Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Today I'm Grateful:

1. For waking up and feeling SUPER Refreshed
2. That school has ended and PC and I can have tons of adventures
3. That the sun is shinning and the birds are hanging around longer
4. For the love of my family and my Father
5. That I'm reading the Bible - It has made a Huge difference

I have a question to anyone who writes in a journal. When writing in your journal do you have a specific formula? Is there a certain outline you follow or do you just write?

I want to be completely Honest with myself in my writing and sometimes I hold back. I don't want it to be like this, so I need your HELP. Any advice would be deeply Appreciated!

Have A Most Divine Thursday!!

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  1. Hi Tabitha -
    First of all -- I just have to say that your grateful attitude is always so uplifting -- and I really appreciate that.

    In answer to your question about journaling. I've kept journals on and off since I was in 7th grade...that was a LONG time ago. I've never really had a format that I stuck to -- although I did find it helpful when I started separating journals (or sections of the journal) into themes. For example a gratitude journal, a venting journal, a character & storyline journal, food journal, etc. Within each theme I let each page take whatever format I needed it to. Sometimes it was just a free flow of words, or a doodle, or list, or maybe a letter to self or to God.

    I don't do as much journaling now because of the blogs that I'm keeping -- but I still find myself keeping themes regardless of formatting.

    I hope that helps, and I hope you find a way to let the words flow freely from within you. For me personally, there is absolutely nothing like it.

    Have a great day!

  2. I just write. sometimes it helps if I start the writing with 'dear god...'

  3. how can writing be holding you back honey that is what it is suppose to be all about I thought.. you will find it there
    I am so thankful for so much too.

  4. I enjoyed reading your list. I too enjoy the songs of birds and am so thankful at their return each spring. Blessings, SusanD

  5. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for your words.

  6. I have journaled for over 25 years and my personal opinion is that a formula of any sort might stifle what you, and your heart, want to say. Just pour out on the page.

    One thing I 've really loved to do is go through old magazines and snip any bunch of words that grab my attention--usually always from an ad. Then, with a glue stick, I pick one at random and stick it on the page of a new journal, one on every page. Then, when I use that journal, I'm surprised all over again by that word or phrase and sometimes, it prompts me to write something I hadn't planned on.

  7. As always, I love your thankful list.

    I have no good journal keeping tips. I always have great intentions of keeping a good jounal, and I never seem to get it done!

  8. I think you have hit upon the biggest stumbling block in writing, Tabby. It's not "writer's block," it's "honesty block," and not that anyone is being deceitful on purpose, but just that they don't want to put down their emotions and true feelings because they are EDITING their thoughts! I think sometimes people do this because they are trying hard to "look on the bright side" or "be grateful" or some other noble aim, but a journal is for TRUTH and writing anything but the truth will stifle the whole experience.

    A long time ago in a creative writing class our professor had us follow a set pattern, because she said the temptation to just put down "edited thoughts" would be too great if there was absolutely no structure. I would suggest getting a structure such as one similar to the "Woman's Simple Daybook" one that is going around, and modify it a bit, and use that. And write EVERY SINGLE DAY at least ONCE.

  9. I thank you all for your kind remarks and great advice! I think somewhere I restricted myself and now that I notice it I want it to stop. There's no greater way than to just let it flow, so that's where I begin.

    Hugs To All!!!

  10. I used to have a journal, but I have not written in one in a long time! I knew nobody was going to read it, but me, so I would just vent, or just write about whatever was on my heart! It's so therapeutic!!!

  11. Alicia: I know no one will read mine as well, but I think because my blog is so positive I forget that I have a right to be sad, mad, angry or even quiet.

  12. Dropping by to say hello :) I love your list and your blog is always so beautiful.

    I've been journaling since I was about twelve. And I always just let it flow. It helped me a lot after my dad passed away. It helps me to just vent and say whatever I have to say on the page. I've always found it so therapeutic. So say what you feel honey. Have a great weekend! :)

  13. When journaling, I do something I learned in a writing class... I set my timer for a period of time (usually 30 minutes) and then I WRITE. I cannot lift my pen from the paper and I cannot stop writing, even if I have to pen, "I don't know what to write" a couple of times (it only takes a couple before something new has popped into my head). It allows you to write without censoring yourself... you just DO it; you don't THINK about it.

  14. I've just recently gotten a journal offline. So, I haven't gotten use to avtually writting in it yet. I hope it goes well for you, it really is an uplifting experience.

  15. i try to write about
    who, what, where, when why & how as best i can for the day
    some days short
    some days long
    some days bullets even

  16. Oh, can you please send some of that sunshine to Pennsylvania? I'm tired of the rain!

  17. Dear Tabitha please honor me by popping by my blog and accepting a special award from me. Hugs, Sarah

  18. You got a lot of good advice here, so I can't say much.
    My formula for the past forty years has been to write the date and the time, and just have at it. I have some real boring stuff sometimes, but it doesn't matter. And it's the one place you can cry and thrash about, and no one will notice, except you. Pretty soon you will like the way you reveal yourself to yourself. :)

  19. I can never write in a journal because I always leave something out. I am never totally truthful, so I quit writing. Silly. I need to take the wonderful advice given above as well!
    have another restful night!


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