Tell All Tuesday

Today I Am Grateful:

1. For peace of mind
2. For the laughter my daughter creates
3. The sweet smell of Green Apple Soy Candle
4. The tick tock of my favorite clock
5. The safety of my hubby's arms

1. Today one lucky commenter will win this goody bag!! In it you'll receive a hibiscus folding fan, inspirational magnet, book marker, key chain, and inspirational bracelet (says Peace). :)
2. I get to upgrade and get my new cell phone today!! I've been waiting for this for awhile. I am SO a technology geek!
3. In other news I SO ROCKED the semi annual sale yesterday at B&BW!! One of the girls who works there was there shopping as well and asked her manager to ring up my things under her discount. How fab is she!!! Ok Ok I'll admit it - I'm a wee bit addicted to smelling good! There, you dragged it out of me!
4. Hurricane season began yesterday and that scares the bajeebus out of me! My family lives in New Orleans and this makes me a bit uneasy around this time.

Have A Beautiful Tuesday Everyone!!!


  1. girl friend you know I am all over that hibiscus fan.

  2. Okay I really really really want that hibiscus fan.

  3. Tabitha how are you today I am so thankful for you honey...and that fan I am going to win. :-))

  4. Hey girl have I told you yet how much I love you and really really want that fan >>LOL

  5. Tabitha,
    It sounds like you are going to have a super fun day. (I love this picture of you, by the way!) I am always happy to hear how you tap into the things that bring you gratitude. Do you think Joy and Gratitude go hand in hand? Hope you will stop on by today at my blog and share a bit of your radiant JOY! xxxooo

  6. Love all that stuff!

    Praying for those in potential paths of storms this hurricane season (we're in Houston). Hope you have a blessed day!

  7. XO Hello!
    AH HA..........
    Now, what shall I do with all these secrets?
    Oh you are so lucky on that phone upgrade...let us know what you choose!

  8. Hi Tabitha! I'm so thankful for many of the same things as well!!

    How nice that you got the "employee" discount too! What a blessing!!!

    And, how sweet of you to have a giveaway!!! Those are some really cute things!!!!!! :)

  9. Don't know if you noticed, Tabby, but darsden REALLY wants that fan...LOL...

    Just stopping by to admire, not to enter -- I am looking right at my little keychain you sent me right now! It's my "computer buddy" and surfs with me!!!

    I love the smell of B&BW!!! I wish my house smelled like that. Ha ha, if I win the lottery, I'm going to Barnes and Noble and B&BW and say, "ONE OF EVERYTHING YA GOT!!!"

    Hurricane season again...*sigh*

  10. You are always so very positive! Thanks for your blog! 'Preciate it!

  11. i love my kids...and in spite of hubs being in paris this week, i still love his strong arms and i will love them more when he's home holding me in them!

  12. It's gray at my home today, on the outside. But thanks to your deeply uplifing posts, you make me smile from my toes up. So inside my house, and inside me, the sun is shining.

    Thank you, sweet Tabitha.

  13. Ohhh, I love geeky upgrades... Me likey!!! Hahaha, and a green apple soy candle? Sounds delicious!


  14. OH. I love yummy smells, too. I tend to go for simple ones. Single notes instead of complicated combination. I love the smell of roses and apples and lilacs and daffodils. Oh, I could go on.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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