No matter what you may be facing, God can help you.  Nothing is too hard for him.  There is No Need too great for him to meet.  There is No Problem too complicated for Him to solve.  There is No Enemy too strong for Him to conquer.  There is No Prayer too difficult for Him to answer.

Inspirational Wednesday

The way you see your body or face is NOT how God sees you.  He fully understand that He makes no mistakes. Therefor you were created perfectly in His eyes. STOP seeing yourself through the eyes of the world (tv, magazines, or human opinions). You were created by the Great Creator! He is the Expert! He can not lie or fail. The mirror will say you're fat, old, too skinny, too short or tall. He says you are Extraordinary, Beautiful, Loving, Kind, Intelligent & Victorious. See yourself as He does!!

Methodist Children's Hospital 2013

We put together 140 Christmas Cups for Sweet Angel Pies Who'll be Hospitalized during Christmas !! I LOVE BEING A SERVANT!!!!

Honestly What I Need

Through daily life we hear people stating what they Want.  Around Christmas time you'll hear children commanding "I want that!"  But instead of stating what I want I'd like to take a moment to say what it is I truly NEED.

I Need:
-Father, Son & Holy Spirit
-To be patient in all circumstances
-To listen to God and drown out the world
-To ONLY trust God
-The Complete Goodness of God to cover me daily
-To speak to others with Love & Gentleness
-To Uplift others
-To be able to accept others uplifting me
-To Resist the Devil and he'll flee from me
-To fully know my past does NOT define who I am
-To know my past has been washed away by Jesus' Blood
-To be Grateful for what I have & Never complain about what I don't have
-To Cherish those God place in my life (even those who are there to teach me tough lessons)
-To be Quiet when I have nothing good to say
-To be honest at ALL TIMES
-To be present at every given moment
-To keep my eyes on Jesus and NOT on issues or worldly things
-To LIVE as if Today is my Last Day on earth
-To realize that there is SO MUCH I need and KNOW that God is the ONLY one who can Provide or Fulfill this within my Life.

To Be Continued...

UPtv's Uplifting Person of the Day!

When I found out I was nominated for UPtv's Uplifting Person of the Day I was thrilled!  It is by far my favorite channel to watch!  However, I didn't actually think they would choose me.  Guess what?  They Did!!!  You can read about it here

I'm thrilled and honored and blessed all rolled into one!!  Thank You UPtv for having a channel that my whole family can watch without fear of being bombarded with trash!!


When your past tries to Penetrate your NOW remind it that it is Irrelevant.  Remind yourself that You are a child of The Most High God.  You are seated in Heavenly Places (Right Now).  You are a Daughter or Son in the Kingdom.

If your past had won YOU would NOT be where you are Today!  Stand strong in WHO YOU ARE & in WHO You Belong To!  Your yesterday is just a step to get to your Today!!!

Only Believe

Be Kind

Good Morning Beautiful Beings!! As You go Through Your Day Today I Ask One Thing Of You...Please Be Kind. There Are Millions of Hurting Beings & A Simple Smile or Word of Kindness Can Make A HUGE Difference in Their Lives. God Loves You & So Do I! 
Please SHARE That Love With Someone Else. 

To All The Hot Chocolate Lovers

My daughter is a die hard coffee lover where I am an EXTREME Hot Chocolate Lover.  I like Coffee occasionally, but hot chocolate is a MUST HAVE 365 days of the year.  But this year something WONDERFUL happened.  The thought popped in my head to try a little flavored creamer in my Swiss Miss.  The first one I tried was Peppermint Mocha and it was Fatal Attraction.  Okay, maybe it wasn't fatal attraction, but it most certainly was Love.  Secondly, I tried Caramel and knew that this combination (Chocolate + Creamer) was meant to be.  Tonight I tried Pumpkin Spice and let me tell you...It was DIVINE!

So, this is to all my hot chocolate lovers. Instead of purchasing those EXPENSIVE and SEASONAL only hot chocolates get you some Nestle or Swiss Miss AND a bottle of flavored creamer and Fall in Love!  It only takes a splash and you will never look back. :)


You Are...

You Are Loved. You Are Wanted. You Are Treasured. You Are Victorious. You Are Blessed. You Are MORE than ENOUGH!

Hope You'll Join Our New I Choose Bliss Facebook Page!!

YOU Are NOT A Label

Regardless to if a person is:
Missing limbs
Is confined to a wheelchair or bed
Is deaf, blind or mute
Has autism or any type of mental disability (hate that word)
Is over weight
Lives in excruciating pain
Homeless or Jobless

NONE of this defines WHO we are! We are Masterful creations of the Most High God! Loved Abundantly. We are not what you SEE. We are what you FEEL when you take the time to get to know us! We are not a LABEL! We are Extraordinary beings living extraordinary circumstances. AND might I add we do it with CLASS & DIGNITY!!!


No matter where you are in life.  No matter how you look.  No matter your race, gender or beliefs.  YOU...ARE...LOVED
U are NOT Invisible...God sees U.  U are NOT alone...God is with U.  U are NOT worthless...God says U are Priceless.  Begin to know who U are through HIS Eyes ONLY!  Have A Very Blessed Day!

Introducing Our NEWEST Additions!

We Are Proud to Introduce Our NEWEST Additions!!
We Send Luvmail (A Card & Small Gift) to:
1. Kids in USA (Ages 1-16) living w/Health Challenges either (Physical, Chronic, Mental)
2. Siblings of Sick Kids
3. Kids who's Parent are living w/Health Challenges either (Physical, Chronic, Mental)
4. Kids who's families are in Financial Hardship.

We also send Notes of Love to Adults in need of Uplifting!  You can find us on Facebook - God's Luvmail Mission

Beautiful Changes

Good Morning & Happy Halloween!

6 years ago my family & started a mission called 504uplifting.  Where we send mail to kids throughout the USA who are dealing with health issues, are siblings of ill kids or who's family is having financial hardship.  We have ALWAYS known this was God's baby.  He placed the seed within me.  He gave me every idea.  He provides financially and in every other way.  We have ALWAYS placed God first in this mission, but after 6 years our family decided it was time to place Him first in the name as well.  So, two days ago we went from 504uplifting to God's Luvmail Mission!

If you are on Facebook we'd love to have you join us!  Another beautiful change is we now send Luvmail to kids ages 1-16 AND we send Cards or Letters of Inspiration to Adults!!  We Hope to see you there!!  God Bless!

Facebook: God's Luvmail Mission
Twitter: @LuvmailMission
Blog: God's Luvmail Mission

Week #5 Love Warriors

Please Head On Over to Our Mission Blog

This Week We Are Honored to Introduce You to
Founder of: Evan-Sent Special Delivery

She is a Godly Woman Determined to Uplift God's Children
with Her Skills & Love!!

You Are NOT Invisible!

On Sunday I received a request for a "Letter of Love" from a Mommy who's feeling Invisible.  This broke my heart to know she's feeling this way.  So, if there's ANYONE out there feeling this way this is what I want you to know...You are NOT invisible.  There is ONE who sees you everyday all day and He Loves You. He sees the sacrifices you make.  He knows just how many times you've gone without just so your babies could have.  He hears your cries.  He sees your tears.  He Loves You.  We as human beings tend to fail one another far too often, but God will NEVER fail You.  When you cry He cries with you.  He wants to be your Comforter.  He wants to fill You with His Love, Joy & Peace.  You Are NOT Invisible.  You are a Purposeful Masterpiece.  Created from LOVE.  It is simply Impossible for you to be Invisible when He's surrounding You Everyday of Your Life.

Come

Love Warriors Unite

We Proudly Introduce This Week's Love Warrior to You
Lisa of 
Please Read Our Interview with Lisa at

Dinner is Served

I cooked this roast for dinner tonight and have had a few people on Facebook ask me to share how I cooked it.  I decided to share it here. :)

WARNING: I Don't Measure...I Eyeball

I seasoned the roast with salt, crushed garlic, chives, parsley, and pepper (lightly).
I cooked the roast for 5 hours on high in the slow cooker. After the first 2 hours I turned the roast over. Around the 4th hour I added gravy, my mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and carrots. After 5 hours and fifteen minutes the roast was SUPER tender and the veggies were cooked perfectly.

The Love Revolution Has Begun!!

 This world we live in is in a State of Chaos and the media LOVES to showcase that.   In reality there are beautiful things taking place DAILY!  We just hardly ever get to see them being publicized!  I'm going to seek out people who are MAKING A DIFFERENCE and HIGHLIGHT them throughout the net. Facebook, Twitter & my blogs!! I want to BUILD an army of  God's LOVE WARRIORS!!!!  If MORE people get to Hear & See the good that's going on it may INSPIRE them to join in!  There are MILLIONS of hurting and forgotten souls on this planet. But, there are also MILLIONS of UN-sung heroes who are aching to help them.  It is time to Bring God's Family Together!!

We Are Honored To Introduce Mrs. Katie Wieschowski Founder of Little Miracles Giving Back  

1. What lead you to create your mission (Little Miracles Giving Back)?

A: I have 4 amazing children, all with medical needs ranging from behavioral conditions to medical issues. There are so many kids that are going through the battle of having a critical or life threatening illness that no one has ever even heard of. I figured that if I could start a page that could bring just a little bit of awareness to these amazing kids that the battles that they face on a daily basis that maybe, just a few more people would be made aware. The page grew so quickly and so many people were willing to help out that I figured I would turn my awareness and giving back site into an actual nonprofit organization. With the help of God and some great supporters and friends, the page has already been able to reach all of the US and 15 different countries in just 6 months

2. What inspires you to serve others?

A: I get on to Facebook and see the kids that I follow that have gained their angel wings, are going into surgery, or are fighting for answers. I can not give up on these kids. I laugh with the families, cry during their rough times, and smile at their silly faces, these kids give me the drive to keep going forward.

3. What services do you offer to the children/families in your program?

A: Our nonprofit offers the children that are on our lists a chance at being a featured family where we will feature a set of 3 different amazing children for an entire month and then we run an auction for them at the end of the month. All proceeds are split between the 3 featured kids and we purchase items for them that they need. We also hold drives for holidays where the children can receive a sponsor that purchases items that the child wants or needs. We have also done a back to school, coat, and Halloween drive to provide items for the kids. Another great thing that we have been able to do is help provide families with emergency assistance...we have helped to pay bills, provide food, gas cards, diapers, clothing, and blankets. We also have a card group where children and their siblings can sign up to receive cards. The children would receive at least one card per month and would also receive special cards and packages on holidays and birthdays as well. :)

4. What drives you to keep going with your mission?

A: God and these amazing children keep me going on a daily basis. I see the kids smiling faces, get packages or donations from wonderful supporters, receive the kind words through messages and on the page, and look at my own children and realize that I can never give up on these kids. I know that there are a lot of wonderful pages that help with items for these kids but, I just feel that these children can never have enough awareness and love when they are fighting these horrible battles. :)

5. How does running this group affect who you are?

A: I believe that running this page has made me a better person both inside and out. It has brought me to realize that there are always be someone that has things worse than I do and that things will get better, it just takes time. The faith that I have seen others placing everything into the hands of God has taught me that sometimes you just have to let him take control which has always been something that was hard for me to do before.

6. What difference do you hope to make in this world?

A: I am hoping that by running this page, that more people will be more aware of the horrible diseases and conditions that affect these amazing kids. I am hoping that by the shirts and items that we sell and send to families that more people will realize that these kids are not as rare as they believe and that by putting a face to the condition, that more people will want to step up and help these kids.

7. What advice would you give to those who have doubts about serving others?

A: All it takes is one look at a child's face and you can see the difference that even just a card or a package of stickers can do. It seems so silly to us but to these kids, it shows the kids that someone cares about them and what they are going through. It is an amazing feeling to know that you have helped someone. It does not take much, just a simple hi and I am thinking about you to brighten a child that is going through so much.

If you desire to sign your children up with this beautiful program, if you desire to be a "Love Sponsor" or wish to donate to their efforts please visit the links below!

Calling ALL Love Warriors!!

Dear Friends & Family, I am heading up a Love Revolution and it WILL be televised (so to speak).  This world we live in is in a State of Chaos and the media LOVES to showcase that.   In reality there are beautiful things taking place DAILY!  We just hardly ever get to see them being publicized!  I'm going to seek out people who are MAKING A DIFFERENCE and HIGHLIGHT them throughout the net. Facebook, Twitter & my blog (!! I want to BUILD an army of  God's LOVE WARRIORS!!!!  If MORE people get to Hear & See the good that's going on it may INSPIRE them to join in!  There are MILLIONS of hurting and forgotten souls on this planet. But, there are also MILLIONS of UN-sung heroes who are aching to help them.  It is time to Bring God's Family Together!!

If you know of a Person or Group who's doing The Will of God (Serving Others) please contact me so that we may highlight them and show the WORLD that there IS STILL Good in it!!  I need you ALL to be my Eyes & Ears in this venture.  It is time to put NEGATIVITY out of Business People!!  It is time for LOVE to take its rightful place in the spotlight!

Lets show EVERYONE that God is Love and Love Never Fails or Loses!!!

To Nominate a Love Warrior please email us at or via:

Tabitha & Jodie


My Return :)

Hi Everyone, it has been awhile since my words were published on this blog and I truly miss it.  I have been so busy with our Luvmail Mission that I allowed my blog to be sacrificed.  That does not have to be, so I am back.  I won't be posting daily, but I will be more visible than the past few months. 

I am one again on my healthy eating kick.  Today I made myself sauteed shrimp with mushrooms, carrots & potatoes.  It was simply divine!  I look forward to sharing my cooking with you guys again and of course my walk with God, which by the way has INCREASED me tremendously.  --Tabitha

What I've Been Up To

Blessings, God's Luvmail Mission has me very busy these days.  I've been truly filled with joy knowing this mail spreads God's love all over the USA!  Here's What I've Been Up To!

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