Wishcasting & Anniversary Announcement

*Anniversary Announcement*

On tomorrow (October 1st) I will be celebrating a double anniversary!! I will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of our family ministry Afiveoh4uplifting.org AND I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary for I Choose Bliss!! I have 2 wicked awesome gifts to giveaway, so please come back tomorrow and celebrate with me!!!


This week's prompt by the lovely Jamie is "What do you wish to share?"

I love this question, because I feel I have so much to share. So much to give to those who wish to receive from me.
I wish to share:
*my life lessons
*my talents
*my inner most secrets
*my inner being
*my time
*a spiritual connection
*my blessings

I wish to share every facet of me that may be of service to others.

The Love List Project

Kristin over at Halfway to Normal has started The Love List Project and I truly had to jump on board. I adore taking notice of the things I love and why I love them. So, today it's ALL about love!

- I love how my daughter tickles me just because she wants to hear my snort

- I love that my hubby drives across town while still at work just to check on me

- I love that I had a grandma and grandpa who SHOWED true love and inspired me to be who I am

- I love drinking a hot cup of coffee early in the morning in complete silence

- I love cuddling with my daughter on the sofa as we watch a great Lifetime movie

- I love reading my Bible and feeling comforted

- I love the giddy feeling I get when it gets close to Christmas time

- I love the smiles on the faces of the ladies who we drop the goody bags off to at the hospitals

- I love receiving phone calls from my 3 year old niece who just wants to say I Love You

And the list goes on...

Moments of Gratitude

Created by Tabitha

Taken from my journal on Friday, September 25, 2009

I haven’t journaled in a few days, but wonderful things have been going on in my world! First, I want to express the love and inspiration I am feeling at this very moment! I sat with a lit candle and watched the light flicker for 15 minutes all the while chanting Jesus-love-peace and joy within my head. I can NOT fully express the peace I felt in doing this. The calm and relaxation, which invaded my body and mind, was completely awe-inspiring. Thanks to another beautiful soul Christine (BlissChick) I now have a new way of meditating and it feels fabulous!! After the first 7 minutes I noticed my breathing had changed and my body FULLY relaxed! Whenever a thought invaded my head I’d simply shhh'd it and continued my inward chanting. Yahoo! It felt great!

As I mentioned earlier wonderful things have happened to me and I simply can NOT go another moment without expressing my gratitude for them.

*Christine of Soul Aperture is holding a pay-it-forward. She chose 5 readers to receive happy mail from her an in return they must do the same. I was one of those blessed 5! I can’t wait until it’s my turn to send out happy mail!

* This weekend was spend doodling, painting and putting together "Uplifting Mail" with Princess Charlie - Heaven!

*After being introduced to Mia’s mom I put out a call for help to make her smile and SO MANY kindhearted people responded! I am beyond grateful for this response.

* My beautiful friend Evon sent a BIG box of goodies our way via OT for the kids we uplift. My gorgeous friend Jaz is also sending a package of goodies via OT for our adults we uplift AND she’s sending two boxes of Avon items for the women we uplift! They are Angels!

*I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family who allows me to be me. I never have to pretend to be something I’m not with them. They give me the type of love that you both see and feel. For this I am MOST Grateful for.

* I’m DEEPLY grateful that hubby and I haven’t had to stress over how we are going to place food within our home. God has provided beautifully. He did even when we were flat broke a few years back. It was a struggle, but God always made a way. He still does and we don't have to fear that any longer.

It has been a very blessed time and with each new day I grow stronger, wiser and ridiculously grateful to my Father above. Without Him these moments would not be.

holy experience

Sunday Citar 9/27

"Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance."
-St. Francis of Assisi

If you'd like to share a favorite quote or two Join us over at Fresh Mommy's Blog!

Do Nothing She Says

As suggested by Jamie Ridler I created my Joy card via PowerPoint. I have joined Jamie for her reading group The Next Chapter:The Joy Diet. This week's lesson was to do nothing for 15 minutes a day. The first day I totally spaced out. While trying to quiet my mind the thoughts within it became louder and louder. So, I decided visualization works best for me. Each day for 15 minutes I'd visualize myself in a huge sunflower field (I LOVE THEM). I would pay attention to every detail around me, which would completely calm me. After my 15 minutes I felt refreshed. My mom has always been the type of mom that has to clean or do something in fear of no longer being significant. As her child a little of that leaped into me, but since learning meditation and after reading the chapter of nothing I no longer feel guilty for thinking her way of thing was insane. This was no easy task, but for me it was very necessary as I'm sure it was for the other ladies who are participating. I'm truly looking forward to the next task as this first one has truly intrigued me to the highest!

I'm Grateful: For Jamie and our group, For The Joy Diet book, Gentle morning, nothingness and tons of love.

Random Thursday Thoughts 9/24

These were made by Julia Da Rocha! They reside on
my refrigerator (:

1. Princess Charlie had straight A's on her progress report
2. T had 4-A's, 3-C's, 1-D
3. I'm very proud of them!
4. I've joined a great reading group over at The Next Chapter: The Joy Diet
5. It's not about food dieting
6. I've been having a blast painting with my paint set!
7. I love how hubby drops by home to check on me while he's at work
8. Now that my eating habits are changing I'm no longer suffering from acid reflux (:
9. Since starting the podcast (in July) they have been listened to 3,157 times (Thank You!)
10. I'm loving the beginning of Fall!
11. Because of Julia @ Share World Love I started doodling
12. I LOVE IT!!
13. I'm so ready for hot chocolate, Christmas movies and my orange throw blanket (:
14. I am TRULY loving the feel within my home

Wishcasting Wednesday 9/23

By Tabitha

It's Wish Casting Wednesday! One of my favorite days of the week! This week Jamie Ridler asks:
What Luxury Do You Wish For?

I wish for the freedom of financial restraints.
I wish for the luxury to live my live in complete peace and joy.
The luxury to travel whenever I see fit.
The luxury to build my ministry with no judgment from others.
The luxury to doodle ALL DAY LONG.
I wish there was the luxury of there being NO Cancer in the world.

ICB #11: Fulfilling Your Destiny

ICB #11: Fulfilling Your Destiny (7:51)

The Written Form of This Podcast:

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another."
- Helen Keller

Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you living up to your full potential?

These are questions I use to ask myself on a daily basis. For the longest time I'd allow fear to run me in the opposite direction of my destiny. I knew what it was I was meant to do since I was a child. Every time I saw someone hurting or in need this fire lit up around my heart and I wanted to help.

In recent years my feet have planted themselves and my steps have become steady ones. I had to be hit over the head to finally understand that just because everyone didn't jump on my band wagon it didn't mean I was on the wrong band wagon. I started to listen to my heart and in doing so the answers became completely clear. I now knew that my destiny had found me and I needed to embrace it.

Since doing so I have been blessed with a peace within that I will guard with my life. I SEE God's miracles everyday. In placing complete faith in him he opened doors that I never knew existed. My every dream is coming true! My every need is being fulfilled and it's all because I stopped and allowed him to take the lead.

With the way my mind operates I'll always find a newer version of fulfilling my destiny. But the ultimate one is being fulfilled every minute that I breathe. I am a servant of the most high. This has proven to be one of the most rewarding jobs known to mankind.

He works through me to spread smiles and uplift his children worldwide. Every day I am allowed to spread kindness to those in need. I get to meet beautiful children who are fighting to live and adults who are fighting to find their way in this world. With my family at my side I get to make change and I can't describe the euphoria this presents.

The answer to my questions is YES. I am fulfilling my destiny and living up to my potential daily. My desire has always been to help others and through the Father I get to do this with all the resources right at my fingertips. He provides. He sends those who are like-minded down my path. The bonus is I get to become involved in some of the greatest friendships ever.

The answer to my questions is YES. Because I stopped and listened to God's word I am finally fulfilling my destiny.

Everyday I meet someone who knows what they are meant to do, but allow fear to hinder them. The first thing I do is admit that I to am guilty of this behavior. The second thing I do is speak faith into their hearts. I encourage them so that they to will feel their power. Fear thrives off of each and everyone of us, but we are far BIGGER and STRONGER than fear. WE are are all set on paths in a divine matter, so no matter what fear may be whispering in your ear today know in your heart that YOU are meant to fulfill your destiny. Whether it takes a year or 50 the end result - Your Success has already been written. Step to the edge of the cliff (eyes wide open) and LEAP. Not with your mind, but with your heart, mind, body and soul. KNOW that you will land on solid ground, feet first, because it IS your destiny.

I received this little quote in my in box one day and I've used it daily ever since. I'm passing it on to you, so that you may be empowered as well.

It says: Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says "Oh crap, she's awake!"

Fear has no home within you...Only Faith has that honor

I'd like to leave you with these words: May you be courageous and confident in your ability. No matter what happens may you walk through this journey of life with great strength and joy.

Until Next Time I Wish You All Peace & Success

*Destiny by Massimo Borchi*

Ordinary Moments

Painted by Tabitha

I am most moved when events take place and are not forced or planned. When goodness oozes throughout the day. That is indeed a day we want to hold on to! I believe in everything I do being a family thing, so this week I asked each member in my home to share TWO Ordinary Moments they've enjoyed this weekend. We are FOREVER grateful for every single blessing which is bestowed upon us. There is great power in sharing your gratitude, so I do it with no hesitation. (:

1. Cooking dinner for my family
2. Tickling my daughter and seeing her beautiful smile

Nephew T:
1. Playing the XBox with my uncle
2. Making my aunt laugh uncontrollably

Princess Charlie:
1. Painting with my mommy
2. Watching my favorite Sunday shows with my mommy

Yall know I can NOT just list TWO things! (:

1. Listening to soul stirring praise music Saturday & Sunday
2. Cuddling with hubby and PC on the sofa
3. Receiving unexpected kisses from T
4. Painting outside with Princess Charlie
5. Feeling the STRONG presence of God and His son Jesus
6. Receiving a call from my aunt E to say I uplifted her with the gift I sent
7. Looking around my home and feeling Abundantly blessed
8. Receiving a SUPER encouraging email from Lisa McKay
9. The trip to Wal-Mart, which produced beautiful recycled sticky note pads
10. Receiving a HUGE package of goodies for our ministry sent by Evon (We Love U!)
11. Talking to my sisters on three way calling

This is the day a community of those wishing to express gratitude gather. It has been a very blessed weekend and I'm honored to share my gratitude with you all! If you wish to join in on Mondays please visit A Holy Experience.

Sunday Citar 9/20

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another."
- Helen Keller

If you'd like to share a favorite quote or two
Join us over at Fresh Mommy's Blog!

I Choose Bliss #10: There Are No Do Overs

This weeks podcast is a bit late, but will indeed be enjoyed. It is only 6:53 minutes in length, so I hope you'll take a few minutes to enjoy the bliss within it. (:

I Choose Bliss #10: There Are No Do Overs

Please Visit Christine @ Soul Aperture!
She shared a beautiful list with us within this episode.

I'm joining Jamie over at The Next Chapter: The Joy Diet
I've actually read chapter 1 already, so I am So ready to dive in with a group of fabulous women and add even MORE Joy to my life!

Peace & Joy

Random Thursday Thoughts

Image used via Google

Random Thursday Thoughts:

1. I stumbled (again) in my eating and (again) I was shown forgiveness. But, most importantly I forgave myself
2. My nephew T is struggling in math class, but he will be victorious (:
3. I am stronger today than yesterday
4. I now know the TRUE direction for our ministry, which includes this blog
5. I've made 5 A's in school so far (Yeah Baby!)
6. Yesterday's post RENEWED me soul deep
7. Last night I cooked baked Talapia fish with Butter and Herb Pasta and mixed greens (yum!)
8. I haven't had alcohol since my Grandma passed away (14 months ago)
9. The sight of it now makes me gag
10. I love who I am and what I'm doing with my life. I couldn't say that 4 years ago.
11. I NOW know that the strength I've been praying for was within me all alone (doesn't that rock?)

I'm Grateful For: Forgiveness, Patience, Strength, Peace, Kindness, Love, Guidance, My Family, Blog Friends (especially those who take the time to get to truly know me), The Ability To See, Hear and Speak, Life's Daily Lessons, His Word and His Promises.

The LORD is merciful! He is kind and patient, and his love never fails. The LORD won't always be angry and point out our sins; He doesn't punish us as our sins deserve. Psalm 103:8-10

Stretching My Ministry

Last night I attended an online seminar and was moved DEEPLY. I feel as though I haven't been putting enough attention into my family's mission, so this week's question asked by Jamie fits in beautifully with my thoughts.

Jamie Asks: How do you wish to stretch?

I wish to stretch out of this hold I keep putting myself in. I step up to the ledge and feel completely ready to leap into what my heart and soul knows I should be doing every-single-day and then I inch back out of fear.

I'm not afraid of failing, but of rejection. I wish to stretch myself out of this. I wish to be free of this fear. This mission is what has been placed in my heart by God himself since 1992 and for the past 2 years I've been faithful, but I'm not giving it my all. I want - NO I NEED to give it my all. In the seminar the speaker spoke of following your truest self. Knowing what your ministry is and fulfilling it to the fullest. I need to no longer fear or care what others will or will not do in respect to our mission. What my focus should be on is what He has put me here for. My ministry is Afiveoh4uplifting and I wish to stretch it's goodness from east to west as of today!

FYI: Afiveoh4uplifting.org is a mission ran by my family and I for the sole purpose of "Spreading Smiles One Goody Bag At A Time" to all children and adults in need of an uplifting.

A Weekend in Pictures

A delicious meal for my loving family

This cute wooden cross purchased at Wal-Mart

After Princess Charlie painted it for me (:

These were just 47 cent @ Wal-Mart. They are wooden and I think I purchased 70 of them. Truthfully, I wiped them out!! LOL!! I'm going to add them to our "Goody Mail."

A delicious seafood & Italian sausage soup made by Hubby

I painted this one for my Mama

It was an Awesome weekend!!


Taking Stock of Life

As a family we have learned and are still learning that Nothing should be taken for granted ever. My daughter and I love watching a series called "Criminal Minds." As we were watching this series we both realized just how blessed we truly are. PC grabbed paper and pen and began to write a list of the things we are blessed with. I wondered, where does she get that from? lol
She was stating how there are families and humans who are suffering, fighting cancer, living in homeless shelters and living on the streets. There are beings who are starving, animals and children are being abused. So, I joined in and this is what we came up with. We never want to take Anything for granted. So, we humbly take stock in the many things we are blessed with.

The majority of this list comes from Princess Charlie (age 14). I wanted to see just how far she could go. Then, I realized she could go on forever so this will probably be a two part post. (:

1. We have a reliable vehicle to get us to the places we need to go
2. We have a home filled with love
3. A home free of bugs and rodents
4. Our bills are paid in a timely fashion
5. We have the luxury of cable, internet and cell phones
6. We have tons of food
7. We have clothing to cover our bodies
8. We have machines and medicines to keep us healthy
9. We have clean water to drink
10. Cool air fills our home when it's hot and warm air enters when it's cold
11. We are free to speak from our hearts and NOT be judged
12. As a family we laugh daily
13. As a family we are growing in God together
14. We can see, hear, talk, walk and feel
15. I have a reliable scooter to get me around
16. We are blessed to have come from a beautiful city (New Orleans) and now live in another gorgeous city (San Antonio)
17. We all have talents that we use happily
18. We were blessed to have received sincere compassion from other humans when we were in need
19. God blesses us in Many ways
20. We are able to see and feel the blessings on a daily basis
21. We have toilet paper and sweet smelling soaps to clean ourselves
22. Our bodies are free of addictive drugs
23. We are learning how to savor our foods and eat in healthier ways
24. We are blessed to live in simplicity
25. Mommy has learned how to let the bad stuff go

holy experience

Sunday Citar 9/13

I am a lover of quotes, so when Tabitha@FreshMommy created "Sunday Citar" I just had to join in on the fun! Each Sunday we gather to share our favorite quotes, so if you're into fun the way we are join in and share!


This and That

Yesterday was very peaceful. I prayed for souls now gone and for those left behind. Since Tuesday and after reading tons of encouraging words I feel stronger and have been gliding with my new way of eating. Today I'm going to cook my family baked Hawaiian Chicken with Lasagna. I'm going to immerse myself in their presence and thank God for the opportunity. But, first I will enter my comfy spot where I meet with The Father every morning. I will spill my heart out to Him. In the end I will walk away feeling renewed just as it happens every other day. He arrives, listens, fills me up and then gently sends me on my way. Never have I felt so loved! I'm in the mood to watch Elf and The Polar Express, so that's just what I'll do. A nice package of popcorn, some orange crush, Princess Charlie and a blanket. Yep, I'm feeling the blessings that this day will create bubbling up already. (:

Have a blessed and joyful Saturday.

Above Photo used via Google

Finding Bliss Through it All

Gifts sent to 3 loving cancer patients

My friend Caroline over at Whimsical Whispers asked the question: What does bliss mean to you? Y'all know I could not pass this one up! (:
Bliss is my goal in this life and I'm so dedicated to it that I'm not only seeking it spiritually, but through education as well. Because, doing this will enable me to be fully prepared to help those who come my way. Yes, I am already helping in many ways and I ADORE it. But, when I'm guiding someone I don't want to blow smoke up their butts. I truly and sincerely want to be able to guide them. (:

What does bliss mean to me:

Watching Christmas cartoons with my baby-girl on a rainy day in September (it was awesome!)
Waking up and FEELING God's presence
A hot cup of coffee, sweet music and your blogs
Watching the rain slide down my bedroom window
Being free
Laughing until I (almost) wet myself lol
Feeling strong within my soul
Preparing dinner with PC (we are always laughing)
Releasing my fears to God and knowing He has my back
Smiling as I just typed the line above (:

My prayers and thoughts go out to all of those who were affected by 9/11. I was not there, yet it changed the way I viewed things in my life. Life and those within our lives should never be taken for granted. Hug those you love often and never miss an opportunity to say I Love You.

PS..I Love You!

Simply Being Honest (Confession)

The Downside:

Tuesday was an extremely hard day mentally, which is what lead me to create the prayer meditation mp3. After speaking with my dietitian I now know why Tuesday was so darn emotional for me. I created the stress myself! I was so focused on eating only when I was hungry that I drove myself batty! The more I focused on it the more I wanted to eat. How insane!

The Upside:

I was able to speak with my dietitian who revealed my crazy behavior. I prayed and was so ready for a new day to begin. I did absolutely beautiful on Wednesday and I could not be more grateful. I now know that I should just let my day go as it would normally go. I should not focus on hunger until I actually feel it. I wish my brain had received that memo on Tuesday! This has revealed to me that I still need to work on my control issues. I try very hard to give God full control, but I guess at times I stumble. I can admit that, realize it and change my behavior. I Must rid myself of sleep apnea, so I have work to do. I love that I can write about both my successes and my struggles and still receive tender love from all of you. Thank You!!

I'm Grateful:
-For the encouragement I receive daily
-For my family
-For a kind and loving husband
-For a Merciful and Forgiving Heavenly Father
-That He will lead me to shed these 30 pounds
-That He is strengthening me (mind, body & soul)
-For a new day, new start and new positive thoughts

ICB Prayer Meditation & Wishcasting

Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God. ~Author Unknown

I was going to place this meditation MP3 up this weekend, but I could NOT wait to get it out there to you! I pray you will take a few minutes when you have time and listen to it. I pray that this gift will be a true blessing to you as it was to me. (:

What do you wish to learn? Is this week's question posed by Jamie Ridler.

I Wish To Learn:
- Whatever comes my way
-More ways to uplift others
-How to view food as fuel in a healthier way
-How to calm myself quicker in chaotic situation
-More about meditation
-More about spirituality
-How to live in joy (forever)
-More about who I am to become

I Choose Bliss #9: Slowing Down (Step1)

I created this by screaming into my mic (:

Simplicity: 1 : the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded.

I Choose Bliss #9: Slowing Down (Step1)

I invite you to submit a topic in which you may need inspiration with. I try very hard to tackle topics that I am or have gone through, so each episode can be related to. But, I'd also love to share your topics with everyone as well. If you'd like to share a topic, story or maybe a quote, positive affirmation or bible verse with us please submit them via email to ichoosebliss@gmail.com

As always each episode can be heard via your computer or you may download the episode for FREE and add it to your ipod or MP3 player. Feel free to share them with friends and family that may be in need of some inspiration as well!

I Thank You for listening and for ALWAYS giving me such encouraging feedback!!

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