ICB Positive Affirmations

Due to a beautiful amount of email I've been receiving. I have been encouraged to do a show on positive affirmations. I pray that this show will uplift, encourage and bring sweet peace to those who'll listen.

ICB Positive Affirmations
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Tomorrow (8/1) is my 38th birthday and I will be celebrating it with All Of My Heart!!

My wish this year is to have the I Choose Bliss Podcast heard in EVERY home, ipod and MP3 player. I pray that you will listen in and share the show with family, friends and those who are in need of an uplifting!

Have A Glorious Weekend!!

What I Learned Today

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What I Learned Today

I've Learned:
-That my patience level is not where I wish for it to be
-That I still allow certain people and things to shake me
-I need to be reminded of God's wonder from time to time
-That until a few years ago I never knew the depth of Jesus' sacrifice for me
-Knowing this changes who I am and how I live
-That I adore hubby, Princess Charlie, and The Father more now than ever
-That I deserve bliss and it's guaranteed by Him
-That the enemy is near
-That Angels on earth truly do exist (Julia & Jan)
-That family does not have to consist of just blood relatives

Each day I am learning new things about myself. Some great and some not so great, but the blessing in it all is I am forgiven for the not so great things already. I hear someone speak (Joel or Joyce), I read a post on a blog and I am reminded to "Be still and know that I am God." This reminder centers me and bring me back to what I truly need to focus on.

I am human. I literally have to remind myself of this sometimes. I go into "superhuman" mode and forget that I am mere flesh and bones. Trying to hide feelings of hurt when a "friend" breaks my heart, trying to keep peace between broken family members who can't/won't be fix, and simply trying to be a people pleaser 24/7. I have learned so much, but I still have a great deal more to learn. For now I will go through each day taking stock in the lessons I am learning and reminding myself to "Be still and know that He is God." I find peace in knowing I don't have to please everyone. He is my first priority and I'm grateful to have learned these lessons on this day.

Releasing A Big Wish on Wishcasting Wednesday

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Every Wednesday the lovely Jamie Ridler sends a wish prompt for all wish casting sisters to answer. Every week our blogs are filled with love and reciprocation for one another. This week along with Jamie's prompt I have a wish of my own and I need my sisters support of sending this out into the universe and believing it will be answered. When I refer to family I am in no way referring to my loving husband or our beautiful daughter, but I am referring to every other being within my family. I thank you all in advance for your kindness and compassion.

My Wish: I wish that my family would be supportive of one another's dreams and journeys.
I wish there was a stronger sense of respect, kindness and loyalty.

This week Jamie asks: What do you wish to remember?

I wish to remember every bit of advice my Grandma has ever given me. She was my strength, my number 1 fan and now that she's gone things are different. I wish to remember that her blood flows through my veins and her strength has been with me now more than ever. I want to remember that she is the greatest guardian Angel and with her on my side I can not fail. I never want to forget anything about her.

The Little Things

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The Little Things...

The soothing hum of the ceiling fan gently putting me to sleep
The sweet smell of my bathing gels after a long and relaxing shower
The cool feel under my foot from the new flooring in my home
The way my niece Tamera says "I Love You To"
Rubbing my puppy son's belly for as long as he wishes
Being able to make my baby sister laugh
Quite time with The Father in the early morn
Writing a poem in the middle of the night
Seeing the smiles upon my family's face after they've eaten the dinner I prepared
Being inspired
Enjoying a cup of coffee and toast with my daughter
Singing happy birthday to someone I love
A scented candle, gentle music and my bible
Clean water
Realizing my mistakes and repenting
Knowing I am forgiven
The Angel that sits upon my dresser
A restful sleep
Waking refreshed
Getting to know the real me (I love her)

I Surrender These..

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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

In walking my journey I am learning to write lists. Each list holds different themes, but all are significant. In writing these lists I am learning things about myself I'd never known. Also, it is drawing me nearer to where I need to be on my journey. For this I am grateful. In my "21 Days of Simplicity" journey one of the key things I learned was to "let go". So tonight I sit at my desk and "let go" of some things and feelings I no longer need to hold on to.

I Surrender..
-My heart, mind, body and soul to The Father above
-My old way of thinking
-Past hurt and shame
-All of my fears
-Negative self talk
-The act of being too busy
-The things in which I can not change
-The fear of loneliness
-Anger and judgment

I Embrace:
-Sweet Mercy
-Love and Light
-Joy and peace
-My inner and outer beauty
-My flaws
-Strength and Confidence

As you go through your weekend I pray that you will find it in your hearts to "surrender" all the negatives and "embrace" each and every positive. Walking a spiritual walk is in no way easy, but I am determined to succeed in this. I wish you all joyful days and peaceful nights throughout your weekend!

On Monday I will post Show#2 for I Choose Bliss. I hope you will visit and tune in!!

Peace & Blessings

At This Time...

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At This Time...

I am finding my way
I am embracing the changes in my life
I am in love with music more than ever before
I am feeling stronger
I am confident
I am inspired
I am loving motherhood
I am growing laugh lines (I love those)
Doors are closing behind me and opening before me
I am immensely grateful For Jesus' sacrifice
Growth has wrapped me in it's comfort
Goodness and Mercy have found me
I am deeply in love with my husband
I am learning new things in school and seeing how to use it in every day life
I am achieving two huge goals (school & podcast show)
I am bonding with my niece and two nephews
I am reading my bible and absorbing it verse by verse
I am loving the smell of my clothing right out of the dryer
I am wanting a hug from my princess
I am adoring Tabitha and all that she encompasses
I am letting go of the past
I am living in the NOW
I am Free
I am Joyful
I am at Peace

What Are You Doing At This Time?

Gratitude On Thursday

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How many of you listen to Zen music or solo pianists or even Orient music? I listen to them all and I can not express the joy and peace I feel when I'm in tune with my music library. Last night while listening to one of my favorite tunes "Golden Dawn" I relaxed in my chair, took 5 deep breaths and envisioned myself on a trampoline. I was jumping so hi, but it was the smile on my face that was most noticeable. I'm not sure why I've been able to do this very often, but I am deeply grateful. Once the song was done and I was done floating on tall grass and flowers my back pain was completely gone!! If I had learned this technique years ago it would have saved me hundreds of dollars on Advil and Motrin. :)

Nonetheless, I know how to use this to my advantage now and my gratitude is to the sky at this point!

Positive Moments:
1. I woke up
2. Truly enjoying peace
3. Celebrating my niece's 11th birthday with her (yesterday)
4. Hearing laughter fill my home

Things That Move Me:
-Clean sheets just out the dryer
-A kitchen filled with aroma of dinner
-A slow dance with my husband
-Playing hangman with my daughter
-When a stranger smiles at me
-Receiving "Thinking of You mail"
-Sending "Thinking of You mail"
-Inspirational words
-God's Words
-Life (Beginnings and Endings)

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. (John 10:27-28 KJV)

Wishcasting & Giftaway Announcement

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Today I'm Grateful:
1. For peace and balance
2. For rest and quiet
3. For wishes and answered prayers

This week the lovely Jamie asks: What do you wish to tell the world?

I have to admit this question made me jump up and down with glee, because I have so much to say. But I will condense it here for the sake of my readers. :)

I wish to tell the world how they are the masterpieces of this earth. I wish to uplift every soul I may come in contact with. I wish to tell them every positive truth. I wish to assure them that things can and will get better. I wish to speak love into their hearts, minds and souls. I wish to tell them my story in hopes of showing them that they to can achieve anything they desire. I wish to tell them of the blessings that are in store for them. With my words I wish to uplift. ♥

Yesterday I announced that I would pick three people to receive a gift from me for answering the posted question and today I will announce the recipients. I allowed Princess Charlie to read the comments and select three that moved her most.

Congratulations To: Sarah, Joydiscovered & The Main Ladybug


I couldn't let anyone walk away empty handed. So, if the three selected recipients along with the following ladies could please email me their mailing address I'll start getting some loving gifts out to you all!!

More Congratulations To: Lawendula, Darsden, Caroline, Lauren, Xazmin, MOMSWEB, and Lily

Dreaming While Awake

photo by Mike Lockie

I visited Caroline@Whimsical Whispers yesterday and she had the above picture on her blog. After I left my comment I sat here and stared at this photo for an hour. The beauty of this photo engulfed me! I was listening to my music, so I sat back in my chair and closed my eyes. I envisioned myself walking down that lighted path until I came to a beautiful yellow house by the lake. The front porch was huge and had these big white rocking chairs on it. There were deer and bunnies running around. No one was at this house, but I never felt alone. I sat in a rocking chair, took a few deep breaths and started talking aloud. I was thanking God for what I was seeing and feeling. I felt so at peace and filled with happiness. I sat there for awhile in silence, but again I knew I was not alone.

When I opened my eyes my body felt so relaxed and my heart was full. I'm so grateful to Caroline for posting this photo. I'm grateful to Mike Lockie for creating such beauty and I'm grateful to God who met with me on a porch by the lake and listened to my grateful heart.

At the end of today I'd like to give a gift to three blessed people! Please tell me what feeling(s) does the photo above arise within you? I will announce the three selected comments within my next post!

Thank you to everyone who has listened to my show I Choose Bliss and left such beautiful, encouraging and inspiring words! You will never know what that has done for my heart and self-esteem. With my entire heart I thank you! If you'd like to listen to my very first podcast show you can do so by clicking the link to the right at the very top of my blog.


I Choose Bliss Podcast #1

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My Affirmations For 7/20/09

1. I am able to achieve any goal I set
2. Success surrounds me like a warm blanket
3. I am filled with positivity
4. I am a masterpiece of God
5. I am designed to uplift others
6. I am beautiful, confident & healthy
7. I am worthy of great things
8. I am beautiful both inside and outside
9. The Universe hears my call & God always answers
10. I am fearless

Due to a miss-communication with iTunes they listed the show as I Choose Bliss, which is fine by me. It is with great honor that I introduce you to the very first podcast show for I Choose Bliss! I hope you will listen and enjoy with great peace. I have tons of content ahead, which I pray will be helpful to many. I look forward to your feed back and ideas for future shows! This show is only 9 minutes long, so without further ado!

I Choose Bliss Podcast Show #1

15 Reasons To Be Happy

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Every morning I receive a message from Tut.com called "Notes From the Universe." Each day I feel as if the author is speaking directly to me.

Yesterday's message was this: Every single minute of every single day, they're there, Tabitha.

They may be hidden behind circumstances, people, or light poles. Challenges, closed doors, or lost keys. Camouflaged, dovetailed, or whispering. Purring, kissing, or hissing. But more often than not they're laying about in the open, under a clear blue sky, in plain view. Absolutely. Guaranteed. You'd throttle me otherwise.

10,000 reasons to be happy.

Jumanji, baby -
The Universe

Immediately I was inspired! I came up with my list of reasons to be happy, but there was no way I could do 10,000 in one day. So, I opted to go with

My 15 Reasons To Be Happy :

1. I am alive
2. I am loved by God
3. Sunshine
4. Rain
5. My daughter
6. My husband
7. Because peace was given to me
8. Hot chocolate on a cold day
9. Cold ice tea on a hot scorching night
10. Smiles from little children
11. An abundance of blessings
12. Talents given from above
13. Blooming Flowers
14. Beautiful art
15. My Health

The air date for the Project Uplift podcast show will air on July 20th, instead of Aug 1st as first stated! The response already is overwhelming, so I didn't want to make everyone wait that long. :)

New Venture in Making A Difference

A few months ago I held a telephone conference for "Project Uplift" and several lovely ladies called in to support me. Since then I've been trying to figure out exactly which road to take with this project. Hubby and I were discussing it and it suddenly made perfect since! Turn "Project Uplift" into a podcast venture!

What does that mean?
1. It means that I'll be producing a 15 to 20 minute show.
2. Within each show I'll be either interviewing others who are making a difference.
3. Giving tips on how to make a difference with your God given talent.
4. Reading inspirational stories or quotes from anyone who sends them in.
5. Highlighting a child or adult who's currently facing a life altering illness
6. Helping listeners choose their bliss via meditation and positive talk.
7. And many other great things to come!

If you have an inspirational story, poem or quote you'd like read within the show please email it to me with your first name and state to: ichoosebliss at gmail.com

The first show will be available on July 20, 2009!!!

I hope everyone will listen in!!

Embracing & Wishcasting

Today I Embrace:
-Peace & Mercy
-The Favor of My Father

"Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. It is not enough that a thing be possible for it to be believed."
- Voltaire

Every Wednesday a beautiful group of women get together with our wishstress Jamie Ridler and we cast out our wishes. Each week the beautiful women jump from blog to blog and encourage and reinforce each wish brought forth. This week along with the wish prompt by Jamie I'd like to bring forth three wishes that are very close to my heart. There are many who feel wishing is senseless, but to us and to many others wishing is a very real and very powerful action.

I Wish:

For everyday to be just as peaceful and love filled as the last.

For strength, clarity and wisdom to follow me wherever I go.

That my comfortable home always be filled with love, joy and endless possibilities.

This week Jamie asks - What do you wish to invite in?

I wish to invite in: sunlight into my home each and every day, peace within my soul, laughter to bounce off of the walls, calm to wrap itself around me, guidance as a mother and wife, the endless possibilities in which wishing may bring.

A New Day of Clarity

Image found via Google.com

I found the image above on Google yesterday and sat here marveling at it's beauty for awhile. Lately, I've been looking at things very differently. When I see a flower I now SEE the flower and all that it encompasses. When I hear music I HEAR the intricate details of every note playing. When I hear someone singing beautiful words I now FEEL the emotion that is put into each word. When I read a poem I know without a doubt that God is the true poet. There are so many facets of life and it amazes me how for many of them I was not fully awake. But, today is different and yesterday was different and I'm sure tomorrow will be different as well. Now I am fully awake and aware. I'm aware that many people are in need in this world. I'm aware that cancer is not just a word, but indeed a life altering disease. I'm also aware that WE were not created to live in fear, sorrow, self loathing, or hatred of anyone. These lessons clarify and guide me daily. Just as the flower above gave me sweet joy just at the sight of it WE should do the same for ourselves and for others as much as we humanly can.

Today I Am:
1. Abundantly Grateful
2. Awake
3. Filled With Deep Rooted Love
4. Joyful
5. Uplifted

Today I wish for you great health, an abundance of blessings & joy, and a deep rooted sense of peace.


21 Days of Simplicity - Day 21

In honor of my Grandmother. We blew bubbles up to Heaven in celebration.

Today I'm Grateful:
1. For this day with my family
2. That it wasn't too hot outside
3. For the love of my Grams
4. God's mercy and love
5. For the delicious meal we had together

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 20

Day 20: Simply Grateful

Thank you Father for the lessons I've been learning. Thank you for the balance between Father and Daughter. Thank you for bringing us closer to You each and every day. Thank you for Your love, mercy and unending patience.

Each Day Fill Me With: Your Love, Your Word, Your Passion, Your Compassion, Your Empathy, Your Joy, Your Peace, Your Grace, Your Wisdom and Your Confidence. -Thank You!

Today I Am Grateful:
1. That You are in control
2. That You are with me always
3. For every blessing bestowed upon us
4. That You are my provider
5. That I fear NOT, because You are True to your word
6. That my heart, mind and spirit are expanding
7. To Be Alive

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 19

Today I Am Grateful:
1. For a beautifully cooked meal last night
2. For every blessing that finds me
3. That I can see, hear, speak and feel
4. To be created in the image of The Father
5. For Hugs and Kisses (I truly do love getting them)
6. For the sense of humor Princess Charlie and my niece T have (Hilarious kids!)
7. For the beautiful nieces and nephews my sisters have given me
8. That they all see me as the COOL aunt :)
9. For the silence (To read my bible)
10. The MANY lessons I'm learning

This may sound crazy, but this year has been awesome! I know that may sound weird coming from me. Considering we've had SEVERAL deaths within our family since July 08. But, what I'm saying is with my Grandmother's death an awakening occurred within me. I would always say to her I needed just 1% of her strength and I'd be able to get through anything. With all of my heart I believe my Grandma gave me more than 1%. Her passing has taught me so much and with each passing since her I see life for what it truly is. Life is a gift. And like most gifts it's often taken for granted. I use to live this way, but within this past year alone I've learned the true meaning of the word appreciate.

I Appreciate:
*Each moment
*Every breath
*Every life
*The Sun
*The Moon
*The Stars

I didn't plan it this way, but on Sunday my 21 Days of Simplicity journey will come to a close. It will also be the one year mark of my Grandma's passing. In life she's given me so very much of herself, but it is in her death that she has given me the greatest gift of all - Peace and Strength. Doing this simplicity journey has revealed tons to me and I'm deeply grateful! This post is so not about death, but it IS about the beauty in my life and the person who literally changed my life for the better.

I LOVE You Grams!!

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 18

Today I'm Grateful:
1) For the clarity of past mistakes
2) For calm deep within my soul
3) For the word, which guides me through each day
4) For every single blessing bestowed upon me
5) For an open heart & mind
6) For the great taste of water
7) That even through hard times joy resides within us and our homes
8) For gut busting laughter
9) For the sweet scent of perfumes
10) Music

On yesterday I told you about a few things that I've learned to let go of in my new walk of life. Today I'd like to share with you a few things I've gained within this new walk and way of living.

Things I've Gained/Learned:
*A true sense of Peace
*A stronger and truer connection to God
*I am not in control
*I trust He who is in control
*Patience (I truly needed it)
*A soul deep kind of calm
*A stronger appreciation for the little things
*An even stronger connection to those in my life
*Being silent can be very helpful/healing
*This too shall pass (I now know this completely)
*Love of God, self and family is the only thing worth holding on to
*Appreciate every given moment
*Seek out like-minded people
*Simple living is freeing
*Be You (no matter the consequences)

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 17

Image Credit Via NOLA.com

Today I Am Grateful For:
1. The hugs and kisses of my babies (my daughter, my niece and my 2 nephews)
2. A fun day of swimming with them yesterday
3. Sounds of birds singing beautifully
4. The heat letting up just a bit
5. My life and all that it holds within it

Good Morning!

Another new day of living in simplicity and I must admit this journey has been the easiest I've ever embarked upon! I guess as you get older you do gain a little wisdom. For almost 2 years now I've been learning to let go of unnecessary emotions and fears. I've been learning to truly let go of those things I have no control over. I've also learned that there is very little that I am in control of, which at this point in my life is perfectly fine. When I was controlling things it lead to stress, anxiety attacks and even a heart attack at the tender age of 31. So, it's safe to say I was messing up big time.

I'm learning that to live in simplicity you must also hold great faith within your heart and soul. I am in no way saying I've mastered this, but I can honestly say He is bringing me closer to where I need to be. Over the past 2 years I've let go of many things that where/are harmful to my life and spiritual being. It is with love and deep confidence that I encourage you to do the same. It may be something big or small, but the size is not what matters most. What matters most is the negative effect it may have on your life. Let it go.

Things I've Let Go Of In The Past 2 Years:
1. Fear of dying or fearing the dead who go before me
2. Worrying - This can be more harmful than anything
3. Let go of things - Things are nice, but they don't bring true joy
4. The past - It's where it should be
5. Negative Self Talk
6. Caring what Others thought of me

The list goes on and on, but I don't want this to be longer than it is. :)
Tomorrow I will share with you a few things I've gained from living within my new walk. Simplicity and Faith have both played huge roles in the peace given life I live within today. I hope in some small way, by reading my words this will help someone who is tangled in a life of just existing. I pray that my journey may offer you a little insight into how you may live a life that YOU choose. Because, at the end of the day my friends it is YOU who can choose to live in peace, joy, simplicity and faith. Never allow your true destiny to slip out of your hands. We only get one shot at life on earth, so why not make it phenomenal?

Peace & Love To All

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 16

Photo by Tabitha@ichoosebliss.net

Today I Am Grateful For:
1. A beautiful night's rest
2. The comforts of home
3. That my home is a smoke free zone
4. For the fun I had with the kids last night
5. That my sinuses and bronchitis are getting better now that I'm Home

Day 16: A Celebration!

*NOTE* I am NOT sad over Corey's death. I am celebrating his life the way he would want me to. Please don't feel you have to leave words of sympathy. Please leave words of joy.

The three items in the photo above are just three of the Mardi Gras gifts I'll be giving away from my trip home to New Orleans next week! I came home a day early for two reasons. The first was my bronchitis acting up and being around those who smoke did me any good. The second reason was because hubby and I found out that our best friend, the guy who introduced us to one another passed away. At that point I needed to leave New Orleans, because all the news from there revolves around death and I just couldn't take it. I know that death is every where and it can and will hit any family, but within the past 4 years we've lost so much and so many due to one hurricane. Yes, a lot of the people we've lost passed due to the polution and aftermath of hurricane Katrina. But, she will not get the best of me! She will not steal my joy!

Today in all of my simplistic beauty I am celebrating the life of a young and beautiful soul named Corey P. Corey introduced me to my hubby. For years he had been saying I have the right person for you, but I wasn't ready. He never gave up, because he knew hubby and I were meant to be. Because of Corey I was married to my God Given Soul Mate. He was always there for us and we for him. I've already shedded my tears out of pain. Today I shed them out of joy. The joy and gratitude that 17 years ago God sent me an earth Angel in the form of a big brother/best friend. He will be missed, but NEVER forgotten! So, I lift my glass of Sunny D in honor and in memory of the sweetest guy on earth. Our newest Angel Corey P.

May Your Wings Comfort Me in My Times of Sorrow.

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 12 thru15

Mi Familia

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. A safe return home
2. A weekend filled with laughter & love
3. A home filled with beautiful kids (PC, one of my 4 nieces and two of my 3 nephews)
4. For each and everyone person who sent my aunt cards/gifts
5. That I got to sleep in my Grandma's bed

Hello Beautiful Friends!!

I am back home in Texas with three extra kids and I'm loving it! Going home to be with family was just what my soul needed. I was able to love on my nieces and nephews, my mom, my sisters, my cousins, aunts and uncles. They returned that love and it was refreshing!! My mom dotted over her oldest child and cooked me a delicious pot of shrimp stew. I walked into my Grandmother's room and saw all of the beautiful cards everyone sent to my aunt Diana! I cried tears of joy! She has them displayed beautifully on the three dressers in my Grandmother's room.

The entire weekend was filled with family, music, food, laughter and love. Thank you for the prayers for my baby sister. She is still having a hard time (as to be expected), but she will get through this. Your support is deeply appreciated!

Did I mention I am exhausted? I LOVE going home, but the 8 hour drive is hell on the body! But, it is never boring! While hubby drove, the kids and I sang every song on the radio and laughed until we all fell asleep.

I came home with a few awesome gifts from New Orleans and I'll be giving them away starting next week! I need time to recuperate first! For now I have four kids and a puppy son who require my attention at the moment. :) (Pictures to come this week)

I will be reading blogs and commenting this evening!
Love To Everyone!!

21 Days of Simplicity - Day 11

*NOTE* I received the following email and had to share this with you all!! I'm so Humbled and Grateful!!!


We just posted an article, “50 Best Blogs for Zen-Like Living." I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting. I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in this list.

Either way, thanks for your time!

Suzane Smith

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. My quiet time in the morning
2. The birds singing outside my window
3. Health, Love and Confidence
4. The love which engulfs my home
5. The opportunity to go visit my family

Day 11: Things I've Learned So Far:

1. Living in simplicity brings great joy
2. Holding on to things can be harmful (mentally and physically)
3. Living in the Now and embracing the simple joys revives my spirit
4. Living in simplicity increases my gratitude
5. Which in turn increases my blessings
6. This is the life for Me (Simplistic, yet fulfilling)

*ANOTHER NOTE* Because blogger has a glitch in post dating posts I will not be blogging for a few days. I will be visiting my family in New Orleans. If I can log on I will, but I mostly plan to be with my family this weekend.
I wish everyone a safe and fun filled weekend!!

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21 Days of Simplicity - Day 10 & Wishcasting

Image found via Google

Day 10: Finding Gratitude in The Simple Things

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. Laughing on the phone with my cousin until my head started hurting
2. The warmth of my sweet husband's hugs
3. The Eskimo kisses Princess Charlie gives me throughout the day
4. Every time my puppy son feels the need to snuggle me
5. The sweet smell of my green clover soy candle
6. Restful nights and energetic mornings (it's been far too long)
7. The uplifting words that dance across my screen each day
8. The smell of delicious food
9. The gift of hearing, sight, speech and touch
10. All the things and moments that remind me to be grateful

On Monday my two baby nieces loss their dad to a massive heart attack. My baby sister is devastated and I can't wait to get to her, so that I can hug her tightly. Even in this tragedy where tears found each of us we were still able to find peace in remembering how great a dad he was. He loved his babies and my sister's three older kids who were not his own. He treated them all like his kids and for that I am so deeply grateful.

I Believe:
1. That even through tragedy God is there
2. That having faith can bring many blessings
3. In His sweet peace
4. We should never take our loved ones for granted
5. Life is Too short (So take advantage of every given moment)

Added @ 11:17 AM
I SO forgot it was Wishcasting Wednesday!!
This week the lovely Jamie asks: What do you wish to nurture?
I wish to nurture my sister and her two baby girls who have just lost their daddy.
I wish to nurture peace, my heart, my mind and my body.
I wish to always be here to nurture my daughter.

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