Today I am...

honoring God ~ excited ~ joyful ~ peaceful ~ loved ~ loving ~ grateful ~ wiser ~ healthy ~ following my Father ~ listening & learning ~ blessed & a blessing to others.

Today I am grateful...

-That God loves me
-He wants me
-For my beautiful child and loving husband
-For the love I receive daily from my puppy son
-That I can hear, see, speak & read
-That I have a bible and understand it
-For a good night's sleep
-That bills were paid
-For my home and everything within it
-That I only depend on my Father's strength and knowledge
-That I am being saved daily

Seeking Something More

Give me that joy I can't explain
Add extra peace that'll ease my pain
I want that love that'll never change
Give me that, Give me that
--Kirk Franklin

I first heard this song as these lyrics a month ago.  Now every morning when I awake I blast it and smile.  I'm learning that with God joy is present "whenever" I want it to be.  I do not have to seek it or hope for it.  I just have to know and believe that this is so. 

I am no longer looking to those in my life or to things for joy.  I now know that everyday what I need to be happy is right within me.  I "choose" to be joyful and I simply am.  I'm seeking something more than joy these days.  I need my daily existence to be deeper than just being happy.  I'm seeking my heavenly Father.  I'm seeking to be more like him.  I can never be perfect as He IS, but I can strive to get as close as he'll possibly allow me to.

For so many years I've made decisions based off of fear and even ignorance at times.  Lately I've been stepping out on TRUE faith and trusting God with the things I am dealing with.  I want to lose weight, but not to look good for others.  I want to be healthier so that someday (if God permits) I'll be here to help raise my grand-kids.
I struggle with the weight-loss thing often, but what I now know is I can't do it on my own.  I know that He can and all I have to do is submit and allow Him to guide me.  I'm doing just that.

"Gimme that power to walk away
When another god wants to take Your place
As much of You as I can take
Give me that, Give me that"

What are you seeking these days?

It's early morning and I have much to be grateful for.  This life has been a HUGE roller-coaster ride, but I can thankfully say I've never fallen off.  Don't get me wrong, I've slipped a trillion times, but God's grace never allowed me to completely lose my grip.  For that I will forever be grateful.

Today i am...

Stronger - wiser - anointed - loved - forgiven - uplifted - faith filled - a warrior - blessed - grateful - beautiful - at peace.

I am happy because:

*God loves this sinner
*I am being divinely guided
*my daughter is becoming the most beautiful being I've ever met
*through all the muck (with God) my true love and I have pushed forward with ease
*I am alive
*we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and love in our hearts
*my puppy son loves me unconditionally..I truly FEEL his love
*Through Christ, God is saving me
*I have such sweet and kind blog readers/friends - Thank You!

Naturally Me

When I was born I had light brown curly hair and for whatever reason (at 5 years old) my mom permed my hair.  I went through my life depending on this chemical to make me look pretty.  How crazy is that?  In may of 2010, while in the mirror I decided to shave all of my hair off and go back to being natural.  I LOVED it!!  I had never felt so free in all of my life!  I received so many compliments and I actually loved who I saw in the mirror.

It's been a little over a year now and my hair has grown bunches, but I truly prefer a shorter cut on me.  So, last weekend I had it cut again(see pic below) and let me tell you.  I have found true joy in just being me.  I no longer look at my hair and think it has to be the way society (African American community) says it should look.  I feel beautiful both inside and out.  This is the hair God gave me and this is the hair I will rock until He calls me home.

Being 100% me is liberating and I pray that anyone living their lives trying to be who others want them to be will stop and embrace who you TRULY are.  At the end of the day YOU have to love YOU. And the ONLY person you should live to please is God The Father.  Just my little opinion.

There is Great Beauty in Gratitude

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I'm Grateful...

-That I have God in my life
-For a good night's sleep
-We grow each day
-For grace in brokenness
-That when I'm weak I can find strength in Him

Today God is Making Me...

*Stronger in my faith     *Anointed     *Wise & Peaceful     *A believer     *A courageous child of God     *In the image of His Son     *A testimony   


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Hello Dear Friends, I'm truly sorry for my disappearance.  Life and God has a way of bringing us back to center.  I have been re-centering myself A LOT lately.  Not on my own of course.  My Heavenly Father has been HUGE in this process.  I have been walking this spiritual journey since my grandma passed in 2008.  But, very recently God shook me to my CORE and made a serious request.  With love He asked me to walk in COMPLETE Faith.  He asked me to surrender and fully TRUST him.  This is SCARY, but I knew I HAD to do this.  I knew doing this would be a true healing and HUGE awakening.

Since taking my leap the "enemy" has been hounding me 24/7.  He's relentless and determined to get me to second guess my decision, but I WON'T.  I can't my friends.  Doing so would mean I have NO FAITH in my God and to be perfectly honest...The devil is a liar!!!

I am abundantly grateful for this opportunity and hope to share much more with you all more often.  Life has taken me on some WILD rides and I'm more than sure this is just the beginning.  I have so much more to learn and I'm ready.  I need this!  I want this.  Once again, through my brokenness God has sprinkled his grace and is restoring and re-booting me from within.

How are you my lovelies?

Power Thought

Power Thought of The Day:
I will NOT live a fearful and timid life for God has placed a spirit within me filled with power, love and self-discipline.

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