Seeking God in Various Forms

Everyone has there own idea of how we should seek God.  Some believe waking at 5 in the morning for prayer and bible reading is the way.  Some believe siting in prayer for 3 hours is the way.  Some believe journaling their thoughts to God is the way.  The truth is ALL of those choices are great.  There are MILLIONS of ways to seek God each day.

When you see a homeless being and you offer them money or a meal you have sought God.  If you choose to go to church 6 days a week or your choice is to read devotionals in the morning you are still seeking God.  My mom is the BEST prayer I know, but her way of seeking God is turning on her gospel music, hands in the air and praising God until she can no longer sing.  This has been her way since I can remember.

Satan will enter your mind and remind you that you didn't read your bible first thing in the morning.  We as humans become guilt ridden and try to play catch up.  Whether you read your bible first thing in the morning or right before bed somewhere in between I'm sure you found a way to seek God. 

My days vary because God has blessed me with so many options.  I always begin my day in prayer.  I also love listening to teachers such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince.  I prefer reading my bible after 12 noon.  I can't really say why it's just what feels right to me.  I listen to praise music, meditate, write to God and pray more.  Daily it is different, but it all leads to one thing - Me seeking God and His presence.

Never let anyone's ideas of seeking God be your idea.  Seek Him in YOUR own way.  NO Way is Wrong!
If your objective is to spend time with him open, honest and in love, then whatever way you choose will lead you right before him.

Slavery - My Choice

I Refuse To Live One More Day Being A Slave To: *addictive behavior   *ignorance   *selfishness   *anger   *judgmental thinking   *doubt   *fear   *worry   *wrong thinking   *anxiety   *Satan's lies and tricks   *un-forgiveness  *over analyzing

I Choose To Be A Slave To:  *Love    *Peace    *Joy    *Loving-kindness    *Mercy   *Forgiveness    *Faith    *Trust    *Gentleness    *Selflessness    *Patience    *Right Thinking    *Humility    *Fairness
*Gratitude    *Inspiration    *The Voice of God

Clarity in Prayer

When I was a young girl at night I would say the "Our Father" and ask God to bless the homeless, sick and the dead.  As I got older my aunts and my mom taught me that I could talk to God just as I spoke to them.  For me that made prayer more authentic and open.  Now when I pray I ask God lots of questions.  I figure who better to teach me than the creator of the universe.

As we all now know the enemy attacks the minds of Christians daily.  He loves placing fear based thoughts into our minds.  During my prayer time/bible study with God He's been revealing a great deal to me.  I'm a huge believer in sharing ALL that God teaches me.  We can't do better until we know better.

Over the past 4 years I've been hearing and reading "Faith comes by hearing."  I've found this to be so very true.  The more my faith increases the more satan tries to attack.  At one point I was believing God to do something and satan would say "who are you that He should do this for you."  "What if He can't or won't?"  For a brief moment he made me feel bad for believing what I believed.  I started to think "I'm being arrogant to think I deserve this."  Of course I saw what was happening and turned to God.  He in turn taught me some valuable lessons.


1. Satan has NO authority nor power over the life, mind or body of a child of God
2. It is NEVER wrong to expect God to do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond in your life.  It is actually a requirement!
3. Confidence & Faith in God is Believing without Doubting
4. It is NEVER wrong to have EXTREME Confidence in the Lord
5. Believe you are victorious Especially when you are facing troubles
6. NEVER be afraid to Believe!
7. Come into agreement with God about EVERYTHING even when you are unsure
When troubles manifest KNOW that Jesus has already defeated it and He has the answer
8. When you enter God's Rest (you no longer worry and you expect God's goodness) satan can't attack your mind.

I pray that these lessons will bring peace and joy to anyone reading who's being attacked in the mind.  We do not have to submit to the thoughts of the enemy.  Our Father is stronger, bigger and wiser than any demon.  When you follow Jesus and completely depend on Him you begin to find a greater peace (mentally, physically and spiritually).

God Bless

Taco Bake

Hi There Lovelies!

I found this recipe on YouTube and I HAD to try it myself.  It's called Taco Bake and it was very yummy.
1lb groundbeef (I used 2lbs to have left overs)
1/2 pack of taco seasoning
1 can Sloppy Joe sauce
1 can corn or frozen (optional)
chopped green onions
garlic powder, onion powder, accent, and Italian seasoning (eyeball it sweeties)
1 pk of biscuits
shredded cheese
Cook ground beef.  Add sloppy joe sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, accent and italian seasoning.  Add corn and stir.  In a baking dish (7x4) add taco meat.  Sprinkle cheese evenly.  Place biscuits on top and sprinkle more cheese over biscuits.

Bake at 375 for 20 minutes or until biscuits are golden brown.


Heavenly Butter Gravy Chicken

OMG!  I can not express how delicious this meal was.
I'm usually not a huge fan of gravy that is NOT brown,
but let me tell you I am sold!!  Again, I had to share it
with you beautiful souls.  I hope you'll try it and ENJOY!


Chicken (whatever is your favorite part - I used 18 chicken wings)
1/2 c water
1 1/2 c evaporated milk
1/4 c butter
2 (10oz) cans cream of chicken soup (use less if using less chicken)
Green onion
1/2 c all-purpose flour
Garlic powder, onion powder, salt (to taste), Italian seasoning, and thyme
10oz Pasta (of your choice)


In baking pan pour butter to coat bottom (don't use glass).  In a large container mix flour, and seasonings.  Use 1/2 c evaporated milk to dip chicken in, then dip chicken in flour and place in baking pan.  Bake in oven on 425 for 30 minutes.

While chicken is baking mix cream of chicken, milk (do not use milk used to dip chicken), water, and seasonings (careful on the salt).  Whisk until smooth and sit to side until chicken bakes.

When chicken is done turn chicken over, add cream of chicken mixture and bake an additional 30 minutes on 425.  After plating top with green onions and ENJOY!!

Orange Chicken

Princess Charlie is a huge fan of orange chicken and for the longest time I've wanted to try my hand at cooking it.  It turned out to be an amazing dinner, so naturally I had to share it with you all!


Chicken (you can use whatever part you like)
8oz Orange Juice
1tbsp Honey
1/2 tsp Onion Powder
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1 Green Onion Stalk
Salt & Pepper to taste


Mix Orange juice, honey, onion and garlic powder and set aside.
In a large skillet brown chicken thoroughly 
Once chicken is browned add orange sauce
Cook until chicken is completely done

If mixture is too thin mix equal parts (1tbsp water with 1tbsp cornstarch)
Pour cornstarch in slowly while stirring.

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