Day 28: Acts Of Love in 28 Days - Completed

First Thought: I'm So Grateful & There's NO Need To Ever Worry

First Sound: Birds singing outside my window

Song Playing: 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley (This Song Uplifts My Heart)

The 28th day of my Acts of Love has come and in every way it has filled each day with Joy. This is how I live my life every day though. I don't write these posts or do these deeds for recognition. I write them to show how GOD works through me. EVERYTHING I DO - EVERYTHING is all based on HIM. I have SO MUCH to be Grateful for in my life. I was never suppose to walk (I DID for 35 yrs AND I Will Again), I was never suppose to have a child, I was never suppose to drive a car or cook or even be successful in ANY way for that matter. But, God and my family had FAITH in Me. They all knew my heart and personality would not allow me to give up. The Father has a job for me to fulfill and I'm Humbly doing just that. Because of my Gratitude and the Abundance of Love that flows through me my acts are my way of Thanking God.

This Blog Is NOT About Me
as much as it IS About

He uses me to spread LOVE and Joy
I share that with YOU
AND the Bonus For Me Is
I have a Beautiful Family Who Has Joined In
and I've Built and Will Build Loving Friendships
with Many Who Believe In The Power Of Spreading

My Act of Love Toward Myself:

-Today I will allow Peace to surround me.
-I will dance around my room in my chair and think of nothing negative.
-I will light my candle and celebrate "the moment"

I'm shedding Love on Maithri @ The Soaring Impulse. Maithri is a young doctor in Australia with a heart as wide as Texas. Maithri will soon be traveling to Swaziland, South Africa to nurture the people whom live there. He's a Giver and a Doer. A compassionate being who truly wants to make a difference in this world. There is no secret as to why I find myself connected to my dear friend Maithri. He's a spiritual being on a human journey and I Admire and Respect him deeply.

Maithri, I Crown You

King For A Day

Day 27

The Dark:
Once again our lovely Postal Service will be increasing the shipping fees this year. I know normally I post kind and caring words, but I am Totally UPSET about this! We use the postal system OFTEN (like twice a week) for sending out our goody bags and uplifting mail. We struggle with the fees as they are now AND to add insult to injury they are increasing fees on May 11th. It breaks my heart when people want to do good and are bombarded with opposition.

The Light:
I Believe. I KNOW God will make a way. This will not STOP us in any way!

*Thank you for allowing me to vent*

With All Of My Heart,

Day 26: Send Love Today

Last year I signed up for another organization, which is very similar to Make A Child Smile, but they cater to children and adults with brain tumors. They are called Send Love Today and their goal is to get uplifting cards to the children and adults who are currently living with Brain Tumors.

This organization was started by two sisters after one of the founders Linda Thomas' husband Stacy lost his battle to brain cancer in 2004. Throughout his illness, Sandi and other family members sent cards to Stacy as a form of love and encouragement. Stacy began to look forward to receiving these cards, and they became the bright spots in his otherwise pain-filled life. When Stacy passed away, it became extremely important to Linda to make something positive come out of this tragedy. Thus, Linda and Sandi developed the idea for Send Love Today, which is a volunteer-based program meant to bring some amount of joy to brain tumor patients in the form of homemade cards and small gifts.

This month my daughter and I have adopted three beautiful girls and one female adult ALL living with some form of brain tumor. For the adult I'm sending her a card with an introduction letter. I'm sending these to the girls:

I'm shinning LOVE on Kacey @ Chronicles of a Mommy. This woman has a HUGE heart! She cares about others and sincerely wants to make a difference. At a time when the majority of the world is using the economy as a reason not to help others Kacey is doing the complete opposite. She recently ordered inscribed pencils and spin tops to go within our goody bags for us! Because of her sweet heart, passion for helping others and authenticity I present Kacey with this bouquet of flowers. ☺

Kacey, YOU ROCK and I'm so grateful that we were placed on one another's path!!!!

Day 25: Goodies, Chocolates & Lilly

Last year we started sending goody bags to Community Children's Shelter in Oklahoma. Today they only have four homeless children within their facility as opposed to 35 last May. I sat down and put these goody pouches together for the four loving kids who are currently residing there.

These are the items I placed within the goody pouches.

Act Of Love Toward Self:
I exercised for 11.5 minutes (dancing)
I have one of my Fav scented candles lit - Pear Sorbetto

I'm spreading love to Lilly @ Lilly's Life. If you have NEVER visited Lilly's blog you are SO Missing Out. She's Hilarious! I visit Lilly everyday and NEVER do I walk away without feeling "lighter" from laughter. She has a beautiful gift of making others smile and laugh, so please do yourself a favor and hop over and visit Lilly.

Lilly, please accept this box of chocolates as my heartfelt Thank You. Today I wish for you an abundance of Joy and great health.

Day 24: Floating High - Starting A Day Early

This morning I decided to do some meditation to one of the beautiful songs on a CD I own called "T'ai Chi." The song is called "Three Treasures" and I adore it! So, while this song played I visualized myself floating in the sky. I wore pink sweat pants and a pink shirt (I love pink). As I floated above in a bubble (best way to describe it). Just as balloons float up this is how I was, but along the way I floated over beautiful trees such as these.

I then found myself floating over a HUGE field of sunflowers. With each gust of gentle wind I twirled and smiled to myself. This visualization lasted 8 minutes and 59 seconds! Sheer Joy and Bliss is what I felt afterward! There was no one there but God and I. He was in the wind, the trees and the sunflowers and I felt LOVED. Unconditionally loved in ever way imaginable.

That was my Act of Love for myself today. In meditating and intentionally allowing myself to be there I was blessed. For that I am Grateful and Joyful. :)

Today I Bestow Love Upon Caroline @ The Zen In You. This was one of the first bloggers who welcomed me and she has always been there to encourage and uplift me. Her daily posts create a smile upon my face each day. So, to Caroline I say these words: This To Shall Pass. I read your post and I want you to know the answers you seek are coming dear friend. *Warmest Hugs To You*

I Also Bestow Love Upon Genie Sea @ Reality Insanity . Everyday Genie fills my spirit with Peace. Her words wash over me like a gentle rain. My message to Genie is simple, yet pure. Thank You! Thank you for every kind word you've uttered to me. Thank you for uplifting me each day. Thank you for being YOU!

To Caroline & Genie Sea

Day 23: The Little Things

It's simply AMAZING how I've been finding great JOY in the smallest of things! With each new day I am seeing a newer ME and I like her. Not that I don't like the me of last week, but the me of this week is much calmer, and has more patience. Having a better handle on my patience is a serious thing to me. I have taken part is some crazy debates ALL BECAUSE my patience for ignorance was at Zero. Now, I just laugh at the ignorance being spoken and pray that one day the person will see Truth.

My little one is not feeling so hot today, so she is home from school. In a way I'm glad she's here, because I adore her company, but I hate that she has to be sick. She'll be 14 in April and the time is going SO Fast! Next thing you know she'll be going off to college and then you'll need a tranquilizer gun to calm my butt down. LOL

*Hubby and I had been discussing my 28 Acts of Love this month and he asked why don't I do this for myself. I do for myself, but I'd rather do for others. After battling with him and my stubborn ways we made a compromise. For the next 40 days (Starting Wednesday - lent) I'm going to perform an act of love for myself AND individually for each of you. Each day I will leave some words of Love and Encouragement (specifically) for one or two of you beautiful people. I'll also notify you by commenting on your blog. So, here's to Love!!*

I'm Finding Great Joy In The Little Things:

1. Verizon Wireless has added a top ten feature to their plans. Say it with me...Cha Ching!!!
2. I have NOT had night sweats in two nights!!! Go Estroven!! (its a menopause thing..LOL)
3. The birds chirping outside my window - NOW
4. Music
5. Reading my Devotionals Hubs got me on VDay (They Uplift Me So)
6. Jasper and his crazy shenanigans (Our puppy son)
7. Drinking from my pretty glass I got from Wal-Mart
8. Laughing - Especially at my princess and HER crazy shenanigans
9. The fact that I don't desire soda
10. The delicious dinners I prepared this weekend and hearing Hubs say "I bow to you oh great Iron Chef." - Can you see me smiling from where you are?
11. Performing Acts of Love and having blog friends join in! Yay!

Today I Feel: Joyful, Loved, Blessed, Guided, Grateful, Peaceful, Healthy and Inspired.

My Act of Love:
I'm going to treat myself to a LONG, candlelit bubble bath.


Day 22: Giving Love To Our Soldiers

I watched "Taking Chance" last night on HBO starring Kevin Bacon. From the beginning my heart was FULL. Its about fallen soldier Lance Corporal Chance Phelps who's body was escorted home by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl, USMC (played by Bacon) and the out pour of love and respect Chance receives on his journey home to his family to be laid to rest.

Watching this movie made me think of my cousin Gerald and his wife April who are in Iraq as I write this. This is there second tour and will be coming home very soon. I thought about the MANY other soldiers who have gone to Heaven and the soldiers who are still there. These people are brave, strong and should be honored in every way possible.

This movie MOVED me. It sent me into action!

My Act of Love Today: In honor of Lance Corporal Chance Phelps I adopted a Marine troop via Any Soldier. I will write to them once a week and will send a care package once a month. I will do my best to let them know that I am Deeply Grateful.

Peace & Uplifting,

*Update* 1st Letter has been mailed off along with a few uplifting cards. :)

Day 21: Paying It Forward

I have a BEAUTIFUL friend named Sandra Kay from Germany. She's an author and children advocate. She posted this on Myspace and my heart told me this would be the perfect community to turn to. Sandra has been a HUGE supporter of my family's mission and she is by far one of the truest women I know. PLEASE take a moment and read her words and if your heart leads you to PLEASE sign her petition for Congenital Heart Defect Media Awareness. *Thank You!*

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I find this quote one of the most fitting when it comes to being a childrens’ advocate. Especially when it comes to raising Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects.

I understand that this issue is a tough one, but it doesnt help to look away or just simply ignore it. Some might think it would not ever be any of their concerns, some do not care because it hasn’t happened to their children.But these attitudes and opinions aren’t helping those children in need. And they need us now ! We cannot delay addressing these issues any longer. One voice is good but wouldnt it be so much better if a whole CHOIR is making their voices heard in unity ? As a group of many who are doing something by fighting for a cause. Not just CHD but any cause that concerns our little ones. I have met so many individuals who have joined me in my fight, God bless you all. But I want and need more people who show compassion and a heart for our children.

We are in dark times and in trouble when clicking on our banner and signing our petition is too much to do. A petition that urges our Media to also join our fight and to be a voice for our babies. A truly important petition that is going to make a difference for the children.

We are in dark times because people do not realize that it can happen to anybody... even themselves. With 1 in every 85 babies born with CHD, chances are not that slim my friends...CHD does not make distinctions, there are no causes known yet as to why these defects strike our little ones. If it would be your child, what would you do ? Fight to spread awareness, I believe. Fight to make a difference and fight to change the health system and how it goes about prenatal care. So why wait ?

Please take one minute and sign this very important petition. The banner below will take you to the petition with one click and signing for our children will take about one minute.

Sandra Kay

Day 19: Hannah's Socks

I read about this spectacular little girl on the internet and was so in awe of her story and her mission.

On a chilly
Thanksgiving Day in 2004, 4-year-old Hannah Turner was helping serve dinner to the needy at Toledo's Cherry Street Mission.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of doing her part to fill plates, she tugged on her mother Doris' sweater.

"Mommy, won't his feet be cold?"

Hannah had focused on a man in line wearing shoes that had split open to reveal he had no socks on, and her small face reflected concern.

Doris tried to reassure her: "His shoes will keep his toes warm." She didn't know how they could help with all staff focused on the meal, and she didn't want her daughter carrying a burden.

Hannah — too smart, too big of heart — was unconvinced.

"Mommy, he can have my socks," she said.

That next day, Doris took Hannah to purchase and distribute socks to local shelters. They were able to collect and donate over 100 pairs around Toledo. Over two more years, and with amazing support from friends and family, they distributed nearly 10,000 total pairs of socks to partner shelters.

I was SO impressed and moved by this child's kindness! So my Act of Love today was to make a donation to Hannah's Socks. What this family is doing is AWESOME and INSPIRING! My day is much brighter knowing there's a Hannah in this world. :)

Awesome Things:


Day 19: Several Acts of Love

When I first started this on February 1st I thought "what if I run out of things to do?" The universe quickly showed me there is no such thing. I wish I could fully express how doing these Acts of Love have created an even brighter light within my life.

Today's Act of Love:

100 goody packets are being delivered today to Sam Ministries Living Center
in honor of:
Cora McClenahan

So many children do not get a chance at a long life, but instead of focusing on the negative we'll CELEBRATE the positivity this little beauty has spread on and offline. :)

We'll also be mailing off 3 goody boxes to three sweet and deserving little boys.

To Davyn

To Travon & His Brother

What Makes Me Happy:

*A child's laughter
*The sun beaming on my face
*Laughter (its contagious)
*My family
*My Bloggy friends
*Writing Poetry
*Creating Goody Bags/Boxes
*Life & True Kindness

Have A Blessed Day!!

Day 18: Breathing Peacefully

Image found on Google

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who commented on this post! I spoke to that very same person today and we had the most Amazing conversation. I explained how I felt about her previous remark and she was indeed remorseful. We talked about love, life and God and it once again showed me the power of prayer. I prayed that whatever was hurting her would be erased and that it would not come between our love. She is one of my best friends and she's family, so I never want any negativity there. She explained her problems and apologized from her heart and that meant everything to me.

The Highlights Of Today So Far:

*I woke up feeling refreshed
*Hugged and Kissed hubby and princess as they left
*Spent time with my Father (above)
*Held an awesome convo with my best friend (family member)
*Put together a goody box for Davyn (a newly added kid from MACS)
*Listening to the sweetest and most relaxing music EVER :)

I'm Grateful:

1. For God's LOVE
2. For HIS Son
3. For my Hubby and Princess
4. For blessings of all sizes
5. That I can talk to Y'all (my country talking just showed up) LOL
6. For the health of us all
7. That there are LOVING people in this world
8. For the chance to laugh with my baby sister H.

*My Act of Love Today*

I cleaned my daughter's room for her.
What a task! LOL

Day 17: A Video

I created this video for ALL.


Today I Feel: loved, joyful, empowered, grateful, blessed, compassionate, energized and musical.

My Act of Love for today besides the video is I'm sending a goody box to Travon. A featured child from Make A Child Smile website. I'm also sending a goody box to Travon's brother, so he won't feel left out.

Beautiful Love In Sweet Surrender

Day 16: An Act Of Love To Me and You

You Are Love
Click Link To See Movie


Day 16: A Little Off Course

The picture above depicts what I felt like this morning. A conversation invaded my mind once again, but this time it left me feeling *Hurt.* For the record I do NOT believe in Luck, however, I totally and completely believe in Blessings. I believe that when we step outside of our comfort zones and reach out to others in need (as God does and desires us to do) we receive his blessings. Whether they are Big or Small they are his way of saying "Good Job."

The other day I was told by someone I love to death that I am too lucky. I replied "Luck has nothing to do with it. I am simply being blessed." Then, I was told "well you are too damned blessed then."

This stung me really hard, because: 1. It was mean, 2. I look up to the person who said it and 3. Its totally untrue!

Why shouldn't I be rewarded by The Father? Why should anyone feel that I am NOT deserving of His blessings?


I LOVE what I do and the fact that my hubby, daughter and our supporters are with me makes it even better. I wake up everyday planning how I'm going to make someone smile. I go to bed thinking of ideas for the next day. I do this first because HE placed it into my heart. Its what HE desires me to do! Secondly, I simply LOVE doing it. It keeps me smiling and healthy. I'm at TOTAL Peace when I am creating for others.

It is NOT my fault that hubby has a job that provides for us - That's A Blessing
It is NOT my fault that we are good at saving as best we can - It helps us survive
It is NOT my fault that I love reaching out to others instead of focusing on myself - HE Created Me This Way!

This post is so different from what I normally would put up here, but my heart is hurting and I needed to get it out and let it GO. Thank You for reading and understanding.

Day 15: Act of Love for Cora McClenahan

My dear friend Mommaof4wife2r over at A Thorn Among Roses introduced me to the story of a beautiful little girl named Cora Paige McClenahan who recently earned her wings. As we did with Tuesday we wanted to honor little Cora as well. So Today my daughter and I put together 100 Goody Packets for the children who reside at Sam Ministries Living Center.

These Goody Packets will be delivered on Thursday, February 19, 2009 to Sam Ministries and will be done so in honor of Cora.

There's nothing we can say to ease the pain her family may be feeling, but we pray that this small gesture will help them smile if even for a little while. ☺

Each Packet Has The Following Within Them:

My daughter created this acronym today and we're going to get them printed on cards for our Goody Bags.

The acronym is for the word BELIEVE.


Have A Wonderful Sunday!!!

Day 14: OMG!!!

Hubby and I on VDay 09

OMG!! Can we say Amazing!?!
Hubs outdid himself this time. Today is set up for lovers, but to many its also
simply about LOVE for ALL.

My Act of Love for today was I donated $10 to a little girl scout
outside of Wal-Mart selling cookies. I so wanted the cookies, but opted
out of getting them and just helped her out. (she was adorable!)
I also left a message on a napkin for our waiter at Joe's crab Shack
w/ a nice tip. The message said:

The rest of my AWESOME day went like this!

On our way out

These SO Rock!! (from hubby)

Gift to myself :)

Gift from my princess :) :) :) :)

Gift from Hubs - He SO Rocks!!

More from Hubby *Big Grin*

He Missed Us!!

I Can't Describe How I'm Feeling

I received the following email an hour ago, but read it only 5 minutes ago. I can NOT describe how honored and humbled I feel right now. I had to share this with you!!

date Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 1:54 PM
subject Appreciation

Dear Tabitha and family,

Nearly a month ago I decided to write a series of emails to a friend and her husband. At the time Israeli tanks were pounding Palestinian homes, they were quite distressed about what was happening, and I took it upon myself to demonstrate that despite the news on the TV, this world was knit together by a continuing series of selfless peaceful acts that mostly passed unnoticed. So I started to write emails about all these acts done by others... "1 of 28", "2 of 28" and so on. As well as using personal experiences that were happening day to day, I used Google to alert me everytime the words "act of peace" came up on a website anywhere. This was unwise, I was correct that there was a lot of peace going on - but it sure gave me a lot of emails to go through! Ah well, no problem - at least it proved my point!

I am now near the end of the meditations that I am imposing on my long suffering but now somewhat cheered up friends, and despite wanting to give up on going through the google alerts (I still have 43 unread and they come through about every 40 minutes) I did my duty tonight. It was worth it because I came across your blog. Your story is now "26 of 28" of the acts of peace I have sent on to them. I hope that is OK with you...

Tabitha please keep on writing and please keep on being so inspiring for those around you, and thank you for the simple act of faith in humanity who you dont know, but for whom you are willing to tell a lovely cheering story.

Best wishes, John Evans

Day 13: A Call From Mommy

Used from Google

Ok, so I'm thirty something and I still refer to my Mother as Mommy. I'm her oldest daughter, yet when I hear her voice every part of me knows I'm still her little girl.

Anyway, for the first 12 days I've been committing Acts of Love towards those I know and know indirectly. But, this morning I believe I received an Act of Love. My mom, who never stays on the phone for more than 10 minutes spent an entire hour talking to me about how she loves me. We talked about God and how I'm growing so close to him and she commented on my being a very good mom to my daughter.

This was all weird for me, because for a few years (ages 17 - 34) my mom use to make me feel as if I was not loved by her. After hurricane Katrina I learned that she was never angry with my sisters and myself. She was angry with my step dad (he left for another woman) and we caught the brunt of her anger. Because, he was no longer living in our family.

Cut back to today. She spoke positive about every subject we touched and she laughed. She laughed! My mom has not laughed since my Grandma passed (July 08). She admitted she was grieving herself sick and now she wants to smile and live her life with joy.

I wanted to do FLIPS!! I had been so afraid she would grieve herself to death and now I hear her saying "I'm Not Leaving Here Anytime Soon!" Woo Hoo!!

This morning I received an Act of Love from my mommy and she didn't even realize it. I told her so and made sure she knew my day would be much brighter all because of HER.

My Mommy

Mother & Daughter Xmas 06

Day 12: Gift of Music

What? She has another hobby? Yes. For the past four years I have hosted my very own internet radio show called Da Nawlinz Groove. It features music of artist who have yet to be introduced to mainstream radio. Most music on the radio these days are extremely offensive or hold no merit. You won't find that here!

My act of love today is to share the art of music with you through my show! This particular episode (just completed today) features the music of two phenomenal artist.

Click Here To Listen To Show Or visit my website (Da Nawlinz Groove) to hear it!

I hope you'll listen and enjoy!!!


Day 11: Act of Love Towards Friends

Today my Act of Love is toward YOU!
That's right! I'm showing you ALL LOVE today!
I created the following award for


If you read my blog, comment on my blog, email me about my blog.

Is For YOU :)

With All My Heart,

Day 10: Drop Off In Honor Of Tuesday Fiona Whitt

We were informed of this beautiful little girl's passing by our dear friend Kacey @ Chronicles Of A Mom. Kacey was looking for a way to honor little Tuesday who lost her battle to cancer on January 30, 2009. With love in our hearts we offered to donate our Valentine's Day Goody bags in Tuesday's name and in honor of her brave battle.

(Click on picture to read what it says)

Today my family and I dropped off the goody bags to Methodist Children's Hospital
in honor of
Tuesday Fiona Whitt

My Daughter holding the paper presented along with the goody bags.

Christie holding letter with over 350 goody bags.

Christie (child life department) and I today 2/10/09

Nightime Giving

I had time on my hands before hubby arrived, so I made these Valentine's Day Cards. I'm going to send them to Shriner's Children's Hospital in Philadelphia first thing in the morning.
I'm no Vincent Van Gogh, but I think they're cute. :)

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