I Feel A Giveaway Coming Over Me!!!

Today I'm Grateful For:

1. A Beautiful Sunshine
2. Loving Time In Prayer
3. A Great Convo With My Oldest Niece
4. The Contents Of My Bedroom
5. All Of The Sweet Things My Aunt Is Receiving From You All

Hello beautiful people!
The mood has hit me again. The giving mood that is!
Today 3 wonderful people will each win a bottle of Dove Body Spray!
All you have to do is answer the following Question:

What Simple Things Bring You Joy?

A Few Of Mine: Children's Laughter, Sunshine, Rain Falling Upon Me, Hot Chocolate, Thoughts Of My Grandma, Hugs From PC, Laughing Until I'm Sleepy, Spending Time With My Nieces and Nephews, The smell of a Lilly and Carnations, Watching Christmas Cartoons.

I could go on, but its your turn!! :)


  1. Hey Tabitha! I did a post about this back in March. Here's what I said then, and it's still true today:

    spontaneous laughter
    loud drums on Sunday morning
    sweet fellowship around the dinner table
    baked salmon
    praying together
    living truthfully
    deep, uninterrupted sleep
    peaceful rejuvenation
    sweet dreams
    holding hands with my husband
    a well nourished soul
    long, silent pauses in the middle of a prayer
    breathing deeply
    children blowing bubbles
    homemade pound cake
    digital cameras
    this moment

    Be blessed today!

  2. Here's a few of mine: Carlys laugh, her smile, her just being her. My 3 kids all laughing together, Sunny days, Rainy days, Friends, Family...Oh, I think I could go on for days!

  3. The birds outside my window doing REAL tweets - the rain nourishing my garden - I could go on and on but the present moment tells me I have great joy finding your blog! Great joy and energy here, so I will follow happily!

  4. Finding things we're grateful for is always so uplifting...so, I will gladly join in...

    a few things that I'm grateful for and that make me smile are...

    family time, giggles, quiet time in prayer, my drive time where I can be refreshed w/ some praise and worship in my car, Starbucks ☺, warm summer days, friends, snail mail, a thoughtful phone call, flowers, great bloggy friends

    Hope you have a great day!

  5. Ah, Tabitha, the simple things

    --a good hot cup of tea with a friend
    --the sound of my granddaughters laughing
    --bird song
    --the smell and sight of roses
    --waking to the smile of my beloved
    --holding hands
    --hearing from an old friend after a long absence
    --reading old letters
    --homemade soup on a cold day
    --your marvelous blog!

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Easy question Tabitha.

    My grandson's smile when he see's me

    My daugther 6 1/2 month baby bump

    My doggy Chico so excited to see me when I get home from work

    A glance at my sisters, right before we bust out laughing

    My husband's snoring lol

    The site of my home when I get off work

    A breeze

    My nephews or nieces when they call me for a favor

    My nephew Stephen who lives in Michigan texts to tell me hi

    My mom calling me and asking if I am mad at her because I didn't call her that day. lol


    Those are what bring me Joy!

  7. What simple things bring me joy?

    My children having conversations w/ each other!!

  8. Hmmm. This is a nice thought and a great post. I find great joy in:

    snuggles from my dumplins
    the dumplins big belly laughs
    sweet kisses
    my husband's hugs
    a call from my Dad
    Italian Sweet cream coffee creamer
    holding hands
    a cool crisp morning
    mail from a friend

    Man...the list could go on and on...



  9. laughing with my husband
    going on Harley rides with my husband
    my children
    my daughters's innocence
    diet coke
    the scent of Lily of the Valley
    feeling the fingerprint of my sister Angie
    finding my ancestors
    talking with vetrans
    being around individuals with Down syndrome
    old westerns


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