Accomplishing Great Things

It's been a few weeks since I participated with my Wishcasting Sisters.  I've missed it and I've missed all of you.  This week our lovely Wish-master Jamie asks: What do you wish to accomplish?

Ever since I started my family mission I wanted any and everyone to know about it.  Not in a bragging way, but so the mission could spread throughout the US.  Yesterday I was interviewed by a local news station and that was exhilarating!  But what I wish to accomplish is having the world know about what we do and having others join in and make this a world wide thing.  If I'm going to dream I may as well go BIG!!

Monday's Thought

The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have, and; to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach. – Lin Yu-t’ang

Today I Am Grateful: 
1. To be alive
2. For every blessing bestowed upon me
3. I am healthy
4. I can hear, see and speak
5. For the love of family and true friends

Today I Am:

1. Content 
2. Grateful
3. Joyful (truly)
4. Vibrant
5. Giddy

How are you feeling today?  What are you grateful for today?

Life Is Truly Beautiful

Pictures Taken By Princess Charlie (my daughter)

Today I Am:

1. So very grateful                      6. Joyful
2. Blessed                                    7. Strong
3. Peaceful                                  8. Wise
4. Growing                                  9. Content
5. Loved                                   10. Forgiving

Things I Know For Sure:

1. I am blessed!
2. I have everything I need to live a victorious life!
3. I AM a child of God!
4. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of my existence!
5. Without God I can do NOTHING!
6. I am loved supernaturally and unconditionally!
7. I was created in My Father's image and I am beautiful!
8. With each new day I draw closer to God!
9. Everything in my life is as it should be!

Thank You Heavenly Father!!

Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something I've been learning more about within these past few months.  I never held grudges, but I could hold on to pain as if it were my profession.  I did not (at the time) fully understand the complete concept to forgiveness.  I did not know the power forgiving someone held with in it.  Not so much for the other person, but for myself.  As I've mentioned hundreds of times through this blog I did not seriously get into reading the bible until my grandma passed (July 08).  I can tell you it was the greatest gift I could ever have given myself, because with it I have learned so much about my Heavenly Father and myself.  I've learned of his promises and knowing them brings me such sweet joy.  I now have a more structured way to live my life.  Do I go to church every Sunday?  No I do not.  But every morning I pray, read my bible and watch Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen.  These things have guided me to the life I am living now.  It is because of Joyce and Joel (through God) that I am almost done with my schooling to become a spiritual counselor.

Reading the Bible is easy.  Living the bible can be a true challenge, but I do it to walk with The Lord.  Reading the Bible taught me what True Forgiveness was.  It is SO HARD to do, but when I did it I felt fabulous!  It was as if someone had did magic on me!  I was released from all of the negative emotions, hurts and anger that come with being hurt, lied to or betrayed.  How can you forgive someone who has betrayed you?  Someone who has stolen every ounce of trust you once owned?  For me I had to pray hard on it.  But, in a few days I knew it was what God needed me to do.  If I can not forgive how can I expect Him to forgive me of all my sins?  So, for God and for myself I forgave the one who broke my heart and turned him over to God who has been dealing with him ever since.  Sometimes I feel sorry for the person who hurt me, because they are now in a serious bind in their life.  I understand this person was living in the dark.  God is pulling him out of the darkness, but there are painful things he must face as he re-emerges to the light.  I pray for him every day and I even encourage him with uplifting words.  The old me would have cut him out of my life and prayed that he suffered (just being honest), but the new me could never want that.  In finding God I am finding many other things.  One of them is how to forgive and why it is imperative that we do so.  This revelation has strengthened my bond with God.  It has freed me to live a life of joy and of peace.  I deserve this.  God, the Father says this is His will for us.  Who am I to argue with The Creator right?  So, I forgive and in return God has shared more of His light with me.  For that I am eternally grateful.

I want to hear from you:  How did you handle forgiving someone who wronged you?  Did you find peace in forgiving him/her?

Me in Ten Words

Yesterday I visited my friend Caroline's blog Constantly Evolving and she wanted to see if we (her readers) could describe ourselves in 10 words.  I like this exercise, so I just had to participate.

At This Moment I Am:

1. Peaceful
2. Love
3. Quiet
4. Calm
5. Grateful
6. Joyful
7. Strong
8. Fulfilled
9. Beautiful
10. Simple

I'd love if you'd share who/how you are in 10 words...

A Sigh Of Relief

WOW! It feels as though I haven't blogged in weeks!  We made it home safely this morning and what a beautiful time we had with our family.  My aunt touched SO MANY lives and her home going showed it.  Our family alone is simply HUMONGOUS, so imagine my surprise when literally hundreds of friends, colleagues, nurses and people she's met among her walk in life showed up to pay their respects.  It was such a beautiful thing to see!  I got to laugh and cry with my aunts, uncles and the bazillions of cousins I have.  I got to lay in her bed just to talk with her for awhile (in spirit).  Her room is still filled with the hundreds of cards she received from many of you and those through Spirit Jump.  I am so at peace with her passing for many reasons, but the number one reason is I know she is where God wants her to be (in His presence). 

Thank you to everyone who's emailed asking to join in with uplifting my cousin Shelita.  If you wish to send her an inspiring or uplifting card please email me and I'll gladly give you the address.

Blessings To All!!

Pleasures in Life

Two new Joyce Meyer books
looking at my Angel figurines
Reading the bible
Cotton Candy scented candles
The sound of soft rain falling
Writing in my journal
Listening to my daughter speak
A thank you letter just for me
Listening to soul stirring music
Prayers from those we don't even know
Answered prayers
Peace within our hearts
Uncontrollable Laughter (deeply needed)

Uplifting Shelita

In 2008 my oldest cousin Shelita took care of my Grandma and nursed her until she went home to be with God.  Two days ago, in the very same room and bed my Grandma went home in my aunt went home to Jesus as well.  Shelita has always looked out for our Grandma and her mom (my aunt).  But at this moment she is having a very difficult time and I want to uplift her in the sweetest way I know how.  I'm asking every friend, reader and supporter of our mission to please uplift Shelita by simply sending her an encouraging card.  She was so moved and blown away when you all did this for my aunt and I know she would be so very appreciative to receive such love for herself at this time.

So, I'm calling on every reader, commenter, blogger, twitter friend, and facebook friend to help us uplift my cousin who truly needs this at this time in her life.  If you wish to send Shelita a card you can email me at and I'll email you her mailing address.  I would be so very appreciative to you all!!

Gratitude Thursday

Today I Am Grateful For: 
The sun rising 
Feeling wrapped in peace 
Knowing God
My Family
Sweet Smiles
The Bible

"The greatest strength is gentleness." ~Iroquois proverb
Miracles happen to those who believe in them. - Bernhard Berenson

An Angel Is Born

A little after 11pm last night God called my aunt Diana home to rest in his loving arms.  This lost is so very hard for my family, because of who she was.  Humble, kind, caring, compassionate, forgiving, loving, God fearing and gentle.  She was all of those things and then some.  She was the peace-keeper within our family.  If there was a tear she mended it.

Last night God gained a True Angel in every sense of the word and for that I am grateful.  She will never know pain again and for that I am grateful.  She will now watch over us from Heaven and for this I am grateful.

She adored singing and writing songs, so my heart will rejoice in knowing that The Heavenly Choir just gained a new member. :)

She will be laid to rest on Monday, so my family and I will be leaving to go back home (N.O.) on Friday.  I will return on Tuesday, so please know I have not abandoned my blog.  Thank you to everyone who uplifted us in prayer.  Please know that you are DEEPLY appreciated and loved.

May God Bless & Keep You In His Loving Embrace

Upside Down

God is so amazing!!  Surgery for anyone is a big ordeal, but for a person with severe disabilities it can be a huge production.  Finding a safe place to access an IV on me was like searching for Bin Laden.  What an experience!  The surgery itself went beautifully and as expected the anesthesia didn't agree with my tummy, but that didn't last very long.  I prayed and believed and as always God came through.  I'm very very bad with managing pain, but in the past three years I've had two major surgeries with zero pain afterward.  I truly know there is a God, because no man could get me through what I've been through or even what my family is now facing with my aunt leaving us.

As of Sunday the hospice nurse told the family my aunt has about 48 hours to be on this earth.  I am far away and that hurts so very much, but my aunt knew I was having surgery and doctor won't clear me to travel until Wednesday.  At first I was very angry, because I needed to say my goodbyes to her.  Then my cousin placed my heart at ease.  I spoke to my aunt everyday of my life.  The last thing she told me was to not be afraid of my surgery and she loved me.  I think she knew then what was coming.  I think she knew I needed to hear her say that to me.  Losing anyone is hard, but for me this is harder.  My aunt is a peaceful, kind, compassionate and love-filled child of God.  She taught me so much and my life is far greater for having her in it.  At this point our lives are upside down, but I know through it all God will guide us back to our True North.

Sunday Thoughts

Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins! 
- Michael Jackson

Don't go through life, grow through life. 
- Eric Butterworth

I made it safely through surgery and am home recovering beautifully.  Thank you to everyone who sent up prayers for both my aunt and I.  You all are so very beautiful!! 

Surgery Day - Until I Return

This will post as I am headed to the hospital for my surgery.  Gallbladder must come out and I am okay with this.  I am in complete peace about this surgery, because I'll be walking in there with God and not by myself.  I have many angels watching over me, so I will be safe.  There is true power in prayer, so if I cross your mind today please say a prayer for a speedy and safe recovery.  I would deeply appreciate it.  Until I return I have a few posts set up already.  I truly hate for my blog to be behind, especially when I have so much to say these days.

My aunt Diana is losing her battle with cancer.  It has taken over and we are afraid she can no longer fight it.  I kindly ask that you keep her in your prayers as well.  I asked God to please let her transition be smooth and pain free.  She has been very strong and positive throughout this entire ordeal and she is truly one of my biggest heroes. 

Things I Know For Sure:

1. With God on my side I will not fear what others can do to me -Psalm 118:6
2. God is the greatest physician known to man
3. Life is a true gift that is to be cherished
4. I love my daughter more today than I did yesterday
5. My entire being is at peace and I love it
6. I adore you all

When Peace Returns

When Peace Return (4:28)

Above is the podcast for this post, so those who wish to hear my words may do so.

Peace...I noticed it creeping back in on yesterday, but today it was simply in my face and I loved it.  I asked God to help refocus my thoughts and He did!  Even after all of the heartbreak and the moments of not being able to breathe.  He heard my cry and blessed me with his sweet and comforting peace.

Today (unlike yesterday) was completely and utterly a non forced peaceful day.  I didn't have to remind myself to be in peace.  Peace was here center stage!  I literally breathed in peace and exhaled love!  How does one seek peace when their world is falling apart?  How may a being focus completely on peace when every part of their heart is breaking?  For me the only answer was to pray.  I believe this to be the answer for any being in this world.

Call on God and pray as if your very life depended on it (and it does).  As you release your prayer believe that it has already been answered.  If you've been hurt ask to be filled with forgiveness.  I you have or are losing a loved one ask for strength, understanding and inner peace.  Whatever it is that has flipped your world inside out simply pray and believe that it will be answered.  I guarantee it will be answered.  Maybe not as quickly as we hope for or in the form we were expecting, but He will answer.

I'm learning to lean on GOD more and less on others or my own understanding.  I'm finding this to be extremely beneficial in my walk with Him.  Psalm 62:5 says, "only God can give inward peace and I depend on him."  Whatever turmoil or distress you may be facing today I encourage you to bring it to God and leave it there, because if you are without peace you are without joy.  That is never His plan for any of us.

Seek Out Peace and Joy...Namaste

3 Beautiful Things

There should never be a day where we can not think of 3 beautiful things from our day or five things to be grateful for.  I was thinking about this as I went through my day expressing gratitude to God.  There are so many crazy things going on in this world we live in, but I'm determined to live with an attitude of gratitude.  I'm determined to truly pay attention to the wonderful things in my life.  Life can be short and no one is guaranteed tomorrow, so we should all live each day as if there will be no tomorrow.  And when you've awaken on another day be sure to say "Thank You" to the ONE who gifted you another chance.  

3 Beautiful Things:

1. Waking up and not feeling a tear in my heart
2. Feeling completely at peace with life
3. Being uplifted by the words of Joyce Meyer and John Ortberg

Today I'm Grateful:

*That my surgeon is a good guy
*That my thoughts were positive and upbeat
*That I was able to send out 11 requests for goody bags with tons of love
*That I smiled and did not cry
*For my prayer time with The Father
*To be alive!

The Sun Shines Regardless

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The LORD is on my side, and I am not afraid of what others can do to me. 
Psalm 118:6

I have read Psalm 118 a few times before, but last night this particular verse spoke to me.  So much has been going on in my world (some good, some very bad), but through it all I have never stopped calling on my Father.  To be brutally honest the betrayal part almost wiped my spirit out.  I literally felt my beautiful light being blown out like a candle.  But, as I read this verse I felt it being restored, renewed and revived.  I use to wonder why people memorized verses and now I know why.  Every verse, every instruction, and every promise made by God is spiritual armor.  I now get it!  I choose to walk with the LORD and that means I must TRUST him implicitly.  People are going to disappoint us, but God never will.  It's amazing what we learn on our walk and although the past few weeks have been gray I now know that the sun shines regardless. *Smiling*

Things I Know For Sure:
1. God loves me
2. Laughter heals
3. I am growing more than I ever imagined
4. I am living in a grateful state of mind
5. Smiling at those who hurt us...strengthens us in the end

Sunday's Thought

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
--John 3:16

Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
--1 John 4:4


Recently someone I love deeply broke my heart.  Their actions literally left me sick to my stomach.  Many tears have been shed, sleep has been lost and even a pound or two have been shed.  But, what I know and learn each day I am not alone.  He who sits in Heaven is never against me nor will he ever hurt me.  Through a very dear friend and mentor I learned that forgiveness can be a true way to free yourself of all the negative emotions that assist betrayal.  In order for my sins to be forgiven I must forgive those who have done wrong by me.  Is this an easy task?  Heck No!  But, if I wish to walk the same path as my Father I better get on board.

It hurts so much when a loved one breaks your heart and spirit.  It is a pain I could never wish upon any being.  But, through forgiveness I am able to gain me back from the darkness.  I am able to hold my head up high and know that my actions are pleasing to God (even when I feel the person does not deserve it).  Forgiveness gives me a strength that I needed and a peace I was missing.  All of this I achieve through God The Father.  I know within my heart that "this too shall past."

Things I Know For Sure:
1. God is fighting for me
2. I have peace in God
3. NO weapon formed against me shall prosper
4. An Abundance of peace, joy, contentment and wisdom surround me
5. Happiness comes from within ME.

Wednesday's Joy

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This morning I woke with a song in my heart and joy surrounding my every being.  So much has been going on in my life.  Sadness, pain and even betrayal, but through it all God is showing me His grace.  He is comforting me and because of this, in him I have found my strength once again.  He is so worthy!  I'm growing and it's showing in every aspect of my life.  Relationships are stronger, blessings continue to fall upon me and in His name I am declaring sweet peace.  For years I stood in his way.  I know his promises to me now and I believe I am deserving.  You are deserving as well my friends!
Today I Am Joyful:
*For a new day
*For the sun and the moon
*For music that soothes and music that praises my Father
*That I can see, hear, speak and move
*For growth
*That I am able to say I am loved and held safely
*For grace and mercy
*For encouraging words and inspiring beings

Have A Blessed Day!!

Celebrating The Little Things

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Today I woke up and felt the need to celebrate the little blessings in my life.  I'm not sure what tomorrow holds and truthfully I do not care.  I care about right now.  This very moment that I've been gifted.

The Little Things:

~A brand new day
~Re-assurance from above
~Smiles and Laughter
~Answered prayers
~Learning to forgive as God forgives me
~Watching the sun rise (pure beauty)
~A home filled with all of our necessities
~The smell of hot coffee
~The taste of sweet chocolate
~The feel of clean comforters wrapped around joyful bodies
 ~The sound of soul stirring music bombarding my ears
~The quiet time to read my Bible
~The understanding of The Bible
~Being surrounded by ink pens, cards and goody bags put together with sweet love
~My blog and my blog readers
~Knowing the truest feeling of being loved

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