21 Days of Simplicity - Day 8

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Today I'm Grateful For:
1. Loving who I am
2. Understanding who I am
3. Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate ice cream
4. An open mind
5. My zest for living my life
6. Family Bible Study This Weekend

Day 8: Simply Loving On Yourself

Everyday I cook, clean and make sure my family receives all of the love I can give them and in return they give love back. But, we need more. We, as human beings need to love ourselves unconditionally. There's so much funky thinking going on in the heads of women and men these days. Whether it's about their bodies, their looks, their ability or inability to succeed. We beat up on ourselves far too much. In the past for me it was my weight. Today, although I strive to stay healthy I can honestly say I love me just as I am.

So, today I declare this "Love On Yourself Day!" Do something kind for yourself. Tell yourself that you're beautiful. Take a long bubble bath. Buy yourself a small affordable gift. Take a long walk alone and think positive thoughts toward yourself. Sing and dance. Sit quietly and feel peaceful. Do whatever makes you smile! Do what feels good to your spirit!

Love On Yourself and Sincerely Feel It! Let this day be all about You Loving YOU!

Today I'm Going To:
1. Allow the music to fill my home with joy
2. Tell myself just how fabulous I think I am :)
3. Embrace who I am and love her just as she is
4. Take a hot shower for as long as I please
5. Enjoy being with Tabitha ♥


  1. Very good idea! Hope all is well.

  2. Fantastic words today! I was just blogging about the importance of naming our gratitude each day and also how we tend to forget the beauty inside of ourselves every day. Have a peaceful and beautiful day!!!

  3. Oh my Tabitha!!
    This is fabulous!
    Thank you for declaring this day! I need it...and my daughter is at her friend's house, so I'm gonna take today for ME and not try to be super-mom.

    Who ever started this fantasy where we, as women, wives, and mothers have to be all, do all, and accomplish everything? I'm tired of trying to be a super-hero, I just want to be me.
    And thanks to your post of today...I'm gonna be!

  4. I'm happy to "love on myself" today (and every day I hope!!!). I love that you used the word "zest" in your post...I just love the sound of that word, the images it conjures!!!

  5. Good stuff, Tabitha! Yes, so much junk going on in our heads. So many fake ideals to live up to. I love loving me!



  6. wonderful and so true of a message today Tabitha...we all do need a little bit more love for ourselves!

  7. I am an absolute promoter of "love yourself", and I LOVE that you have declared today as "Love On Yourself Day!"

    Gonna go do some me loving now!

    Have a great day, Tabitha!

  8. Hi, Tabitha--I agree wholeheartedly. One of the simplest and most profound things to do is to love yourself just the way you are. I hereby agree with you to do just that!!! I love me and I love you!!

  9. This was a beautiful post, Tabitha. I'm so glad you shared it with us. Today I finally ate the ribeye steak I'd been craving since arriving back in the States (haven't had one in 3 years), spent some time in the pool, and got in a hard workout at the gym. These don't sound very relaxing, I know, but they were nourishing to me. They made me feel good.

    Now I am in my jammies with a lighted candle and classical music. It's peaceful and lovely.

  10. Welcome to the Gratitude Community~
    I have begun to count as well ... I am feeling a shift in my awareness of all that is a gift in my life!
    Blessings ~Maria

  11. Thank you for this! I'm going to go take a LOOOONG hot shower! One of my favorite things, that I rarely make time for! Well, I still shower, it's just not loooong!

  12. I sing and dance everyday! ;)

  13. Beautiful words! Thanks for sharing.

    Dropping by from sits. Following your blog. The weekend is almost here. Yay! I hope you have a fun weekend planned.

    Ms Cupcake.
    Zen Cupcake


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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