Today I'm Enjoying

Today I'm Enjoying...

-Sweet apples
-Calming music
-The Bible
-Autumn weather (=
-A brand new day

Exercise Tips For The Disabled

My Daily Mantra: I will do what I can and God will do what I can't

The exercise in the picture is something I can not do as a person with a disability.  For years I've done these only to cause my back severe pain and give up very quickly.  A month ago a physical therapist showed me exercises I could do that would not cause my back any stress what so ever!  I thought I'd describe them as best I could for those readers who are disabled or back sufferers.  Anyone can do these and they WORK!!

Leg Exercises: For 20 minutes I do these with great intensity.  I put on a 5lb ankle weight and while sitting I run in place, do leg lifts and then I stand and do half squats.  Each day I alternate what I will start with so it does not become boring.

Tummy Crunches: I can not do tummy crunches in the traditional way, so while sitting straight in a chair I hold in my belly for 30 second while bringing the top of my body forward and the straight up again.  I do these for 20 to 30 minutes daily.  When I'm in the car I do these while hubby drives and that gives me extra exercise minutes.  I also hold in my belly during commercials for extra exercise time during my favorite TV shows.  Doing these for the past month has dropped my belly/waist down an entire pant size!!

Arm Exercises: I have a coffee mug that I filled with a glass egg that weighs 4 pounds.  I use this as my weights and lift it in increments of ten for 8 minutes.  Since I only have one arm doing it much longer becomes painful, so I stay within my limit.

I hope this helps you and will inspire many to honor their body and health!!

Food Intake

8am - a bowl of grits w/ slice of wheat toast
11am - one cut cucumber w/sprinkle of sea salt & apple
1pm - Lean Cuisine Beef & potatoes meal
4pm - 1/2 cup of carrots & an apple
6:30pm - 1 boneless chop, rice w/ brown gravy and mixed veggies

8 cups of water
20 minutes of leg exercises w/weights
20 minutes of tummy exercises
20 minutes of cardio

Have A Fabulous Tuesday!!!

Sweating Away The Pounds

Happy Monday!

I've been offline a few days with exciting things going on in my life.  Princess Charlie will be attending her very first homecoming dance next month, so we had to go dress shopping.  It was an experience I've waited for and it was all I thought it would be.  I didn't have such experiences with my mom, so I knew my kid would never be able to say that.  She's extremely excited and so is her mom.

I'm not sure how much weight I've lost, but it sure is noticeable.  Pants are starting to sag and shirts are swallowing me whole and I'm loving it!  I was eating three meals a day, but found around 8 at night I'd get a little hungry, so I added a veggie snack in my schedule between breakfast and lunch and that seems to be working beautifully.  I've broken my exercise into three intervals of twenty minutes and that works perfectly for me.  the first twenty minutes are intense leg exercises with leg weights, which I purchased for a nifty $8!

I've added vitamin D & C to my daily way of living at the advice of my doctor.  The benefits are great especially for those losing weight in a healthy fashion.  As the days draw on I'm finding myself feeling more and more energetic and so very grateful for God's guidance on this!  I know without asking for his help and BELIEVING in what He could do for me this would be hell for me.  Instead I truly enjoy it and I look forward to each new day!

I'm off to do my second set of exercises!  It's time to focus on the belly area.  Watching it go down for me is truly amazing!  I'm very excited for my hubby as well!  We've been together for 13 years and he's been a big guy since before we met.  I'm watching him slim down and it's amazing!  He's been overly stubborn about his weight for years, but watching me has lit a spark in him and we are going through this together!!

I Don't Need It To Be Flat, But I Damn Sure Don't Want It To Be Fat

Of course I am speaking of my belly.  I have no unrealistic expectations to have washboard abs.  I just wish to decrease my belly size to a comfortable level.  I've been learning about what amount of calories I need to lose weight in a healthy way.  So many articles contradict one another, but every nutritionist I spoke with all agree 1200 is a healthy number for me.  In all honesty I thought that was too high and some days I just can't eat that much, but I try to at least reach 1000.  They say if you eat less than 1000 you can actually gain weight.  I'm no expert, so I listen and learn.

After all of this I am seriously contemplating going back to school to become a nutritionist, but I want to do it for free.  I want to help those who struggle with weight loss and feel alone in their struggle.  We'll see how it plays out, but I'm more than sure that's exactly what will go down.  Stay tuned for that!

Today I intend to exercise, eat healthy and put uplifting mail together.  I'm very grateful for the blessings that are upon me.  Hey, I sure could use some healthy dinner ideas.  I welcome any suggestions as my brain has drawn a blank.

God Bless

Hello Lovelies!!

Through God I am a Victor and NOT a Victim. --Joel Osteen

The sun is shining in my world today.  It has been a few days since I've blogged, but I promise I've been hard at work.  God is at work within me and as the new me is revealed I become more and more excited.  He is helping me in ways no human ever could have.  The enemy (satan) tries very hard to discourage me, but I am finally learning how to outwit him.  I never knew how to before, but these days I am paying attention as God teaches me.

Newest Updates:

1. I am now exercising 60 minutes 6 days a week and 36 on Saturdays
2. I now have muscle definition in my left leg and left arm.  For me that is ULTRA huge, because these are the only two limbs that I have and it feels AMAZING for them to be in such great shape!
3. I love watching my belly melt away little by little
4. I'm doing pretty well with my eating.  I get a little frustrated with the calorie counting sometimes, but I know doing this truly helps me stay on track
5. I have SO much more energy and getting around is effortless
6. When I reach my goal I wish to help others find their healthier way of living (FOR FREE)

Things I've Been Eating:

*Oatmeal - eating this for breakfast gives me great energy and pairing it with an apple keeps me full for 5 hours
*Nutri Grain Waffles w/tsp of jam - This is delicious and also keeps me full until my next meal.  I usually have an apple or tangerine with it
*LOTS of Veggies - Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Beets
*LOTS of Fruit - Apples, Oranges, Tangerines, Grapes and (Bananas - occasionally)
*Fish - Talapia, Salmon and Flounder
*Bread - Whole Wheat or Honey Wheat (occasionally). I'm not a big bread lover.
*LOTS of Water
*Snacks - Cashews, plain popcorn, sugar free jello

I'll list more at a later time.  I pray you are all enjoying your days!

Self - Revelations

I love learning and what I've been learning a lot lately is I love learning about myself.  I'm seeing parts of me I never knew existed and guess what?  I love every part of it!  I never thought changing my eating habits would reveal so much to me.  When dieting in the past I can't recall ever asking God to be my guide.  This time I acknowledged that without him I would fail.  Last night hubby wanted me to share ice cream with him and at first I was furious at him, but then I realized it was the enemy using him to get at me.  I apologized and politely declined.  The enemy has no limits!  He will literally go to hell and back to get us to obey him.  I guess no one gave him the memo on me.  I guess he's not been informed that I submitted every part of me to God and no longer can he manipulate me.

I am now exercising 57 minutes 6 days a week.  I do 37 minutes in the AM and 20 minutes in the afternoon.  I feel more energetic with each new day and as I see the results I become increasingly determined to win this battle.  God created this body just for me and I WILL honor Him by honoring my body.  There is NO DENYING God's part in my weight loss and new way of living.  Weight loss is a huge battle for any being and it is 3 times harder for those of us living with physical disabilities.  So, I am very clear when I say it is all because of God that I am achieving this success.  He knows my heart and mind are all on the same page with him now.  I KNOW this will be a success, because He is leading me and I will hold on to that belief forever and a day.

Today I Am Grateful For: God's never-ending love, my family, my health, God's strength within me, joy, peace, success, love, my ability to love, His presence in my life.

In My Own Words

I thought I'd do this post in podcast format.  I had a few things I wanted to say (tips and things) and it was easier than typing it all out. =)

I pray you are all doing well and are having a blessed week.

Living Healthy

Hello Everyone (=

I have so much I want to say, but I think I'm going to break it up into a few posts instead of bombarding your brains with one giant post.  The first thing is I'm going to stop numbering my days.  It sorta felt like I was pressuring myself to get back on here and update and felt guilty when I couldn't.


* I saw my primary care doctor on 9/10 and he told me I lost 3 pounds!  He also said that my lungs sound wonderful and the pulmonologist was very impressed by me. *BIG Grin*

* I've decided against buying a scale.  I'm going to go by the feel of my clothing and I will get weighed at my doctor appointments.

* Yesterday 9/12 I put on the shirt in the above photo.  I have not been able to fit that shirt comfortably for a few months.

* Yesterday I also went to Target, because I was in need of a smaller size bra! I even purchased a pair of shorts in size XL! HA!

* Because of my changes my dear hubby has now joined me on this new path!!

* When I first became serious about this I was exercising 20 minutes 5 days a week.  Because I have more stamina I am now exercising 49 minutes 6 days a week. =)

* Many ladies are following me on this journey and a few are living with disabilities.

* I believe in sharing knowledge, so I will document this journey as best as I can and I will answer all emails or questions TRUTHFULLY.

In my next post I will share some of the new food items I am eating to help me in my journey to a healthier me.

My Advice To Others On This Journey:

1. Drink lots of water
2. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner
3. Watch your caloric intake, but don't drive yourself insane with it.
4. Move your body and start slow
5. Take one day at a time

Until next time...Stay Sweet =)

Living My Healthiest Life - Day 9-12

Hello Beautiful Beings (=

I have been so busy with our family mission, exercising, counting calories, being mom and wife I forget to check in here.  I will try to be more aware of this in the near future.  I am truly enjoying my new way of living.  I am being enlightened at every turn.  As my mind, body and soul transform I am growing to be the child God dreams me to be.

The Goings On:

1. I am literally feeling lighter these days.  It's more of a mental thing I think, but I'll take that any day.  I have lost 5 pounds so far!

2. I am breathing better with each new day.  I have only had 1 asthma incident and it was so minute compared to two months ago.  I'm sure the exercising is giving my lungs great support. YaY!

3. I am learning to count my calories without driving myself batty.  My nutritionist suggested I not exceed 1200 calories per day, but since I am no big eater she suggested the minimum be 1000.  My major downfall for gaining was sodas and going over calories due to not being educated on them.

4. My face is shrinking!!

5. My boobs are shrinking!!  Some would see that as a bad thing, but uhhh not I!!  LOL

6. I'm drinking LOTS of water and eating the suggested 4 servings of fruit per day.  Eating the fruit truly helps with my not overeating.

Living My Healthiest Life - Day 8

Last night I dreamt of my best friend Matthew.  I hadn't dreamt of him since he passed away 6 years ago.  It felt good to see his handsome face again and be so close to him.  I miss him terribly.

Those ugly thoughts tried to creep into my thoughts yesterday.  You know the ones; "you are doing all of this for nothing."  "It will take forever for this weight to drop."  Luckily, I noticed them and kicked them to the curb swiftly.  I think that's why Matthew appeared in my dream.  Whenever I faced an obstacle he would force me to face it head on and in my dream he did just that.  I heard Joyce Meyer say "if we do what we can God will do what we can't."  So, I use that phrase as my mantra while exercising.  I deeply believe God will most definitely guide me across the finish line.  I know that because of my disabilities I have a few more stumbling blocks, but with all my heart I know God is guiding my outcome in a positive manner.  I'm not fearing failure, because He is not of fear and as His child neither am I.

Today I Am: Enthusiastic, Hopeful, Determined, Grateful, Strong, Joyful, Loved, Loving, Peaceful, Beautiful and Weightless.

Living My Healthiest Life - Day 5-7

Happy Sunday Beautiful Beings!

This is my puppy son Jasper and he's also my exercising buddy.  He's decided he needs a little exercise in his life as well, so when I am about to start he comes in and joins me.  It's so hilarious and he seems to be having a ball!  My exercise time has increased from 20 minutes to 30!  I'm so excited about that, because I did not think that would be so soon.  When I wake up in the morning my body is craving exercise.  Who knew?!

I'm noticing some trimming in my belly and my left leg (only one I have) ☺.  I actually feel smaller, but I won't weigh myself until I go to the doctor.  I decided to base my weight loss on how my clothing are fitting.  Scales just drive me crazy and they discourage me.

On a side note my hair is growing back so thick and beautiful!  Cutting it off was indeed the best decision ever!  I've decided to never allow it to grow long and I'm NEVER putting chemicals in it.  I love looking naturally me and before you know it I'll have the weight to match.  A healthy body, mind and soul coming up!

Have A Great Week Ahead!!

Living My Healthiest Life - Day 4

I woke up today feeling a bit stiff, but that won't stop me from exercising today.  In the past that would be my excuse for not exercising, but it won't work today!  Last night we went to wal-mart for a few healthy snacks.  The Nabisco 100 calorie cookie packs are awesome!  I finally found the Special K Fruit Crisps.  You get two per pack at only 100 calories, but I only ate 1 with 16 grapes and felt VERY satisfied!

I'm excited about dinner today, because we are having my favorite...Subway!!  Subway sandwiches are not only good, they are Healthy as well! I'm off to exercise and get my booty moving beautiful beings!  I pray you all have a glorious day!

Living My Healthiest Life - Day 3

Hello Beautiful Beings!!

Before I go any further I want to thank you all for the comments!  They encourage me and inspire me deeply!  This is technically day 8 and it's so amazing how I am not only feeling the difference, but I am starting to see it as well!  I'm a veggie nut, so when I'm told I can eat all the raw veggies I like I jumped on that!  Eating this new way is not hard at all and it has nothing to do with me.  I am finally able to live the correct way because of God's divine intervention and strength.  Yay God!!

I've been exercising for 20 minutes daily focusing on my leg and belly area.  As most of you know I was born without a right arm and my right leg was amputated as a baby, so exercise for me has been a true challenge.  Recently, God showed me a great way to exercise without ever placing stress on my back and it's working!!  He loves me and I know this with my every being.  He knows I look forward to living with him in his kingdom one day, but that day is NOT now.  :)

Today's menu:

Breakfast: 1 whole wheat waffle w/strawberry jam and 1 plum
Snack: Yogurt
Lunch: I'm craving oatmeal
Snack: Jello and 1/2 bag of popcorn
Dinner: Lots of mixed veggies, Whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs

Exercise: 20 minutes             Water: 4 glasses               Milk(soy): 1 glass

I put my menu up more to keep myself in line (:

Have A Blessed Day!!

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