Confessions From A Child Of God

I know I'm late with jumping on the lent band wagon, but I honestly didn't feel like anything I was giving up was a true sacrifice.  A nice gesture indeed, but a far cry from a sincere sacrifice.  That was until I read Jennifer's blog post titled A "Me" Fast.  Reading her blog set of all sorts of bells and whistles.  It made perfect sense to me!  I needed to give me up for lent to my Father.  Daily I am striving to live like God, but because I am human I fall short.  I sometimes get into my "what about me moods" and let me tell you my friends it is not cute.  There were times when I put my blog or mission before spending time with God first thing in my morning.  No human is perfect of this I am aware, but there are no rules that state I can not be more like God.  In fact, Ephesians 4:24 says: "You were created to be like God, and so you must please him and be truly holy."  Will I become truly holy?  I don't know, but I do know that I am willing to do whatever He wishes me to do so that I may live with him forever.

So, for lent I give up myself.  I give up my selfish ways.  I give up saying and doing things that I know God would not approve of.  Each day will begin with me giving him my undivided attention.  I will give God my very best and my family as well.  I will stay focused in Him more than worldly things.  I will lay down my "what about me mentality" forever.

Heavenly Father, you know what is deep in my heart.  You know how greatly I desire to become the child You need me to be.  I ask You to strip me clean, so that I can be less and you can be greater within me.  I trust in You and believe in Jesus' Name.  Amen.

The Paths We Take Pt 2

Growing up adults around me would often say "life is short and then you die."  No one ever mentioned the living part.  I mean the truest form of living while we are here.  It's amazing how God steps in, takes us by the hand and shows us exactly how to live.  The statement "Life is short" has merit to it, but there is so much in between the being born and dying parts.  It is the decisions we make that determines our destiny.  For years I was existing. I laughed and cried, but I don't think I truly felt life.  Today my decisions help me feel every single moment of life.  Yes, sometimes the moments are extremely painful, but I understand the truth in "this too shall pass."  I get through those moments.  I get through them believing that God is holding me and guiding me out of the darkness.  When I re-emerge I always feel lighter and loved even more so by The Father.  Choosing bliss also means accepting the pain.  No life is a fairytale, but each life can be just as magical.  All that is needed is faith.  The pain, hurt, fear and sense of loss is temporary.  Living is eternal.  Life is short, but it's also what you make it.  So, choose wisely my friends.
Blessings To All ~ Tabitha

*Wish Casting Wednesday*


I, Tabitha, wish to give myself permission to fully enjoy this life.  I will not dwell on the beginning nor the end.  Only will I focus on the now.  Living in complete peace no matter what may be going wrong.
Happy Wednesday!!

The Paths We Take Pt 1

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Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD and shun evil.
--Proverbs 3:5-7

I am currently studying this verses with my entire heart.  There are days when things are crystal clear and then there are days when you feel like you've just walked into a fog filled forest.  But, the trick to making it through each day is to surrender.  Know that you have no control and the Father will get you through any and every aspect of your life.  This is something I am once again learning for myself.  I am resting in the Lord's peace and calling on him often.  Even through heartache and the unknown I can still find things to be grateful for and I Thank God for that!

Today I Am Grateful:

1. That I am a child of the Most Loving Father up high
2. For peace and grace
3. For hugs, kisses and re-assurance
4. That I am finding MY strength once again
5. For every second that I have here on earth

3 Beautiful Moments:

1. Realizing my weaknesses in the presence of God
2. Listening to John Ortberg (I love his sermons!)
3. Waking up to sweet kisses from my hubby

Sunday Thoughts


 "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."
--Sir Winston Churchill



 Trust in him at all times, O people;
       pour out your hearts to him,
       for God is our refuge. 
--Psalm 62:8
Podcast: In His Hands

When The Going Gets Tough


Things have been rocky in my world for the past week or so.  Hospice is now visiting my aunt daily, my uncle is quickly losing his battle with dementia and my mom's body due to rheumatoid arthritis and deep stress is leaving her in great pain. I felt myself slipping into depression, but now that has to end.  I have people who need me.  So, when the going gets tough I start calling on The Lord even more.  I have placed my burdens at his feet and have put on my armor to fight.

I ask for your prayers, because I truly believe in the power of them.  We are not praying for miracles.  We accept God's will on our lives, but we are praying for peace and mercy.  This is what I ask of you.  Please pray that my family will be fully surrounded in peace while we go through this.

Today I Am Grateful:

*For a new day filled with clarity
*That God is on the throne
*That my heart is not aching
*For God's sweet Peace
*For kind souls who pray for those they don't even know

Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things That Have Recently Made Me Smile:

*Beautiful sterling silver jewelry at Eve's Addiction -
*A beautiful red and white stuffed Valentine's Day pup I lovingly named Russell (after my uncle)
*A gorgeous fluffy red bear I lovingly named Michelle (after my cousin)
*Reading John (Bible) again..I LOVE that book!
*Seeing Drew Brees on Oprah (YES, he is beautiful and made me smile)

My Three Beautiful Things Today:

1. Eating a delicious Vday meal cooked by my hubby.  He cooks with such love and passion!
2. Princess Charlie's Smile
3. Laughing with the kids until I was literally breathless. 

Sunday Thoughts - Happy Valentine's Day!!


Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.  
~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.  
~Emma Goldman 

May you all have a blessed and love-filled Valentine's Day!!!

The Day I Died

*Prayer Request* I know that there is something to a group of beings praying at once, so I am humbly asking each and every reader, commenter and even the lurkers to please pray for my aunt Diana.  Her cancer has spread and they are trying to see if it has possibly spread to her head.  Please uplift her  in prayer..Please!!

The morning of July 12, 2008 my Grandma went to be with God.  On that very morning her strong belief in God and in me lead to a second death.  On the very morning that my Grandmother went to Heaven she took my old spirit with her.  She knew what God had planned for me.  She also knew that I was completely standing in His way.  A year before her death (which no one saw coming) she told me of a dream she had where she saw me in the Glory God had in store for me.  At that time I was just learning how to truly embrace God.  I still allowed fear to rule my decisions, I wasn't reading the bible and just the thought of my Grandma leaving me would paralyze my very being.

But, on July 12, 2008 around 3:30 am she freed me of all these things.  I believe with all my heart that my Grandma saved me from myself that day.  Her faith is becoming my faith.  Because she loved me so very much I am now living the live God had planned all along.  I no longer fear the unknown and I now know that I was never in control of my life.  Her death restored a strength in me I've NEVER witnessed before.  For her I live the life God wishes and I must admit God has class my friends.  The path he has chosen for me is by far the greatest dream ever imagined.  On the morning of my Grandma's rise to Heaven my old self died and a new and greater me was born.  I follow God above all others and I no longer fear death, because I KNOW who's arms I'll walk into when my time comes.  I know that I can get through anything as long as my faith stays in Him.  My sweet Angel (Grandma) is making sure of this and I love her more than I could ever love any Heavenly being.  Because of Her and God I am now re-born!

Your Sabbath

he told them that the LORD had said, " Tomorrow is the Sabbath, a sacred day of rest in honor of me. So gather all you want to bake or boil, and make sure you save enough for tomorrow."
Exodus 16:23

What do you do on YOUR Sabbath?

Podcast: Your Sabbath (6:07)

Wishcasting Wednesday:This week Jamie asks "Where do you wish to travel?"

This is Ireland and my heart is dead set on going there one day soon.  I've always been intrigued with Ireland, but it was the movie "PS. I Love You" that fueled the fire again.  The beauty of this place is just breathtaking and I know one day soon I'll go there. 

Gratitude Monday

Today I Am Grateful:

1. That we as a family (Through God) are able to be a blessing to so many others.
2. That there IS A God!
3. That the ink in my printer is still going strong (by all accounts it should have ran out months ago - TRUE STORY).
4. For the Grace and Mercy The Father gives me.
5. That when I ask Him to speak to me - He does (always through others)
6. That my fears have vanished and have been replaced by Faith
7. For my hearing, sight and ability to communicate (speech)
8. For my brand new wheelchair
9. For a husband that loves and provides. He never complains or dwells in self mode.
10. To know the TRUE Meaning Of Humility, Faith, Grace, Peace and Love

Even when chaos surrounds me I will believe in You
For there is no mere mortal who will love me as you do
You protect me through the night and guide me through the day
I am grateful that you choose to walk with me in every single way
You hold my hand
You whisper in my ear
You instruct me to be still and know that you are here
I could not live this life without you
Your love is my saving grace
I smile and live in peace and joy 
knowing one day I'll see your loving face

--Your Daughter Tabitha D

Sunday Thought

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Mind is the master power that molds and makes,
And we are Mind, and evermore we take
The tool of thought, and shaping what we will,
Bring forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills,
We think in secret, and it comes to pass -
Our world is but our looking glass.
-- James Allen


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We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity. That the happiness of one person or nation is the happiness of humanity.
~Dalai Lama


Wishcasting = Bliss

 My baby boy

Welcome My Sisters!
This week the very intelligent Jamie asks us: What story do you wish to live or let go of?

I'm already living it, but I don't think my story is quit complete.  Anyway, I wish to live the story I am living now.  Where I truly know joy daily and when trouble looms over me I can actually say "this to shall pass" and mean it.  I love no longer living to please each and every soul in my life including myself.  It's too exhausting and was so not necessary!  Now I live to please God first, then myself.  Everyone else must step in line.  I wish to live the story where in my final days I will have reached MANY MANY hearts.  My daughter, nieces, nephews, grand-kids and great-nieces and nephews will sit around and smile when they speak of me.  Those who truly live within my heart will not mourn for me, but will celebrate all that I became.  In the end they will say "she truly did choose bliss."

In Honor Of Our Military Members!!

Recently we received an email from a mom who requested some uplifting mail for her daughter.  Her daughter's birthday is in March, but her dad who's proudly defending our Country will not be home to celebrate it with her and her mom wanted her to know that many people are not only praying for her dad, but care about her as well.

This lit off bells in our heads and our hearts.  We'd love to send Uplifting Mail to the children of our brave men and women who are defending our country.  We need your help in spreading the word.  If you know of a family with children from ages 2 to 15 and one or both parents are away defending our country we'd love to uplift them.  If you know of a group or organization that we could link up with your help will be GREATLY Appreciated.  Please feel free to leave a comment here or email us at

Thank You and God Bless!!

Grateful Heart

1. I'm grateful to be alive - Today I receive another opportunity to see my loved ones, hug them and express my love for them.  I get another chance to walk my path and grow.

2. I am grateful for the blessings of sight, hearing and taste.  I get to hear beautiful music fill my home as the birds outside sing.  I get to see the birds outside my bedroom window and wonder why are they in this cold?  I get to eat delicious foods and drink cold ice tea or water.

3. I'm grateful for my voice - I've been told that I have a very nice speaking voice and I guess there's some truth to this as I am receiving more speaking engagements.

4. I'm grateful for my body and mind.  Although I am missing limbs I have been very successful as getting through this life independently.  My mind is growing stronger each day.  I am learning and opening up to things that will uplift me in the near future.

5. I'm grateful for our home. We have a home filled with love and laughter. Everything we need is within the confines of our dwelling space.

6. I'm grateful for my computer and Internet.  It allows me to meet and build friendships with some of the greatest people on the face of this earth.

7. I'm grateful for my nose and lungs. I breathe in fresh air through my nose, fresh flowers or scented candles.  My lungs stay healthy and allow me to breathe freely with no pain or struggle.

8. I'm grateful for every ability giving to me by God.  i love writing poetry, singing, drawing and inspiring others.  I think I'm most grateful for the latter gift than any.

9. I'm grateful that I can read.  Because, I can each day I read God's words and learn what he desires of me.  Doing this brings me deep joy and sweet peace.  His words alone are what I need to get through this life and I'm grateful he guided me to them.

What Are You Grateful For Today My Friends? I'd love to read about them in the comments section!

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