Simplicity of Love

I am a HUGE believer in living in simplicity. Although we have loads of goodies to place in Luvmail sometimes it is best to keep things simple, so that the message (LOVE) is not drowned out by the things (goodies). AND what I Adore about children is you can send them a sheet of paper with "Hi" on it and they would appreciate that. :)

God's Luv Notes

In October 2013 we kicked off the Letters of Love campaign and it was a HUGE success.  I placed it on the back burner after awhile, because I thought God wanted me to go BIGGER.  I was wrong.  All He wanted was for me to Inspire and Encourage his children in need.  Today we are kicking off our God's Luv Notes campaign!!  The great thing about this is...It's for ALL Teens & Adults!!  We will send a Luv Note to YOU or a Loved One for FREE!!  Luv Notes will look different each time, but the LOVE behind it will ALWAYS be the Same.  If you desire to take advantage of this FREE Gift please follow these steps.

1. Message us on Facebook - God's Luvmail Mission Or email
2. Please give your (or person you're requesting for)name and mailing address
3. Briefly share your reason for requesting
4. Expect LOVE to arrive in your mailbox within 7-10 business days

God Bless You All!!!

The Luvmail Family

You Can Win A Beauty Basket!!!

Lovelies, This is our very Fist Raffle (Postage Drive)!! Jennifer has donated a complete Beauty Basket that the winner will receive!! This raffle will be open until Friday 6/28 & winner's name will be pulled via video on 6/29. You can purchase your ticket through PayPal ( Please select "I'm sending money to family or friends" that way NO FEES are taken out. 

$1=1 ticket
$5=7 tickets
$10=15 tickets

A Blessing

May your day be filled with lots of Sunshine.  May laughter over flow within your homes.  May peace wrap around you like a comfy blanket.  And may LOVE chase away every fear, every sickness & every bad word spoken to you.  God Bless. --Tabitha


Today has been one of those days where I can SEE the good I'm doing in this world.  This is NOT a brag.  It's a I'm feeling damn good about myself and the life choices I am making.  Today I saw MANY of the sweet faces who recently received mail from me.  Seeing their sweet smiles when I KNOW they are battling Horrible illnesses just melted me.  It re-affirms that the road that chose me chose wisely.  I'm Grateful.  I'm Humbled.  I'm Determined.  I will NEVER GIVE UP.  I will NEVER WALK AWAY from my Calling.  As long as I have GOD My Mission, those sweet kids and I will be Just Fine.

Feeling Optimistic!

Good Morning! Hubby & I were talking last night about this Luvmail Mission.  I LOVE that he's willing to do WHATEVER it takes to keep this going. I LOVE that he supports my dream at ANY cost. We have ENOUGH items to do this for another 5 years (seriously). Our ONLY obstacle is postage, BUT I feel that won't be the case for much longer! Here's to a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!

This is just a FEW of our bins :D

Falling in Love with Self

Isn't it funny how we can love others with ease, but short-change ourselves in the Love Department on a regular basis. We get so caught up in day-to-day living that we LOSE Us. This is NO WAY to live. I rebuke this behavior in Jesus Name! I TRULY desire to INFECT Everyone with my Love, BUT I first must INFECT Myself.
           I Love my imperfectly perfect self today & Forevermore!!
                      Anyone up for a Dose of Self-Love today?

Creating SMILES

Luvmail headed to 5 sweet children who are battling brain cancer. I pray this will Uplift them and create SMILES even if just for a little while. :)

Honored by Love

Dear Heavenly Father, I don't deserve all that you give me, but I'm MIGHTY #Grateful that you see differently.  Thank you for giving me the Honor & Joy of #Uplifting Your Three Daughters who are currently fighting this demon called Cancer.  May this #Luvmail place huge #Smiles on their lovely Faces.  Your Humbled Daughter...Tabitha

God's Luvmail on Facebook

Luvmail Prevails :)

We Send Luvmail (A Card & Small Gift) in USA to Children (3-11) Battling Chronic, Neurological, or Mental Sickness, their siblings (3-11) & Mom.

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