It Gets Better As I Go

Yesterday I was reading over at The One-Minute Writer and the following question was asked: Is life getting better or worse as you get older?

I don't even have to ponder on this question! As I get older life get's better for me. For Many years I allowed others opinions to dictate how I would live. I also do not feel I was truly living. I believe I was just existing. Of course I had hubby and Princess Charlie in my world and please know they bring me deep joy, but something more was missing. I allowed fear to Rule over me and because of this I've missed out on wonderful opportunities.

For the past four years I've seen a great amount of growth within myself. I grew a voice. A voice that is now able to say NO whenever I choose. I no longer try to fix things and people that I have no control or power to fix. I allow God to run my life and no one else. In my seeking Him completely it has strengthened me as a mom and wife. I've noticed my positivity has rubbed off on not only hubby and PC, but also my nieces and nephews. That brings me great joy. I allow life to happen as it should and in doing this I've been granted sweet Peace.

There is no more stress, struggle, pain nor cloudiness in my life. Every time I say I am happy - I truly am. I now know bliss. Something I never knew existed before 2005. Pain comes when I lose a loved one, but He always soothes my pain in the morning. Yes, I must admit as I get older life becomes sweeter and I say Thank You Father!

This Is Awesome!! Check it out: joy rebel interview:: I choose bliss

Good Thoughts:

Uplifting Those in Need

Wishcasting Wednesday & A Poem

The Question this week from Jamie@ Starshyne Productions is
What Do You Wish To Read?

I don't know if Miss Jamie is a bit psychic, but this question ties in perfectly!
I wish to read the Bible.
For Many years I've tried and had struggles comprehending, but that is no longer.
I read it now and feel complete Love and Peace.

I have Many new books, but this is the book I wish to absorb. :)

I was reading John in the Bible and felt a great sense of Love and Peace.
Upon closing my Bible I felt inspired to write this poem.

And He Said
By: Tabitha D.
©April 2009

And He Said...
I am the way, the truth and the life
I inhaled His spirit as it jumped within me
For the first time I noticed it
Felt it join me as I read on

He said I am a branch upon His tree
so I spread fruit to those in need
His compassion flows through me
each and everytime I breathe
And I breathe easily,
because He supplies all of my needs

And He Said...
Love each other as I have loved you
So I love with all of my heart
and embrace each of his children
and their Godly hue

Today I felt the spirit enter
Sat silently beside me and whispered to my soul
Overwhelmed, but elated because His words have made me whole
There's no greater story told than that of a Father
loving His child
He stretched out his arms and gave his life
This Father went that extra mile

And He Said...
Fear not, so I walk with my head held high

Today I felt the spirit enter
Sat silently beside me and whispered of all the blessings
in my life He will do

He spoke the words that every child wants to hear from their Father
and with a smile upon my face and joy in my heart
I replied...
Dear Heavenly Father...
I Love You To

Tell All Tuesday

I have a bajillion thoughts going through my head and I can't seem to get them to formulate a post that will make much sense. So I'll give you the highlights of what's been going on and what's to come.

1. This weekend I announced to my family that I am officially taking a more active role as a Spiritual Life Coach. I'd like to visit hospitals, shelters and retirement homes and uplift others - They think it's awesome :)
2. Last week I was invited to speak at a local university by a reader of my blog who's a professor at said university! It went great and I've been invited back next month!
I've wanted to talk to kids and teens born with disabilities. I want to infect them with this passion and determination that God has placed within me. I need them to know that they can do ANYTHING they wish to do.
I want to speak to battered women and teen aged girls. I want them to know that they are loved and should never allow another human being to strip their rights away. I want to show them that they can be happy if they choose to be.
3. Project Uplift has received feedback I never imagined would be! This is going to be a Huge event for everyone attending!
4. I've been reading the Bible (John for now). This is a BIG thing for me.
5. I've written the first 50 pages to a daily devotional I'd like to get published titled "I Choose Bliss"! I've been wanting to do this for the past 7 years. (Part of the proceeds would go to cancer research)
6. For my 200th post I'll be having another giveaway, because I SO love doing that!

Today I'm Grateful: That my family supports me 1,000%, For Guidance, Love, Blessings, Success in all areas of my life, The Truth, Unconditional Love & Mercy, Peace Within, Faith & Strength and All of The Beautiful Things To Come. :)

Peace & Love,

Project Uplift Is Coming!!!

We are quickly approaching the launch date of "Project Uplift" and I have never been more excited in my life! Many have emailed me asking "can anyone attend the conference call?" The answer is YES YES and YES!!

Project Uplift is for EVERYONE & It's Absolutely FREE!!
Also you do NOT have to be a religious person to join us.

The Goal: To uplift others, so that they may go and pass that on to the next person. To teach those who want to make a difference how to do so without involving money. To help those stuck move forward. To help those who feel Un-pretty begin to know they are Beautiful.

The first conference will be an introductory to Project Uplift. I will break down what our goals are and will introduce the names of our future speakers. this will be a very inspiring 30 minutes and I pray you won't miss it!!

Friday, May 1, 2009
7 PM Central Standard Time
Conference Dial-in Number:
(605) 475-4800
Access Code: 1007590#

Here's An Incentive: For the first 10 people who blogs about Project Uplift, Add our button to their blog Or Tweet about the Project we will send a gift to those persons!! If you do any of these things please leave a comment below with a link. Or email us the link @ ichoosebliss at gmail dot com

Join Us On Twitter!!

I PROMISE YOU ONE THING: Attending this conference will Help YOU in so many ways!!

I Am Worthy

The Lord Created You Within His Image.
He Declares Favor Upon You That No One Can Take Away.
You Are Guided By The Master.
You Are Worthy Of Every Dream.

I Smile Because...

Today I'm Grateful:
For a new day
Food to cook
Cooking skills
A loving family
God's Love & Mercy

I Smile Because...

I'm happy
Joyful to be in this moment
Grateful for the sense to slow down and see
See the true beauty which surrounds me

I Smile Because...

I'm loved
by God, my child and even by those who have not met me yet

I Smile Because...

The sound of a child's laughter is contagious
To watch them play in pure innocence stretches my lips
from west to east

I Smile Because...

Even through the rain I can feel peace
I know without a doubt that I am safe

I Smile Because...

Of writers and bloggers, poets and musicians
Their words and sounds engulf my heart
They send me soaring beyond my imagination

I Smile Because...

I'm free...Free to say what's in my heart
Free to love and be loved unconditionally
Free to walk this path of spirituality on my
own terms

I Smile Because...

I'm surrounded by Angels
Those who have gone before me
My heart smiles widely knowing they are around

I Smile Because...

It releases me
Lifts me
Cradles me gently

I Smile Because...

I Can

Something Good Is Happening To Me!!

Purchased from

Everyday I love to light one of my soy candles. I usually have to ask Hubby or Princess Charlie to light it for me, because with my little hand I can not light a match or lighter (good thing I never smoked). We have those lighters you use to light candles or grills. You know the ones with the child proof lock on them? Now many times I have seen Hubby or Princess Charlie use both hands to light this contraption.

Well, yesterday morning hubby lit my candle for me before he left for work. I laughed out loud at a video and blew out my candle!! I looked at the candle, then the lighter and thought "I can do this." I grabbed the lighter and positioned it as best I could and I DID IT!!!!! I LIT MY CANDLE ON MY OWN!!!!

To so many this will mean NOTHING, but for me it means The World. Nothing and NO One but God allowed me to do this!! I have tried soooo many times only to get frustrated and discouraged. I cried out and Thanked God! And as I type this I cry, because I am so very grateful. The many things you can do with two hands I have to do with One and most times it's a HUGE challenge. Lighting that candle made me feel so loved and surrounded by His favor!!

Thank You!! Thank You Heavenly Father!!!

Today I Am So Very Grateful:
For My One Hand
For His Guidance
The Freedom To Express My Love and Loyalty To God
For Unexpected Blessings
My Family

And The Winners Are!!

Two giveaways in one week!! Woohoo!! I'm smiling soooo brightly right now!! As you know the winner will receive this package of goodies.

And That Winner Is:
#6 - Xazmin@This Is The Year!

But I felt the strong urge to make someone else's day as well, so we hit the generator again and the second winning number is:
#12 Yaya@Yaya Stuff!!
Yaya will be receiving this package of goodies!!

Congratulations Ladies!!!

I really love this giveaway stuff, so be on the look out for more to come!!!!!

Wishcasting Wednesday/Earth Day Surprise

This Wednesday the lovely Jamie asks:

What step do you wish to take?

The answer to this is not as hard as I thought it would be. I wish to take the step toward creating change within the world. I pray that "Project Uplift" will become the snow ball and stepping stone for the change we all wish to see. In doing this I will have to step from
behind the scenes and come to the forefront. I am dedicated, so this must be done. I wish to step out of the shadows to obtain my goal.


Today in honor of Earth Day I am giving this beautiful "Empowerment" Necklace and "Warm Vanilla Sugar Soy Candle" to one of you beautiful readers!!
I placed the 12 names of those who commented on my post yesterday and used and the winner is!

Wait For It

Wait For It

Wait For It

1. Darsden @ RamblingsAboutWhy


She is not the only winner, because everyone who left a comment will receive one of these adorable key chains!!!

To those who commented yesterday please email me your addresses to
ichoosebliss at gmail dot com

In addition to Today's give you could also win in This giveaway as well!!

Happy Earth Day!!

He Is SO Good To Me!!

Found on

I love the picture above, because it's how I picture God. Holding me in his hands, smiling brightly with love in his heart. This has been a crazy time in my life, yet I have no complaints! A few beautiful things have happened over the past few days to me and as I love focusing on the good. I thought today would be a perfect day to do just that.

Wonderful Things:

1. I woke up smiling ☺
2. Yesterday I was notified by Cindy@Devine Designs Jewelry that I was the winner of a copy of "Tell Them I Love Them" by Joyce Meyer!
3. Hubby was notified by the State Of Texas that they are in possession of $752, which is completely his!! It appears the State of Louisiana overcharged him taxes and he gets this full amount!!!!
4. I won an awesome contest held by Miss JC over @ Where The Green Grass Grows. I won an awesome candle warmer and 3 scent bars from Scentsy!!
5. I won some awesome goodies from a company called Bliss over @ Fresh Mommy Blog
6. I received a large package from OTC, which was sent by an anonymous donor for our mission !!!!
7. Today I'm being interviewed by the lovely Darlene@ Your Blooming. I'll post more info when the interview is completed!!

Even when it's raining in my life He shines his light and love upon me and reminds me that He is still Here with me. I totally FEEL His love and mercy!! I'm deeply grateful to be loved by The Father. When I am at my worse He is at His best, which quickly wraps around me and brings me back to my best. ☺

I encourage you ALL to go read this post written by Brandi. This lady inspires me to the moon and back!!
MckMamma's little Stellan is having surgery today. Please keep him in your prayers.

Blessings To All ~ Tabitha

Merciful Monday

Currently Reading This Book

The Lord will not cast off his people, nor will he forsake his inheritance.
Psalm 94:14

Today I'm Grateful:
For a new day
His message
Our health & home

This morning I watched Joyce Meyer as I do every morning and I heard something just for me. A message.
It said "Get it right." I know exactly what it means and what I must do.

I've been spending time with God today listening to my zen music, burning my yummy Cherry Lemonade Soy Candle and reading the book pictured above. Embracing His goodness and mercy. Asking him to cradle me in his arms. To uplift me. It's weird, but not so weird. I feel completely at peace. I called on Him believing he would take care of everything and He is. To know True Love like this is overwhelming, but in a great and beautiful way.

I'm truly starting to see and feel how adding my "Spiritual To Do List" and my "10 Commandments" to His word daily has strengthened me so much. It also brings me great Joy, because although I wrote them down in my handwriting they are very much His words. He guides me in every aspect and knowing this allows me to stand right back up when I fall.

I'm at Peace
because He Lives
I'm at Peace
because of His Love
I'm at Peace
because He made it so

I wish there were a stronger word than grateful. But, for now that word fully describes my State of Being perfectly. I am living in an imperfect world and I'm Deeply and Completely Grateful to be here.

Doing this brings me joy.
Project Uplift~May 1st 2009
I'm mailing these off to a few people in need of uplifting.


Reading and Being Still

I've spent today immersed in my daily devotionals.
They bring me great Peace and Calm.

Thank You to everyone who left uplifting comments for me regarding the loss of my cousin. I've been focusing on the hysterical memories I have of her
(there are SO many)

The laughter allows me to release the pain and anger.
Just wanted you all to know I'm around and we are all doing as best as we can.

Life Must Move On.


Saying Goodbye :(

Yesterday my family and I found out that my cousin passed away. She was in a very crazy marriage, so we had been looking for her. My uncle found her yesterday morning in the newspaper. She passed away on the 9th and is being buried today in New Orleans. If my uncle had not read her obituary she would be buried and none of us would have known. It's very hurtful for us, because we tried so hard to reach her. He kept her away! He allowed her to die with no family around!!

Today my cousin whom I love with all I have will be buried and I can not attend her burial. He gave us no warning, no opportunity to say goodbye. He denied her the right to hear that she was loved deeply.

In 9 months we have lost our grandmother, an uncle and now a cousin. I'm wiped out. I'm tired and sad and numb. I can not believe this has happened in this fashion. She's an Angel now and I know our grandparents, her dad and our uncle greeted her with open arms. That is what I hold on to. But for now I am extremely tired. Tired of death. Tired of Evil people. Tired of crying. Tired of hurting. Within 9 months my heart has been crushed three times never truly healing before another death arrives. And yet, I'm still grateful. For many things and for many reasons.

Life is fragile. Please do NOT take it for granted.

I Love You Michelle, Uncle Russell and Grams!! Please help us get through this. It's just a bit too much for my soul to take on.


Bow Tie Lasagna by Moi!

Hubby is indeed the Master Chef of the clan, but I am also a top contender. :)
We compliment and encourage one another daily, so at his request I'd like to share my recipe for Bow Tie Lasagna. I cooked this today for dinner and I must say - Yum!

This meal is a 30 minute meal

1 1/2 lb of Turkey Ground Meat
2 Tbl spoon of garlic
2 1/2 cups of frozen veggies (broccoli, carrots & cauliflower)
2 Jars or Cans of spaghetti sauce (I used Hunts Garlic and Herb)
Season Salt (to taste)
1 Tbl spoon of crushed red peppers
1 Cup of chopped onion, bellpepper and green onion

Prep Ground Meat: mix in garlic, onion, bell pepper and green onion, and meat into a large container. Add season salt (like mrs. dash or whatever you like).

In a large skillet add meat and fry until fully cooked. Add both jars of sauce to skillet along with veggies, season salt, crushed red peppers and stir.
Add 1/2 bag of shredded cheese and stir.

Once bow ties (you can use any pasta you like) are done, drain and add to sauce.
Once pasta and sauce are together add your desired amount of cheese.
Bake on 350 for 7 minutes



I Confess

Found on the Net

Today I'm Grateful:
-For Compassion
-For the little things
-Blessings of all sizes
-The ability to see, hear and speak
-The comforts of home

I Confess:
I can be an emotional soul
I am completely happy when I make someone smile
Horror movies are NOT for me
I love LOVE Jerry Lewis movies
Music soothes me immensely
When hubby first met Princess Charlie and I our refrigerator was empty
He spent his entire pay check on groceries for us
I fell for him at that moment
I'm a hopeless romantic - Big Time
I've been writing poetry since I was 5
Princess Charlie SAVED my life
Hurricane Katrina left me an emotional wreck
Hurricane Katrina lit a fire in my soul for survival
I truly Surrendered to God 4 years ago
I love Love learning
I'm afraid of bees - like Seriously
I have 6 tattoos and I want 1 more
I've never ridden a bike
I wish I could
I'm addicted to Bath & Body Works and Avon bath products
I love reading
I'm a great cook
I Love watching cartoons with my princess
I Seriously Love My Life

I got this neat exercise from the beautiful Brandi
Don't forget to check out the giveaway Here
Hubby has a few awesome recipes up Here

Expressions of Self

I am a part of a fabulous group of people here in blogland called "Joy Rebels." The creator Brandi asked the following question and my brain went to work!

I was wondering what being a joy rebel meant to anyone else? And what are those expressions of self where you find yourself naturally feeling joy??

I naturally find joy in giving to others. Making someone else feel happy brings me complete and utter joy, but there is an expression of self that I will say I'm pretty good at that also fills my soul with Joy. That expression of self is - Poetry

When I write poetry I can be totally and completely honest. In my writing I can express myself and once I'm done I experience true Bliss. When I started this blog I was suppose to share my poetry, but because they didn't receive much attention I stopped, but that is so NOT being true to myself. So, today I will post my poetry and not give a damn (pardon my french) if it gets 1 comment or 50. I write for many reasons, but the most important reason is God gave me a gift and I Must use it to the fullest.

Thank you Brandi for asking this question and for awakening the poetess in me!!

Gentle Rain - Tabitha D
January 5, 2009

It's like a gentle rain
falling over my soul
crashing into my being like hard waves
Yet, it comforts me
It comforts me like the sun does on a warm summer day
beaming it's life into mine gently
And my mind is open and receptive
Ready to receive all that the universe has to offer

In the dark I hear the rain
tapping gently against my inner window
wanting me to know that it's there
Waiting for me to acknowledge it's presence
so I slide into my slippers and join the rain in a dance
We dance to celebrate life
and the beauty in which it holds
We dance to celebrate one another
for in this moment we are ONE

It's like a gentle rain
cradling me to sleep and gently awakening me in the morn
A new life, a new love and endless possibilities
Never torn on what the next step may be
because Faith is my tour guide
and she knows that the secret to true happiness
is to simply be...Free
So I am
and I love, laugh, cry and praise
Knowing every given time I will be heard

It's like a gentle rain
that uplifts my soul
and cheers me on throughout each day
It nurtures who I am
and molds who I am to become
with the sun, moon and stars
Limitless are my dreams
as long as IT exists

I thrive to feel it with every breath
and hold on to it with all that's within me
I seek guidance from it
and am covered in it

It's like a gentle rain
lighting my path through life
and washing away any sorrow
Healing me from pain
and strengthening my tomorrow

God's Love...It's like a gentle rain

Wishcasting Wednesday

This week's question from the lovely Jamie over at Starshyne Productions asks:

What do you wish to clear out?

I wish to clear any and all toxins from my body.
I wish to clear out any extra weight I hold on my body. (20 lbs need to go)

Today I'm Grateful:

That my list is very short
For a brand new day
For caring doctors
That I'm brave enough to be my own advocate
For the laughter I share with Princess Charlie
That I am loved and can truly feel it
(even through a computer)

I'm Pooped!!!

Ok, so that is not me in the photo (it's Princess Charlie), but it is exactly how I feel right now. I've been to two different doctors today, so I've been gone ALL DAY. Since going back on my iron pills my iron levels have increased! Dr.H made it perfectly clear that I am to remain on them until he checks my levels again. He sent me to the lab today for a little blood work, but the next iron levels won't be drawn again until June, so I Must be a good patient.

I also saw my Gyno, the fabulous Dr. G and we talked about my hormone levels. In 07 I had to have a hysterectomy due to a tumor that was the size of a cantaloupe. So, now my hormones are a bit out of wack. Horrible Horrible night sweats, so I was placed on a med to help regulate that. Today he told me that it has kicked in so early because of my anemia. Once that is regulated my body will cooperate fully, so Yay for me!!

I feel so much lighter now that I know everything will be fine!! I am SO determined to drop 20 pounds. No one said I needed to, but I feel I should. And I will!! (If I can get Hubby to stop cooking such yummy food!!)

I pray everyone had an awesome day today!! It's hot here in San Antonio, but God blessed us with a beautiful day of Sunshine and good news!!

Don't Forget To Enter My Giveaway - Here!!

I Am SO Having A Giveaway!!

Today I Am Grateful:

*For a brand new day
*For an absolutely fabulous weekend
*For the fact that my iron pills are working and I'm starting to feel Awesome!!
*For everyone who shows me love - I love you right back!!
*That I am truly blessed
*For my family
*For the joy and laughter that fills my home

Hubby's Cooking Blog Is Up! Visit him @ Dre's Kitchen

I Am Having A Giveaway!

I am giving away these bath goodies and this yummy Peanut Butter Cookie Soy Candle

All you have to do to enter is - Leave A Comment.

Easy Peasy!!

On April, 23rd I will use and announce the fabulous winner
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After The Celebration

Princess Charlie and I yesterday (I SO love this photo!)

Yesterday was filled with love, laughter, excitement and non stop smiles. Hubby is like me in many ways where he puts his family before himself. So, yesterday Princess Charlie and I totally surprised him with a few gifts that he was terribly in need of. He is a Huge lover of Cheescake, so we got him the big one from Wal-Mart. You know the one that has three different flavors on the tray? That would be the one!

But, hubby in true fashion was not to be outdone. He surprised Princess Charlie and I with a trip to Bath & Body Works!! Their is a Huge sale going on there, so we totally made out like bandits!! :)

The food at Joe's Crab Shack was Super Awesome!! We love it there, because they always entertain the guests by dancing!

When we got home hubby and I watched Bolt together, because the computer kidnapped Princess Charlie. And as we do every year right before midnight was told each other why we feel so blessed to have the other.

Needless to say I slept like a baby! We are heading back to Wal-Mart to get a few things and then it's back home, because there's a wicked storm a' brewing in Texas. We'll take great advantage of that and use it as cuddle time. Of course at some point Princess Charlie will come in and demand her cuddle time, because she is afterall her mama's baby (even if she is now 14). :)

Oh! I won a giveaway!! Tabitha over at Fresh Mommy had a wonderful giveaway and I won!!! I knew she would be awesome as soon as I saw her name!!

One last note: I am indeed taking my iron pills ladies :) I don't want Dar to come kick my butt. LOL
I Truly love you all for caring!! You have No idea what it means to me!!

Until Monday Stay Safe and Be Blessed!!

10 Years Ago Today ♥

I married this beautiful guy!
Today is also his birthday, so it is even more significant to me.
We are going out to eat and see a movie, so I will read everyone's blogs
tonight when I return!

Our Song!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post yesterday!!
I will be taking my iron pills - Everyday!
Thank you all for caring and being such sweet hearts!!

I'm So Mad At Myself!!!!

So, I have Severe Iron Deficiency and I'm suppose to take an iron pill daily, but me being miss smarty pants hadn't taken one in over 5 months. Cut to me being extremely tired, cranky, short of breath, experiencing the shakes and the newly added symptom of chest pains!

Although, I started my iron pills yesterday I fear with the new symptom I may have created a problem for myself. I'm believing that once the iron is in my system again this will go away. Needless to say my doctor is PO'd with me, because I didn't listen. And at this point no one is more pissed at me than ME!

I love my life and there is no way I'm ready to check out of it. I just get so caught up in everyone else's needs that I kinda neglect me. Perfect example! I was suppose to do kind things for myself for 40 days at the request of hubby. I did it for three days!! Why is it so hard for me to put me 1st??

I'm sooo mad at myself, because I never want to cause myself harm or deny Princess Charlie a healthy mom!!

Please Please pray for me. Please ask God to guide me.

Excitement and Review

This was given to our mail lady who ROCKS!!

Well, the week is at it's end again and boy so much has taken place! I'm VERY excited about *Project Uplift*!
I never imagined the response would have been as Huge as it has been. Not only in blog land, but offline as well. Many people are saying they need ideas or they need inspiration and that's what *Project Uplift* will be about. My cousin and I have been talking a lot about this and the word podcast has been thrown around a few times, but I want to see how the telephone-seminars go first.

Our friends over at The Serendipity Factory sent us a few of the cutest inspirational cards to give out to random people. So, this weekend we are hitting the bookstore to spread some love and put *Project Uplift* into motion.

We had these cards made up and we'll be leaving them around town this weekend as well. This Friday we'll be dropping off 150 goody bags to Methodist Children's Hospital in honor of Hollyn a sweet little girl who's battling cancer for the second time in her short life.

When Princess Charlie was little I wrote her three children's stories. If any artist out there is interested in possibly adding some drawings to one of the stories I'd like to get them printed and GIVE them to children in hospitals across the world. (YES...I aim high)

I'm so grateful: For a new day * For every idea God puts on my heart * For everyone who reaches out to me * For an abundance of love and blessings * For family and true friends * Wishes being granted in His time * For laughter * For music and For You (my blog friends)

Peace To You All!!

Expectancy & Wishcasting Wednesday

While watching a special webcast with Joel Osteen last night he asked this question and it got me to thinking. He asked "What are you expecting in your life?"

I Expect:

God to shower me with his love
Jesus to be my side when I need him
Good things to happen to me daily
To be with hubby until God calls us home
Princess Charlie to follow the path of righteousness and succeed
Our ministry to grow beyond my wildest dreams
To treat myself with tender loving care
Compassionate people to be drawn to me
Negative folk to stay away from me
To live a joyful and healthy life
An abundance of blessings to follow me daily
Peace wherever I go
To stand strong in the face of adversity
To laugh until I'm tired
Project Uplift to change lives
God to send the right people along my path
Tabitha to love herself unconditionally
To be present at all times
To enjoy the moments as they come
A cure for cancer to be created
Homelessness to END
My home to be safe and hold the things in which we need
My travels to be safe
The sunshine to uplift and the rain to replenish
Goodness and Mercy
To be a mother again
To be loved and to love with all I have

So now I'm asking you - What are you expecting in your life?
I really want to know. :)

The question from Jamie this week is: What do you wish to transform?

I wish to transform myself. I wish to continue on the path I'm on, but with new growth.
I want everyday to be a form of transformation within. I wish to lose a few pounds as well.


I Believe

Every time I take a leap Satan whispers in my ear "no one truly cares" "Why are you putting your heart out there so often." He has even gone as far as having others repeat this to me. Everything that I do I do it, because it is meant. It never comes from me. Therefore, I will NOT allow Satan to win. I will fight! I will fight with love, compassion, strength and my beliefs.

I Believe..

- That I was created differently to serve a specific purpose
- Had I not been born differently I would not be as compassionate (I'll explain later)
- There are indeed kind people in this world
- In Good and Evil
- That we can manifest our true destiny
- In Angels with all my heart
- All of my dreams will be fulfilled

- That motherhood can be hard, yet rewarding
- Marriage takes LOADS of communication
- That in the dark of night He hears me
- That my Grandmother's passing taught me to no longer fear death
- That color, sexual orientation or religion should not matter
- We all should strive to be present more often
- That if we laugh more the world could be a better place
- That meditation can create great calm and peace (Try it)
- Those who speak negative about one's dreams speak from an evil place
- That Love is the secret weapon (use it wisely)

He Knows The Way To My Heart

*Update On Our Honoring Stellan McKinney is Here*

My hubby, the super chef out did himself yesterday! This man loves to cook, but with his work schedule he only gets to do so on the weekends. So, need less to say he goes All Out on the weekends!! He loves taking regular, everyday meals and adding his very own twist to them.

Baked Chop, Scalloped Potatoes with mixed veggies and Garlic Bread

He created his very own veggie soup with fresh veggies, beef broth and shrimp!!
It was AWESOME!!!

He has such a Huge talent and I feel he should share it with everyone by having a restaurant. We're not there yet, but he is going to share his recipes with blog land by creating his very own recipe blog!!!!
Coming Soon!!

Today I Am Grateful:
1. For a new day
2. That I'm with the love of my life
3. Princess Charlie
4. God's Guidance
5. For those who are making a difference in this world
6. For divine blessings
7. Possibilities
8. Laughter
10. For YOU

Soothing Sunday

I'm spending the day with Princess Charlie getting everything set up, so that we can send goody bags to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, MN in honor of

Stellan McKinney

I'd like to thank the following Blog land ladies who helped to make this possible!
Mommaof4wife2r@ A Thorn Among Roses, Kacey@Chronicles of a Mommy, Samantha@ Three Little Blairs, Diane@ Diane's Addled Ramblings, Molly@ Molly's Country Memories Home Place and Rachel D.

With All of My Heart I Thank You!!!

More Pictures To Come this Week!!

A Stirring Up Is Taking Place

I was watching Joyce Meyer today and she said something that flipped a switch on in me. I've been holding on to this idea for over a year now, but out of fear I sat on it. Today, I know it is imperative that I release this idea into the world!!

It is vital to our very existence that we help our brothers and sisters. Although not everyone can do this financially there is another way. The full proof way to help someone, to uplift them out of their despair, pain or hurt.

The way to help them is through - LOVE

So, with that being said I am launching "Project Uplift."

There are millions of ways to help someone without a dollar ever being mentioned or thought of.

Examples: (All Of These Are FREE)
1. Spiritual Counseling/ Self Esteem Classes for anyone who needs a boost
2. Sending cards to elderly, ill children and adults
3. Babysit for a friend or neighbor while they get an hour to themselves
4. Bring dinner to an elderly family member or neighbor
5. Create an art program for the kids in your community (that's for all you artist on here)
6. Just be there and listen to someone who needs to be heard

I have a few women in mind from blog land whom I feel would fit in perfectly for this AND I know there are many more of you out there who can do this to. :)

I'll be holding FREE tele - seminars using many of these examples and I invite ANYONE who feels they can contribute their talents to please leave a comment here or email me at ichoosebliss (at) gmail [dot] com

The Love Revolution Has Begun My Friends!!

What Will You Do To Be Apart Of The Change You Seek?

Talk To You All Soon!!!!


Tabitha's 10 Commandments

I've received Great responses to my "Spiritual To Do List", but yesterday while reading over at Tinkerbell's Tea Party I received an awesome idea from her. This idea actually originated from Gretchen over at The Happiness Project.

Tabitha's 10 Commandments

1. Always be Tabitha
2. Ignore Ignorance
3. Spread Love & Love Hard
4. Laugh Daily
5. Give Your Very Best
6. Act With The Sincerest Love and Compassion
7. Walk in Complete Faith
8. Be Patient
9. Live in Sheer Simplicity
10. Let it Go

Thankful Thursday & A Birthday Celebration!!

On this date 14 years ago at 8:47 AM my Princess Charlie came into my life. From the moment I knew she was in my belly I was in love. Every thought and action afterward would revolve around her. I believe in her with all that I have within me. Her presence gives me great Strength. Her humor brings me great Joy and her heart brings me everlasting Love. Princess Charlie, I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with you as my daughter. These past 14 years have been the BEST of my entire life. I look forward to each new day, because I know you'll be there. ♥

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!
I Love You So Very Deeply

Today I'm Thankful:
1. That Charlie has been my daughter for 14 years
2. For music
3. That I am loved and that I am able to love in return
4. That we have a home filled with love, peace and laughter
5. For the many friends who support my mission
6. That I can breathe easily without medications & the sweet scent of my yummy soy candle
7. That God believes in me and shows me every day
8. For any and all who read my words

The first two packages were delivered yesterday from OT for our dedication give to little Stellan!

Thank You Danyele & Samantha!!!

Namaste ~ Tabitha

Wishcasting Wednesday

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The question from the lovely Jamie this week is:

What do you wish to trust in?

I wish to trust in:

1. I wish to trust in my instincts more
2. I wish to trust in my heart a little more. I've been known to second guess it a time or two and I wish to no longer do that anymore.
3. The belief that He is within me and with Him within me everything else is a given.
4. My decisions as a mom. I want to guide her and NEVER scar my princess in any way by having a "I know it all mentality" like my mom did.
5. The kindness of others. There are indeed compassionate people in this world.
6. I wish to trust in my dreams and goals. I've come so far, but I have farther that I wish to go.

Blessed Be

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