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 Today is MY day to celebrate my INNER being
Today is MY day to laugh and do it often
Today is MY day to awaken the peace within given by my Lord
Today is MY day to smile at every being I encounter
Today is MY day to breathe and just Be
Today is MY day to OPEN my mind to all that can be
Today is MY day to RELAX in the Arms of God
Today is MY day to uplift another being as Jesus would
Today is MY day to imitate our Lord and Savior in my deeds
Today is MY day to shine the light on my Happiness
Today is MY day to demonstrate Unconditional Love
Today is MY day to Love & See myself as God does
Today is MY day to embrace that I AM A Child of god
Today is MY day to embrace inspiration
Today is MY day to OPENLY express Gratitude for all that was & will be
Today is MY day to treat myself with Loving-Kindness

The Flow of Love

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~May all beings be joyful 
~ May all beings be healthy 
 ~ May all beings be content 
~ May all beings be safe 
~ May all beings be peaceful and at ease 
~ May all beings become the truest being God created them to be 
~ May all beings be filled with God's love, mercy and goodness 
~ May all beings love themselves completely and with great kindness just as they are now 
~ May all beings have patience, courage, wisdom and determination to overcome troubles in their lives 
~ May all beings pass through this life with peace, love and joy

This is a Metta Prayer and I pray it daily for every living
being on this earth.

And He Said

And He Said
By: Tabitha D.
©April 28, 2009

And He Said...
I am the way, the truth and the life
I inhaled His spirit as it jumped within me
For the first time I noticed it
Felt it join me as I read on

He said I am a branch upon His tree
so I spread fruit to those in need
His compassion flows through me
each and every time I breathe
And I breathe easily,
because He supplies all of my needs

And He Said...
Love each other as I have loved you
So I love with all of my heart
and embrace each of his children
and their Godly hue

Today I felt the spirit enter
Sat silently beside me and whispered to my soul
Overwhelmed, but elated because His words have made me whole
There's no greater story told than that of a Father
loving His child
He stretched out his arms and gave his life
This Father went that extra mile

And He Said...
Fear not, so I walk with my head held high

Today I felt the spirit enter
Sat silently beside me and whispered of all the blessings
in my life He will do

He spoke the words that every child wants to hear from their Father
and with a smile upon my face and joy in my heart
I replied...
Dear Heavenly Father...
I Love You To

Halloween Love

*Halloween Mail*

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Jolted From Sleep

For the past week my four year old Dachshund has been waking me up with his barking.  He never does this, so this has been very distressing to me.  Last night his barking began around 3am.  I went to check on him, because Charlie NEVER hears him and they sleep in the same room.  When I finally drifted back to sleep I had a dream that we were the victims of a home invasion.  I know exactly why I dreamt this.  Every time "Pooh" barks I fear someone is breaking in, but that is never the case.

I'm blogging about it so that I can dump it from my memory bank.  It's a cloudy day and that just increased my paranoia. lol
I just wanted to clear my mind and get back on track with my Father.

In other great news! Texas is receiving a little rain today!  We truly need rain for a day or two, but at this point we'll accept whatever we can get!

Have A Blessed Day!!

A Grateful Heart Soars

I have many things to be grateful for, but many times I forget the little things.  Today I'd like to shine the light on the little things that bring me joy and gratitude.

* Big hugs from my hubby - Knowing he truly loves me
* God loves me enough that he patiently waited for me to be ready to follow Him
* Popcorn - It truly makes me happy when I eat it
* I have cable so I can see programs like The 700 Club
* I have internet so I can watch Joel Osteen (Lakewood Church) LIVE every Sunday
* For diet 7up - it's so refreshing!!
* My (16 year old) daughter gave her life to Christ this past Sunday
* I love that she did it FREELY and didn't have to feel forced or pressured into it
* The gift of being content
* Learning how to surrender

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Happy Birthday to my Grandma and my Sister N!!

I've been journaling now for 13 years now.  I've learned a great deal about myself in doing so.  What I love most is not every entry has to be negative, I don't really have to be correct in my spelling all the time and I can be as brutally honest as need be.  Since I started listening to Beth Moore I've been learning so much.  I write down everything I learn from her in my journal, but one thing she spoke on truly stuck with me.  She said we should always turn a negative into a positive.  I never truly knew how to do that until last year.  So, now when I'm journaling it's a rule that no matter what happened that day I have to write down at least three positive things that also happened.  Now, when I do this I can't seem to stop! lol
I thought I'd share a few with you here today and maybe (if you journal) it could be a tool for you as well.

The Positives:

-We all woke up with great health today
-God is in our lives and guiding us daily
-Hubby and princess made it home safely yesterday
-We have a comfortable home filled with love
-In a time where people are losing jobs hubby has been making great overtime hours
-I get to put luvmail together for kids and adults who are hurting
-I get to cook a delicious meal for my family
-I am free to praise God w/all my heart
-I had the greatest grandma on earth and I love her so

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