On This Day I'm Going To:
1. Shine Bright Like A Diamond (my true inner me will pour out)
2. Laugh My Buttocks Off (I can afford to shed a little)
3. Praise (Even if EVERYONE is watching)
4. Enjoy my family's presence to the FULLEST
5. LIVE as if I'll have NO Tomorrow

Prayertime Revelations

During my Prayer time this dropped in my spirit. I was confessing that sickness and disease are dying. What I heard was Sickness & Disease are DEAD (It is Done)!!
So, I confess for each and everyone of us:
Hatred is Dead
Lack & Poverty are Dead
All Addictions are Dead
Evil is Dead
Fear, Worry & Doubt are Dead
ALL Weapons used against God's children are Dead

My 10 Commandments (Updated)

My 10 Commandments:

1. Always Be Yourself
2. Defend the Helpless
3. Live Unafraid
4. Love Unconditionally
5. Serve Others
6. Laugh Daily
7. Walk In Complete Faith
8. Be Patient
9. Live In Simplicity
10. Always Forgive

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