Gratitude - Days 28, 29 & 30

Unconditional Love...

Until 4 years ago I had no true concept of what that truly meant.  I mean I love my daughter unconditionally, but it wasn't until we got our fur baby "Pooh" that I truly GOT IT.  Dogs and cats show their love through their actions and through their eyes.  When we have to leave home my fur baby is devastated and it breaks my heart.  But, when we return he sniffs hubby and princess Charlie.  The magic happens when he sees me.  his beautiful brown eyes light up and his tail goes bananas with wagging and he jumps on me as if he just found the greatest treat in the world.

When we are cuddling the love he has for me shoots from him and goes straight to my heart.  I truly can say I have never been loved this way.  Besides the sacrifice and love Jesus displayed for us I'd have to say Pooh is second on my list for those I know will love me no matter what.  I think God created their spirits to match His very own.  Wow! Just typing that sentence made me love my Pooh even more!

I'm grateful...

-that God is the creator of ALL things
-that He sent Pooh into my life
-Pooh is protective of me
-he loves to cuddle and give kisses every single day
-he makes me feel loved
-Pooh has taught me what loyalty is

Have a blessed day everyone!!

Gratitude - Day 26&27

I believe...

*that we are being guided to become the people He designed us to be
*RA is leaving my mom's body
*in the magic of Christmas

Today I'm grateful:

*that I have someone I can talk to any time of the day
*for every new lesson I've learned this week
*for the healing and restoration that's taking place all over the world
*that the countdown to Christmas has begun :)
*for every breath I take
*princess charlie has such a brilliant brain in her head - she had 7 A's on her report card!

Gratitude - Day 25

Father Please,

-Guide me to be MORE like you and LESS like me
-Help me to know when an unanswered prayer is best for me
-quiet my mind so that I can fully hear you
-let my words be of comfort to those who need it

Today I'm grateful...

*I have a brand new pillow
*God and Jesus love me
*I am inside while the vultures are outside (literally)
*Christmas shopping is done - simplicity is truly best for my life
*for grits with cheese

Gratitude - Day 24

The truth about who YOU are:

Through Christ you are:

-a masterpiece   -loved   -blessed   -beautiful   -handsome   -victorious
-strong and wise

In today's society we are quick to give ourselves negative labels.  I'm learning the importance of waking up every day and speaking positive labels into my life.  Joel Osteen teaches that if you constantly call yourself fat, then you are attracting that to your life.  I want to attract everything positive my way and I want the same for you.  When you wake up each day either to yourself or out loud declare positive labels upon your life and tuck them away deep in your heart, so you'll begin to believe them.

Today I am grateful...

-tomorrow you will wake up and change the way you see yourself
-that you are a child of God and NO ONE can take that away from you
-your negative labels are being weakened by the transformation of your mind
-joy is spreading through you as you see yourself in the correct light

Gratitude - Day 23

*The truth about who I am*

I am...

-beautiful   -wise   -being renewed   -talented   -healthy   -strong   -faithful
-a masterpiece   -a child of God   -vibrant   -a healthy eater   -confident
-strong minded   -a student   -a teacher   -comfortable in my skin   -valuable   -priceless   -worthy

Today I am grateful:

-for the birds I hear singing
-I get to be Charlie's mom
-I get to be A's wife and best friend
-our cabinets are filled with food
-God gave me a passion for cooking
-I get to praise God daily
-I get to pray and He listens

Gratitude - Day 22

Being in the NOW: Daily we wake up with an abundance of opportunities and choices.  In many people's lives we wake up and become so boggled down with to do lists and every day struggles that we simply miss out on the now.  We literally miss out on the very present moment we are in.  I'm extremely guilty of doing this in the past, but for the past 3 years I have been more intentional with being present.  I do this by simply slowing down.  I have come to learn that it is truly okay to say "I'm sorry, I can not do this today."  Or simply say NO.  I've also learned that the world will not fall apart if I decide to check out and check in with myself and God.  Spending quiet time with God gives me balance and great peace.  If I don't silence my surroundings every now and then how will I ever be able to hear god when he whispers in my life?  When people are speaking to me I make it my business to be fully present.  When I am doing the speaking I am fully aware of every word and tone I allow to pass my lips.  When I feel I am not doing this I silence myself.  I literally do not speak for 24 hours.  Doing this helps me center myself again.  Life is truly flying by for each and every one of us and it would be a true tragedy if we get to the end and realize we've missed 75% of it all.  A true tragedy indeed and I for one refuse to let this happen in my life.

Tell me friends...How do you keep yourself PRESENT?

Today I'm grateful...

*we had a beautiful walk yesterday in our neighborhood
*I could purchase learning blocks for my great nephew
*for the lessons I am learning by watching Oprah's Lifeclass
*for the lessons I am learning from my theology class (mind blowing!)
*for growth and awareness

Gratitude - Day 21

“I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.”” Psalm 40:8 NIV

Today I'm Grateful...

-For a home filled with love and joy
-That we are healthy
-That my husband is a kind and giving man
-For yummy food and clean water to drink
-We are finally having cooler weather
-13 days of Halloween has begun (:
-For the internet - I have learned lots from the internet and have met many god filled beings through the net

I wish you all a beautiful, peaceful and joy-filled weekend!!

Gratitude - Day 20

14 years ago I was introduced to my hubby A.  He knew right then we'd be married, but I thought I'd never go that way again.  When I met him my daughter and I barely had food in our home.  He'd only known us for three weeks, but took it upon himself to go grocery shopping on our behalf.  He filled our freezer with meat and our cabinets with veggies, rice, cereal and whatever we needed.  I was blown away and saw him in a completely new light.

We've been through so much within these 14 years (mostly our own fault), but we've never wanted to be without the other.  To me that speaks volumes on God's grace and mercy.  He was ministering to our hearts even when we couldn't or wouldn't hear Him.  I'm truly grateful He saw what we couldn't see.  God knew we would both grow into two beings who would love unconditionally and together would serve Him in any way possible.

Today I am grateful...

-that God blessed me with an earth angel
-my hubby works and never complains
-A delights in providing for his family
-A's heart is a mirror of Jesus' heart
-A truly loves me
-he became the dad my J truly deserved
-he's a forgiving and compassionate man
-he's forever mine

Gratitude - Day 19

 Life is short, and we have but little time to gladden the hearts of those who travel this way with us. Oh, be swift to love. Make haste to be kind. –Henri Frederic Amiel

When I was born my right leg was deformed, so at the tender age of nine months old it was amputated.  I grew up with what is called a stump (top part of my leg).  When I was 20 years old I broke my stump in a truly freak accident.  The doctors were afraid the bone would not heal properly and I'd end up confined to a wheelchair the rest of my life.

I am from a huge family of Catholic faith believers.  Every day of my life I watched my mom and grandma walk through their homes blessing it with Holy Water.  If someone was ill or in pain your head or point of pain was anointed with anointing oil.  When I broke my stump and thought I'd never walk again my mom anointed my stump and then prayed her belief that God would heal me.  Two weeks later doctors were baffled to see that my bone had healed back as if it had NEVER been broke!

That is when I to began to believe in the power of anointing oil.  Today I now know that in Jesus' time anointing oil was used rather often.  It's not so much anymore that I believe the anointing oil healed me, but my mother's faith.  I still use anointing oil to this day, but I know it is through my faith that I am being healed or blessed.  I believe my Father can do ANYTHING.  Although I do not deserve it I know he delights in answering our prayers.  Even if we are using a vessel that brings us comfort such as anointing oil.

Today I am grateful...

-my mother and grandma displayed such faith in their lives
-Our Lord delights in healing and blessing us
-my faith grows stronger and stronger with each new day
-I was healed and walked again

Gratitude - Day 18

Faith...Do you have any?  Is it abundant within you? 
Some days I feel as if my faith is never ending.  On other days I feel like a coward hiding from the boogie man.  I want to stand up to him and shout "Back off buddy!"  I want to confess God's words out loud and tell him to take a flying leap, but I don't always live up to it.  I'm learning that although I am often weak - my Father is the STRONGEST being in the universe and no one can defeat Him.  The enemy won't always have the power he has now.  One day with my very own eyes I will witness his demise and what a glorious day that will be!!  For now I will continue to build my courage and most of all my faith.

many blessings...

We have an All Powerful God
He is King of Kings
He can achieve anything
With him in my life I have nothing to fear - this is sinking in day by day

Gratitude - Day 17

In 2007 God caught my attention by getting me to watch Joel Osteen on television.  Watching Joel lead to watching Joyce Meyer.  Watching them both lead me to reading the bible in 2008.  Since then I've been introduced to some of the most God filled women in the blogosphere and it has enriched my life for the better.

many blessings...

Joel Osteen - if you ever want to watch their church services live I encourage you to do so any Sunday by going to their website.

Joyce Meyer - her straight in your face ways has helped me strengthen and renew my way of thinking and living.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Gratitude - Day 16

Facts you Don't Have To Know, but I Want You To Know..

1. I'm so in love with Jesus..I read the book of John once a month just to read Jesus' words all over.

2. My dad was addicted to heroin most of my life, so we didn't meet until I was 21.  We are indeed best friends today.

3. When I was 14 we found out I had 2 nasty ulcers in my belly.  That was an awful year.

4. Many doubted I could ever have a child and they didn't believe I could raise one.  At the age of 23 God showed them all how small minded they were.  Today my princess is 16, healthy, beautiful and indeed one of the greatest gifts from God.

5. I LOVE coffee, but it doesn't really love me back.  Terrible headaches arrive if I drink more than one day in a row.

6. It was because I read Caroline's blog that I decided to create my own blog 3 years ago this month.  She was so inspiring!

7. I know how to make myself fake belch.  It's gross, but I get a kick out of making my princess go "eww!"

8. I love HARD.  It has been described as truly intense.

9. I struggle with food.  I love it!  Point. blank.

10. My upstairs neighbor's son is on drugs and although I pray for him he works my very last nerve.  That makes me sad.

many blessings...

stars in the sky
Shirley Temple movies
followed by Jerry Lewis movies
popcorn and butter
vitamin D (it's an amazing vitamin to add)

Gratitude - Day 15

My many blessings...

delicious weight watchers chocolate treats...Yummy!
opportunities to encourage
every day I get to tell someone God loves them
gala apples with caramel dip...Heaven!!
Being loved in spite of my faults
Sending Luvmail to several deserving kiddos

Memorizing Bible Verses: Psalm 91:4 CEV

4He will spread his wings
   over you
   and keep you secure.
   His faithfulness is like
   a shield or a city wall.

Gratitude - Day 14

My many blessings...

Morning hugs and smiles from my princess
friends who laugh with me
asthma/bronchitis  free days
panic attack free days
a lovely cup of tea

Today I feel...

Beautiful      Excited
Blessed        Loved
Grateful       Inspired

Gratitude - Day 13

In my commitment to seek God daily I've noticed an ugly trend building.  For the past three days I have been severely distracted.  Every time I go to read my bible or listen to Beth Moore I could not focus.  I could not receive the message!  Yesterday, I cried out to God.  I knew exactly who it was, but I didn't know how to stop it.  This morning that was made perfectly clear when I went to my email and read a devotional that stated "when satan tries to block you - DO IT anyway."  "Blast your praise music, read out loud from your bible or call out to God and rebuke his antics."

So, today even if I feel my mind wandering I will start over.  I will NOT give up and allow him to defeat me!!

My many blessings...

sharing waffles with nutella with my princess
cloudy days - I LOVE watching clouds go by (:
fish fillets and roasted potatoes

I love...

my princess
my nieces and nephews
Father, Son and Holy Spirit 

Gratitude - Day 12

My many blessings...

God's sacrifice
wonderful bible study books
another quiet morning
husband's sweet interest in my education

Today I feel...

Blessed -- Grateful -- Content

Gratitude - Day 11

Psalm 23

A Psalm of David.
 1 The LORD is my shepherd;
         I shall not want.
 2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
         He leads me beside the still waters.
 3 He restores my soul;
         He leads me in the paths of righteousness
         For His name’s sake.
 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
         I will fear no evil;
         For You are with me;
         Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
         You anoint my head with oil;
         My cup runs over.
 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
         All the days of my life;
         And I will dwell in the house of the LORD

I didn't truly read the bible until 2008, but I knew this beautiful psalm in song form.  It has always been a source of joy and peace for me.  I am currently feasting on these verses.  Saving them with my mind and hiding them within my heart.  I believe these words and I love that we have a Father who promises that His goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives.

My many blessings...

--I own a bible I can relate to
--God fills me with his wisdom and understanding
--family who loves me unconditionally
--knowing great blessings are ahead of me

Gratitude - Day 10

Today I am...

- loved
- anointed
- following
- letting go
- listening
-at peace
- believing
- faithful
- trusting my Father

My many blessings...

*laughing my butt off with princess Charlie
*eating yummy nutello on a waffle
*listening to the rain hit my window
*paid bills
*Order bible study books for school
*knowing I am fully guided by God

Gratitude - Day 9

I'm thankful..

for friends who share the same faith
I have professors who see my hunger for the knowledge of Christ
for silence - although sometimes it can be unsettling to me
I get tons of smiles from my friend Angie
the vultures are no longer in our neighborhood (I was too afraid)
summer is fading away (sorry I prefer fall/winter and spring)

Gratitude - Day 8

I'm thankful for..

a daughter who supports me to kingdom come
the way she makes me laugh
the talent to cook
the trees (I'm a HUGE fan)
singing birds at my window
soothing tea
peanut m&m's

Gratitude - Day 7

Today I am grateful...

for a husband that gets me
bills are paid
we have the blessing of putting food in our home
sweet conversations with my two baby nieces
for inspiring books to read
for inspiring blog writers (there are so many)
the sweet rain that fell today

Memorizing Scripture

I am currently a student in bible college and we are learning to memorize bible verses.  I actually started learning this technique from the blog world a year ago, but school has taken it to a beautiful new level.
I want to share my very first verse I'm learning on this new and exciting journey!

Psalm 91:2  Then you will say to the LORD, "You are my fortress, my place of safety; you are my God,
and I trust you."

I'm Grateful:

*For the opportunity to study God's word
*I have strawberry waffles
*For my new cpap mask
*The sun is shining
*We are having such cool evenings

31 Days of Gratitude - Day 1

Photo taken by hubby

In the month of October I'll be posting on gratitude.  I LOVE writing gratitude lists!  It makes my heart sing.  Feel free to join in if you like!

Today I'm Grateful...

--For yummy candy - dark chocolate
--I have a foot massager
--For the kindness of my friend Monica

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