grace & Joy (BIG Smiles)

I have received a few awards lately and I am beyond grateful for them. I am honored that those passing them along think so highly of me!

Dale awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award"

I was awarded the "Honest Scrap" award by Kee @30 Something and Still Finding My Way

"Dragon Loyalty Award"

My Comments Rock Award"

Given by The Redhead Riter

Thank You All!!

Have A Super Blessed Day!!

Sunday's Thought

"We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love."

~Mother Teresa

Smiling My Butt Off!

Holy Fireball Batman!!!

If I can describe today in one word it would be...FANTABULOUS!!!

I love it when everything falls into place and I feel as if I'm floating on air! On Thursday at 9:24 pm my oldest niece(18) gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy!! He weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 12 ozs and he's gorgeous!!

Today the hubbster and I spent a few hours at the hospital delivering goody bags for Halloween.
Being around those kids and absorbing their positive energy and gratitude sends me soaring! Can you tell I'm super siked? I love it and I love them! I want to spend the rest of my days here on earth doing this. Being this person. Living in this imperfect, yet beautiful body.


Many beautiful people are jumping in and spreading love with us for Christmas and for that I am DEEPLY grateful! Everything I needed and prayed for is being granted and I am simply in BLISS over it. Grateful beyond any word or emotion could ever truly convey. God is in control and as soon as I let go He stepped in and did His Thing!!

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb
*Lyrics From The Climb by Miley Cyrus*

The Climb Feels So Good Today!!!

My Grateful Heart

I'm overwhelmed with joy. I woke this morning filled with a sense of love, joy and peace. I had been seriously STRESSING over my family's Christmas Give for this year. But a few blog friends and Twitter folk are stepping up to help us! I understand we are in very trying financial times, so to see them push their fears aside and open their hearts to the children is simply BEAUTIFUL!!

*I'm grateful to my hubby who is working any extra hours he can to help finance this mission.

*I'm grateful to all who have gone above and beyond to get the word out for us

*I'm grateful that God ALWAYS sends the right people my way

God closes small doors to open BIGGER ones. This I truly believe with all my heart.

If you are looking for a kind act to perform please consider our family's Christmas Give. Our goody bags will be going to children who will be hospitalized on Christmas and to children who'll be in homeless shelters on Christmas.


Anyone wishing to purchase an item or items may do so through Oriental Trading Company and have them shipped directly to us.

Items Needed:

IN-4/1588 Mini Holiday Fun And Games Books $8.99 72 Piece(s)

IN-25/2923 “Monster Tattoos” - $3.49 72 Piece(s)

IN-39/1530 Glowing Frog And Lizard Tattoos - $3.49 72 Piece(s)

IN-37/850 Easter Egg Magnets - $4.99 48 Piece(s)

IN-24/1933 Spring Bug Dog Tag Necklaces $4.99 48 Piece(s)

Ship to:
A FiveOh4 Uplifting
PMB 1155
13909 Nacogdoches Rd. #105
San Antonio, TX 78217

Thank You!!!

Wishcasting Wednesday 10/21

Do U Wish To Uplift Kids Who Are Ill?
Visit us to find out How & read Why I started our organization.

Wishcasting Wednesday:

This week Jamie asks us: What do you wish to say yes to?

There's been so many wonderful and crazy things going on lately, but through whatever I have much to say yes to!

I'm Saying Yes To:
Living in Complete Bliss
Letting Go Of All Fear
Taking Leaps & Not Looking Back
Finishing School & Helping Others Find Their Bliss
Promoting Our Organization/Ministry
Feeling Beautiful: Inside & Out (I'm Gorgeous!) :)
Losing Weight & Loving The Process
LIFE - I only have this one, so I'm going to ROCK IT!!!

ICB #13:Wrapped in Bliss

ICB #13:Wrapped in Bliss (5:04)

This entire blog is based on my new way of living, thinking, feeling and being. When I fully understood that I alone had the power to bring me joy my life changed dramatically. When I fully understood the depth of Jesus' love for me and the plan God has in store for my life I became free. I have the power to live in complete misery or I can choose to live each day granted to me in complete bliss/joy. There are times in everyone's life where we stand smack dab in the center of a tornado, but it is how we react to that tornado that can make or break us. I have survived living with deformities. I have survived feeling un-loved by my parents. I have survived hurricane Katrina. I have survived losing three family members last year all within months of one another. I have survived being lost. But, even through all of that I "still" choose bliss. I know the truth and I know my destiny. Knowing both has given me strength I never imagined. Tornadoes have scooped me up SEVERAL times in my life, but I stood still and allowed The Father to take control. I know it's hard for many to believe in something/someone they can not see, but believe me there's great power in Believing.

Live is hard(for everyone), but we have the power to change our circumstances. One of the ways I have chosen to bring joy into my life is by expressing Gratitude daily. Today I am grateful that I am breathing, for God's unconditional love, that I have the power to live in joy and release all fears, that my voice can be the voice for many who feel they have none. Another way is by living in simplicity, but for me the greatest decision I ever made was to follow God and His Son Jesus. In doing this it has lead me to live a life of serving others instead of wallowing in self pity. Living in "Me" world will not take us very far, but if we choose to help others and give of ourselves the blessings can be enormous and never ending.

Believe in You, Believe in something or someone far bigger than yourself, Believe in love and most of all believe in bliss. It's right there waiting for you to wrap yourself within it. It never hides from us. It's there and it's yours. Just reach out and Believe.

God Bless

Sunday Citar 10/18

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The Goings On In My Life

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It's been an extremely fantastic week! I have been to cloud 9 and back. Add in a little exhaustion and you have a grateful me. :)

The Goings On In My Life:

*We are gearing up for our 2009 Christmas give over @ anyone wishing to help us make this possible can visit the site or email me

*I'm SUPER thrilled, because it is no longer hot in Texas!

*This Wednesday I was the Featured Blogger for SITS and it was AMAZING!!!

*I've been visiting every commenter to thank them for visiting me on my day (it's a hard job)

*Sam @ Sandwich365 became my 200th follower!!! I'm sending her a lovely gift (:

*I'm SO excited about Halloween!

*I found out through my new dentist that part of my jaw pain is due to my 2 right wisdom teeth, which now must be extracted :(

*I am SO gearing up to see "Where The Wild Things Are" tonight!!!

*I'll have a new podcast up on Monday 10/19 (for all who's been asking) :)

*I did an awesome interview with Secret Agent L over @ if you get a chance check it out. She's wicked awesome!!

Grateful - Overjoyed - Overwhelmed

So, yesterday was my featured day over at SITS and I had no idea it would be this huge! The comments overwhelmed, uplifted me to the highest! I received over 300 comments and have many new followers! How will I ever thank you all? I will if it takes me all weekend. I'm so grateful for the support and love!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I'm Grateful For:
-The support of my SITStas
-My loving family
-A love filled day
-God's unconditional love
-The many inspiring people I get to know

Welcome SITStas! It's My Sits Day! Yippee!!

OMG! OMG! Today is a very awesome day for me!! TODAY I am the featured blogger over at SITS. What is SITS? Sits is an AWESOME community ran by Heather and Tiffany where commenting is a source of connecting and each day a lucky SITSta is featured blogger. Today is my day!!

Ok, a little about me! My name is Tabitha and I was born with disabilities, but I refuse to live as a disabled person. I'm a mother to one beautiful teenage daughter(Princess Charlie), 1 scrappy puppy(Pooh) and wife to an awesome guy of 12 years. Together we run our own family mission called A FiveOh4 Uplifting. I'm a poet at heart, I strongly believe in helping others and ADORE music to the fullest! I currently host an inspirational podcast in conjunction with my blog, which I LOVE producing!

My posts are more of the spiritual, uplifting type and it fits me just fine. I love sharing my heart and the adventures of my family shenanigans. (:

I'm SOOOO siked about today and I hope you'll enjoy the three posts I've chosen as my favorites!!

A Grateful Heart

Gifts sent to Mia Davis

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I awoke this morning free from this uncomfortable feeling in my jaw. I'm sure it was my fault. I have an ugly habit of clenching my jaw when something doesn't set right with me. I talk about giving it to God, but in all
honesty I had not fully done that. The issue is so minute, yet I allowed it (in my mind) to snowball into World War 4. Yesterday, I read many blog posts, which seem to be speaking directly to me, so I took the hint and allowed the thoughts to be released. I am feeling lighter and joyful once again. (:

Today I'm Grateful:
*For a release
*For the delicious seafood soup hubby cooked for us
*For peace and mercy
*For a Father who knows me and still loves me
*For the inspiration I received listening to Joel yesterday
*For poetry and art (they have saved me many times)

Sunday Citar 10/11

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Art by William Adolphe Bouguereau

When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would have
not a single bit of talent left and could say,
“I used everything you gave me.”
~ Erma Bombeck

Have you ever exhaled and truly felt the release of anxiety, stress, fear, sorrow or even exhaustion? Could you describe the moment? Recently, this happened to me and I can not begin to say just how freeing it was. Immediately I felt lightened. My entire body gave in as I exhaled away any yucky feelings I may have been holding on to. This in turn, creates an enormous amount of gratitude. that's exactly what happened as I exhaled. I released and in my inhaling I took in so much gratitude.

The above quote speaks for me in volumes! I pray that at the end of my journey here on earth I will honestly be able to say "I gave it all" and He will be proud of me.

Today I Am Grateful:
For release of bad emotions
For the loving family members whom reside within my home
That God truly does answer prayers
For earthly Angels (I am truly surrounded)
For Unconditional Love and Sweet Mercy
For each and every blog reader (even the lurkers) & every podcast listener
For a home filled with love, joy, food, comfort & The Father

What are you grateful for this week?

Pink Thursday

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Every Thursday during October, I am joining Christina @ Soul Aperture and many others who are posting something pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer has hit my family more times than I can count, so I express concern for all who read this blog. Ladies, please complete self breast exams often and guys as yucky as it may seem please get your yearly colonoscopy if cancer is a factor in your family history.

"Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded."

Wishcasting Wednesday 10/7

What do you wish to complete?
This is the question asked by dear Jamie this week.

I wish to complete school. I'm currently in school to become a Spiritual Coach, but I like to call it a spiritual guidance counselor. Once it's complete and I am certified I look forward to helping many people find their balance in life. I also wish to complete my weight loss journey successfully.

ICB 12: Retrieving Joy

Drawn by Moi

This week I present to you ICB 12: Retrieving Joy (8:38)

I wish to thank Jodi @ Joy Discovered AND Kristen @ Halfway To Normal for inspiring and uplifting me when I truly needed it!

My Gratitude Poem:

I love how he (hubby) drops in just when I need him
the laughter T produces with his funny antics
the art sessions Jojo and I share
a clean and well maintained stove to prepare dinner
Anzan gently playing in the background
re-assurance of a roof staying over our heads
the resources to grant the wishes of four loving mothers
the sight of beautiful glitter markers and sharpened color pencils
a new love affair with doodling
finding my voice through art (who would have imagined)
Comfortable sleep and refreshed awakenings
knowing I am held safely in my Father's arms
the strength and wisdom my daughter possesses
Joel Osteen's uplifting words
the joy of our ministry thriving for 2 years and many more to come
new growth and empowerment
No need for doubts or fear
NEW Peace (it's renewed daily)
the gift of knowing joy from DEEP within

Will you join our gratitude community in thanking The Lord for his goodness, mercy and loving kindness?
Visit A Holy Experience

Sunday Citar 10/4

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Please Uplift Me Father (My Truth)

Dear Father,

I'm not sure what has happened, but I suddenly feel as if I've been pulled into a dark vortex and I can't seem to find my way out. I'm feeling a bit insignificant, but I absolutely do not know why. I feel a little lost and under-appreciated and my heart hurts. Father, please uplift me! Please make this darkness go away! I've never experienced this before, so I am at a lost as what to do next. I'm calling on you, because I KNOW you can pull me up. I'm tired father. I feel a bit dry inside. This is not normal for me, so I truly need your help Father!

Your Faithful Daughter,

*Updated* After posting this I had a conversation with Princess Charlie and her words completely filled my soul! God used her to pull me up and I'm grateful. As I told Nina my focus was all wrong and in doing this the enemy found a way to make me feel small. I am NOT small! Have never been and will never be. What I do in my life is for God. His opinion is the ONLY one that matters! *Breathing easier now*

Congratulations To!

Sarah Lulu is the winner of our anniversary giveaway!
Operation Smiley Face is the winner of our giveaway over at Afiveoh4uplifting

Congratulations Ladies and thank you for your kindness!!

My family and I have been talking and since we have made it to our 2 year anniversary, which is Amazing! We now want to make this site more interactive. We want to share with you more than what we're doing with our ministry. We want you to truly get to know who we are. We'll be posting about joyful stories of others, we'll be highlighting other fabulous people who are making a difference (be it BIG or small) and we'll constantly keep you informed on how YOU can make a difference by doing ONE nice thing per day!
Read More Here

It's Our Anniversary!!

17 years ago Today I first felt the call to "Make A Difference" in the lives of others. I started by getting my family, neighbors and friends to donate clothing and can goods to local homeless shelters in New Orleans. It was an off and on battle, because my heart was in it 100%, but that was not the case for everyone else. On this day in 2007 after being inspired through a friend I made a life changing decision. I would NEVER again allow the behavior of others to determine what my destiny would be. On October 1, 2007 with the support and contributions of my husband and daughter we formed "A FiveOh4 Uplifting." Within these past 2 years we've delivered and mailed over 8,000 goody bags. We've even been blessed to send goody bags to children in South Africa! Although, finances are rough for everyone we have been blessed to have a handful of dedicated, loyal and loving supporters. Our family ministry is here to stay! We (as a family) have made an oath that no matter what happens in this world WE will do whatever we Humanly Can to ALWAYS uplift those in need. What a joyous ride we are on!

October 1st is a very significant date for me. Not just because of our ministry, but also because today I celebrate my 1 year BLOG anniversary for "I Choose Bliss!" This blog and all of you have played a huge part in my growth over these past 365 days. I have been encouraged, inspired and I often feel loved. Because of your support and kindness I felt the courage to create the podcast to this blog. I love logging on and knowing you all will be here to share my ups and downs with me.

To celebrate I am giving away one of these gorgeous magnets created by Julia Da Rocha of PozArt! I have picked a number and the person leaving a comment on the number I've chosen will be the lucky winner of this beautiful magnet! To qualify and win an extra gift please visit and leave a word of congratulations there for my family! (Same rule applies)

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