21 Days of Simplicity - Day 2

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Today I Am Grateful For: *The act of gifting, *Released stress, *The sweetest music I've ever heard, *The beauty of a new day, *Goodness & Mercy

Day 2 - Simplifying Through Gifting

Yesterday, I went through my book bin and sifted through it and realized there were books in it that I've been holding on to well after I've read them. Although, there are a few I have read my heart won't allow me to get rid of them yet. So, I flow with the ones my heart is willing to release into the world. There are 6 in total and I know exactly where they are going.

There's a clinic here who's owner played a significant role in my family's transition through Katrina. In one of their waiting rooms sits a bookshelf filled with books for all to read. They even allow the patients to keep the book if they connect with it. Oh my heart is jumping because my books will find a new home there! For someone new to find it, read it and hopefully be filled with great peace.


  1. Oh how great...gifting to find simplicity. You amaze me Tabitha! many blessings to you :)

  2. That's great Tabitha! I always pass on books that I buy. I get joy in knowing that others are enjoying them and not just me!

  3. Wonderful idea Tabitha!! I adore my books and have a very hard time sending them off to someone I do not know unless...it is someone like this!! I have a precious few that are like treasures to me, but the rest get recycled!! Have a wonderful week hon, Sarah

  4. What a beautiful and loving gesture, Tabitha. I am sure your heart will be felt within the pages of these books whenever someone picks one up. Blessings of simplicity to you!

  5. What a wonderful way to "recycle" your treasured books. I can just imagine the new owners feeling your love behind the gift.

    This is a great example of how letting go of something can bring you peace and joy in return.

  6. What a beautiful thought, Tabitha. I have a shelf of books that I've read and need to pass on. Just need to find the right place. How exciting!


  7. What a thoughtful gesture. My brother still goes and helps out with the NEVER ENDING Cleanup needed due to Katrina. I still can't believe the lasting devastation!

    Thanks for commenting on my post about the Shack. I'm feeling kind of all alone in its appreciation, but I really enjoyed the book.

  8. What an utterly fantastic idea, Tabitha. The ways that you give continually never ceases to amaze me.

    You inspire those around you.


    PS: Adore the new blog design!

  9. what a beautiful gesture, tabitha! your blog is always so full of goodness and love and i always feel uplifted when i visit....thank you!

  10. beautiful thought!great effort!inspiring as usual,Tabitha!

  11. Hi Tabitha,

    I love what you did with the books. I have recently come to the conclusion that it was time to part with some of my beloved books as well. I registered them bookcrossing.com before I "released them into the wild" so I could track their journeys. I like your idea too, and the next time I may donate them as reading material to a charity/organization I care about. :)\

  12. Giving away books is hard, isn't it? You thought of an amazing idea!

  13. Caroline: Many blessings to you as well sweet one. I am grateful for your presence.

    Yaya: I feel the exact same way! The ladies at the front desk were all smiles, which made me beam brightly!

    Sarah: I understand how you feel. :)

    Jan: Thank you so very much!

    Amanda: Thank you sweet friend!

    Momma Miller: Thank you so much for visiting me! I hope you find a loving place for your books to go.

    Sherri: Your brother sounds awesome! Things are still moving along back home, but it will literally take years to store to 100%. As for "The Shack" I loved it and plan to read it again. The passion and love within it screams to me.

    3 Bay B Chicks: Hi Francesca!! I'm so joyful you like the new look!! Thank you for that generous compliment!

    Serena: I am deeply moved by your compliment!! Love to you!!

    Sema: Thank You!

    Ad & Brag Button Co.: Thank you very much and please let us know if you gift your books to an organization. :)

    Sara: It is hard, but it feels so right once you do it!! Thanks!

  14. What a wonderful thing to do and somethign we all should do. I love your series here - just so inpsiring as always!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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