Uplifting With Luvmail

Blessings Lovelies, I pray you are all having a beautiful Monday. Our Family Mission is all about Spreading Love to all who wants it. Our goal is to not just say we Love God's Children, but to SHOW that we do. We Are Looking To Uplift YOU! (Please Spread The Word!)

We Send Luvmail (A Card & Small Gift) in USA to Kids (Ages 3-12) & (A Card & Friendship Bracelet) to Teens:
1. Living w/Health Challenges (Physical, Chronic, or Mental)
2. Siblings of Sick Kids
3. Kids who's Parent are living w/Health Challenges (Physical, Chronic, or Mental)
4. Kids who's families are in Financial Hardship.

We also send Notes/Cards of Love to Adults in need of Uplifting!

Tabitha & Jodie
FB: God's Luvmail Mission

Cooking With Love

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know that I LOVE to cook for my family.  Lately, I've been cooking for just hubby and I.  Princess Charlie is now 18 and working, so she gets off kind of late.  I truly love cooking for my husband, because he appreciates "whatever" I prepare.  That excites me!  Here's what I've recently prepared!

Veggie Pizza (made with Tortilla)

Pizza Quesadilla

Italian Sausage & Peppers Sandwich

An Active God!

Our God is NOT just sitting down watching things happen to us.  He is a Very ACTIVE God!  He shields You from Harm.  He pulls you out of Bad situations & Places you into Good ones.  He snatches us from the Bottom and pulls us to the Top.  He Speaks Blessings & Favor into our lives Daily.  He speaks to our hearts during prayer.  He providing for our EVERY Need.  He is Extremely Active in Our Lives!


Changes...100 Days

I believe in honesty. Especially, being honest with myself. I run from relationships. Not that I don't love the people or person. I feared getting hurt (I've had my FULL share). I noticed three years ago I started withdrawing from people. I don't want to live this way! God has things for me to do and I can't do them if I'm hiding from the world. I promised this would be the year I change this. So, for 100 days straight I will be doing whatever it takes to change this. I'm going to start by reaching out to those I pulled away from. I'll also be removing those who have proven they don't belong in my life. 

In 100 days I'm also choosing to trust God.  When it comes to my daughter's safety I find this hard.  I want to protect her at all cost, but I can't.  God Can.  I have to trust Him.  No matter what my head says I'm choosing to trust God.

Here I Go!!!

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