Solving A Health Mystery

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Today I'm Grateful For:

1. Solving a health mystery
2. A beautiful sunny day (it was HOT!)
3. Today and all of it's possibilities
4. Laughter early in the morning
5. Feeling healthier than ever!

My Aunt: Last night my aunt call to say she received 15 additional cards and gifts from my blog friends. She was SO moved and I could hear her smile through the phone! She asked me to tell everyone that she sends her LOVE. She wishes everyone Peace in their lives. You all have uplifted my aunt and my family and I are FOREVER and DEEPLY Grateful!!

Solving A Health Mystery: Since 2001 I have had sleep apnea and being my Grandmother's grandchild I stood true to my stubbornness. I took the tests, received the CPAP machine, but would barely use it. In 07 I had a hysterectomy (sorry fellas), but still have an ovary. Last November the night sweats became worse, so blood work was done and a prescription was given. Only to find out that my FSH levels were normal. Three weeks ago I decided it was time to do right by my body full throttle. I was already exercising and taking my iron med, so it was best that I use my CPAP machine nightly as prescribed 8 years ago. I did and Low and Behold we now find out I was NEVER in menapause! I wanted to scream because I never wanted to take hormone pills from the jump.

Positive: I no longer have to take it and we now know it was the sleep apnea giving me those nasty night sweats. Since using my CPAP machine for the past three weeks I've had no symptoms!

Have An Awesome Weekend!!


  1. I am positively giddy for you! Sleep is so important to our well being and so detrimental if we don't get enough. I cringe to think what it is doing to me right now. So very happy that you, my dear, can tolerate the CPAP! YAY!

    Oh and it is nice to hear your aunt has a smile!

  2. Hon, you MUST use that machine. Don't fall off of the CPAP wagon! You will feel so much better and stronger now!

  3. how interesting. do keep using the c-pap. know its not the greatest, but ... a sound night's sleep, certainly is!

  4. Oh wow,
    I love the two comments above "giddy" and "falling off the CPAP wagon". Well said! Tabitha, do take care of yourself because lots of people need you - family, friends, blog readers, church folk... Stay healthy.


  5. Just wanted to tell you that I love your new banner. And that you have a button.

  6. ok, so i'm not gonna lie, i have apnea and have never gotten the machine. now, i'm gonna call the doctor. hmmmm....


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