Only Believe

Be Kind

Good Morning Beautiful Beings!! As You go Through Your Day Today I Ask One Thing Of You...Please Be Kind. There Are Millions of Hurting Beings & A Simple Smile or Word of Kindness Can Make A HUGE Difference in Their Lives. God Loves You & So Do I! 
Please SHARE That Love With Someone Else. 

To All The Hot Chocolate Lovers

My daughter is a die hard coffee lover where I am an EXTREME Hot Chocolate Lover.  I like Coffee occasionally, but hot chocolate is a MUST HAVE 365 days of the year.  But this year something WONDERFUL happened.  The thought popped in my head to try a little flavored creamer in my Swiss Miss.  The first one I tried was Peppermint Mocha and it was Fatal Attraction.  Okay, maybe it wasn't fatal attraction, but it most certainly was Love.  Secondly, I tried Caramel and knew that this combination (Chocolate + Creamer) was meant to be.  Tonight I tried Pumpkin Spice and let me tell you...It was DIVINE!

So, this is to all my hot chocolate lovers. Instead of purchasing those EXPENSIVE and SEASONAL only hot chocolates get you some Nestle or Swiss Miss AND a bottle of flavored creamer and Fall in Love!  It only takes a splash and you will never look back. :)


You Are...

You Are Loved. You Are Wanted. You Are Treasured. You Are Victorious. You Are Blessed. You Are MORE than ENOUGH!

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YOU Are NOT A Label

Regardless to if a person is:
Missing limbs
Is confined to a wheelchair or bed
Is deaf, blind or mute
Has autism or any type of mental disability (hate that word)
Is over weight
Lives in excruciating pain
Homeless or Jobless

NONE of this defines WHO we are! We are Masterful creations of the Most High God! Loved Abundantly. We are not what you SEE. We are what you FEEL when you take the time to get to know us! We are not a LABEL! We are Extraordinary beings living extraordinary circumstances. AND might I add we do it with CLASS & DIGNITY!!!


No matter where you are in life.  No matter how you look.  No matter your race, gender or beliefs.  YOU...ARE...LOVED
U are NOT Invisible...God sees U.  U are NOT alone...God is with U.  U are NOT worthless...God says U are Priceless.  Begin to know who U are through HIS Eyes ONLY!  Have A Very Blessed Day!

Introducing Our NEWEST Additions!

We Are Proud to Introduce Our NEWEST Additions!!
We Send Luvmail (A Card & Small Gift) to:
1. Kids in USA (Ages 1-16) living w/Health Challenges either (Physical, Chronic, Mental)
2. Siblings of Sick Kids
3. Kids who's Parent are living w/Health Challenges either (Physical, Chronic, Mental)
4. Kids who's families are in Financial Hardship.

We also send Notes of Love to Adults in need of Uplifting!  You can find us on Facebook - God's Luvmail Mission

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