21 Days Of Simplicity - Day 1

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So, as I've mentioned several times I'm a huge fan of Joyce Meyer. Joyce wrote a book called "100 Ways To Simply Your Life" and as my quest for bliss has progressed this book has been a blessing. Yesterday morning it hit me like a bolt of thunder! To re-build structure within my writing and to bring a greater sense of peace to my life I'm going to perform a 21 day journey using Joyces' book.

I'm going to simplify things by:
1. Allowing myself to write from my heart and for myself - I was losing that
2. I will not think of topics beforehand - this seems like work and no longer fun
3. I'll be eliminating a few things in my home/life that I feel may not be beneficial to living a simplistic life.

Day 1: Simplifying Time

I have been becoming overwhelmed with the blogs I follow. I LOVE every blog I read and sometimes I don't get to comment them all. This has been causing me great stress, because my fear was if I didn't comment to every single blog I'd possibly lose my readers. (Crazy right?)

I'd also forgotten my main reason for starting this blog. It was never to count followers nor was it to collect a gazillion comments (I LOVE comments, but that is not my main objective). It was simply to uplift those who read it and to record my growth on my spiritual journey. So, I'm going to simplify things a bit so that I can feel at ease again.

1. I'm going to remove my followers gadget.
2. I'm going to hide the list of blogs I follow.
3. After my 21 day experiment I will no longer blog 2 days out of the week (I choose Fri & Sat)

For me this makes great sense and already I feel a great relief. I didn't start this blog to be famous, make a living from it nor do I wish to create stress within myself. I want people to read this blog and feel peace flowing from it. I want YOU to read this blog and feel my compassion. That is all I ever wanted. For me this will bring ease and comfort back to blogging. I will be reading and commenting, but now it won't feel like it's out of obligation.

I lovingly invite anyone who wishes to join me on this 21 day journey. What can you do to simply your life in 21 days? Do you believe simplifying can bring peace and even help with your God given talent(s)? Are you willing to find out?

I LOVE YOU ALL and I pray that You and ANY New Readers will continue to find Bliss along with me!!!!


  1. If it's causing you stress, then by all means eliminate that! I'm all over it like relish and mustard on a hot dog. :)

    Oh and I believe this firmly, you already write from the heart! That's why you're so awesome. Mhm. Snap! ;)

  2. Great idea!! I hope you truly feel free once you start walking in simplicity. This is something I need to do as well, but there are SO many things I *need* to do, it seems, I don't even know where to start!

    I simplified my blogging as well and no longer make it a priority. It's remaining a hobby that God can use as He sees fit. :)
    I also have a devotional blog that I don't "advertise" just to get my thoughts down. If people happen to come across, they are welcome to read, but everything there is speaking to me. :) It's refreshing!

  3. I feel your stress and raise you an anxiety attack ;). I know what you mean... I'm having to cut back a bit, which is HARD, but necessary. I'm forcing myself not to feel guilty if I don't comment on (or read) every post my favorite bloggers put up. It's too much. I'll have to check out the Meyer book... I'm big into simplification these days!

  4. I completely agree with you. A while back I decided to not post my followers and had to redevote myself to blog for myself instead of trying to gain an audeince. Good luck!

  5. LOVE it, Tabitha. I've been thinking much along the same lines. That list of followers has been shocking, humbling, and encouraging for me at times. But there have been a few times that it's been stressful--when I'm low on time and worry that my followers or commenters don't think I care. I DO care and I DO love having a sense of community in blogland. Those little faces cheer me on, so now I need to work on trusting that they know I have different priorities on different days. There's only so much spare time and blogging isn't even in my top 5.

    Great post, dear!


  6. Simplify. Just saying the word brings about a bit of peace. The whole idea of letting go of the more complicated things in life and just getting back to basics brings peace itself. I love Joyce. She has good wisdom and a good word for women especially.

    Hope you're having a blessed day!

  7. Wow..good for you, Tabitha!! What a great step of obedience!!!!

  8. Tabitha,
    I am sending you big hugs of support. Simplifying is wonderful! I am so glad that you honed in on how the blogging was overwhelming you. The reasons you share are the same reasons I have chosen NOT to do Facebook (despite great pressure from others), nor Twitter. SIMPLY, I do not want to spend more time at my computer. I like my computer, but not that much. Plus, it's summer here in Michigan. Time to savor. I'll join you in your 21-days to simplicity. I think it sounds divine!

  9. I think this is a great idea Tabitha. Yes, blogging can sometimes feel like a "chore", and it is necessary to take a step back and remember that (for me anyways) blogging is a stress reliever. So why do it if it's causing me stress? I hope you do well in your challenge. I think I'll try this, but later in July since I have a vacation coming up so it wouldn't really be true to my everyday life.

  10. I'm sending you best wishes on your quest to simplify!

    It can sometimes feel overwhelming to try and keep up with everyone!

    I know that I always leave your blog feeling uplifted though!

  11. Tabitha, amen! This sounds like a fantastic journey, and one that will bring you much peace. Your honesty and openness here will help many people, I'm sure, as you've helped me. Sometimes we have to know when to say no--when it (whatever it is) is pulling us down instead of building us up.

    And that was just the first day! Woohoo :)

  12. Hi Tabitha,
    Simplify...I love the whole premise behind this concept. It's so easy to to complicate our lives (I know!). And I also understand completely about the blogging you're doing, and keeping up with it all. It can get overwhelming. You're also reminding me that I should look into how I can simplify my life...thank you!

  13. You have my full support on this venture you are undertaking. I think we all need to eliminate all the stress we can from our lives and find out what our priorities are. I, too, get stressed with the commenting on blogs. I have started blogging less and enjoying it more!

  14. I applaud you for what you're doing, Tabitha. I'm so glad you're listening to your heart.

  15. Hi Tabitha,
    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this post. I actually read it the other day, but my computer went into cardiac arrest and it took me about an hour to get it working again....by the time I got back online, I had completely lost track of what I was doing.

    Anyhow, I think this is a WONDERFUL project to be working on. It was about 15 years ago when I first started considering the notion of living simply -- and although I sometimes need to come back to center and remind myself of the joys of living simply, I have never once regretted choosing a life where I know how to say no...or be conscious of living a balanced, relaxed and lovely life.

    I'm definitely going to think with you through these next 21 days -- and in fact, dedicated my blog today to the idea of Simply Living...

    Also -- I agree with the first commenter who said she believes you already write from your heart...your heart and your goodness come through loud and clear.

    have a simply wonderful day!

  16. I love your blog and I love the idea of simplifying. I've gone through the process a number of times (and have also read and love Joyce Meyer's book!).

    I think I may join you, albeit a few days late. I, too, get hung up on the numbers, though that was never my reason for starting the blog or continuing to write.

    I love to write from the heart...it's what God's gifted me to do.

    Thanks for that reminder today.


  17. I TOTALLY agree with you Tabitha, totally. Its not about numbers at all. Its about your posts. Oh its such an excellent idea to do this. I have been thinking about closing off comments adn maybe opening them up once a week when I write a more serious piece. I dont want to be glued to a blog either. Its only a small part of life isnt it not the be all and end all. Loved this post your gorgeous girl! thanks for being you and continuing to inspire. I might not always get to your posts when you post them but I do read you always.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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