A New Year, New Word & New Journey

In blogland this will be the very last post of 2009. What a ride this year has been!! Extreme highs and a few lows, but the good has far outweighed the bad in my world. On January 1, 2009 instead of making a resolution I picked a word to describe how I would live throughout this year. That word was "Confidence" and boy did I live up to it! I did things I never imagined I'd ever do. I took leaps of faith and received tremendous results. Naturally, there were a few stumbles, but they were nothing I couldn't get through.

For this year my word chose me. In every conversation, every journal entry and in every prayer the word "Abundance" appeared. Abundance of good health, peace, joy, kindness to self and others. And most of all an abundance of success in uplifting those in need. I plan to live through 2010 in complete abundance.

I'll be finished with school this upcoming March and then my journey as a spiritual counselor begins. My family and I will be going a step further with our organization by making it a full fledged Non-Profit. I will be doing more public speaking, especially to children and adults with disabilities. Another year..Brand new leaps! But, this year it will be done with the awareness and acceptance of God's abundance.

I wish you all a blessed New Year! May you find complete bliss in 2010 and leave all negativity, hurt, anger and loss in 2009. The future is yours to live in joy...Step into it my friends!!

With The Deepest Love,

Final Wishcasting of The Year

This is our very last Wishcasting Wednesday of 2009 and what a beautiful and loving ride it has been. I've met a beautiful group of women who has uplifted me in ways I truly needed. This week Jamie asks: What do you wish for 2010?

I have a few things that have started this year, but I'd love for them to fully blossom in 2010.

1. Become an official non-profit organization
2. Receive my certification to become a Spiritual Life Counselor (I'll be done March 2010)
3. Continue to meet like-minded spirits along my journey
4. Continue my journey to be closer to God
5. Learn to cook many new dishes for my family
6. I truly wish that in 2010 we may find a cure for cancer, end homelessness and come together to end world starvation

This is what I wish for 2010...

What are some of your wishes?

Gratitude of it all

Christmas Day 2009

Today I Am Grateful:

*For a safe trip to and from New Orleans
*For the many hugs and kisses I received from my nieces and nephews
*For the great talks with my mother and two sisters as we ate and laughed
*For the beautiful gathering at my cousin's home on Christmas Day
*For every morsel of delicious food we ate
*For the opportunity to hug and cuddle with my newest baby nephew
Is he not gorgeous?

*For the health of my aunt who's battling colon cancer like a true warrior
*To be home again, rest and prepare for the awesomeness of 2010!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! What was your most memorable moment?

Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie Ridler Studios asks the question:
What do you wish for this holiday season?

I wish for their to be an abundance of peace and joy throughout the world. I wish for all suffering to be gone from all beings. I wish that each and every being will feel the true meaning of the season this year. I wish for great things to come in the year of 2010.

Merry Christmas To Everyone & God Bless!!

Homeless in America?

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Today we visited a local shelter to bring them Christmas goodies and what I saw I was not ready to see. We've been to this shelter several times, but today it was different. Inside of the facility lives over 250 people. Outside the facility there was over 100 people. About 40 were under a bridge here in Downtown San Antonio and every fiber in my body ached to see them live this way. How can we as Americans and as children of God allow this to go on? Why are our brothers & sisters living in this state and we are not doing all we can to pull them up?

With all of my heart I know this is not how it's meant to be. I want to be apart of the solution. I want to make a difference, but I am just one person. How do we come together as a union and uplift those in dire need? How can we sit by and pretend this is not happening in our very own backyard?

My friends I want to know your thoughts on the homeless situation in America? How does it affect you?

Getting Back To Bliss

I started blogging a little over a year to share my journey with God and yet somehow I lost sight of that. I started feeling like I had to please the thousands of people who have read this blog. Who still read this blog. Your interest in my words and emotions humble me, but I now see that I have to get back to writing what pleases me. And that is God, my family, and this rollercoaster journey I am on, but never want to get off of.

This year (2009) is coming to a close and it has been an amazing year for me personally. I've overcome obstacles I never imagined I could. I've grown in ways I didn't see coming. I've found a love filled relationship with God that NO ONE can destroy. I've failed at a few things and my family still cheered me on. You (my readers and friends) cheered me on.

I would say I have no idea what 2010 holds within it for me, but I would be lying. He has shown me a few marvelous new paths we'll take. He has filled my heart, mind and soul with the word ABUNDANCE. So, it's pretty safe to say 2010, although will present it's challenges will ultimately be a year for the books.

I hope you will continue to journey with me. I pray you will continue to listen to the podcast I present to you. I have faith that we have all grown together and will moreso in the new year. Forgive me for my lack of presence these past few months. I am not back on track and ready to spread the work of goodness my Father brings. I am ready to once again Choose Bliss.

From My Heart To Yours ~ I Present

ICB19: Loving Our Imperfect Selves

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My Heartfelt Wish

Before I get into our weekly wish casting I'd like to make a heartfelt wish and send it out to everyone reading this today. My family and I are currently holding a raffle to raise funds to purchase postage for our uplifting mail. If you donate just $5 (via PayPal button @ Afiveoh4uplifting.org) you are entered to win 3 fabulous prizes!! (see post below with pics of prizes)

My Wish Today: I wish that everyone reading this will take a few minutes to support my family and I in our heartfelt efforts by entering the raffle. Your $5 will make a huge impact and enables us to spread even more bliss!

I Thank You In Advance

Ok, it's as if Jamie was reading my mind with this week's prompt!

What do you wish to give?

The universe is very funny at times. This question ties into my wish above completely!
I wish to give love, support and joy to men, women and children in need through our goody bag/uplifting mail program. My wish above, if successful will truly help me fulfill this.

With Your Help I Wish To Give All That's Within Me.

Postage Drive Raffle

The Raffle Items Are:
2 - Soy Candles
2 - Genuine Mardi Gras Masks
2 - Skin So Soft Bathing Gels
1 - Tube of Angel perfume
1 - ceramic crafted magnet created by Julia De Rocha
1 - Teddy Bear

Hello Friends!

As you know 99% of this mission is funded by my family and I. This year in shipping charges we've spent $464.
We have NEVER asked that money be donated, but we've been recently told that donating money is easier for most. We are in dire need of postage stamps for our uplifting mail, so we have taken your advice and added a donate button through Pay Pal. But, we are not expecting help without putting something in there for you all. We are raffling off the basket above!! For a $5 donation your name will be entered into a jar and you'll have a chance to win basket, hoodie from Live Life Solid (see pic below) Or gift set from AmyB (see below).

The account was set up when our mission was called "The Second Wind Club," but please know this is OUR account and every donation is going to the mission for the very purpose of obtaining postage stamps, so that we may continue to uplift those in need.


For every $5 donated (per person) You are entered to win A Solid Integrity Zip Hoodie
From Live Life Solid


This awesome set donated by AmyB

This raffle will end at 11:59 PM on Saturday, December 19, 2009
The winner will be announced via video on Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspirational Sunday

"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. "

--Mother Teresa

ICB18: You Are Not Alone

ICB18: You Are Not Alone (9:05)

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this week's topic!

Next Podcast: Loving Our Imperfections

Blessed Be!!

Wishing & Believing

This week Jamie asks: What is your spirit wishing for?

I debated if I should even answer this question in fear of sounding like a broken record, but that would not be authentic of me. Lately, I've been stuck on two words...believe and spirit. With each new day my belief in the unknown grows stronger and as my belief grows so does my spirit.

My spirit is wishing for more of it all. More joy, strength, confidence, guidance, success and most of all more love. With more of these things I can do much more for myself and for others. I believe that it is our duty to make a difference in this world whether it be big or small. My spirit is wishing for more beings to step up to the plate and make this earth we call home one filled with loving-kindness. It's time for so many to be healed and my spirit wishes that it comes for them sooner rather than later.

Wishing From A Place of Love

By Emma Thompson

Today I wish:

For a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas
CANCER be abolished
For a world filled with compassionate beings
For the safety of every abused child on earth
For food for those who are starving
For many more mornings with The Father
Homelessness did not exist (breaks my heart)
My education will enable me to help MANY
For a stronger will power
The Angels will walk amongst us and guide & comfort us all
An abundance of love and confidence

To Be Continued...What are you wishing for today?

We Are Never Alone

We Are Never Alone

For years I didn't understand the concept of "we are never alone." I believe in the Father, but their were many times when I felt alone. I was filled with fear from this feeling as well. I would think something bad would happen if I were alone. Three things happened to change my way of thinking. The first thing was the movie "The Passion of Christ." I went to see this movie with my husband, sister and my oldest niece. After seeing in great detail what Jesus endured for me truly made me reevaluate my life in general. It made me want to live and think in a way that would honor Him. I knew my old way of thinking was in no way honoring Him. The second thing was my grandmother's passing. For years this woman taught us what it was to be strong in God. She believed completely and knew that He was in control. She knew that to honor him she had to fully live within Him. That meant having an unwavered faith. Even in the days leading up to her death she knew He was in control and she had nothing to worry about. That event alone sent me running to God in a way I had never done before. My grandmother's death taught me things I had never fully known. The final thing was the Bible. I started reading the Bible this year (2009) and I have to admit along with my grandmother's death it was the hugest eye opening experience ever. I started to feel emotions and old emotions (bad ones) disappeared. I learned just how much Jesus loves me. I learned that He wants me to know that I am NEVER alone, for he is with me every second of my life. He's been there the entire time! That blew my mind, but also gave me deep comfort.

Every day when I wake I now know that I am not alone. I know that I am loved in such a way that no human on earth could ever love me. He gave his life for me. There is no greater act of love. If everyone in my life were to abandon me I now know I can stand tall, because The Father will never abandon me. As long as we have Him we are loved immensely and will never ever be alone.

*For eternity all my heart will give all the glory to your name.*
A line from You Hold Me Now by Hillsong

Do you have something to say? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment below.

Following Jesus' Lead

I started this mission, organization, ministry (whatever you wish to name it) because I believe with all of my heart that God wants me to do this. Since I can remember I've always wanted to help others. My heart literally breaks when I see a homeless person or a child fighting cancer. Cancer has taken too many of my loved ones, but I don't give up hope for a cure.

There are millions of beings in this world who are fighting some sort of battle. Be it physical, mental, illness, homelessness, disability or even being a single mom or dad. A struggle is a struggle and my GREATEST wish is to help them in some small way. The best way I know how to combat adversity is through LOVE. For a person going through a rough time receiving a card from a complete stranger can change their mood even if just for a little while.

I was once a child living in a hospital and I can still remember feeling so lonely at night. For a kid who's hospitalized to receive tons of mail or goodies can make a HUGE difference in their state of mind. It uplifts them, which in turns does wonders for their little bodies. I ADORE the Christmas holiday, but for me I wish to live this season every day of my life. I wish to inspire and uplift men, women and children every day of the year.

I wish to be the change that I want to see...Will you join me?

From My Heart To Yours ~ Tabitha

My Winter Wish

This Week Jamie Asks: What Is Your Winter Wish?

I'm originally from New Orleans where the site of snow is far and few. But, here in Texas the site of snow may be possible in just a few days. I would love for it to snow. I want to go outside and see the trees and grounds covered in it. I want to let my inner child out and play as I've always wanted to.

I also wish this winter that there will be less humans living on the streets. I pray the powers that be (Government) will go above and beyond to keep the homeless safe and ward during this winter season.

You can cast your wish with us every Wednesday
by visiting Jamie Ridler @ Jamie Ridler Studios

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So Grateful For His Guidance

Me Holding Princess Charlie As A Baby

When I first gave birth to Princess Charlie I was afraid to hold her. I was scared I would drop my baby. I had tons of practice, because my oldest niece was born 4 years before PC. I had my niece more than her mother from a newborn baby, yet I was scared of dropping my own child. My sister who was now living with me at PC's birth came into my room and declared that I was going to pick my child up from her crib. I did and I did NOT drop her. The fear immediately melted away and holding PC felt SO right and natural. I believe Satan was telling me I was going to hurt my child and God used my sister to SHOW me otherwise. See satan has the ability to tell you negative things, but God has the ability to SHOW you His plans. The picture above is the very day that my sister pushed me and SHOWED me my God given ability. She declared that God would never allow anything bad to happen and she was SO right!

I'm Deeply Grateful:

*That God used my sister to guide me
*That my sister loved me enough to push me in the right direction
*For the honor to give birth and hold my baby girl
*For this life and the lessons that have come with it
*That God loves me and I FEEL it daily
*That I can freely express this

Sunday's Life Lesson

Princess Charlie & Mommy

Princess Charlie and I have been doing our bonding thing. We've been watching Christmas movies via ABCFamily Channel, listening to Christmas music while wrapping presents and having lengthy conversations about Gratitude and God. For the past year she's been keeping a gratitude journal. The other day she allowed me to read a few entries. She's grateful for life, health and the ability to see, hear & walk. She's grateful for Jesus' sacrifice and understands the truest depth of what He did for her. Instead of focusing on her gifts she is grateful for the gifts we were able to give to those in need. I am watching God guide her life and the view is simply awe inspiring! Gratitude is BIG in this home. Now that I fully get "it" I want everyone to get "it". Without ever pushing, my princess has incorporated it into her young life.

I'd like to leave you with this quote...

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow."
~Melodie Beattie

The Countdown Begins?

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The very hilarious Diane over at Diane's Addled Ramblings had a cute countdown and I thought I'd give it a go. :)

TEN things I’m thankful for...

1. My independence
2. My friends and family
3. Sunny days (and rainy days)
4. My nieces & nephews (they make me smile so brightly)
5. God's patience w/me
6. Good health
7. Chocolate Soy Milk (Yum!)
8. Laugher
9. Good books
10. Growth, Trials & Joy

NINE things I do every day...

1. Hug my hubby
2. Tell my daughter I love her
3. Drink milk
4. Check my email (2,563 times)
5. Cuddle with my dog
6. Try to uplift others
7. Sing Praise Music
8. Laugh
9. Go on Twitter (SO Addicting)

EIGHT things I find attractive in a guy...

1. Intelligence
2. A sense of humor
3. Creativity
4. Honesty
5. Sexy eyes :)
6. A great smile
7. Compassion
8. A great speaker

SEVEN things I enjoy doing...

1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Dancing
4. Singing
5. Blogging
6. Uplifting
7. Public Speaking

SIX things on my ‘to do’ list for 2010...

1. Do more public speaking
2. Turn our family mission into a full fledge Non Profit Organization
3. Drink less sodas
4. Start my autobiography
5. Learn Spanish
6. Visit Ireland

FIVE places I want to visit...

1. Ireland
2. Tennessee
3. Colorado
4. Savannah, Ga
5. Home (New Orleans)

FOUR things that drive me nuts...

1. Hatred
2. Jugemental Folk
3. Closed-Minded People
4. When I forget to let God lead the way

THREE smells I like...

1. Cookies or cake baking
2. Kenneth Cole White (Perfume)
3. Any Scented Soy Candle

TWO things I find difficult...

1. Losing a loved one
2. Hearing about kids being killed

ONE thing I want...

1. To live my life to the very fullest. To know that I've made a difference in this world.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From my family to yours I'd like to wish each and everyone of you a blessed and Joyous Thanksgiving!! I pray that you'll be surrounded by good food, family, laughter and an abundance of Joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

On This Day I Am Grateful:

*For an opportunity to be a mother to my princess
*For the chance to be with my hubby for almost 13 years
*That Thanksgiving will be a joyous day for our family
*For the love I receive from God, Family & Friends
*For the feel in the air..I feel joy and love :)
*For every blog friend and Blog reader

Be Ye Thankful

By: Jo Moulton

I have said this a few times, but it is so worth repeating - I Love Christmas Time!! I know Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet, but I can't help myself. The kids and I have already decorated our home (both indoors & out). We have wrapped up gifts and placed them under the tree. But, the very best part of what we've been doing (the reason why I've been absent) is putting together over 800 goody bags for children who'll be hospitalized on Christmas Day. We've done a little shopping for our four Chemo Buddies and I'm so excited about sending off their gifts! On Saturday we saw "New Moon" and it was fabulous! Afterward, we had dinner at Apple-bee's as a family. I love that my daughter and I can share in this phenomenon.

I'm grateful that we have a home to decorate.
I'm grateful that we have a tree to put up.
I'm grateful for hubby's job, which enabled us to purchase gifts under the tree
I'm grateful for the 12 fabulous blog/twitter friends who supported our Xmas give this year.
I'm grateful that we will have a super awesome Thanksgiving dinner
I'm grateful that we will share Christmas with our family in New Orleans this year
I'm grateful for the love, peace, joy, grace and kindness that fills my life

Have A Beautiful Week!!

Stepping Into The Center of My Life

By Karen Tribet

For years I accused hubby of not fully living his life, but the truth is I am just as guilty as he is. For years we struggled, stressed and feared. Going through the day to day motions of it all. Laughing at the right moments, but never laughing from deep down within. Every day before Hurricane Katrina I walked through life as if I were sleep walking. I was grateful for my life, but I had no clue of the depth gratitude held within it. I was unaware of just how much God loved me and wanted me to be completely joyful.

For many of you reading this you are aware that for the past 2 years now I have been LIVING life and not allowing "it" to LIVE me. I know the true depth that lies within being grateful. I have a deep and love filled relationship with God. We talk daily and some nights as well. But, for the longest I've been trying to describe what this transformation has felt like and couldn't. That is, until a few days ago. While on this beautiful and uplifting tele-seminar I heard one of the participants describe her awakening as "stepping into the center of her life" and I went "Hell Yes!" This is EXACTLY how I feel! As if God woke me up, explained some truths and then gently landed me smack dab in the center of my very own life. I am awaken. I know my destiny. I know what Jesus did for me and I know what I must do for Him. I can't express how great it feels to be able to fully convey my thoughts to you at this point! I feel Free, Complete and Aware. I have stepped into the center of my life and here my star will never know darkness again.


ICB17: The Art of Giving

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ICB17: The Art of Giving

Please Help Us Uplift 11 Yr Old Mia Davis (Crohn's) This Christmas by sending her a card or small gift!
Read Here

It's Wishcasting Wednesday!
This week Jamie asks: What do you wish to embrace?

First and foremost I wish to embrace my destiny. Everything is falling into place as it should and I wish to embrace all of the greatness that is in my life now and the greatness that's to come. I wish to embrace ME. With each day I wish to live as my truest authentic self. I wish to embrace me on every level there is. I want to embrace the me within. Love her unconditionally and allow her to come into her own as it is meant to be. I wish to embrace success. For years I ran from it, but today I run towards it. That decision is proving to be a masterful move and I am deeply grateful.

I Live For The Simple Things

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The simple things in life, which bring me sheer joy..

the soothing sound of a piano - receiving morning hugs from my baby girl - meditating - reading a great book aloud - the smell of a yummy scented soy candle - making new friends - uplifting others spirits - when my puppy cuddles with me - writing poetry - watching butterflies dance in the sky - the sound of red birds outside my bedroom window - reading God's word - cooking a loving meal for my family - when hubby cooks a loving meal for us - talks with my baby girl - giggling uncontrollably with my baby girl - pajamas any day of the week (heaven) - receiving encouragement - knowing the roof over my head is securely ours - krispy creme donuts on a Sunday morning - long talks to my grams who passed last July - faith - joy - compassion given & received.

If you'd like to read more posts on the fabulous simple things that make others happy visit Soul Aperture

Inspiration Sunday

He who is open-minded is open-hearted ~Lao Tzu

ICB 16: Letting Go

For the past 4 years I have been learning to let go and embrace what is to be. Although it is not the easiest practice in the world it is a must do. There have been many times where I stood in my own way. Stifled my own voice. Why? Because I allowed the negative thoughts to talk me down off of the ledge. I allowed fear to dictate my destiny. That is no more! I've learned so much about myself within the last year alone and my intent is to share what I learn with all who wish to hear and use it to help them. This newest podcast is dedicated to releasing the light within ourselves. It is a tool in which I hope will enable us all to let go and Fly. We are destined for greatness! Nothing and no one (not even ourselves should have the power to stop what is meant to be). I pray this episode will fill you with strength, confidence and sweet peace!

Wishcasting Wednesday 11/11

This week Jamie Ridler asks us : What do you wish to dare?

I dare to step out of the confines in which I placed myself in. I have many wonderful opportunities that have been presented recently and I want to take them head on. No fear. No negative self-talk. Just a fearless go getter on a mission! I dare myself to become the success God wishes for me to be!

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