Feeling Ill

Sorry For the absence everyone, but bronchitis has my butt in bed.
I shall return on Monday with the winner to the Mardi Gras Mask Giveaway!


I'd like to leave you all with a quote. :)


"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these."

- George Washington Carver

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Empowering One Another

While reading over at Reality Insanity I became inspired! She lit a fire in me that no amount of cold weather could damper! Her words empowered me to my very core!

em·pow·er : to promote the self-actualization or influence of

Her words got me to thinking a very serious question. In our everyday life do we empower others? Do we say kind words that may leave an uplifting impact on another? This is what Genie Sea did for me today, so I'm going to "Pay It Forward."

I want every woman reading this to know that "YOU Are Beautiful." Yes, your schedules may be hectic and sometimes you feel like you are not even recognized. That is NOT true. You were created to with stand any obstacle and still look beautiful. What you see in the mirror as unacceptable we see as pure Heaven. You were created by the Almighty, therefore everything about YOU is right. There were no mistakes made when you were created. how could there have been mistakes when everything he touches is a Masterpiece.

STOP.....BREATHE.....Let It Flow

You are strong, courageous, intelligent, mother, wife, teacher, referee. And even in wearing all of those hats you still find the time to be sexy. Sexy is not what you're wearing, but more of how you present yourself.

Be Sexy!

by: Tabitha D

You're a diamond true
You give the sky that Godly hue
You are the oxygen he needs to survive
You are the reason the seasons fight to stay alive
Because of you the sunshine's and illuminates the earth
It was for you that the Angels sang at the very moment of your birth
you are the strength in every man's eyes
You know when a child is out of hand
You even know when their telling a lie
but without you this world would stop
Time would no longer exist and the stars from the sky would drop
You're a diamond true
You give the sky that Godly hue
You are the oxygen he needs to survive
You are the reason the seasons fight to stay alive
When you were created the Father cried out in glee
For there is no other creature more magnificent
than thee.


Let no man nor woman ever rob you of your self worth...You Are Priceless!!

Today I want you to feel deep within your soul that you are Phenomenal. Unstoppable. Capable. Beautiful. Sexy. Intelligent. Worth More Than Any Diamond!

You Are God's Gift To The Universe!

Celebrate Your Self Worth Today!

Then Go And Empower Another!!

Today I Feel:
~Beautiful & Very Sexy ;)

The Season Of Giving

In the spirit of giving I wanted to tell you all about an organization that my family and I are deeply involved with. It's called Make A Child Smile and the goal is to get as many people as possible to send cards or small gifts directly to the monthly featured children.

Founded in May of 1998, by Alexandra Bakker, the Make A Child Smile Organization, also known as MACS, has been a source of support to children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses and their families. Emotional support is provided by creating the opportunity for people to visit the MACS website and learn about the children and their illnesses.

Each month, new children are featured. A picture and biography describing the child and information about their family is published on the website. Hundreds of 'net surfers, schools, service organizations, girls/boys scouts and church groups use the MACS website as a philanthropic project where they can send cards, letters and small gifts to the featured children and their siblings through postal mail.

If you are looking to spread some kindness around this is a great way to start! We have been involved with MACS for a year now and we truly love sending cards/little goody bags to the beautiful featured children.
This organization is close to my heart, so I feel it's right to spread the word about it. These kids need that extra love, so I encourage you all to maybe send just a card. If your heart says do more then please feel free to send a very small gift.

I include things like: stickers, stampers, notepad, harmonica or even a coloring book w/crayons.

I hope you'll visit the page and see how you can help Make A Child Smile!

I'm Grateful For Many Things

In the effort of keeping up my Gratitude journey I felt compelled to share this today!

I'm Grateful For:

My life and all of the ups and downs that have taken place within it. My mother and father, because had they never met I would not exist. My grandparents, because they instilled the gift of kindness within my very being. I want to be just like them one day. My daughter who fills my life with laughter and completes my soul. My hubby, because he is the second man (after grandpa) to show me what true love is all about. He has had to put up with mood swings, tantrums and sometimes there was rudeness and NEVER did he walk away. He's always been gentle with me and after 12 years (this January) he still sets my heart ablaze. If I never knew true love before him with him in my life I now know it intimately. I'm grateful for my family, because of them I know I can conquer the world! There has never been anything I felt I couldn't do and that's because of them. I'm grateful for the many life altering experiences. They have changed me in ways I never knew existed. I'm grateful to the beautiful friends who support my ministry. With them I am able to Spread Smiles To Children Worldwide. I'm grateful for my talents. They have enabled me to sing my princess to sleep and write poetry straight from my heart. I'm grateful for the sunrises and the sunsets. With each event I receive another opportunity to be deeply blessed. I'm grateful for the many people God allows me to hear him speaking through. I'm also grateful that he speaks through me. I'm truly grateful for those moments when things seem dark and he leads me to read or hear him saying "Let Go and Let Me Do My thing". I'm forever grateful that he LOVES me unconditionally and he's NEVER afraid to show me. I'm grateful for Peace, Love, Laughter and Success. I'm grateful for this life and the chance to live it until the wheels fall off. I'm grateful to be a hopeless romantic, a dreamer and an achiever. I'm grateful that doing God's will is my way of life and it's fully supported by those who truly love me. I'm grateful for today, this very moment. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share with you the things that make Me feel COMPLETE.

A Blessing Today

Our friend Maureen who along with her family live in South Africa
sent these pictures today. My family and I sent a box of gift bags and plush items
to Maureen to be given out to the orphaned children in South Africa.
Many of them are living with A.I.D.S.

When I saw the pictures I first, hyperventilated out of pure excitement!
It feels SO GOOD to see these beautiful children smiling and holding
the items that we sent them!

This was the greatest blessing I could have received today!

I'm So Very Grateful!!!!

Sharing Gratitude

Relyn over at Come Sit By My Fire is doing 10 days of gratitude and since I think that's an awesome idea I signed on to do this as well. What better way to truly appreciate what we have than by acknowledging it! So for the next 10 days my posts will in some way reflect my gratitude.

Today Relyn is focusing on the steady joys within her life, so I'll start here. Please feel free to join in on your very own blogs, journal books or even by leaving your thoughts in a comment! Either way I'll be Grateful you stopped by! ☺

My Steady Joys:
1. Christmas time 2. Laughter w/my princess 3. Hugs from my handsome hubby 4. Music 5. Dancing 6. Butterflies 7. Kisses 8. Hot Chocolate (even in the summertime) 9. Talking to my mommy on the phone 10. Laughing with both my sisters 11. Learning from my big sister & big brother 12. Reading 13. Praying 14. Home 15. Writing Poetry 16. Blogging 17. Chocolate Candy 18. Delicious Food 19. Singing 20. Christmas Movies (I feel all tingly inside!)

In The Rain (Nonet)

In The Rain (Nonet)
By: Tabitha D.

My soul was riddled with fear and pain
I knew I'd make it back again
Raised my hands up to the Lord
Felt his love in my soul
Washing sins away
He healed me with
Just one touch
In the

I Believe:
*In God
*In True Love
*In Possibilities
*The Miracles Of Christmas
*That We All Have A Purpose
*My Path Has Been Carved Out (I Love It!)
*We Are His Masterpieces
*In Me and You

Giveaway Friday!

I've been on a few blogs where the owner has given away some cool item to their readers via a contest. I think this to be a fabulous idea and thought I'd take a crack at it!

The picture to the left is of a genuine New Orleans Mardi Gras Mask (my hometown). This is the prize for the lucky winner!

Rules: Tell me what is your favorite post within this blog and why? That simple!
All names of participants will be entered into a bowl and one lucky winner will be drawn.

The contest will end at midnight on Nov 28th. Winner will be announced at 12 noon on Nov 28th.

After the winner is announced he/she should email me with a valid mailing address. PO boxes are welcome!

I kindly request that you invite your friends to join in on the fun!

Happy Writing!

These Are The Facts

These Are The Facts

I am a daugher
I am a mother
I am a sister
I am an aunt
I am a wife
I am a child of God

I eat, breathe and live poetry (since I was 5)
I'm a hopeless romantic
I become a big kid around Christmas time
I live for my daughter, my nieces and my nephews
I live accordingly in hopes of guiding them correctly
I Believe in miracles
I Believe in magic
I was born handicapped, but have never lived as a handicapped person
I graduated from high school
I even attended college (woohoo!)
I can sing (family trait)
I can dance
I live life - it does NOT live me
I'm sassy and feisty (another family trait)
I'm compassionate
I tend to wear my heart upon my sleeve (I now know this is not a bad trait)

I dislike ignorance (with a deep rooted passion)
I dislike racism (with a deep, dark rooted passion)
I dislike mothers who don't value their kids

I love family (not those who pretend to be family)
I adore mothers who would fight the devil himself for their kids
I love helping those in need
I love dogs
I love God
I love life
I love possibilities
I love achieving


I uplift
I embrace
I hold
I comfort
I praise

My greatest joy lies within children

I love all types of music
I love comedies
I love romantic films
I love comic hero movies
I love blogging
I love learning
I love growing

I am ME and I love Her!

Who are you?
What are your likes and dislikes?
What are your hopes and dreams?

Both pictures created by me using Photoshop Elements

I Am Not The Same

Three years ago we were living in beautiful New Orleans. I had lived there all of my life and I can honestly say it is a deep part of who I am. All my life I was taught about God and his love, mercy and grace. I've always strongly believed, but was one of those people who just went with the flow. If a problem arose I'd be the first to freak out.

My grandma would say "give it to God" and I would, but I'd still stress over it. It was after Hurricane Katrina did her dirt and we were relocated to Texas that I started to feel something stirring inside of me. A string of events took place and with each new event I noticed something Huge. I was not to the same!

Nov 06 - I found out I had a tumor, which was 10 centimeters wide growing on my uterus. My first reaction was fear joined with tears, but then this doctor looked me in my eyes and with every fiber in his being assured me that he would not allow anything to happen to me. His confidence made me believe! I tell everyone still today it was as if God was speaking through him.

Feb 07 - My big brother A introduced me to this movie online called "The Secret". For me the secret was significant, because what I learned was to live positively. Yes, I've known we should live this way all my life, but I didn't always do it. It was the act of my brother sharing this with me that made me want to put this way of living into effect on a permanent basis.

Oct 07 - God had been placing a mission within my heart since 92. I would start it, then let the negativity of others lead me to stop. Well, in 07 I think God had enough, because he lit a fire so strong within my heart to deny him would have been an ultimate sin. I stopped caring what others thought and did what HE wanted me to do. Since 07 we've created and given out over 4,000 goody bags to ill and homeless children!

July 08 - My greatest source of strength (My Grandma) passed away. I could not breathe! (literally) I just knew I would not go on until I saw her in her coffin. Do you remember Touched By An Angel? Do you remember how the Angels would glow? In my head this is what I saw when I looked at my Grams. From that moment I no longer feared death. Some say I've embraced it a bit too much, but that's for another blog. LOL

All of these events along with the family God has placed me in has helped me to get where I am today. The me of today can say without any doubt "I'm At Peace". Problems still arise, but I am now able to handle them with ease and grace. I've learned a very huge lesson in these past three years.

Lesson Learned: We Are Not In Control
He Is In Complete Control

I've learned that if I truly let him lead me, even if I stumble I will NOT fall. His way is best and he's been proving it strongly within my home, heart and soul. I surrendered! And in doing so I am no longer the same. I see life totally different now! I embrace what is to be even if at times I may wonder why it is happening.

I Say This Often: It Is What It Is (I didn't make that up)

What is meant to be will be and there's absolutely nothing we can do to alter it, so just breathe, believe and flow with God. He'll never mislead you!

How Do I Truly Know?

Because He removed the kaleidoscope lens from my eyes and allows me to see the world for what it truly is. In return for my obedience, trust and loyalty he's allowing me to never be the same again.

Today I Feel:
~God's Love & Guidance

What do you feel today?
How have you been changed? Let's talk! ☺

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Uplifting Your Spirit

By reading many positive blogs and by listening to Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen speak I find great inspiration. I believe I was placed upon those paths so that I could receive the spiritual nourishment I SO desire. But, the flip side to this is in receiving this gift I must become the "uplifter". I truly have no problem with this at all, because I'm a STRONG believer that God speaks through those who choose to become "uplifters". Without knowing it the positive vibes we put forth into the universe become a great source of nourishment for someone who may have been lost or starving for positivity. Maybe, they are surrounded by negative people who drain them of their very being. This is not how it is meant to be, so I believe God (or whomever you worship) places us on these paths that lead us to speak with or read the words of someone who Uplifts our being.

Maybe you are in a marriage, which to you may fall apart at any given moment. You come across a blog of a lady whose went through the same thing as you, but within her blog she speaks of the POSITIVE methods she and her hubby used to get their marriage back on track. Before reading her blog you thought there was absolutely NO WAY to repair your marriage and now you see Hope.

You may be the type of person who has a chaotic home life. You work a full time job, have 4 kids, have to clean your home and nothing about yourself pleases you. Then one day while sitting in a doctors office you watch another mom with 5 kids speak pleasantly about being a single mom with the same circumstances as you. You have an extra body within your home to help you physically, emotionally and financially. You start to focus on the positives more than the negatives.

All of this is divinely orchestrated. I am inspired everyday by many people whom I've never met face to face and I know deep in my heart it was meant for me to find them. As it is meant for you to find me. Each night I sit at my desk and Pray. I pray and ask God "What would you like to say tonight Father?" Sometimes, it comes to me in my sleep. But mostly, in the quiet of my room he speaks to my heart.

If everyone conciously decided today to become "uplifters" lives would change dramatically. Suicide rates would plumet. Self cutting would slowly fade away. Maybe, our strength and positivity could even rid us of the nastiness of addictions one day. Speaking kindly has power behind it. Have you ever truly thought of that? Have you ever wondered how your kind words may truly affect another? Try It!

You will never find me taking part in a pitty party. That is a selfish act! I can not uplift you if I sit on the floor and boo hoo right along with you. What purpose would I be serving? However, if I aim to focus more on the positives then I stand a greater chance of pulling you up out of that black hole you jumped into.

This Is My Goal As An Uplifter

I strive as a way of giving back each day to uplift your being. I write in hopes that when you close my blog you are smiling. I wish for you to Feel and Know that through me God spoke to you today. When I read positive blogs and listen to Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen I KNOW FOR A FACT that God is speaking to me. What is he saying by leading me to these fellow "uplifters?"

He's Saying I Love You

What greater gift could there be than to receive his love? I hope that when you read my words or hold a conversation with me you feel loved, happy, warmth and most definitely uplifted.

Today Is The Day

The world is unfortunately filled with complainers and naysayers, but if you truly want to get around them and live a life of peace and utter happiness I suggest you do this.

Do to and for others as you would want done to and for yourself.

It's truly that very simple! If you want kindness - give it! If we all took an hour or even a minute to do something nice for someone other than ourselves could you imagine how the world would be?

To Receive - We Must Give

By: Tabitha D.

Today is the day to enjoy all that surrounds you
For it was given as a gift
Each moment should be treasured
Each day celebrated
For these precious moments are gifts given to us all
and in return we should
Share in love,
Share in peace
Smile at a stranger
and always express Gratitude

Today Is The Day! Let today be your defining moment. The moment when you decide that to live and walk closer to your Higher Power you must act as your Higher Power would. Giving of ourselves can be truly rewarding and costs $0 to put into effect. Today I give you my positive energy. I give you my prayers and love. I give you whatever part of me you may need to get through this day. Today I give you peace and inspiration. Today I give you ALL of Me.

The Notebook & Christmas Cartoons

I'm so excited to watch this movie again this year! I'm a HUGE Hopeless Romantic, so that should explain why I insist on spending my Sunday afternoon in tears. LOL
This movie is the epitome of Romance! If you have cable and have never seen The Notebook I suggest you tune into ABCFamily Channel this afternoon. You won't regret it!

Ok, another not-so-secret about myself is I LOVE watching Christmas cartoons. We purchased a 4 disc compilation of the All-Time Greatest Christmas Cartoons. The rest of my day will be filled with the utter joy of re-visiting that childhood feeling I'd get when I watched these very same cartoons. Christmas is by far my Favorite holiday ever!

I'm Grateful For:
*Sight & Hearing

How will/did you spend your Sunday?

A New Do

I'm the type of mom who spends my last nickel on my child and household items, but yesterday I wanted to treat myself. I've been wanting my hair cut for 6 months now, so I took that leap of faith and went for it. It turned out beautifully!!!

Right after getting it cut that feeling of guilt kicked in. I thought of a million and one things I could have spent that money on, then hubby slapped (not literally) me back to reality. And just seeing the excitement upon his face was well worth it!

I'm glad I went through with it, because it truly lifted my spirits AND I feel Sexy! (Hubba Hubba!)

I'm Grateful For:
*A new day
*God's love
*Love of self
*An exciting day
*Answered prayers

Today's Lesson:
Follow Peace - Living a life of peace is indeed a sure way of receiving bliss.

Things I Know For Sure:
*I am loved
*I give love
*I'm beautiful
*Life is beautiful
*I'm grateful
*I create my own happiness
*Laughter heals the soul

By: Tabitha D.

Beauty surrounds me
Divine scenes appear everyday
I'm in Heaven now

Living My Life (My Story)

Living my life has never truly been hard thanks to my family. Although I was missing limbs that never lead them to treat me as a handicapped child. I played every game my cousins played and was told constantly by my Grandparents that I could do and be ANYTHING I put my heart to. My dream has always been to help others. That's always what I wanted more than anything else. Many doctors told my mom I would never walk.

Other naysayers said I wouldn't be able to raise a child.

There have been many other things naysayers have doubted me on, but God had something different to say! He said I would excel in whatever I touched and He's NEVER wrong my friends. Even though I was raised with much confidence being pumped into me there still came a time when I wanted to be invisible. Only because I feared my successful moments (strange right?), but it happened. Then God stepped in and said "Come To The Front Of The Stage My Child." I did and now I scream His praises every single day I awake! I don't want this to be a long and drawn out post. My words for today are very simple.

Believe In You!

Know that He is in control at EVERY given moment. Your story has already been written, so just flow with it trusting in Him completely. You are beautiful just as you are! You do not need man nor woman to validate your worth or beauty. We are created in His image therefore, we are Masterpieces. Your imperfections are perfected by His unconditional love.

You Can Achieve Anything Your Heart Desires

Regardless to what I look like it is human nature for people to find fault in others and I honestly get that now. In order for me to become successful in all that I hope to achieve I must make the audience (people) SEE ME and I must embrace and love them seeing me. For I am an image of God, therefore, I am breathtakingly beautiful. Not just inside, but outside as well!

I WILL be a success in life, in all that I choose to do and with all those I choose to love. Whoever said there is POWER in prayer should receive some sort of medal for being so damned profound. It's simply amazing how God talks to us in a whisper, yet we often choose to ignore his words even though we know what he's saying is for the very best. God spoke to me and I listened. With my heart, mind, body and soul I wrapped myself within his words and he set me FREE. He gave me something no one could ever give me no matter how hard they try. He gave me LOVE, STRENGTH & GUIDANCE.

I've been writing poetry for 21 years now, never truly being heard. He strengthened my voice and I'm forever thankful. Now people will SEE & HEAR ME and they will love to read, as I love to write the words from the heart and soul of a Handicape-able Blessing.

I adore Me!
You should adore YOU♥

An Answered Prayer

There are many days when I just want to scream with joy! I truly believe that I am covered by the armor of the Lord.

example: We go into the grocery store and the first thing I notice is the prices have increased, yet again. I immediately assume that I will NOT have enough funds to get everything we need. But, I continue on my shopping journey praying for help. As the cashier is ringing everything up I still pray, but believing I will have to put some things up. I literally brace myself for the cashier to say $300, but instead she says $178! What! Are you serious?

I was not expecting that and I certainly was not expecting to save $72. It was nothing but divine intervention and I'm so grateful!

How about you? Do you ever become overly elated from the blessings you receive?

I found myself dancing at the checkout line. Dancing out of sheer joy and gratitude. A prayer was answered and in answering my prayer HE told me that HE loves me. Not that I didn't already know this, but it's still nice to hear or see it from time to time. HE loves me and I'm a better person for it. ☺

Driving around I noticed more beautiful things and still on cloud 9 from the save at the grocery store I couldn't help but to notice them.

Beautiful Sightings:
-Clouds in the sky (they fascinate me!)
-Tall palm trees
-A cute elderly lady walking her dog
-A couple walking and holding hands
-My princess and hubby running
-My $178 grocery bill! LOL

Lesson Learned Today:
Show Mercy - Even when someone has done you wrong show them a smile.

I'm Grateful For:
*A New Day
*Blessings & God's Love
*Unexpected Surprises
*Peace, Laughter & Possibilities
*My Talents
*My Readers

What Inspires You?

I stumbled across a wonderful new blog written by Relyn and she was asking her reader's the question
What Inspires You?
Since I am DEEP into uplifting others as well as myself I thought it would be exciting to write about what inspires me! ☺

*God's word* *My daughter* *My Grandmother*
*Music * *Poetry* *Silence* *Nature*
*New Orleans Cuisine* *Riding Down Canal Street @ Night*
*Positive Minded People* *Sunshine* *Rain* *Christmas*
*Joyce Meyer* *Joel Osteen*
*Blogging* *Operation NICE* *The Kindness Center*
*Those Who Help The Needy*
*Silk's Poetry (A Dear Friend)* *Creating Goody Bags For Kids*
*A Child's Laughter* *The Smell Of A Newborn Baby*
*Moonlit Nights* *Scented Candles*

I'm Happy Because:

Laughter fills the air
Smiles are all around this place
Poetry makes smiles

Flowers bloom today
soft rain falls upon my face
Creations of God

Because I can laugh
Smile big at the passerby's
and breathe in fresh air

Because I fear not
Divine beings guide me now
Floating through each day

I have love from you
My Enchanting Family
You Are My Blessing

So, now I ask the question to you. What Inspires You My Friend?

Life is such a true blessing and each day we should take in to account those things that bring us sheer joy and give thanks for them. I am inspired daily by the simplest of things and I find excitement in this! Stop for a brief second and notice your surroundings. I promise you'll see inspiration in every aspect of your life.

I Wish You...Peace & Inspiration

A New Day

This weekend was a crazy combination of sadness and extreme joy. This past Friday we laid to rest my uncle, who was our third lost within 3 months. Everything was beautiful and I'm sure he was proud of the send off he received.

My uncle Russell was a HUGE lover of Reggae music, his wish was to be sent off to Heaven Rasta Style. He loved Bob Marley (my entire family does) so in honor of him I celebrate his life.

He's The Handsome Guy in Grey

I'm Grateful For:
1. Time spent with family
2. The Tears
3. The laughter
4. Each new day

Rest in Glorious Peace
Uncle Russell

Higher Ground

Higher Ground
By: Tabitha D.

The Song Begins:
"Obstacles and situations/People, places and things/I must overcome cause there's a battle to be won/With my mind set on higher things/These things have become my foot stool/I'm determined to reach my goal/I need peace for my soul."

These words are sung by Karen Clark-Sheard and are my reminder each and every time someone attempts to impose their negative views upon me. Until a few years ago I hadn't realized how other's negativity could seep into your very thoughts and totally change your mood. I knew I would feel bad after talking to certain people, but I would think "I love them, so I HAVE to deal with it and just shake it off."

BULLSH!T!! (That was my Grandfather's favorite word)

There is no law in this entire world that states "Just because you love someone or are family that gives them the right to force feed you their crap!" Ok, let's take this one step further. "No one...Not one single human being should ever have the power to steal your joy, peace, happiness, passion nor self-esteem. Those feelings are internal and the God within you is the only one who can change that.

With that being said we ALL know our Higher Power would never attempt to take away or remove these emotions, so why allow others to do so? The answer - We're human, but at the same time we must swim deep within our souls to find strength enough to say, "I've had enough!" "I won't allow you to take my peace away." If each of us wakes up ever morning knowing we alone own our emotions, those preaching negativity will never succeed at getting under our skin.

If you are unhappy in your job, are in an abusive relationship (of any kind), if negative people daily surround you. I say to you "change the situation immediately." Start by changing your way of thinking and feeling, then move forward in making decisions that will be best for you.
Be firm in your belief in "YOU!"
Find your joy, peace, happiness, passion and self-esteem, because it is yours and yours alone. Once you embrace your Inner Power NEVER let go!

The Song Ends:
I'm moving on/Can't nothing stop me now/I'm pressing on/To higher ground/Each step I take/Is the new dawning of/A brand new day/For higher ground

Peace & Blessings

Words I Live By:
"Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We Take,
But By The Moments That Take Our Breath Away"

No Weapon (Poem)

No Weapon
By: Tabitha D.

I know that it is you who loves me 24/7...300 and...65
I'm knowing in my mental that it is because of you that I
stand here...Strong, beautiful and at peace
Because today I am still alive
I've fought many battles
Won many wars,
but none were as bad as fighting my own mind
I walked this earth in a state of mass confusion
Not realizing that to regain myself
Peace from you was all I ever needed to find
There's a saying that No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper
and I...
Try to live by those words each and every day
I know what a True miracle is Lord
I see you shine your blessings upon me in every single way
Today...Today I testify
I'm testifying to where I am and
Where I was then
I'm no longer disabled
For disabling ones heart, mind and soul
Should indeed be an ultimate sin
Again...I stand before you
Arms spread
Heart and mind rejoicing
Rejoicing, because I know...You are about to step in
No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper
I chant these words out loud so that all may hear
I stand firm
A soldier in the army of the Lord
No weapons...Physical nor mental...Do I fear
I'm here!
Believing and knowing that you will never let me go
The love I hold for you is overwhelming
My pride in you everyday...I must show
Lord I Know!
I know you are my healer, my provider and my light
I will testify to your glory
I'll spread your word
I won't ever give up this fight
No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper
I chant these words out loud so that all may hear
I stand firm
A soldier in the army of the Lord
No weapons...Physical nor mental...Will I ever again fear

Who I Am Is Enough!

Being born with deformities can pose some issues throughout life. My family in no way ever allowed me to feel, think or act handicapped. Whatever games and activities my sisters or cousins were involved in I had better been included. Throughout school I was very vocal and active, so it may seem crazy when I say I wanted to be invisible. I wish I had some profound reason as to why I felt this way. By all accounts I had NO REASON at all to want this, but there it was.

I have been writing poetry since I was 14 and I learned a lot about myself through this, but it wasn't until I started to take journal writing to heart that I TRULY found answers. I was NOT in love with me. How can I expect others to fully love me or for my desires to come to life if I was half-stepping? So, I started writing down what I didn't like about me and that list was an eye opener for me. Because, the only thing that I didn't like about myself was I was blocking my blessings. Then, I did a list of what I loved about myself and that list is STILL growing til today.

I realized that I was a masterpiece in the eyes of God! He created me just as I am for a purpose and that purpose was revealed to me plainly in 2006. For years he kept placing the desire within my heart to help others, but I fought it (basing my decision on what others were doing). Once I grasped the true concept that this was MY mission life for me began to flow smoothly and opened doors (spiritual & professionally) that I never knew existed.

I've Learned That:

  • I am phenomenally beautiful
  • I create my own happiness
  • I have NEVER been handicapped
  • I can do Anything
  • I SO Love Me!
  • God SO Loves Me
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I'm created in the image "HE" chose for me (I'm grateful for that)
  • I should NEVER search for flaws
  • Be grateful for EVERYTHING
  • My destiny has already been planned
  • My worth is Priceless
  • I never need to be invisible or be who I am NOT, because
  • Who I Am Is Enough

Yes We Can!!! (Obama Baby!!)

I saw with my family and right before my very eyes I witnessed history being made.
I can not describe the pride, joy and hope that flows through my body.
WE as a Nation raised our voices collectively
WE have spoken
and from the bottom of our hearts
WE sing


This is My America
Your America
Our America

History has been made with a resounding roar!
Change Has Come

I Proudly Accept, Support and Introduce To You
Our 44th President Of The United States

Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Grateful For:
1. My Life and Health
2. Possibilities
3. The Faith of A Nation
4. Those Who Paved The Way
5. Positive Change
6. This Day

The Masterpiece In Your Life

The Masterpiece In Your Life
By: Tabitha D.

For years I had allowed fear to determine the outcome of my life. It wasn't until recently my eyes were opened to this. In many ways I knew, but denied it wholeheartedly. I was afraid of succeeding! Afraid of being the best I could be. Unlike many others who suffer from this I can honestly say I know why I was afraid.

After watching a movie entitled "The Secret" I truly started to look at myself and ask "what do you want in your life?" "Do you want fear to cripple you?" Naturally, I answered myself. I do not want self-doubt to cripple me in any way. I want to live a peaceful, healthy and successful life. In order to achieve this I must let go of all negativity and learn to trust myself.

The Secret is The Law Of Attraction. You alone attract that which is in your life. If you think and feel positive you will continue to attract those positive vibes. If you allow nothing but negative feelings or thoughts to surround you, then you are setting yourself up for more negativity to enter your space. This should be unacceptable to all.

I've learned many lessons from many people in my life, but no one could have prepared me for the gift my brother was about to give me. In my eyes I've literally gone to hell and back. Knowing that being here is a gift, but to see the world in the way God intended us to see it is simply Heaven On Earth. My brother gave me that gift by sharing what he had now learned.

There's a quote that I have loved since the very first day I read it and it goes "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." I find that quote to be breathtaking in itself. I believe in this quote and try desperately to live by it.
Life is what YOU make of it and with so much bad going on in the world we sometimes get caught up in it and forget. We are all human, so we all tend to forget more than we wish to admit. The answer lies in how we change our perception, our way of thinking and feeling.

My life is a gift from God and one day I will ask him face to face to forgive me (although he has already) for wasting so many opportunities. The saying "Life is Short" is filled with truth and we must not take for granted any second he gives to us. Again, we are human, so it is understood if it takes us a moment to grasp this concept and run with it. I have grasped it and I'll never let go! Never again will I ignore the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

I find myself more emotional these days. Not sad or hurt, but joyful and grateful that I am LOVED. Not the love people say just because, but truly loved. I know within my heart that my child and my Father God love me unconditionally. This alone gives me the strength I need to say "I Am The Masterpiece In My Life!"

Be the masterpiece in your life by allowing yourself to do three things. Ask for what you want in your life. Believe that you can get and deserve what you ask for. Receive your blessings, because they are indeed a gift. Manifest your truest destiny and I'm sure every moment that follows will be consumed with bliss. Be who you are meant to be!

"A Masterpiece"

Love List #3

Melissa at Operation Nice gave us a new assignment to make a Love List containing all the things we love about OURSELVES. So here's mine!

I love that I write poetry. It has been the greatest form of therapy ever! I love that my eyes are light brown. I get many compliments on them. :) I love that I can sing. It's a family thing. I love that my heritage is infused with french and black, which makes me creole. I love my New Orleans accent. Many people can tell where I'm from by how I speak. I love that I have this huge desire to help others. I love that I'm a caring person. I love that I can go anywhere and not feel uncomfortable about myself, because I look a bit different from everyone else. (see pic)
I love that I finally fell in love with myself three years ago. I love that I love me more today than yesterday. I love that I'm a mommy (I Rock!) LOL
I love that I'm head over heels with music. I love that I can rock to Alicia Keys, then flip and sooth my soul with Frank Sinatra. I love my voice! Although it has gotten me into trouble many times. LOL (family will totally get this one)
I love that I finally rest comfortably in my skin, because there can only be one me. And I LOVE that I rock being her!

Appreciating My Life (Poem)

Appreciating My Life
By: Tabitha D.

I'm appreciating the little things now
Seeing them for what they truly are
The sun beaming it's warmth upon my face
All the beautiful colors of this earth
Appreciating the fact that my eyes can even see them
Loving the tender embrace of my loved ones
Embracing them back with sheer delight
The many different sounds as we walk through life
"Good Morning Lovely Lady"
Politely replying with a chuckle
Soothing my soul with the sound of music
Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday...50 cent!
Yup...My mind is open to it all!
Soaking up each word as if tomorrow weren't coming
Tabby's appreciating life because it's been
So..Damn..Good..To Her
Even while she was walking through the depths of Hell
Appreciating the fact that...One Day
One day God was going to grab me
Hold me close to his heart
Then set me free
My eyes are wide open
The thought of holding a pen, writing what my heart
tells my hand to scribe is a damn miracle to me!
That right there lets me know
This path is meant to be
My reasons for appreciating life varies from A to Z
The truest reason
The reason that makes me smile with each day
Is cause God created Tabby
That's right I'm loving and appreciating the fact
God Made Me

The Art Of Staying Happy

Let me start this by saying I am NOT a religious person, but I am very spiritual. I BELIEVE in God and all of his glory. I BELIEVE that he speaks to our hearts. So, with saying that I begin. ☺

I've never been a huge bible reader (for a lack of comprehending the language), but while watching Joyce Meyer yesterday something urged me to get a bible (one that I could comprehend). I immediately tell hubby I MUST do this and we go. We find a nice Christian Family Bookstore and within five minutes I see a bible with the sub title "Amplified Version" and the commentary notes were written by none other than..Wait For It....Wait For It... Joyce Meyer!! I damn near fell over, but KNEW this was the bible for me!

I get home and start reading this bible and for the first time in my life I comprehended every word I uttered!! It was an amazing feeling and I'm STILL overjoyed about it!

So, in honor of cherishing my bliss I'd like to tell you about something that I find to be simply Bliss filled. My friend Michael Chase, founder of The Kindness Center was praying for help for his holiday give. Michael and his kindness team go out into the streets and commit Random Acts of Kindness to any and everyone. He was praying for help to be able to bring kindness to those who are less fortunate (especially during the holiday season).

I emailed Michael asking him if he'd be willing to help us spread our goody bags around his town. He writes me back saying how he was praying for help and then I showed up. *Now, I have to say I BELIEVE that was God's doing.* So, before hubby and I headed for the bookstore we headed to the post office to mail Michael a huge package!

I am a STRONG believer that whatever good and positive you put out there WILL come back to you. I also believe that we meet certain people for a very good reason. My reason for meeting Michael? So that we may join together and do GOD's work. Doing HIS work makes me utterly and completely Happy. ♥

Even in trying times I SEE His goodness, HIS Kindness....His Bliss ☺
I Choose It...I Choose Bliss♥

Peace & Uplifting,

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