Shedding Old Skin andTitles

Have you ever felt like you did not belong in your own skin? I have and not because of my deformity (that would be too easy). As a little girl and young lady I was lighter in weight and now I am no longer (in societies eyes). When I thought about my weight I thought of words like "fat" "unhealthy" "undesirable" and "ugly." I would lose and gain and lose and gain. Television played no healthy part in my success, but had a great deal to do with my failures. There were many things about me that were not so positive, yet I believed I was in complete control. That was until I found Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. Both of these people taught me that God was in control and I should never allow tv, society nor myself to place titles upon me. The only title I was given at my creation was "Child of god" and that's the same for you to. Yes, you reading this today.

We give others the right to tell us how we should look, feel and live. But, the truth is they don't know any more than we do. Losing weight should be done because its what YOU desire to do. Feeling beautiful is a birth right. Everyday that you awake you should know deep from your soul that you are beautiful. God does not make mistakes. He created you to be who you are. Yes we all improve upon that by keeping ourselves healthy, increasing our bank of knowledge and whatever positive paths you choose. But, no human being should ever be made to feel they are less than.

No one is superior. He loves us regardless and we are told to love ourselves as He loves us, yet for many this is hard. For me it was hard.
I hadn't come to the understanding yet that He wants you to come to him broken. That's when He himself can show you his greatest majesty. I have made a bajillion mistakes. I have given my power away more times than I care to admit, but even through all of this He sat patiently and waited on me.

Listening to both Joel and Joyce started an awakening within me! I started to see myself for who I truly was. I believed in me again. I loved ME again. I became empowered and uplifted. I surrendered and He took over. Now I'm going along for the ride as His humble servant. I opened His book for the first time in years and found everything I had ever been searching for! No one can ever call me fat again and it bother me. No one can ever make me feel inferior. No one will ever have the chance to take away my power. He lives within me now, so they don't stand a chance!

I am no better than you. I still have a long way to go in my growth, but I can tell you this with strong certainty. You Are Loved Just As You Are!

He's patiently waiting for you. He wants to help you, strengthen you, empower you and fill you with his glorious peace.

Wake up tomorrow knowing that your power is yours alone. Know that you are beautiful inside and out. Know that no one is above you. Know that its okay to be loss or broken. Call out His name and He will put everything as it should be.

Weeping may endure for the night,
but joy comes in the morning time.


  1. Ahh! I needed to read this today. Thank you Tabitha!!!

  2. This is a beautiful realignment, Tabitha. A reminder of what is most important. As always. :)

  3. Lovely, lovely post!

    I have that "Love" plaque hanging in my dining room! I love it!

    For some reason my blog lost it's connection with yours so it looked like you hadn't posted in 3 days. I deleted and re-added so hopefully I can follow you again!

  4. What a wonderful post, Tabitha. You sure-fire inspired me! I think it was Eleanore Roosevelt who said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." Part of being awake and staying awake is knowing that there is only one you and it's up to you to live your life to the fullest--to be the fullest expression of your God-self you can be. As you are, my lovely friend, as you are...

    p.s. I got your sweet note. You are so very welcome. I am glad you liked what I sent. xxoo

  5. Wow, what a beautiful word. Strait from the heart of God.

    Thanks so much for sharing today.

    I'm new here. So nice to meet you!!


  6. Halloo Tabby. I know one of your dreams is to open a restaurant with yer wonderful hubby, The Ubercook, but seriously, have you thought of divinity school? Really, I can see you as a minister!!! But whatever you do in life, I know one thing, you do it well, you do it beautifully, you are a beautiful soul and a beautiful lady, and you sure are sweet to share your strength with others!

  7. Beautiful! I also needed to read this today! You area beautiful person inside and out and I am glad we have discovered each other!

  8. You are so right. And of any tv ministers that can captivate me, Joyce and Joel are the only ones! Their messages are for everyone, no matter their convictions. And that's what I call LOVE.

    Some times as I've read your posts, I often wonder why you interject little disclaimers about societies labels.. LOVE sees YOU. Who you are.. The eyes of LOVE are too pure to behold iniquities.. I totally believe that.

    And I promise you.. YOU ARE A MINISTER. You don't need any other credentials.. certifications, blog buttons.. or even a school.

    I love what you said "No one is superior" THAT ALSO MEANS: No one is inferior.

    God IS love. And I love you!

  9. Well said. Joel Osteen is great and Joyce is my daily inspiration to get through each and every day. I had definitely battled the "emotional" aspects of being overweight and cried unto the Lord for years. Finally He gave me peace. Now I am comfortable in my own skin and just do my best to eat right and maintain my exercise which I've always loved to do anyway plus I naturally crave veggies and fruit. My point is this, in His time He makes all things beautiful. These days, I am happy with my weight and feel good... and by God's standards, I look good too - lol!


  10. This was such a great post Tabitha! I am SO thankful I read this today. What a blessing. You are beautiful!

  11. i'm so happy for you, tabitha! nobody has the power to place labels on us yet we so often fall into the trap of worrying about what others think and trying to conform to fit their standards. (((hugs)))


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