Authenticity - A New Beginning

Authentic: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

When I first started this blog 2 years ago it was done to express my spiritual journey.  Writing in my paper journal was becoming harder for me, so I figured this was a great idea and it was.  But, down the line I got caught up in numbers and comments and it ultimately lead me to lose interest in my own blog.  There are many things I've done and for silly reasons have let them be altered because I didn't stay true to myself.  I've mentioned before that I love learning about myself (the good and bad).  Going on this journey of living, eating and thinking healthier has shown me how I have failed to stay true to myself.  I worried if readers would think I was becoming too christian(y).  First, let me the first to say that is so very stupid!  Who cares if they do?  If they do they have the option of never visiting here again.

I can NOT write what I think others want me to say.  I have to write what the spirit guides me to write.  Doing that is me being true to myself.  I can have 1 reader.  If something I write helps that 1 reader, then this whole thing is worth it all.  I have decided to turn off the comment feature on this blog.  The main reason being I didn't start this for comments.  Do I love hearing from you all?  Yes!  Absolutely!  Deep within my soul I feel this is the best decision for me.  Will I still visit other blogs and leave comments?  Absolutely!  I love you all and you've helped me find my voice.  It is because of this I can shut off the comments and feel at peace with it.  It is time for me to return to the beginning.  The spot where I wrote for God and along the way it helped a few people.  Most of all it helped me. (=

Whatever You Do

"Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it."

Mohandas Gandhi

Complete Harmony - Another Aha Moment

It's been awhile, but much has been going on.  I have been battling within myself these days.  Today however, I believe without a doubt I can say I am in complete harmony.  There are thousands of people online professing to be experts in the fields of exercising and eating healthy.  However, I have yet to find one person who can relate to a person with disabilities.  Most articles say change up your exercise routine often so that your muscles won't become conditioned to the same old routine.  But, what happens when a person is disabled and their choices are very limited?  I let this get deep within my head and started doing exercises (once again) that caused my body harm.  My back was hurting so much I didn't even want to continue on this journey, then it hit me.  From day 1 I placed myself and this issue in God's hands.  I know without a doubt that He has given me the strength to get this far.  So, what I realized is I have to stick with what works for me.  Trusting God works for me.  Doing the exercises that don't hurt works for me.  I know without a doubt that if I do what I can do - God will do what I can't do.  I believe this with all of my heart.  From now on I'm listening to His guidance.

The great news is I am now 206lbs!!  I am 7 lbs away from leaving the 200's and I'm so excited!  I will never weigh 200 again in my lifetime.  This I guarantee God and myself!

Reasons To Get Healthy

1. To honor God by honoring the body he's gifted me
2. To improve my health and quality of life
3. To watch my daughter grow into a young lady
4. Rid myself of sleep apnea
5. To feel good about myself
6. Be an example for my family

Today I Am: Grateful, Blessed, Loved, Beautiful, Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful and Determined.

3 Wonderful Moments

In this negative world we live in today it is vital that we celebrate every good thing in our lives, so I figured I'd do that here. (=

1. I put the 100 calorie candy bar down and grabbed the 10 calorie jello pack instead for a snack.  I was very proud of that!

2. Noticing the beautiful muscles in my leg instead of noticing fat.

3. When I lose my next 10lbs I'll officially be out of the 200's.  I've decided that my reward will be to buy myself 3 Paula Deen candles.  They smell so yummy and fill the whole home with sweet scents!

Scribbling My Joys

I can NOT be torn apart, because I am held together by the POWER & LOVE of The Almighty God. --Tabitha

*I've been blissfully busy spreading joy to those battling cancer
*I'm still flying high from my 9lb loss
*Getting loads of hugs, kisses and high 5's from Princess Charlie
*Enjoying the changes of the season
*Knowing without a doubt God loves me
*Knowing without a doubt that I adore Him
*Having a slip and being able to laugh about it
*Preparing for Halloween (I LOVE IT)
*Spending cuddle time with my puppy son
*Waking up breathing easily
*No asthma attacks in awhile (=
*Listening to music that makes me shake my booty or stirs my soul (sigh)
*Knowing that NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING can stop me from becoming who God created me to be

Weigh In Day

I came home from Wal-Mart, stepped on the scale and found out that I am down 9 lbs!!!  My last weigh in was on this very date in September at my doctor's office.  I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to weigh in on the exact same day as my last weigh in.  I am now officially 209lbs!!  I Started in August at 220.  I am just 9lbs away from forever being out of the 200's!!!

It feels good.  Heck, it feels great!!  I know that without turning to God and following his lead this would not be possible. 

Today I Am Grateful For: A 9lb loss - God's love and guidance - Yummy and healthy foods - The strength and love of exercise - Peace - Joy - Love - Our Family losing together - Our Home - Good health - Loving support

Can U See The Difference?

the first thing I want you to know is I am SO syked right now.  The pants I'm wearing in today's photo is a huge bonus because a month ago I couldn't put them on for no longer than 5 minutes without wanting to cry.  Now the slide down my belly!  Say what!

Numbers For September 2010

Exercise Mins - 1220
Water - 168 cups

I haven't been weighed yet. I will probably be weighed this weekend and I'll update then. (=
I don't need a scale to say I'm losing weight.  I can feel it in the way I move, breathe and the way my clothes are fitting me.  Sometimes I can't see it, but today just re-affirmed this is indeed working and it's all thanks to God, hard work and determination.  (=

A Moment of Insanity

OMG!  I think I've mentioned before that counting calories can truly drive me mad.  Well, once again it has indeed happened.  It's the numbers!  Everyone says to lose weight I need to eat anywhere from 1200 to 1400.  Truthfully I don't eat that much, but for the sake of not harming my body I have been doing it faithfully.  The 1200 is attainable for me.  My problem begins with writing down the calories for every piece of food I place into my mouth.  For some reason this drives me bonkers!  So to regain my sanity, this weekend I wrote down everything I ate, but without the numbers next to them.  At the end of the day I then tallied the numbers up.  Two things happened.  I stayed within my 1200 range and I didn't feel overwhelmed.

I now know for a fact that I will write down what I eat, but I will tally the calories at the end of the day.  I know if I keep my portions small and drink my water I will stay sane and on track.  So, what's going on with me lately?  Well, I am still losing weight and feeling great about my new way of living.  I had one slip (burger), but I didn't put myself down.  I just vowed to do better the next day and I did.  I've learned that eating sweets trigger me to become hungry, so what I do is after I treat myself to a mini peppermint patty I crunch down on an apple and that helps BIG time!

Thank you all for the encouragement!!  I will be sharing a new picture of me next week and we can see the changes together!!

Love You All!!!

Happy Anniversary To Me/Us!!

October 1st has a huge significance to me.  The first being I started this blog on that day.  I can't believe I almost forgot to post about it.  I'm very proud of this blog and all I've accomplished through it.  I adore the relationships I've developed and I love sharing my experiences with all of you.  Two years ago I wrote this post and my journey to bliss began.  I'm not fully there yet, but I sure am enjoying the ride!

3 years ago on October 1, 2007 we officially re-launched our family mission.  These past three years doing this has been so very amazing and we never want it to stop!  We love uplifting others and knowing they are smiling because of our goody bags.  God had a plan and once he had our attention it grew like wild flowers.  We are doubly blessed and grateful that he chose us to do this job for him and we look forward to many more years of doing this!!!

Hugs & Love!!

Grateful Friday

Today I'm Grateful For...

*A loving family
*God, Jesus and Holy Spirit
*The ability to pay our rent and bills
*The ability to buy healthy foods
*Cool breezes
*Restful nights
*True Peace & Joy
*A healthier way of living
*A healthier way of thinking
*My healthy organs
*My strong heart
*My arm and leg
*The ability to see, hear and speak

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