21 Days of Simplicity - Day 9

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Today I Am Grateful For:
1. God
2. Dreams
3. Ambition
4. Guidance
5. Patience

Day 9: Dreams Do Come True

It doesn't matter what age you were when you started dreaming. Whether you were 3 or 30 makes no difference at all. What matters is you believe in your dream whole heartedly. What matters is you take action to achieve your dream. These two things together are a recipe for a successful dream coming true.

When I was little I wanted to be a teacher, then a psychologist, then I wanted to help the world. I did not become a teacher through schooling, but I did as a mother, aunt and big sister. The psychology part I achieved, but found my heart floating towards something greater. I wanted to help the world and nothing could put out that fire.

Today, my dream is unfolding right before my very eyes! Our family ran mission continues to grow with each new day. I am now in school to become a Spiritual Life Coach. Many comments and emails leave my heart jumping for joy, because the people who are writing them say that my words help them. through my blogging and journaling I find a DEEP peace and each new day I see my dream coming to life like a beautiful flower coming into bloom.

Dreams Do Come True...You Just Have To Believe♥


  1. That is soooo cool! Where are you going to school? Can't wait to follow you on your journey! Congratulations!

  2. God Bless You Tabby!!! You are so right Dreams Do Come True...Just Believe...I know I do!

    Love you :)

  3. An Imperfect Perfection: I am attending Trinity University :)

  4. Lisa: I love you to my sweet friend!!

  5. see..doing the I told you so dance..LOL I told you ...you were an inspiration to many..

    when are ya'll leaving :-))

  6. A beautiful post and I too am grateful for Patience.

  7. Izzy 'N Emmy: Thank you so much!

    Dar: We leave friday. Yay! Did you get my email w/my cell #?

  8. Holding on to dreams...letting go of the ones that no longer "fit" and changing our dreams as we change our lives...where would we be if we had no dreams?

  9. Gosh Tabby, Trinity is such a great school! You are really going to get a fabulous and thorough grounding there and that is helpful in achieving dreams!

  10. Oh, Tabitha! I love this. It is always so refreshing to come here and visit!

  11. Very inspirational post. I didn't realize you had to go to school to be a spiritual coach. Do they offer these classes online?

  12. Sherry Lee: Thank you so much for visiting today! We'd be very lost without our dreams :)

    Lily: Thanks!

    Old Dame Penniwig: Hi Penni!! I'm so excited to be a student there!! They are fabulous there!

    Life with Kaishon: Awww Thank you!!!!

    Dreamwriter: Thank you! Yes to receive certification you must take courses. There are many other schools that offer this course via internet. However, the school I'm attending is not.

  13. This is so wonderful to read!! Nothing makes me happier than hearing about dreams coming true...gives me such hope! Congrats to you...keep climbing :)

  14. Tabitha,
    And I am so happy your dreams are coming true. I am so interested in your schooling to be a spiritual life coach. I am a trained (and certified) spiritual director. Though I prefer the term mentor. :-) I'd love to know more about your program. E me? You know my private e-mail. Hugs!

  15. What a beautiful blog you have. I love your quotes on the side.
    I came over from Spirit Jumpers.

  16. I'm proud of you for acting on your dreams.

  17. They most certainly do come true. Beautiful post, Tabitha!



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