No matter what you may be facing, God can help you.  Nothing is too hard for him.  There is No Need too great for him to meet.  There is No Problem too complicated for Him to solve.  There is No Enemy too strong for Him to conquer.  There is No Prayer too difficult for Him to answer.

Inspirational Wednesday

The way you see your body or face is NOT how God sees you.  He fully understand that He makes no mistakes. Therefor you were created perfectly in His eyes. STOP seeing yourself through the eyes of the world (tv, magazines, or human opinions). You were created by the Great Creator! He is the Expert! He can not lie or fail. The mirror will say you're fat, old, too skinny, too short or tall. He says you are Extraordinary, Beautiful, Loving, Kind, Intelligent & Victorious. See yourself as He does!!

Methodist Children's Hospital 2013

We put together 140 Christmas Cups for Sweet Angel Pies Who'll be Hospitalized during Christmas !! I LOVE BEING A SERVANT!!!!

Honestly What I Need

Through daily life we hear people stating what they Want.  Around Christmas time you'll hear children commanding "I want that!"  But instead of stating what I want I'd like to take a moment to say what it is I truly NEED.

I Need:
-Father, Son & Holy Spirit
-To be patient in all circumstances
-To listen to God and drown out the world
-To ONLY trust God
-The Complete Goodness of God to cover me daily
-To speak to others with Love & Gentleness
-To Uplift others
-To be able to accept others uplifting me
-To Resist the Devil and he'll flee from me
-To fully know my past does NOT define who I am
-To know my past has been washed away by Jesus' Blood
-To be Grateful for what I have & Never complain about what I don't have
-To Cherish those God place in my life (even those who are there to teach me tough lessons)
-To be Quiet when I have nothing good to say
-To be honest at ALL TIMES
-To be present at every given moment
-To keep my eyes on Jesus and NOT on issues or worldly things
-To LIVE as if Today is my Last Day on earth
-To realize that there is SO MUCH I need and KNOW that God is the ONLY one who can Provide or Fulfill this within my Life.

To Be Continued...

UPtv's Uplifting Person of the Day!

When I found out I was nominated for UPtv's Uplifting Person of the Day I was thrilled!  It is by far my favorite channel to watch!  However, I didn't actually think they would choose me.  Guess what?  They Did!!!  You can read about it here

I'm thrilled and honored and blessed all rolled into one!!  Thank You UPtv for having a channel that my whole family can watch without fear of being bombarded with trash!!


When your past tries to Penetrate your NOW remind it that it is Irrelevant.  Remind yourself that You are a child of The Most High God.  You are seated in Heavenly Places (Right Now).  You are a Daughter or Son in the Kingdom.

If your past had won YOU would NOT be where you are Today!  Stand strong in WHO YOU ARE & in WHO You Belong To!  Your yesterday is just a step to get to your Today!!!

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