Happy New Year To Everyone!!

Happy New Year To Everyone!!

I Wish For You:

*Great Health
*Blessings Galore
*Endless Possibilities

Soul Dance

Soul Dance
By: Tabitha D

The beat of his heart has become the music
in which I sway to...
Groove to
Love to hear his melodic tone in the quiet of the night
Feeling all right as my soul joins him on the metaphoric dance floor
Leaves me wanting more in the morning
Daydreaming of He
Counting the possibilities of...We
Knowing that it is I his heart, mind and soul seeks
He leaves me breathless with his words
Painting pictures with nouns and verbs
he knows how to make a soul shake
Never will my heart ache as long as he is in control
We dance to the same beat
Every day and night of the week
Gliding to our very own tune
Both aware that soon two become one
He the moon
I his Sun Shyne...truly meant to be
A melody of bliss
A love dance so...Heavenly
For a lifetime I pray our song will never end
He is my soulmate
I his eternal friend
His heart is the drum that beats to my soul
Making me forever whole
Ready and willing to take this chance
Eyes closed
Mind open
As both our beings begin this Soul Dance

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Call On Me

My family and I are returning to our home town to bring
the new year in with our entire family. I pray that you all
receive every blessing your heart desires. I wish you peace
within and love to last you an entire lifetime. I look forward
to our continued growth Together. Many of you have embedded
yourselves within my being and I'm DEEPLY Grateful for that.

I leave this with you on this day:

If you need shelter from the rain...
A gentle hand to walk with you
Warm hugs to get you through the night
Call On Me

If you need tender words to ease your pain
If you want to release the laughter which is
trapped within your soul
Call On Me

If you need someone to talk to in the middle of
the night
To help erase all doubt
To chase away any fright
Call On Me

If you need
Someone who'll listen to your every dream
Someone who'll truly mean it when they say
I Love You
If you need a True friend
Someone to love you unconditionally
If you need a little Sun shine in your life
A Friend who's Heaven Sent
Call On Me

Peace Filled Saturday

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Today I'm Grateful For:

My Life
Sweet Dreams
Gentle Kisses
Every Single Blessing

I Desire To:

Be Blissfully Happy
Stay A Great Mom
Help Those In Need
Do The Work That HE Puts Before Me
Live In & Spread Peace

3 Things I Love About Today:

The Birds Chirping Outside My Window
Quiet Time With HIM
Seeing My Daughter's Beautiful Smile

The Day After

Christmas this year was a bit different for me. First, we didn't go home to Louisiana as we normally do (but we are going for New Year's Eve). We decided to think outside of the box and cook a non traditional meal. Hubby is a cooking expert, so there was no surprise when he presented dinner to us. Normally we are surrounded by up to 80 family members, so everyone must eat fast and play musical chairs.

Last night for the first time in 12 years as a family we (hubby, princess and I) ate Christmas dinner very calmly. We savored every bite and enjoyed each others company dearly. We thanked the Father for this opportunity and we prayed for those who were having a hard time. After dinner we watched a few Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel!

This was the Christmas I always desired! A peaceful and love filled day going at OUR pace and not the pace of others.

I pray that Christmas lives in each of us EVERY DAY of the year!

Today I Am Grateful For:

* A new day
*A beautiful family
*Our health
*Delicious food
*A home
* Blessings of all sizes
* Growth
* Guidance
* Peace Within
* God's love
* Nature
* A Blessed and Phenomenal Christmas
* New Beginnings



Merry Christmas Eve!

Today is the day to enjoy all that surrounds you
For it was given as a gift
Each moment should be treasured
Each day celebrated
For these precious moments are gifts given to us all
and in return we should
Share in love,
Share in peace
Smile at a stranger
and always express Gratitude

~Purple Dance~

I dance in the color of purple
It soothes me to my bones
I like to glide soft and swiftly
To every little tone
I close my eyes and dance
Never caring who's around
I close my eyes and dance
To my heart which musically creates the sounds
Dancing is my escape
My troubles are no longer here
Dancing is my escape
From anger or the fear
I'm a true brave soldier
When I'm dancing across my floor
For I dance in the color purple
And it is there that I'll live happily forever more

©Tabitha D ~ 2007

Good Things

Each day we give thanks for what we have in our lives, but do we every truly NOTICE all of the good things which surround us? I have been struggling with my sadness for those who are less fortunate and in the same sense I've been truly paying attention to what I'm surrounded with.

Good Things:

*A child's laughter
* My warm home
* Delicious food
* My puppy's kisses
* Hot Chocolate
* Music
* Flowers and Huge oak trees
* Comforting bubble baths
* Television and wonderful movies
* Beautiful scenery
* Butterflies
* Angel Statues
*Christmas lights
* Unconditional Love

My list could go on and on, but I'd like to know what nice things are YOU surrounded by?

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion to clarity...Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

- Melody Beattie

I'm Grateful For:

*This Life - *That I'm So Deeply Loved - *Patience - *Beauty Of The World - *Kind Hearted People - *Beautiful Music - *My Inner Child - *Family - *That I Was Guided To Each Of You

Please Help End Homelessness

I have been crying since I saw this video last night. Knowing that homelessness even exists has always broken my heart, but it's even harder around the holidays for me to face this fact.

I truly understand that times are financially hard on EVERYONE these days,
but we are all on the internet, so it's safe to say we are blessed and within
our own homes. There are so many things we CAN do to help make a difference.

1. Donate clothing to homeless shelters
2. Donate Non-Perishable food items
3. Donate toiletries
4. Volunteer at a local shelter or pantry
5. Invite family and friends to help

The list goes on and on.

Today there are 1.3 million children homeless.
This should NOT be!

Please look within your hearts, pray and go on Faith knowing
your helping them WILL be the right thing to do.

"If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another. If you wish to know that you are safe, cause another to know that they are safe. If you wish to better understand seemingly incomprehensible things, help another to better understand. If you wish to heal your own sadness or anger, seek to heal the sadness or anger of another."

- Tenzin Gyatso

Reflection and Gratitude

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.
*Alfred Lord Tennyson

Today I'm Grateful:

*For a new day with family
*Love from The Father
*Love of SELF
*Our Health
*Respect from those who truly know me
*That I live happily in my skin
*For lessons learned (the easy ones, but mostly the hard ones)
*Peace Within
*For my home and all the beautiful things and people that dwell within it
*For Music - my soul is healed by it each and every day
*Every single blessing
*The talents given to me
*My positive blogger friends - You Make A Difference!

Today I Know:

~I'm HIS Masterpiece
~I'm Beautiful
~I can conquer anything
~That I'm Deeply and Hopelessly in Love (with hubby and my daughter)
~Our family was meant to be
~Every chapter was meant to be throughout my life
~The ending chapter will be a blissful surprise
~My reasons for being here (without a doubt)
~That Faith + Hope = Possibilities
~That I make ME happy
~Peace is nearer than you think - Just look inward *wink*
~Today Is The Day
~Each day is a new chance (paint the canvas brightly and smile)
~Tomorrow is not guaranteed - Rock This Day!
~That I Wish Us All Bliss

Today marks the last goody bag drop off my family and I will do this year. We've been blessed in so many ways, so we've tried so very hard to share that with others, especially ill and homeless children. Today hubby and I will be dropping off to 2 local hospitals and yesterday we dropped off at Sam Ministries (homeless living Facility). I just wanted to share a few pictures of our final giveaway for the year of 2008. What a beautiful year it has been for giving and spreading smiles!

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
*Thomas Jefferson

Love Called

Love Called by: Tabitha D

When love called
it never sounded so sweet
It had me mesmerized and damn near knocked
me off my feet.
I was hooked on the thought of what could or could
not be...Then
Love hit me at both sides
So that I could not see
A silhouette of what I was to claim
I said speak to me my love
And...through a whisper I heard my name
Chills ran through me and I can't seem to describe
How my new love and I began this...instant vibe
We...talked about the future
Reminisced upon the past
Wrapped up into one another
I...never felt my heart leap so fast
At last love came and...
It showed up just in time
This new and bewitching love was at my front door
And for once...love was truly mine


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There Are No Do Overs

We are all given one life.
One chance to make the very best out of what we're given
It should be lived in peace
Void of fear and stress
Laughter should consume the walls of your home
Gratitude should be expressed at every given moment
Allow no complaint to fall from your lips
We should embrace the beauty before us
Notice every vibrant color
Dance within the rain
Embrace other's differences
Love deeply
Forgive immediately
Say I Love you to everyone in your life
ALWAYS show appreciation
Allow your inner child to come out and play
Sing loudly
Be the difference for those who are in need
Stand tall and proud in the end
Knowing in your soul you've lived as you should
Because there are no do-overs
So, let's live this one life to the best of our abilities

Speaking Faith Into Others

Words are powerful, but positive and faith filled words are extraordinary. Speaking faith into a soul is the greatest blessing one could give. If we took the time to uplift others their paths could be changed in a most positive way. Repetitively telling a child they are beautiful will instill in them a strong sense of self-esteem. Telling them they can achieve anything they wish can lead them on a path of greatness.

Speaking faith into a person who is lost can save a life. Not everyone is blessed to be surrounded by those who uplift. Instead they are surrounded by those who steal the very energy from within them.

YOU can be the difference in any of these people's lives. Just by speaking faith into them you are creating a Faith Filled Universe. What you put out into the universe will in turn come back to you!

Positive Things To Say:

*You are beautiful/handsome
*You can do anything your heart desires
*I believe in you
*You're a masterful work of the Father
*I Love You
*I'm proud of you
*You're a child of God
*No one has the power to defeat you
*Believe - Even in that, which you can not see

~If someone says they're a failure - Tell them they are a winner
~If a friend says she's fat - Tell her she's just as God created her to be
~When a child says I can't do it - Say "You can do anything"
~If someone says I Hate - You say I Love
~If someone says there's no way out - Tell them Faith is their way out
~If you see someone frowning - Sincerely give them your brightest smile

It has taken me years to learn and incorporate these into my life, but I have. I would not turn the other way if I were paid to do so. I believe we are all here for reasons far greater than just US. So, while you are here LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and spread FAITH.

YOU will not only make a difference in the lives of others, but before your very eyes YOU will make an extraordinary difference in the life given to you.

Pamper Yourself☺

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Each of us woman or man deserves to be pampered in every sense of the word. Although, everyone's definition of pampering may be different it all stems from the same base idea. If you are a stay-at-home mom sometimes you may feel a bit run down by the middle of the week. If you work and your job creates stress you may find yourself tensing up a great deal. Whatever the case may be I'm here to tell you that YOU deserve to be pampered. Sit in a quiet space or just before you slumber off tell the universe what type of pampering you'd like to come to you.

Pampering Ideas:

*Take a long hot bubble bath - light a candle or two add a little zen music and escape for an hour.
*Take a well needed nap
*Get a friend or hubby and indulge in a nice lunch date
*Create a music play list (Feel Good Music) on your computer and dance, dance, dance!
*Read a great book in complete silence - make sure you are relaxed and comfortable
*For those who can - SHOP :) Treat yourself to a nice gift!
*Give yourself a well needed facial with mani and pedi
*Take up a relaxing hobby (yoga, art, golfing or knitting)
*Write out your frustrations - burn them
*Write out your hopes and dreams - save them.

The possibilities are endless! The idea is to KNOW that you deserve this type of treatment from yourself and allow it to be. No guilt should ever come into play.

Be Spontaneous!

You give to your family, your job, your friends and some of us give to total strangers without ever second guessing our decision. So, take a step back and GIVE to yourself.

How Will You Pamper Yourself This Week?

Tree Of Happiness Award!

The beautiful Beverly has blessed me with the wonderful “Tree of Happiness” award!

The rules:

• Link to the person who gave the award to you.
• Post the rules on your blog.
• List six things that make you happy.
• Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
• Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
• Let the person who awarded you know when your entry is up.

Six things that make me happy:

*My daughter and hubby - Their love is deeply unconditional and gives me the drive to excel in all that I do
*Talking on the phone with my nieces and nephews - They make me laugh so hard
*Going home to see my mom and my sisters - I Love them deeply
*Making children smile by creating goody bags for them
*Dancing around my room until I'm tired - It truly is a mood elevator!
*Meeting and Befriending inspirational beings - They uplift my spirit to the highest ☺

Now I’m passing this award off to the following bloggers, who not only make me smile, but they uplift me in great ways.

Ask Grandma J
Hi Ho Ohio
Reality Insanity
The Muse

Click on the award to pick yours up!

Happy Sunday To Everyone!!!

Saturday's Happiness

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Studies are showing that Happiness is Contagious. If you are happy, then your loved ones are happy also. Your happiness can actually reach out to perfect strangers! If this indeed true wouldn't it be grand if everyone could just spread a little happiness? How would YOU do so?

If writing out gratitude lists helps increase blessings shouldn't writing out happiness lists help in spreading happiness? Let's Find Out!

The People & Things That Make Me Happy:

*My Daughter
*Writing Poetry
*My silly son (puppy)
*Watching T.A.P.S
*Helping others
*Elderly couple holding hands
*Hot cocoa in the morning
*Dancing in the rain
*Talking to my nieces
*A newborn baby
*Sleeping in on the weekend

There's my short list! So, what and who makes you happy?

My Metamorphosis

I Am

No Longer Fearful
Missing Home (New Orleans)
Excited About Visiting In A Few Weeks
Feeling Extremely Blessed
Completely Believing In ME
Adoring My Princess
Gearing Up For Our Big Christmas Give To The Local Children's Hospitals
Loving My Hubby Deeply
Grateful For My Bloggy Friends
Miss My Grandma Terribly
Enjoying Christmas Movies Daily
Embracing The Growth
Nurturing My Soul
Basking In Peace
Re-Awakening My Poetic Voice
Lost In A Sea Of Soul Soothing Music
Brave Once Again
Hugging My Inner Child
Totally Ignoring Negativity
Smiling At Strangers More Often
Feeling Beautiful (Soul Deep)
Looking Forward To New Paths
Ready To Do Whatever God Has Planned For Me
Laughing Until I Become Tired
Loving With My Entire Heart
Accepting My Imperfections
Knowing They Were Meant To Be
Believing I'm A Queen
Seeing Life As It Should Be

What Metamorphosis Have You Gone Through?

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My Wish For You Today

I think of you each day and
I pray for you at night
I ask God to hold you near
To strengthen you for life's daily fight
I ask him to keep away all hurt and harm
To fill you with the holy spirit
and forever keep your heart loving and warm
I pray your dreams are fully fulfilled
Your family unit remain strong and true
I wish for you The Love Of God
as a bonus I also send my love to you.

---Tabitha D.

Today I Wish For You: Peace Within - Love - Guidance - Laughter - Positivity & Sheer Bliss

Yellow Roses Represent Friendship and Peace
Is My Gift To YOU


Muse has given me The Butterfly Award! She is an incredible writer and beautiful spirit! Her blog is awesome and uplifts my very being. I'm deeply honored and grateful to have been awarded by two beautiful souls!!

Here are the rules:
  • Put the logo on my blog.
  • Add a link to the person who awarded me.
  • Nominate outstanding blogs that I follow.
  • Add links to those blogs.
  • Leave a message to those nominees on their blog.
So I Choose:

Caroline @ The Zen In You - Everyday I am uplifted by this beautiful woman

Share World Love - For all things fun and beautiful this is the blog to visit!

Hi Oh Ohio - This blog is simply fun!

Jlo @ Zany Life + Crazy Faith - You won't regret going there...I Promise!

3 Beautiful Things On Wednesday

Pic from here

1. Winter has hit San Antonio (Yippee!)

Pic found here

2. Starting my morning with a hot cup of cocoa while listening to Joyce Meyer

3. Seeing this beautiful face as soon as I open my eyes

I'm Grateful For:
The delicious meal we had for dinner last night * For seeing my daughter dance happily in the rain/ice combo that fell from the sky last night * A brand new day * Music * Guidance * Being Loved * Being able to Love * The guidance of my big bro and my sissy in law * Hubby's True Love * Peace Within

I read the following message the other day and wanted to share it with you all. It was written by Carrie Hart

Carrie's Message: Give thanks for each breath you take, for each note of music you hear, for smiles and laughter, and for the joy within you, deep inside, always there, ever present, a deep joy in simply being alive.
Give thanks for being who you are, just as you are in this moment, on this day, right now.

Give thanks for the great blessings of your life, for every moment you have lived and for each event and each person that has enriched the depths of your experience as a human being.

And most of all, give thanks for this moment, right now. Go deeply into it and feel the quickening pulse of life as it pours through your body, filling you with beauty and wonder.

Just as life is, just as you are, give thanks.

How Times Have Changed

(Part Of The Gang)

My princess and I were having one of our talks about the differences in my childhood and her own. Upon talking a sense of sadness came over me. My family is very HUGE, so no one can ever say they were lonely. My two sisters have given me 8 beautiful children who love me as their aunt. So, my daughter even as the only child has never truly been alone. But during our conversation I noticed that my childhood was a bit more adventurous and in all honesty awesome!

As a kid my family took up three houses in this neighborhood. My family had been living there since before I was born. Every family knew one another! There were NO secrets amongst these families. If my sisters or I did something wrong any adult from the Hall family had the green light to put us in check (whoop our butts), then of course it would be my Mama's turn.

I grew up with two sisters within my home and directly across the street were 9 aunts and uncles and 12 cousins. Remember, this was just in my neighborhood. My family tree runeth over. LOL
During summer time we'd play kickball, tetherball, Mama Your Bread Is Burning, Cool Can or Jump Rope. My uncle P ran his very own peewee football team and we girls were their official cheerleaders. We all attended St. Lukes Summer Day Camp until we were noticeably too old. ;)

The ice cream man made our street his permanent hangout. I truly think we provided the funds for two new vans throughout the years. Then there was Mr. Joe! Mr. Joe came through our neighborhood every weekday around 6pm. In his van he had EVERY candy a child could imagine! I adored Mr. Joe, because he would always give me an extra pack of Now & Laters or an extra box of Lemon Heads. I was one of his biggest customers and I was proud of it!

My family gave the biggest and best parties ever and there was never anytime for boredom to set in. We lived on Dorgenois Street (french for...What A Blast!). Many times I've wished to be right back there where things were fun and safety was never an issue. The place where the best 17 years of my life were spent.

Dorgenois Street. Where love oozed on every corner and laughter of children rang out for miles and miles.

This place that I love so very much no longer exists. The street is still there, but my family no longer resides on it and if you ride down Dorgenois Street today you'd swear you were in a horror film. Drugs invaded my beautiful neighborhood and has corrupted it's very essence.

My daughter has indeed had a very rich childhood along with her trillions of cousins, but they have never had the blessing of living on Dorgenois Street. They've never walked out of their home and felt the pulse of a neighborhood right below their feet.

Times have dramatically changed my friends. How I yearn for those vibrant days! Those days when I felt as one. As one with good old Dorgenois Street.

Loving My Life

(pic of my princess and I)

I've been soaring mountains
banishing fears

believing in the Impossible
laughing from my soul
Loving deeply

Allowing myself to breathe
to feel
to exhale

to Be

I'm embracing my spirituality
allowing others to pass me by
getting to know freedom

smiling everyday

crying at the right moments
in awe of nature
becoming breathless at the site of my princess
finally peaceful within
Loving My Life

I wish you peace and blessings
today and every day.
I wish you possibilities at an impossible time
I wish for you love and laughter
warm hugs and soft kisses from those near to your heart

I wish you LOVE

Loves Comes Softly (Poem)

Loves Comes Softly
By: Tabitha D.

A cool gentle breeze runs across my face
Butterflies invade my belly at the mere thought of you
Everlasting smiles
School girl giggles when compliments are given
Scribbling little love letters daily just to say I LOVE YOU
Smiling back when receiving them in return
Safety comes about when lying in your arms at night
Spiritually connected to you mind, body and soul
Having complete faith that WE Are Meant To Be
A celestial true love that will live on eternally
A cool gentle breeze runs across my face
As angels sing of a union so Heavenly
Again I smile at the mere thought of WE
Knowing this is right and believing that
TRUE LOVE...Comes Softly

She Beat Me Into Submission

For two weeks now I have been bombarded with "Mommy, we just have to see it!", "Mommy, it's Twilight!" or "Ill just die if I don't see it!" Did I ever mention that my princess was a tad bit mellow dramatic?

So, to make my princess happy the entire family headed to the movie theater to see Twilight. All that I can say is mid way into this movie I became a 13 year old swooning confidant for my daughter. The movie was awesome! I am a BIG sucker for true love, so there was no surprise when family members looked my way to see a glassy eyed, sunk in seat, clutching heart - ME. It was downright beautiful and I want to see it AGAIN!

While leaving out of the movie theater my brother and his fiance announced that they are expecting their 1st born!!! Ok, can you say ELATED?? She's 4 weeks pregnant and I can NOT contain my excitement!!!

Today I Feel:
Blessed * Grateful * Elated * Romantic * Loved * Loving * Guided * Kind * Peaceful

I'm Grateful For:

1. Waking up to see my family and spend quiet time with the Lord
2. Being blessed with another opportunity to bond with my princess
3. The blessings of babies being born
4. Growth (Mental and spiritually)
5. The True spirit of Christmas that surrounds us
6. Love of self, God and Family
7. Sharing a hot chocolate with my hubby on a cold night like last night
8. Knowing what True Love is ☺

Have A Beautifully Blessed Saturday!!

10 Honest Things About Me

1. I'm deadly afraid of snakes
2. I'm brutally honest
3. I hate to have my nose squeezed or my ears played with
4. I'm ADDICTED to chocolate (Seriously!)
5. I want to adopt two kids (one from Africa - one from Cambodia)
6. I'm SO very curious about spirits (ghosts)
7. My fav holidays are Halloween and Christmas
8. When I was in the first grade I thought Mr. Marzec was HOT! LOL
9. I miss John A
10. I'm EXTREMELY Emotional (but not in a Fatal Attraction sort of way) HA!

Simple Ways To Make Others Smile This Christmas

In the morning we will be heading to the post office and we are so very excited! With the economy in a slump we are very grateful that there are still affordable ways to spread cheer this Christmas. I read about two projects, which are trying to help uplift others this holiday season, so we contacted the first organization ChemoAngels and asked if we could send 22 gift bags for the kids they are trying to help. They said yes,
so we jumped right on it!

The second organization is The Red Cross. They are spear heading The Holiday Mail For Heroes Campaign!
You are asked to send cards to our brave soldiers for the holidays and we just could not past this opportunity up. We owe them so much, so a card is the least we could do to show our appreciation!

If you and your family would like to send cards to our men and women of the armed services this holiday please do by sending them to:
Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Please visit the website first for a few rules and regulations and please have them postmarked by December 10, 2008

God Bless To All!!

12 Days Of Christmas

Today you will find ME as a guest writer at
Zany Life + Crazy Faith

hop on over and check out her great series

The 12 Days Of Christmas!!

Be Blessed

Rain On Me (Poem)

Pic used from Google.com
Owner: http://ldiehl.blogspot.com/

Rain On Me
By: Tabitha D.

Drizzle upon my soul
let the essence of you
combine with me
So that I may know the true meaning to...
Peace Be Still
Wrap your arms around me
so that I might rest awhile
Taking the time to finally transform
into the being I...was meant to be
Etch your tears on me like tattoos
as I sit in the middle of chaos
and yet, not notice a thing
Let me be who I want to be
and no longer play this game of charades
Just to keep the masses happy
Allow me to walk along your footprints
strong and courageous
Never again trying to fix that, which is not fixable
I want to thank you for the gift of motherhood
because she allows me to make mistakes
and still smiles in my face saying...I Love You Mommy
Rain on me
Grant me the blessings you see fit
and I shall pass them on for generations to come
Rain...on me
Grant me the ability to know when love is true
and the strength to walk away when it is not
Let my third eye guide me when all else has failed
When family has let me down
When so called friends have bailed
Rain On Me
Wash away my fears
Purify my soul so that I may glide through this life
stress free
and please don't let these fools test me
Cause see...I'm a dirty south kind of chic
A New Orleans bred
coming from the heart and Dome real hard
but most importantly
don't let them test me
Cause I stand before them...A Child Of God
and my father...He don't play
He provides me with the tools to survive
each and every day
He breathes within me these words to calm
Silencing cries, which are riddled in wounds of the past
I now know PEACE...at last
and my soul is filled with his grace
His love ALONE
allows me to be
He asks what is it that I need
and I humbly reply
Please Heavenly Father...
Rain On Me

Emotions Of Christmas

Every year I gear up for the 25 Days Of Christmas on ABCFamily Channel. It is a time when I not only reflect on past Christmases with my princess, but those of my youth. I remember sitting down with my aunt C and watching "White Christmas" for the first time! I was elated! Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby have since been two figures embedded within my heart. To hear Bing Crosby sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" places a huge lump within my throat.

It's A Wonderful Life! This movie fills my heart with sheer joy. When I was little I use to say that this will be the title of my life story. If my life came to a screeching halt today (not checking out anytime soon) I can honestly say it has indeed been a wonderful life! Yes, there have been many bumps in the road, but it's those very bumps that give us the strength we need to keep moving forward.

Life's Highlights:

1. I walked when doctors said I wouldn't
2. I grew up in the best family ever!
3. I was blessed with two Angels as Grandparents
4. When I won 1st place @ The Special Olympics at age 7
5. Giving birth to my princess (My Greatest Accomplishment)
6. Marrying my True Love
7. Having 7 of my poems published (1 was published when I was in the 6th grade) :-)
8. Learning to drive when even my family doubted this decision (NEVER had an accident - GO ME!)
9. Learning to give God Full control of my life
10. Loving The Skin that I'm In - COMPLETELY
11. Embraced My Destiny

In the soundtrack of my life you'll hear a few songs that totally reflect who I was and who I am now. But, the most important song is in no way Christmas related. However, it conveys my message to the world in the greatest way.

My Way

The record Shows
I took The Blows
And Did It
My Way!


So Many Things 2 Be Grateful For

2008 has truly been a crazy year for my family. We have hit some major successes and have felt the extreme pain of losing three family members. Even through all of this I can still see the silver lining. The fact that I can see it says a great deal about this thing called "Growth." There truly is some genius to this "One Day At A Time" motto. Add that with a strong and profound sense of faith and you have a formula for magic! Not in the hocus pocus sense, but in the supernatural indeed.

This year we couldn't put up our big tree, because our little weiner would not stop knocking the decorations off of the bottom of the tree. But, it's okay because we LOVE our little white tree!

After three days of feeling yucky my princess and I emerge victorious! Today, I secretly ordered the three things she asked for Christmas.

Pics used from Walmart.com

The Complete Series Of: Pic used from Borders.com

And a cute sewing Machine! She has no idea I've gotten these things yet and I can't wait to see her face on Christmas Morning!

I'm grateful that even though we've had some devastating moments this year we've also had some HUGE Blessings as well.

Today, I was blessed with the finances to be able to bring joy to my princess on Christmas. But even more than that I was blessed with finances that will enable me to bring a jolly Christmas to the children who reside in Sam Ministries (Homeless Shelter) on Christmas morning!

No One But God Could Have Orchestrated This One!!

Today I Feel:

Awesome Moments:
1. Waking up to my family
2. Receiving that financial blessing
3. Ordering my princesses Christmas goodies
4. Watching Joyce speak on Owning our own Peace
5. Putting together a plan for the kids at the homeless shelter
6. Noticing, yet again how loved I am by my Father.

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