Sunday's Prayer

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Psalm 122:4
Even in the darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.

I Love It When...

I Love It When...

Hubby snuggles his nose in my neck
He tells me how good I smell
My puppy son lays on my stomach and refuses to move
The zen music fills my bedroom and a sense of peace comes over me
The birds wake me gently every morning
Princess Charlie makes me laugh (uncontrollably and daily)
I receive beautiful email or packages in the mail
The sun shines on my face (it feels like a kiss from God)
The rain drenches me (its a cleansing feeling for me)
I hear children laughing and playing
I read my bible
I can't help but to notice the blessings surrounding me
I read uplifting words from the hearts of other bloggers
I lay down at night and realize the day was a success
Peace engulfs my heart and soul
A stranger smiles at me
A new day begins and I get to love these things all over again

I Have Something To Say To You All

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I awoke no more than 25 minutes ago to the birds chirping and singing. I still can't believe how I never noticed them before. But, at the same time I'm truly grateful to notice them now. These past few days have been truly a blessing for me. No big events happened. It was because of all of YOU. Your words wrapped around my heart and uplifted me in the sweetest way. I wasn't down or anything. I've actually been feeling at my best and within this week you all added to that. I've become friends with women I've never seen, but whom I deeply care for and whom I believe truly care for me. I've met women and men who share in my quest to be close to God. I never feel uncomfortable discussing this with them. I've met women and men who share my thirst for making a difference in this world. I no longer feel alone in this area of my quest! I feel loved and I pray with all of my heart that YOU feel loved in return. Thank You All for reading my words daily and gently reaching out to grab my heart when I put it out there. Thank you for allowing me to be ME. Thank you for NOT noticing my disability. That is a true compliment to me. And even if you do notice it I thank you for looking at me as a human being and not as a handicapped person. These past four years in my life have been a crazy ride. I've been on blogger for 7 months (with this blog) and you all have enriched my life ten fold. Thank You!

Today I'm Grateful:
1. For a wonderful night's sleep
2. For God's love & mercy
3. For Endless Possibilities
4. That I'm finding my way in life
5. For the words you all have left - They will forever be embedded within my heart!

Awesome Moments:
*Realizing I'm Alive
*Hearing The Birds Sing
*Going through This Day Knowing Great Things Are Ahead Of Me :)

Thankful Thursday

This Week I'm Grateful:

1. For the blessings and lessons that have entered into my heart this week
2. For the wonderful time spent with hubby and Princess Charlie. We've had some very loving conversations this week.
3. That the pain in my back has been removed and I've been able to exercise All week!
4. For every morning I've been awakened by the birds singing. This is indeed a sweet treat for me!
5. That our bills are paid and we are able to spread love to others who are battling life threatening diseases.

For those who are new to my blog I wanted to introduce to you my very fist blog and family mission called "A Fiveoh4 Uplifting." Together as a family we create goody bags for ill children in hospitals world wide. We also create these for children who are currently living in homeless shelters.

I also participate in a few fabulous programs like Make A Child Smile, Send Love Today, Chemo Angels and of course Spirit Jump. Each program allows you to send cards or small gifts to their cancer participants. I find great joy in doing this and feel DEEPLY grateful that I am able to with the help of my family, a few loyal supporters and most of all God.

Here's What I've Been Up To:

To Diana & Laura - Both Battling Cancer

To Diana & Laura

To four women who are not battling cancer, but are living with other serious health issues

To Joede, Annette, Esther and Christine

To Celina who's battling cancer

Uplifting spirits the best way I know how to.

Wishcasting Wednesday

This week our wishtress Jamie asks: What frivolous treat do you wish for?

I SO love going to Bath & Body Works. If I were granted a wish of one frivolous item it would be this "Japanese Cherry Blossom." Every time I take a bath with their items I feel so sexy and of course clean. :)
I'm not into diamonds or huge material things. Nope! A sweet set of smell goods from B&BW and my day would be brighter than a star.


To join in just visit Jamie@Starshyne Productions!

A Potty Mouth Confesses

The food you put into your mouth doesn't make you unclean and unfit to worship God. The bad words that come out of your mouth are what make you unclean. -Matthew 15:11

This post is in NO WAY written to judge anyone. It is about ME and holding myself accountable for my actions.

I read this yesterday morning and immediately called my baby sister. I come from a loving family. We are there for one another in many ways, but we are indeed a family of potty mouths. Yes. We Cuss like it's nobody's business! Since I've been on this journey of getting closer to God I've been battling my mouth. I know I shouldn't cuss around my kid, but I have and I will have to answer for that. I tell her daily don't do as I do (concerning the cussing). As I said earlier I've been trying so very hard to be mindful of my words.

After reading this verse something clicked within me. Of course verse 19 goes on to say the things which shouldn't come from my lips, but in my case cussing is the Big picture. Reading that verse made me feel as if I was caught red handed doing a bad thing. I want to please my Father and I want to set a better example for my child. I don't want a potty mouth. Never did, but it is a learned behavior. A learned behavior that can only be removed by Him. So, after talking to my sister I asked God to remove this behavior from my life. I do not wish to be unclean within His eyes or anyone who knows and loves me. I can not grow and hold on to bad behaviors. I believe this behavior will be removed and I will be so grateful and joyful for it!

I'm Grateful For:
*A Good Night's Sleep
*His Love & Mercy
*The Wisdom & Strength To Acknowledge My Mistakes
*A Beautiful Day Ahead Of Me

Peace Within Silence

For the past few weeks while hubby is at work and my princess is in school I elect to turn off the television and music and just be in silence. At first it was hard, but now I find sheer peace in doing this. I read my bible, meditate, plan my meal for the following day and read many inspiring blogs. It is in these moments that I truly get to know myself. Journaling has always been a great source of comfort for me, so I love doing this within my time of silence. I can be brutally honest with my mind clear.

3 Beautiful Things:

1. Today was an absolutely breath taking day
2. The beautiful birds singing outside of my window
3. Talking to my family (in New Orleans) and feeling fulfilled when we hang up

What thoughts come to mind when you're in Your silence?

Sunday's Prayer

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I pray that God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give peace, love and faith to every follower! May God be kind to everyone who keeps on loving our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 6:23-24

Shedding Much More Than Weight

Hubby and I have finally started to take major steps to shed a few pounds,
but what I'm learning is we are both shedding much more than weight. For
the past few years I've been on this spiritual journey and in doing this I've noticed
that I'm shedding many of the things that held me down in the past (fear, stress, impatience).
Everyday since we've been together I've told hubby how sexy is he and now I see that
he truly feels it. We have both shed that nasty fear and we've kicked stress to the curb.
We are no longer boggled down with the technicalities of "things." Simplification has
walked into our lives and we are better for it.

Things that use to haunt hubby from his childhood are now distant memories. He's shed doubt
of himself and has gained a strong sense of self-esteem. He now loves himself as God loves him
and for me that is the greatest gift of all!

And the weight issue? Hubby has lost a whopping 10 pounds and I've lost 7! To many that
may not be much, but to us it's Ginormous!

We are losing weight along with all the negative emotions that once ruled us
and we're gaining a strong sense of self worth, love, peace, simplicity and spirituality.

That my friends is what I call...A True Blessing. :)

May your weekend be a safe and joyful one!


Give It Away Friday!!

Last night a BRILLIANT idea came to mind!! There's a Fabulous program called Spirit Jump which I am indeed a loyal participant and fan of. Spirit Jump matches you with an adult or kid who's currently fighting Cancer. You can send your match a card or small gift however often you can afford.

My challenge to my readers? The first 5 people who contact Spirit jump ( and agree to send a card to a cancer patient in need will receive a fabulous gift from Me in return!! You must of course show proof that you've sent your card. You can do this by simply taking a picture and sending it to me via email.

It is SO true that if you Give you will Receive!!!

Now it is NO SECRET that I am an Avon fanatic. I love LOVE their products! It's also no secret I'm a HUGE Dove and Caress buyer. Almost every visit to Wal-Mart results in my grabbing at least 3-4 sample bottles of either. But, the biggest NON-SECRET about me is I LOVE and LIVE to make others smile!

If you are one of the 5 people to contact Stacy and Meaghan to become a spirit jumper I will send you a very special Thank You Gift!!

Gift You May Receive:
Dove Bath Gel
Caress Bath Gel
Bath Caviar
Bath Salt
Avon Lip Balm
Avon Lotion or Bath Gel
1.5 oz Scented Soy Candle

This is giveaway Friday with a twist!! I LOVE giving things away, so please join me and be the first 5 to make my day!!! Let Stacy and Meaghan know that you want to Spirit Jump a very deserving person!

Contact Stacy Or Meaghan

Serenity Devotional

The Lord gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm
Isaiah 26:3

This picture creates such peace within me when I see it. I can picture myself on the swing at sunrise thanking God for a new day. Listing the things I'm truly grateful for in my journal. I have been learning to accept that I deserve to have "Me Time." In this time I pray, journal, listen to music and connect with the Me within.

Serenity: Marked by or suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose or quietude.

This is what I aim for daily and with each new day am noticing that it's becoming strongly prominent in my daily way of living. I find my peace in a little corner in my room (that I love). I find myself more relaxed and connected with the universe, my family and my spiritual being. I love writing what makes me happy. It's the little things that make my soul dance. ☺

I Reflect On The Little Things

Sunshine on my face
I awake each day to life
Grateful For Blessings

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your joy and mercy. I thank you for the little things that bring sweet peace to my spirit. I am grateful for every blessing you provide. As you bless me I ask that you guide me, so that I may bless others in your Holy name.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today I'm Grateful For: A new day, Possibilities, Friendships, Wishes coming true, The power in wishing, My sisters in the Wish casting community, My devoted readers, Life and Love.

This week our lovely Jamie @ Starshyne Productions asks:
What is your highest self wishing for?
What's rumbling in your soul?

What is your highest self wishing for?
My highest self is wishing to be closer to the Father. I am striving to live a life of complete peace. I wish for true patience. I wish to be comfy in my skin and embrace my future years. I wish for my every word, thought and action towards others be filled with kindness and love. This is the path my highest self wishes to be on.

What's rumbling in your soul?
Spreading joy to everyone around the world. Although I know I can not do this on my own I do know that with everyone coming together it can be done. Also, I'm truly joyful about going to school to become a "Spiritual Life Coach" starting in June! This will be a dream come true in so many ways!

Things I Know For Sure:
Wish casting Wednesday Rocks!
The ladies who participate are amazing!
I find great peace in being apart of this.
I'm blessed beyond my wildest imagination


*The first two lovelies who'll receive a gift from me are Genie Sea and Old Dame Penniwig!"

For a few years now I've heard Joyce Meyer say, "if you feel convicted." I never truly knew what it meant, because I hadn't experienced it yet. Remember I said yet, but I absolutely know what it means to feel convicted now. What I mean is although I've always been a compassionate person there was a time I was lost. I didn't understand that I was not in control and because of this I said some hurtful things to those in my past. People who I knew were just passing through, so I honestly thought it didn't matter. I said "I Love You" when I knew I truly did not feel this way, but they did. This is how they became hurt by me. Another thing is I had a very very bad potty mouth. I grew up in a family of cussers and so I learned that behavior. It's been a struggle, but there has been great changes. Everyday is a struggle and a clean canvas to do the right thing for me.

My weight issue is another thing I've felt convicted about, because NOW I know that this is something I must do. Not only for my health, but because this body is a gift and He lives within me. Because I believe He lives within me so strongly every part of me wants and needs to Clean House. I'm more aware of what He wants from me and for me, so it has been very easy to get up and exercise. I'm very proud of this! The gym was not designed for the disabled, so I have to be very creative. No Problemo! I've been exercising for 15 minutes daily and watching my portions. I am NOT forbidding myself the things I love, but I am removing somethings that I just know will never help me reach my goal (like sodas). Moderation is key!

I've also realized that for a time I was lying to myself. I would say "I am beautiful" or "I love me," but I wasn't truly feeling this. Realization #1: I must love me as God loves me, because He does not make mistakes. Realization #2: I was created by Him, therefore I am His masterpiece. I am just as He intended me to be. But, in saying this we must not use this as an excuse to abuse our bodies by neglecting it (gaining or losing too much weight). Everyday there's a new lesson. Everyday there's a chance to get it right. Everyday there's an opportunity to see our mistakes and change them. Everyday there's forgiveness from the things that may make us feel convicted.


The Softer Side of Life & A Surprise

*Important Notice to anyone who leaves a comment today*
At the end of today I am going to select (2) people to receive a
Personalized Copy of my To Do List & 10 Commandments. I will announce the names of the selected people tomorrow. I will be doing this EVERY Monday until December 2009!! Some winners will receive a copy of one of my poems designed especially for them! This is my way of thanking you all for being a reader/follower of my blog!

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The Softer Side Of Life

Cotton candy kisses
Dancing in the rain
Holding hands with your loved one
Getting on the floor and playing with your kids
Chocolate cake
Taking deep breaths
Being aware of our surroundings
Embracing nature
Trying to eat ice cream before it drips down your hand
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
Laughing until your bladder gives way
Receiving an unexpected smile or compliment
Drinking hot cocoa on a blistering cold day
Drinking fresh lemonade on a scorching hot day
Loving who you truly are
Being encouraged & Encouraging others
Letting go of the past and feeling relaxed afterward
Hearing the laughter of children playing
Holding a newborn baby
Creating any kind of art
Reading an excellent book
Drinking a hot cup of tea at sunrise
Lighting a scented candle and sitting in silence
Giving thanks

These things make me smile. These are the things that fill a life with sheer joy. I encourage anyone reading this to find Your softer side of life and fully enjoy. It's the little things that bring light to the very big things. Nurture the little things each chance you get. Try not to rush through life. Take little steps. This way you'll never miss anything. Don't just exist.
Fully live and love The Softer Side Of Your Life.

Words Of Wisdom

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Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.
Mother Teresa

Weekend Wishes

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See if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.
Malachi 3:10

Morning Sounds:
The birds outside my window
PC calling for the pup to eat
The ceiling fan
Happiness within my home

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. We receive them daily. I have learned that it is so important to bless others as we've been blessed. So, this morning I said a prayer and asked The Father to guide everyone of you through your weekend with peace and joy. I asked him to remove every fear, every worry and every doubt from within you.

I wish for you:

Peace within your soul
A weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation
Great music to move your body to
Scented candles and chocolates
Blooming flowers to please your eyes
To be present in the moments of each day
Laughter (gut busting laughter)
Hugs and kisses from your loved ones
Endless possibilities
Freedom from financial issues
Blessings galore

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Being Interviewed By Jaime (meme)

I have the honor of being apart of this fabulous interview meme! The fabulous Jamie sent me 5 questions and before I answer them I'll lay down the rules and an invitation to anyone who wishes to participate.

* leave me a comment with your email address saying: “interview me”
* I will e-mail you five questions of my choice
* you can then answer the questions on your blog {with a link back to my blog}
* you should also post these rules, along with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you, wanting to be interviewed
* anyone who asks to be interviewed should be sent 5 questions to answer on their blog
* it would be nice if the questions were individualized for each blogger

Here are Jamie's Questions and My Answers:

1. What are your 3 best qualities? I'd have to say my compassion for others, my thrive to learn, and my dedication.

2. If you were going to plan a play date for yourself, what would it be like? Anything goes. I would start with a very long bubble bath with scented candles lit everywhere. Then I'd go get myself a FULL body massage. Followed by a delicious lunch at Chilli's, then I'd be swooped onto a jet that would take me to Ireland. I'd shop a bit, see the sites and head home. (Well, you did say Anything goes) LOL

3. What nourishes you? First and foremost reading God's words. The fabulous spiritual conversations I hold with my daughter (she's highly intelligent). Creating goody bags for the children in hospitals. Each time I do this I feel as if I've been given new breath.

4. What do you want less of in your life? Negativity!!!! I have been mostly successful, but there are a still few people who are stuck in "whoa is me" mode. Once I can distance myself from them the operation will be called a complete success! :)

5. What do you want to celebrate today? Life. Every day that I awake I first thank God, then I dance! It's my way of celebrating the day ahead. It's also a fabulous mood stimulator. :)

This Was Fun!! Thank You Jamie!!!

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How do you love someone who's wronged you?

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Let Love be your only debt! If you love others, you have done all that the Law demands.
Romans 13:8 CEV

So, how do you love someone who's wronged you? This was my dilemma for many years and I truly didn't see a way around it until now. I am learning that anger and content will hold you down like an anchor. Where love will send you soaring like a bird. I'd rather fly than sink any day, so I decided to love my foes regardless. I could give you a sheet of paper filled with names of those who have hurt my heart, but I can just as easily give you a novel of names of those I love and truly know that I am loved in return.

My Grandmother use to say "give them to God" and I'd do that, but not truly. I still allowed their action to create great anger and hurt within me. I'd lose sleep, would eat less and at one point in my life had a heart attack. That was my breaking point. That was the moment I thought to myself "are you crazy girl?" "Are you willing to die behind someone's bull crap?" The answer was a resounding Hell No! I was no longer willing to allow anger and hurt to rule my way of living. I decided to kill them with kindness and I have to tell you it has worked like a charm!

My only sin (if love was a sin) would indeed be Love. I love all of God's children. Even those who don't always do right by me. I love them the most, because they are the ones who are damaged. I love them as Jesus loves me - Unconditionally. So, how do you in fact love someone who's wronged you? You give them to God and love them the best you can. In loving them you will feel freedom. Freedom from pain and anger. You will notice as you go through your days that you are no longer sinking, but you are indeed soaring. :)

Be Blessed♥

Wishcasting Wednesday

The question this week by our beautiful goddess Jamie@Starshyne Productions is:
Who do you wish to connect to?

I wish to connect with every being I come in contact with, but most of all I wish to connect to my mom in a way we've never connected before. There hasn't been deep bonding in the sense of what mother and daughter should be for awhile. We communicate WAY MORE now, but I'd love for us to Truly connect.
Mentally and Spiritually.

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. His love and mercy
2. Laughter w/Princess Charlie
3. Peace & Calm
4. Inspiration
5. Endless Possibilities

Tell All Tuesday

I created a new journal for myself. I went to Kinkos last night to get it coil binded. It's 200 lined pages
and each page is titled Butterflies & Bliss. What do you think?

*Morning Thoughts*
1. Thankful for a new day
2. I feel DEEPLY Loved
3. I'm Inspired
4. God is Amazing!

1. Today you can read my *Daily Devotion* being posted at Devotional Daze. Please go over and show support to this extremely uplifting blog. :)
2. Yesterday I received a fabulously beautiful gift from Dar @ Ramblings About Why!! She sent Princess Charlie a gift, 2 wonderful magnets for me and two containers filled with delicious home made cookies!! I can NOT fully convey my gratitude to Dar. She truly uplifted me and made me feel SO loved!
3. I also received a Gorgeous butterfly magnet and sweet card from Yaya @ Yaya Stuff! I LOVE that Yaya thought of me and sent such positive vibes my way!! Thank You!!
4. I entered into a contest over at Kind Notes and was one of the winners!! They will use one of my positive messages in their notes!!
5. God blessed us in an abundant way. This allowed me to do a few things within our home that needed attention. We were able to fill our freezers and cupboards completely! We are SO truly grateful!

I Wish You All Peace, Love & Blessings

Giveaway Winner & Monday Blessings

It's time to announce the winner of the Bath & Book Giveaway!!
I used to help in selecting the winner.

Number 15 is: Mom2boys!!
Congratulations To you!!

Mother's Day ROCKED!! Hubby and Princess Charlie are the bomb! I woke up to hot banana pancakes made by PC. Afterward we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart where I bought myself a blender. For lunch hubby created a grilled chicken and shrimp salad with lobster cakes on the side. PC made banana and strawberry smoothies to drink. They were yummy!! For dinner hubby cooked stuffed bell peppers with dirty rice and blackened crab meat .

And what did I do?

Absolutely NADA!! I was ordered to take a long refreshing bath, then I was to sit back and be served. How about that?? It was amazing!!! I felt like a true Queen. I watched television and laughed with my baby girl. PC's best friend for the past three years spent Saturday with us. Her and her mom gave me two Fabulous candles (I Adore Candles), a great smelling lotion and body spray. PC gave me the new Dove bath gels with the matching body sprays. Can you say Heaven!!?

This entire weekend was filled with joy and great memories. :) I can honestly say I SO enjoyed myself!

Mother's Day Was Amazing!!

Morning Thoughts:
1. Grateful for another day
2. Yesterday Rules!!
3. PC and Hubby are Amazing!

Father, I thank you for the blessing of becoming a mother. Thank you for guiding me along my path. Please give me the wisdom and strength to guide my baby girl along the path you have chosen for her. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. I'm honored in your faith in me. ♥

That Gooey Feeling♥

Kind words are like honey - they cheer you up and make you feel strong.
-Proverbs 16:24

Every time I read a comment on my blog or I receive a compliment from hubby or Princess Charlie I float. Hearing kind words are truly the greatest way one can be uplifted. I get all gooey inside when my daughter tells me "Mommy You Rock!" I smile the biggest grin I can when one of my nieces or nephews call just to say "I Love you." To further illustrate how my emotions run every morning I receive an uplifting email from I become so filled with joy that I often cry out of sheer delight.

Kind words are like an aphrodisiac! They can change a person's mood instantly. A lovely compliment can create the biggest smile upon someone's face. I make it a point to uplift those I come in contact with even if it is just a smile given. As you go through your day make a conscious effort to give someone that gooey feeling. Smile at a stranger sincerely, because you never know what the impact may bring.

If kind words are like honey I want to dive in and never leave that sweet world.

Have A Blessed Weekend!!

Early Morning Thinking

Everyone who knows me knows that I am never up before 7am, but for some reason I awoke at 5am and actually felt refreshed. Admittedly for the past two nights I have made it my priority to be sleep no later than 10pm. For me this is major, because I'm a known insomniac. I will lay and think of a million things I either need to do or want to do. Depriving myself of sleep and nighttime relaxation. Being up at 5 is awesome, because I was able to talk with The Father in pure quiet. I didn't have to wait until everyone left as I normally do. This moved my spirit in a beautiful way! I would never lie and say this will be my normal routine, but I would definitely love to do this at least once a week. Who knows if I keep up my bedtime schedule this may very well become my new morning schedule. I would not be mad at that. :-)

Morning Sounds:
Hubby Snoring
Ceiling Fan (it soothes me)
Birds Chirping

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. A new day
2. subtle lessons
3. Humility
4. My daughter & Hubby
5. Music
6. Peace Within
7. The LOVE & MERCY of God
8. The path God has placed me on
9. Simplicity

Things I Know For Sure:
1. God's Love is REAL
2. I'm His daughter
3. Life is Awesome!
4. I'm successful (without a huge home, fancy cars and loads of money)
5. I create my happiness...No One Else
6. Luck has NOTHING to do with my success
7. Being Blessed has EVERYTHING to do with my success
8. Being a mother was meant for me ☺
9. Living a simple life is phenomenal
10. To Receive Love You Have to Give Love

I Pray That Your Day Is Filled With Great Peace ♥
I'm Off To Read Many Uplifting Blogs!!

Hugs To All!

Thankful Thursday

This is Thankful Thursday, so bare with me because I have to thank a few people I am grateful for today. :-)

First up is the lovely Molly who included me on a cute meme called 8 things! I'm thankful Molly is a loyal reader of my blog and ALWAYS leaves the sweetest comments. They truly make my heart smile!

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. Visiting New Orleans
2. My sister's home cooking
3. Having my nieces and nephews visit me this summer
4. Finishing the writing of my daily devotional
5. Seeing Joyce Meyer in June!
6. Doing many kind acts with the kids this summer
7. Mother's Day
8. Watching Princess Charlie attend High School in Aug (time flies!!)

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Praised God for his divine favor
2. Talked on the phone with my cousin and laughed
3. Talked to my niece Nadia and laughed (she's hilarious!)
4. Read 1 Peter
5. Put together Goody Mail for a few sweet kids
6. Laughed at Reba (tv show)
7. Wrestled with Princess Charlie and my puppy son
8. Read many uplifting blogs

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Ride a bike
2. Visit Ireland
3. Sew (I'd love to make baby blankets)
4. Talk to my Grandma and have her reply
5. Sing like Rascal Flatts (they make me swoon!)
6. Dance with my Grandpa to a Rascal Flatts song
7. Feed the hungry everywhere
8. Travel to hospitals across the world personally handing out our goody bags

8 Shows I watch on t.v.
1. Ghost Whisper
2. Ghost Hunters
3. Numbers
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Bones
6. House
7. Flaspoint
8. Iron Chef America

A heartfelt Thank You goes to Sema who has blessed me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!! I am humbly grateful dear friend. :)

I was blessed with a lovely award from the wonderful Jan Lundy as well!! I Thank You with my whole heart!

I'm Thankful for every reader who graces my blog. Your words uplift me, but your presence moves me deeply. Knowing you are here drives me to give the best of me. On this day and every day that follows I am thankful for you all.

Wednesday Wishes

The lovely Jamie is taking a brief break this week, and has given Genie the go ahead to lead us this week. Genie's question is: What do you wish to find on your doorstep?

I wish to find strength, patience and oodles of unconditional love wrapped in a beautiful silver box and tied with a lovely yellow ribbon.

What Do You Wish For Today?

Positive Feelings:

Car Update: Our car did not have to go to the shop after all, so God has TRULY blessed us! He blesses us every day, but yesterday he deeply shined his favor upon us. :)

A Blessing On Tuesday

Morning Thoughts:
*I'm so grateful
*I love the quiet within my home
*God is Good
*It's Beautiful Outside

The Blessing: A few weeks ago I told you guys how we found out the Stat of Louisiana owed hubby over $700 bucks. They stated to us it would take 60 days before he would receive said check. Last night our three year old vehicle decided it would not shift into gear for hubby to get home. After he called and told me I prayed. I told God we don't have the money to have the car repaired, so I needed him to step in.

Princess Charlie went to retrieve our mail from the mailbox and OMG the check from the State was here!!!

He knew this would happen and orchestrated everything in His time. Each day I learn a new lesson. In the past this would have sent me into full panic mode, but today I can honestly give it to God and Believe He won't let me fall.

This morning our vehicle is being towed to the dealership and hopefully the problem is minor and the $700 will cover it. I'm believing it will!

Today I'm Grateful:
*For a new day
*God's blessings
*Our Health
*Peace of mind
*Unconditional Love and Mercy

*UPDATED@11:21 AM*
Once the tow guy arrived he noticed our car was parked on a downward slope, so he shook the front of the car, hubby got in, started it and IT SHIFTED INTO GEAR!!! He said it did that because of how it was parked.

I'm SO Over The Top Filled With Joy!!!

Hannah Montana Made Me Cry!!

As most of you know I live in a home with a teenager by the name of Princess Charlie. She indeed has her own qualities, but there is no denying we are more alike than I care to admit. Before I go any further I must confess that I am a cartoon watching mama. I love ALL things Disney. So, now that I got that out the way I can explain how the cute Hannah Montana made me cry. ☺

Hubby and I took PC to see the Hannah Montana movie yesterday and to my surprise this movie was (so totally awesome as PC puts it)! It hit me in the heart at the right moments and made me LOL at others. But, the creme de la creme was the ending when she sang "The Climb." So many parents were in this theater singing the correct words with tears in their eyes. Okay, I was one of them but that is so not the point.

My princess grabbed my hand and my heart melted as we sang together. We were bonding via Hannah/Miley and I have to admit that very moment was the best part of my entire day!

Before the movie we hit up Borders Book Store (My Fav Place on Sundays)! We are Huge Joel Osteen fans, so we browsed and found an awesome daily devotional book written by the inspirational Joel.

When we returned home PC and I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Every week we swear we won't watch it, because we cry every...single...week. Well, this week was no different. We cried and laughed at one another for never sticking to our word. Then we watched Bride Wars (On Demand) and laughed our heads off. It was a very cool movie! All in all Sunday was a totally awesome day!

Movie Tickets: $21
Trip To Borders: $24
Crawfish to Go: $12
Bonding With My Baby On A Beautiful Sunday: Priceless

Give It Away Now

This Contest Is Now Closed.
Thanks to all who entered!!

The blogosphere is an awesome place to be! So many wonderful opportunities to meet other great bloggers while trying to win a few goodies at the same time. Mom Most Traveled is hosting her very own Give It Away Now Carnival and I decided to participate!

What Am I Giving Away? The lovely book and bath set below + a special added surprise!

ENDS: 5/8

Open To: Residents of U.S. and Canada

To Enter: Leave a comment stating you would like to win.
To Receive Additional Entries: (Make a new comment post for each additional entry.)

1. Follow my blog (if you already follow me just state that in your original comment)
2. Grab my button and post it on your blog
(You may do any one or all if you choose)

Please do NOT just put a generic comment like "I want to Win". Those will not be accepted.
Please make sure that you leave a valid email address.
I will randomly select the winner on Monday, April 11, 2009 and I will notify them via email.
The winner must claim prize within 48 hours.

Sacred Sunday

The clear water jar was filled and the water represented God's love. As I knelled a beautiful man surrounded by a beautiful light knelled beside me. He gently placed his hand upon the back of my neck and motioned for me to rest my head back upon his hand. He then began to pour the water from the clear jar upon my head. With each pour I felt lighter. It was as if he were washing away any and all pain, anger, self-doubt or sins. The water caressed my head as if it were hugging me. Total silence surrounded us along with complete peace.

When I opened my eyes from this beautiful and blessed dream I did indeed feel lighter. I feel I can go through this day in Peace and not worry about one single thing. I often had a bad habit of wanting to fix everyone. I was being led down this great spiritual path so I felt everyone needed to go with me. It is my path to walk alone and I totally get that. I will, however, meet many along this path who I will not have to ask to join me, because they are already on it. This concept fills me with the greatest of joy and ease.

May your Sunday be filled with peace, laughter, smiles, success, positivity and most of all - Love

Successful Saturday

Last night was such a beautiful experience for me! To speak with such wonderful people truly made my heart smile. I'm truly and deeply grateful to everyone who called in!

The winner from the conference was a young lady named Jill, but she didn't tell me here blog address or her email. So, I hope she reads this over the weekend and contacts me!!

The winner of my 200th post giveaway is Paula@Welcoming Spirit!!

For those who were not able to attend last night's conference I'd like for you to have the opportunity to hear what was discussed last night. You can listen to the actual conference!

Listen To Project Uplift Conference Here

Anyone with questions or ideas for Project Uplift please feel free to contact me via email and we will gladly work with you!

Again, thank you to everyone who called in!! I look forward to working with you to make a difference in the lives of those who need us!

This Is The Day!

Today is the day for "Project Uplift"! I look forward to coming together tonight with so many great people and begin to make a difference. Anyone interested in attending via phone conferencing please use the information below! :)
7 PM Central Standard Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4800
Access Code: 1007590#

On today I celebrate my 200th post!! And how do you celebrate your 200th post? Well, if you're me you have a giveaway (I'd do it anyway)!! I am actually giving away 2 gifts and there are 2 ways you can win.
1. Leave a comment - Winner will be announced Saturday Morning
2. The first person who calls in tonight will receive the 2nd gift :)

Brandi @ Life Is Art interviewed me!! You can read it Here.

Darlene @ Your Blooming interviewed me last week for her podcast show and that's available Here!

I want to thank every single one of you for your support and friendships! Thank you for reading and feeling my words!

I'm so nervous about tonight, but I am also filled with Great Hope!

Peace & Blessings To All

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