My Word for 2018

After reading "My One Word" I decided to have a Physical & Spiritual word for 2018!
My Physical word is Committed: I'll be committed to Myself (mentally, physically & emotionally), to God and to those I love. I'll be committed to every task I take on while being committed to ONLY taking on the tasks I KNOW are meant for me.

My Spiritual word is Ambitious: I will be ambitious in my prayer life. I will stand STRONG in what I Believe (REFUSING to Waiver). I will be DETERMINED in my way of thinking & what I'm believing God WILL do in 2018 and Beyond! I will be FORCEFUL in my Faith in God and in Myself. I Will FIGHT against any force (in Prayer) that tries to come against Me & Any of God's Children. I WILL be VICTORIOUS through the Blood & Name of Jesus!!! Happy New Year!!

Changing Me From The Inside

Many will read this and think I've gone bonkers, but I finally feel completely SANE! On December 17th I instantly decided to NEVER again eat meat, milk or eggs. I never doubted my decision. It just felt RIGHT. I was a little uneasy about telling my family, but I was Committed and there was NO turning back! I told my family and immediately my daughter was on board! My big guy was a bit hesitant as he still wanted meat. I NEVER forced this upon them, but made it clear I HAD to do this for myself. They fully understood!

Before changing how I ate I battled severe acid reflux, arthritis in my neck, leg and back. Arthritis for anyone is Hell on Earth, but for a being who only has 1 arm and 1 leg it can be an extra special kind of Hell on Earth! After only two days of not eating meat I noticed there weren't any flare ups. I decided that this was wishful thinking and went on my way. After a week I started to believe this was truly happening! 

I was belching a LOT, but I wasn't having acid burn my poor esophagus to all be damned. I took Bean No for TWO days and the belching was history. Many say it's because my body has become accustomed to the amount of veggies I'm taking in. Whatever it is I'm okay with it! Knowing what I know a month later I don't regret my decision one bit! I feel amazing AND I'm Losing Weight WITHOUT Trying!!! I can't beat that on my BEST day!

I have Always LOVED Cooking, but now I'm in LOVE with cooking! We eat such amazing dishes! Ones I would have NEVER thought of before! Oh! The most amazing thing is my A1C went from 6.5 to 5.0!!  

Everyone lives there lives for Their OWN Reasons. My reasons are simple: 1. I want to LIVE and 2. I desire not to harm animals or the environment in which I live. I can Guarantee you THIS I will NEVER push my way of living upon anyone! I will not be judging folk because they are eating meat! I MUST focus on My Walk in Life! I pray for All Beings and that's as far as it goes. It's NOT my job to turn folk Vegan or Whole Food Eaters! So, if you're interested like I am to see where this leads me please stay tuned! I'll be sharing my ups and downs in life, my funny moments, poetry, my spiritual journey and my random thoughts! God Bless & Happy New Year!

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