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Blessings Beautiful Beings!

I know that financial hardship has hit us all, so it is with a heavy and humble heart that I come to ask this favor of you today.  As you know this mission runs on the financial support of my husband and I along with a few dedicated supporters.  As of late hardship has hit our supporters and we have been lovingly carrying the financial load on our own (which we do not mind at all).  I have to be honest and say this is becoming very hard to do.

At this time our greatest need is postage stamps.  As soon as we purchase a roll of 100 within four days they are gone.  Although that is a great thing it's also not, because without postage we can not uplift children and adults who come to us for help.  With that being said, we are just 2 postage books away from NOT being able 2 send uplifting mail to children and adults throughout the US who are depending on us. Will you please consider helping us?

We are in need of .44 and .28 postage stamps

Donations Can Be Made Via Pay Pal On Our Site Or
Postage Can Be Mailed To: 

Afiveoh4uplifting - PMB 1155 
13909 Nacogdoches Rd. #105 
San Antonio, TX 78217 

Thank You & God Bless!! 
Tabitha and Family


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In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
Deepak Chopra

Today I am: Grateful - Peaceful - Loved - A child of God - Beautiful - Growing - Seeing clearer - Breathing easy and completely still

I'm starting this day honestly in pure stillness.  I would never label myself as a busy being.  I cook, put goody mail together and mother my daughter.  I never pack my days with too many things to do, but I sure do think a lot.  That keeps my mind busy and I often miss many great moments because of it.  Because of my busy mind I have read the bible and totally missed the message.  Had to re-read and seek clarity too often than I care to admit.  So, as of this week I am practicing stillness and being more in the moment.  I'm letting go of a bunch of unnecessary thoughts.  I've actually been better at this, but I need to be even better.  God is showing his glory day in and out and I sit like a patient student and soak up all of his knowledge.

How is your day going beautiful beings?  Any new lessons learned?  I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Sunday's Best

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is  no one alive who is Youer than You.”

--Dr. Seuss 

Dinner at My Crib

As I've mentioned a bajillion times I love cooking.  So, yesterday I decided that since cooking is one way I receive my bliss I'd share a few of my meals here more often with you all.  Now I'm no professional chef, so measurements are not truly in my technique, so bare with me. lol

Ingredients: 1 box of Vermicelli, 1 lb of chicken wings, 1 cup of lemon pepper marinade, 1 - 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese, 2 cans of spaghetti sauce, 1 large red tomato (optional), 1 - 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 cup of black olives, 2  and 1 1/2 cups of mushrooms.

Spicy Lemon Pepper Wings:
In a bowl add (to your chicken) 1 cup of lemon pepper marinade or 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1 - 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 1 teaspoon of thyme, 1 tablespoon of rosemary and 1 tablespoon of parsley.  Mix together and place in slow cooker on high for 2 1/2 hours Or in your oven (cooking time may vary).

Saucy & Cheesy Spaghetti:
In a pot add your spaghetti sauce and tomato (optional).  Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 1 tablespoon of thyme, 1 tablespoon of rosemary and 1 tablespoon of parsley, 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper and 1 tablespoon of honey (to balance the acidity).  Cook for 35 - 40 minutes.  Take off heat and add cooked spaghetti along with 1 - 1/2 cups of shredded cheese (amount is up to you).  Place in oven for 30 minutes or until cheese is completely melted in.

Toasted Garlic & Butter Bread: (made by Princess Charlie)
Place bread on baking sheet or aluminum foil.  Take 1/2 stick of butter and add 1/2 teaspoon of finely chopped garlic then mix.  Add butter to bread and bake for 6 minutes in oven on 375.


Today's Musings

Today I Am...
*Grateful* *Loved* *Growing* *Faithful* *Listening*

Today I'm grateful for...

1. a loving daughter
2. God's gentle nudging
3. His forgiveness
4. a loving and patient spouse
5. a home filled with love and delicious foods :-)

I'm taking it very easy today.  Yesterday although a beautiful one started off on a bad note (my fault indeed).  I'm so glad The Father loves me enough to put me in my place.  Today I'll sit quietly in the joy of a new day and the lessons that came with yesterday.

Intention: I will spread love through my words and actions.  No judgments - Just love.

Sweet Release!

For the first time in almost a week I am feeling like myself!  I don't feel sluggish nor do I feel drained of my energy!  I'm truly excited about this, because I did NOT like what was going on.  I didn't just give up coffee because of the caffeine.  I suffer from an ugly thing called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and apparently the coffee was triggering it.  So, either way I would have had to give it up. :-(

I actually started feeling the release last night.  I was able to fall asleep by 11:10 and not 2 am.  I didn't feel as nervous and was able to concentrate while watching the lovely John Cena wrestle.  I am a HUGE WWE fanatic!

My grandmother was right.  When you let go and "let" God he truly does take control.  Beautiful things start to happen and you truly feel His love in the most prominent way.  It's a day by day thing, but I'm learning to surrender and embrace the sweet release.

Beautiful Moments:

*Waking up and feeling the sweet release
*Prayer time with The Father
*Receiving sweet hugs from hubby before he heads off to work

Simple Thinking

Hello Beautiful Beings!

Thank you all for your encouraging words on yesterday's posts!  I'm still struggling with my decision to give up coffee.  Many have said I should have weened myself off of the coffee instead of going cold turkey.  It's a little too late to worry about that now. :-)

*A few thoughts for today*
-I love how Princess Charlie makes me laugh!  The kid is SO hilarious and I love how she loves making me laugh.
-I love how my hair is growing out.  I plan to keep it short.  It definitely fits me to a T.
-The new Cooking Channel is simply divine!  PC and I love watching it every day to get new cooking ideas.
-Have I ever mentioned how much I love cooking?  It is by far the most soothing act.  I love the fact that I can prepare delicious meals for my family daily!
-Whoever created meditation is simply a genius!
-I love how God loves me!

What's on your mind today?

Seeing Past the Coffee Induced Haze

Two years ago I was not a coffee drinker.  An acquaintance raved about it and insisted that I try it, so I did.  It was awesome!  I was suddenly drinking coffee every morning.  A few days ago I decided I would not have coffee this morning and I noticed something ugly going on.  My body was craving it!  I felt sluggish and couldn't concentrate, so I decided I needed to get that monkey off of my back.  I haven't had coffee in 5 days and it has been a crazy experience.  I knew what withdrawals were, but had never went through them myself until coffee entered my life.

I don't care to be addicted to a drink or even medication for that matter.  I've seen what being addicted to drugs or prescribed medication can do to a being.  I've watched a few loved ones go through it, which is why I try very hard to not even tempt fate in that way.  I failed with coffee.  Without even knowing it I became addicted.  As I type this I am jittery and I feel as if the energy is being drained from my body, but I can not give in.  The only thing/person I want to be addicted to is God (and chocolate).  I truly dislike what my body is going through and I feel deeply guilty about it, but such is life.  We live and we learn.  My love affair with coffee was nice, but I think I'll stick to my Crystal light and Snapple thankyouverymuch!

Have you ever experienced an addiction?  How did you get through it?

Choosing Bliss (Podcast)

Choosing Bliss (Podcast) - 6:55

Throughout this year I have been receiving emails asking to share what I have learned on my journey to choosing bliss.  I was asked to do a series on choosing bliss (how to find it and keep it) in podcast form so the listeners could take them on their ipods or mp3 players.  First, I want to say how flattered I am that anyone is either listening to what I have to say or reading my words.  I am no expert in any kind of way.  I am a child of God who was very lost, but has been finding her way for the past 2 1/2 years.

I have been learning great lessons (hard ones as well) and I'm deeply grateful for them all.  I ask God to guide my words daily, so I truly hope that someone reading or listening will hear Him and not me.  I hope you will take a few minutes and listen to this episode, for it will be the basis for this journey we are now embarking on.  A journey of choosing and holding on to our bliss!

Think-A-Thought Fridays

I asked for ideas on a new name for my "thinking" posts for Fridays and the winner is...Holly!!  Holly will receive two books written by Joyce Meyer!  Thank you Holly!!

Think-A-Thought Fridays

I think:

1. My puppy has too much control over me (he's the boss)
2. Life is short and we should live each day to the fullest
3. Crystal light is the bomb!
4. This oil spill is HORRIBLE
5. If we look closely life lessons are right before our eyes
6. Everyone should have a truly awesome weekend!

Confessions Of A God Loving Blogger

A blogging friend wrote about how she left a certain online group, because she felt she was giving more of her time and attention to the group rather than her family. She yearned for the comments and lost sight of why she was truly there.  It made me think of something I had spoken to my hubby about.  When I first started this blog almost 2 years ago it had a spiritual tone.  That's because I was getting deeper into my walk with God.  I noticed not many visited or commented, so I changed things up and basically excluded God from the blog.  As my followers and the comments increased I became excited and felt a sense of worth.  I noticed the numbers meant more to me than speaking MY TRUTH.  After hubby and I talked I realized what I needed to do.

I now notice that after placing God right where He belongs I receive few comments and visits.  And I am totally cool with that.  This blog was never suppose to be about numbers anyway.  It was and is about living my truth and embracing my bliss.  It's about letting go of who I was and nurturing who I'm becoming.  More importantly it's about finding God and never letting him go.  The five or six comments I receive mean so much more to me than getting 50.  Because within those 5 or 6 I'm told that this blog brings them peace.  The readers (you) see themselves in me and that helps you with your journey.  That helps me in my journey, because you are witnessing God in all of his glory and THAT is the moral to this entire blog.

Paying It Forward w/Love

A few days ago my friend Christina offered her readers a beautiful gift.  Christina is an extraordinary photographer and offered her readers a beautiful card with a photo that she has personally taken on it.  The offer was if any reader wished to receive a card or had a loved one they felt could use an uplifting they could request and she would oblige.  I wrote Christina and requested a card for my cousin who's still having a rough time after losing her mom almost three months ago.  Without hesitation Christina granted my request!  I was simply in awe of her kindness, so I decided in the spirit of kindness and because I know kind acts tickle God pink I'd pay it forward.

So, if you know of anyone who loves receiving happy mail (adult or child) or you yourself would love to receive a little joy rather than a bill please feel free to email me your mailing info at ichoosebliss(at)gmail.com

I am no photographer, but I'm sure I have a few things that will place a smile upon the faces of those who request happy mail from me. (:

Have A Beautiful Day!!

No Longer Do I Have To Wish

When I look back on my life I can clearly see that I lived a stress-filled and fear based life.  Actually, I do not call that a life at all.  I don't even consider that living.  These days I'm slowly coming into who God always wished for me to be.  I'm finally living as He wishes me to live.  And I'll be the first to admit that daily it's a struggle.  The enemy tries his best to get in my head and psyche me out with his fear based talk.  Fortunately for me I now walk through each day fully awake.  I now walk with My Father right there with me instead of running ahead of Him.  I know that He is my Shepard and I shall not want.  As long as I trust in Him, rest in Him everything is under control.  I know without any doubt that I am not nor was I ever in control of any situation or person (including myself).  Learning this has freed me from a miserable existence.  I want and need God's guidance.  Without it I am one lost and alone sheep.  It's beautiful how He gently knocks at your door and patiently waits for you to answer.  Once you answer He moves in and does amazing things!  Can't we all afford to have some amazement within our lives?  Especially in these times we are currently in.  I see that I can't fix the circumstances that surround me day to day.  But I can go forth out of gratitude for all he's doing in my life and do for others.  I can submit to His will and benefit from His never-ending love for me/us.  Daily I am learning to just be still and know that He is God.  I'm falling in love with myself as He has, I'm loving others as I love me and it feels so good my friends!  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so I am consciously living each day granted as if it were my last.  I wish to rest in His love, goodness, mercy and peace.  And every morning He greets me with those gifts.  He no longer has to knock and I no longer have to wish, because through The King we have been granted all our hearts desire.

And I say...Amen

Photo of my nephew resting in God's love :)

Gifts From God

Image used via Google

While listening to John Ortberg speak on "The Rest of God" I suddenly began to think of all the great gifts The Father gives to us all.  Mr. Ortberg's message filled me with great peace.  Listing these gifts from God created the hugest smile on my face and within my heart.  I love taking inventory of life!  In the end I get to see just how much God truly loves me and believe me I know it is never-ending!

1. Jesus
2. Undeserved grace
3. Unconditional love & mercy
4. Sun rises
5. Sun sets
6. The smell of a newborn baby
7. Peace & Contentment
8. Laughter of children
9. Abilities (our talents)
10. Oceans & Majestic Mountains
11. The Bible
12. Life lessons & Discernment 
13. Self love & Satisfaction
14. Music & Art
15. Grateful Hearts

What Do I Think?

My friend Chris @ Life...or a reasonable facsimile thereof had an awesome post where he wrote a few of his random thoughts.  I loved the idea so much that I wanted to copy it!  I think it's cool to step back from themes or structured thinking and just blurt out what we truly think from time to time.  I hope you'll be inspired and maybe we'll see you doing the same thing over at your space!

I'd like to do this every Friday, so the person to come up with a snazzy title for it will win 2 brand new books by Joyce Meyer!  The word "think" has to be in the title.
(ex: Wishcasting Wednesday, Thankful Thursday)

I Think:

*People who carry gratitude in their hearts have joyful days more often than sour beings.

*Snapple is the greatest drink ever invented!!  Mango Madness is my all-time favorite!!

*Cooking for my family is a true gift from God and soothes my soul better than any medication

*Chocolate is the gateway to all things heavenly :)

*The people who run this country are letting us down big time

*There should be no homelessness

*Cancer should be wiped off the face of this earth

*Love IS the answer

*This choir rocks my spiritual socks off!!

*My daughter is the greatest gift God could ever have given me

*Family comes first...Period

*Laughter can heal any ailment

*I love doing these "I Think" posts a bit too much :)


I'm learning to pause and take things slower than usual (I like it).  I'm also learning how to simplify my surroundings and my inner thoughts.  I'm liking that as well.  Today I'm going to send out birthday mail to several beautiful children who's parents are financially unable to give them the celebration they'd love to.  I'll take my time and put great love into every goody bag.

No stress and absolutely no rushing through this day.  I will take deep breaths and be present in every moment.  I'm purposely taking a pause in my own way today.  Slow and deliberate is how I see this day going forward.  And I'm all right with that. :)

Today I'm Grateful for:

1. A new day
2. sunshine
3. God's love
4. A good night's rest
5. Food to cook for my family
6. Our health
7. The ability to use my hand (pain has subsided)
8. Inspiring beings
9. A loving and supportive daughter

A Weekend of Blessings

I didn't blog none this weekend and it was for a very good reason.  I chose to spend every waking moment with my family.  There was no online activity, very few phone calls and tons of laughing together.  Now that my nephew has returned to his mom hubby, Princess Charlie and I have been re-adjusting to it being just the four of us (our puppy pooh).  This weekend felt right.  Everyone had permanent smiles upon their faces and no one was on edge.  This weekend we were a family at peace and I can not express just how grateful I am for that!

Awesome Moments:

1. This Saturday we resumed bible study as a whole family
2. Our puppy pooh received a fabulous report from the vet
3. I treated myself to 2 small things I truly wanted and didn't feel guilty about it
4. As a family we watched Bridezillas, Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives (it's our tradition since falling in love with each show)
5. We cooked awesome meals together!
6. We went grocery shopping and were able to get everything we needed without going over budget :)

Princess Charlie is out of school (yay!) and we are going to enjoy one another's company!  We plan to have PC's famous nachos for lunch (the girl is a whiz at creating them!).  Then she and I will make my famous lasagna for dinner.  I'm very excited about it, because she and hubby always make a big deal out of my lasagna and that makes me feel so loved!

Some Cool Changes

Photo used via Google

Thank you to everyone who listened to the podcast and to those who commented on my poem!  You guys make a girl feel truly cared for!  I was sitting last night reflecting on the changes that are taking place within me and I must admit it leaves me in awe of what The Father can do.

1. I was a people pleaser.  I did not have the strength to say no.  This is no longer a true statement.
2. I cared what others thought of me - Never again!
3. I was afraid to cut my hair short - I did it and I feel Beautiful than ever before!!
4. I never did kind acts for myself - I do them daily now!
5. I'm losing weight!!!!!

I've been watching a bunch of videos by Mike Breaux and so much he says reflects with how my life is changing these days.  I'm still learning, but the most important thing I've learned is I cannot control what others say or do in my life.  The other is if I live in the now and seek a relationship with God (which I am) I will have a joyfull, love filled and peaceful life.  Troubles will come, but having complete faith will help me get through them and still say truthfully that I have joy in my life.

New Beginnings (Poem)

New Beginnings 

It's taken me some years you see,
but I'm finally becoming who I'm meant to be
No more stressing or crying or pulling my hair
Cause I'm walking my walk while floating on air
Don't care what they think
what they say is just fine
I'm in control of this life
After all it is mine
My sins are forgiven
The past is now gone
Erased failures from my memory
I've stepped into a new dawn
God lives within me, so I hold my head up high
It is He who takes the lead and I never question why
I am a new being
Created by the Master indeed
I'm living to serve
As each day He plants His seed
It matters not what they do
I can't control what they'll say
I must follow the path before me
For today is a brand new day
I am a New living being
Created by the All-Mighty indeed
Seeking peace in this world
As each day He plants His seed
(c)2010 By: Tabitha D

What Would You Do?

Due to a severely hurting wrist I'm offering today's post in podcast format.  I hope you'll take a few (short) minutes to listen and then answer the question posed in the comments section.

God Bless ~ Tabitha

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