What I've Learned:
-Never think less of my OWN abilities
-LOVE Yourself Unconditionally
-Nothing is impossible if You Truly want it
-Encourage Yourself before the world discourages You.

I'm a huge fan of learning. I actually look for the lessons in each new day. This year is only 36 days old and already it has delivered some powerful lessons to my door! Lessons for which I'm truly grateful.

I believe we all should seek out wisdom in each new days. To not grow is death to our existence (in my opinion). I believe on some level, at some point in life most of us have lacked faith in ourselves. This can lead to many missed opportunities. I KNOW this to be true for me. Looking back I missed so many chances to succeed. Although I'm succeeding now there were still things I was meant to do, but didn't do. They never came to life because I didn't have faith in myself.

Leading up into this new year something snapped. It was if my eyes had been opened and my mind had been cleared. Things started making sense and what needed to be done seemed easier than ever. God believes in ME with ZERO doubts, so I had to take on that attitude as well. If I can't have faith in ME how will I ever have faith in anyone else? So, here I am finally! Trusting myself. Believing in myself. Willing to do whatever it takes to keep ME happy & healthy!

What are you willing to do for Your OWN growth?

Walk In The Light

At the beginning of this year I declared that this would be MY Year! I know what I desire to see and I'm going after it!

What do I desire?

-I desire to lose over 30 pounds this year
-I desire to strengthen my relationship with God
-I desire to be Open to All Good things that are Headed My way!
-I desire to help others live their Best life as well.

I've been cooking healthy (meatless) meals for my family for over a month now. My sister Kelly had me make a dish for her to take to work several times. Her boss asked her about the dishes because they liked them and she explained that I cooked them. She told her of my journey and my desires. Her boss called and asked to meet with me! I went and what she proposed was simply Astounding!! She offered me a chef position!! I'll be cooking a healthy lunch four days a week for her employees! Apparently she went to them first and asked if they'd like the idea and she said it was a unanimous Yes!

I KNEW things were going to change, but I had no idea it would be this Outstanding!! Walk in the light and Your Path will Always be Clear!

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