The Sun Now Shines!

Sunshine by Tabitha

Thank God! The sun is once again shinning and I am smiling again! I want to thank each and every one of you who left me words of love and encouragement. I believe the date of Katrina being three days away from my Grandma's birthday (9/1) was a bit much for me this year. But, I am feeling better, hopeful and extremely blessed today. I prayed and cried extra this weekend until I just fell asleep. Ever have one of those cries? When you wake up you are refreshed and renewed! So, now I move on and what better way to start this off than by counting my blessings.

I'm So Deeply Grateful:
-That I was surrounded by love this weekend (I felt your love)
-That my family and I survived Katrina
-That we were supported and given a new life in Texas
-For God's word (I needed it more than ever this weekend)
- That I had my Grandma in my life for 37 of the 38 years I've been here
-For the loving conversations we would have
-That she was the epitome of a true role model
-That she loved me and I felt it deep in my spirit
-For God's grace, mercy, humility and passion
-For the laughter that bubbled out of me just when I needed it
-For late night pancakes with my family
-That I can cry and upon waking He has refreshed my soul
-For tight hugs, warm kisses and LOTS of doggie kisses as well :)
-For life and death and the lessons in between

*Starting September 1st my family and I are going to celebrate my Grandmother's life. We will be doing "A Celebration of Grams." Each day in September we are going to do a kind act in honor of our Grandmother. On her actual birthday (Tuesday) we will be releasing balloons to Heaven. :)

holy experience

Soulful Sunday

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. ~Author Unknown

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Aug 29, 2005 - 4 Years Ago Today

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4 years ago today we sat in our hotel room and prayed as Katrina did her worst to the Gulf Coast. Our lives dramatically changed. Many lives were lost. Homes were destroyed and the media referred to us as refugees. Refugees?

I hadn't even noticed the date sneaking up on me, but my subconscious did. I had been feeling so down, but now I know why. The things we saw and heard can never be erased from our memories. But on the positive side we eventually (3 days after Katrina hit) were removed from New Orleans. Texas became my safe haven and has been so for 4 years. I love New Orleans, but Katrina did a number on my heart. I can't live there, but I visit and the visits have become easier over the years.

On this day, 4 years ago lives were changed, lost and even destroyed. I have been blessed to rebuild my life, but there are many who still can't. One day I will share our complete story here. Even after four years it is still hard to go back in my mind and recall the events. I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

I'm grateful to be alive. I'm grateful to be safe. I'm grateful that within a few days my heart will be at ease again. Until then, I have the right to grieve. I grieve for everyone who passed during and after. I grieve for my sister and everyone who lost their homes. I grieve for those who are still struggling to rebuild and for those who CAN'T. I grieve for those who are so traumatized the very thought of living in the place they adore paralyzes them (me included). This was an extreme and traumatic event, but this too shall pass.

Bare with me. Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy comes in the morning time.

A Dark Cloak Has Surrounded Me

Today seems hard on me. I can't fully explain why, but my heart is EXTREMELY heavy. I know things will feel better tomorrow, but for now I will allow myself to just feel what I feel until it subsides. I truly dislike feeling this way. I know this world is full of good people. I just can't seem to see them today.

Sorry for the gloomy post, but it's how I feel and if I'm nothing else I am above all - Honest.

Have A Blessed Weekend

I Choose Bliss #7: Enjoy The Silence

Image created by WickedNox

I Choose Bliss #7 - I offer you the podcast version of today's post for those who prefer to hear the written word! :)

My nephew T is taking a sign language class this school year. He told me how the teacher asked that everyone refrain from using their voice and only communicate through signing. This intrigued me. Although I can not do sign language I do love silence, so I thought I'd have a day of complete silence. With hubby gone to work and both kids in school I'd have 9 hours of complete quiet within my home. I said NO to television, music and even the telephone. After everyone left I started my day by reading a few psalms, then I meditated for 10 minutes. The meditation alone elated my heart, but combine that with bible reading and journaling and I felt as if I had entered into a divine parallel universe! I love LOVE reading, so I read many wonderful blogs out loud (within my head). Doing this seemed to connect me to the words even more-so than ever before. I was completely aware of my surrounding and my senses seemed to be heightened. the smell of my blueberry scented soy candle filled the room and I became inspired. Inspired to share my experience with you. With anyone who would hear me out. In the complete silence of my home I felt God. I found inspiration and peace. I found like-minded sisters who aren't afraid to speak of their love for God. Like-minded sisters who embrace their passion for art and words with reckless abandon. Today, in the sweet silence within my home
I embraced Joy.

Today I Am Grateful: *For a loving experience. *For the inspiration from T. *For the inspiration from many wonderful blog writers. *For the ability to see, hear, smell and if I choose to speak. *For sweet possibilities and lessons learned. *For peace and joy. *For a brand new day. *For the chance to be alone, to miss my family and to anticipate their return.

Wishcasting Wednesday 8/26

This week the lovely Jamie Ridler asks us fellow Wishcasting Sisters: What do you wish to acknowledge yourself for?

1. The great mother I am. Many doubted I'd be able to pull it off (because of deformity), but here we are 14 years later. So, I'd like to stick my tongue out to ALL of my doubters!
2. My role as a wife. I have a great hubby who brings out the best (and sometime worst) in me. :)
3. My Heart. I wear it upon my sleeve and I no longer see that as a bad thing.
4. Doing ALL of the things doctors told my mom I'd never do (have a baby, drive a car, walk). I say HAHA!!
5. Finding my voice and not being afraid to fully use it.
6. Being the change I wish to see in this world.

I Choose Bliss #6

I Choose Bliss Podcast #6 (Featuring "Greet Yourself With Love" by

(Click link to listen to show)
(Right click to download to your PC)

I invite you all to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and join me in giving ourselves another dose of Loving-Kindness. This episode is the follow-up to the topic of self-love. I hope after hearing it you will find peace in being who you are meant to be.

I give complete permission for any who wishes to forward the link to the podcast(s) to anyone you feel may benefit from them. These are created with love for all to hear.


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I Can Live With There Being No:


But I Can NOT Live With There Being No:


What Can You NOT Live Without Today?

They're Growing So Fast!

holy experience

1. Today marks the first day of school for Princess Charlie and T. Both are entering into the 9th grade and both are extremely excited. Although, I am excited I am also sort of sad. But grateful that they have made it this far successfully. They are growing so fast and time is just speeding by. As many of you know we had been discussing adopting a child for awhile now. It was placed upon our hearts heavily, but we had no idea where to begin. A situation had been brewing within my baby sister's home for over two years and it finally became clear what she needed to do to help her son. On Aug 19th we legally became T's guardians. It had been in the works for a few months now and became official this past Wednesday. All three of us (PC, Hubby and I) are so joyful to have him in our home permanently!

We are all on a new journey. We now have our second child we desired. PC now has the big brother she wished for. My sister has given her son a second chance at life and she's at peace. God is in control and as long as I know this I know we'll be just fine.

8/24 - 1st day of High School!

2. On Saturday PC and I spent the day pampering ourselves. We exfoliated our faces, PC did our hair, we ate a loving lunch together while we enjoyed "The First Wives Club." We laughed at each others goofy jokes while expressing love for one another very often. I enjoy my baby! I love everything about her and I love that she sincerely wants to hang out with her mom! I'm a blessed woman and I couldn't be happier. :)

My Gratitude Cup Overflows ~ Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday Citar 8/23

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Photo Friday

Our Family Is
Spreading Love One Goody At A Time

Blind Faith (a poem)

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Blind Faith
By: Tabitha

Blindly I step into love
Unknowing of what's to come
Not caring of the bumps and bruises that lye ahead
Relying on my senses to guide me through a maze
Amazed at the sounds I hear along the way
The aroma that captures me and
takes me step by step
In depth and tuned into inner feelings
Feeling blissfully overwhelmed by soulful gestures

Around each new corner I stumble, but
never completely fall
And through it all your presence is noticed
You stand in the shadows and silently guide me down a path
A path that is never etched in stone, but
known wholeheartedly

In your presence I am like a faucet
Expressions flow from my soul and
find it's place upon paper

In your absence the flowing ceases
and my expressions become mute
No longer desiring to be heard

Blindly I step into love
Unknowing of what's to come
Not caring of the bumps and bruises that lye ahead
Relying on my senses to guide me through this maze
Amazed at the thought of knowing even through my blindness
I will always find the direct path to you

Wishcasting Wednesday

Wishcasting Wednesday ~ Aug 19th

This week Jamie asks: Who is the "you" you wish to be?

If you had asked me this four years ago I may not have known the answer. But, I think I totally know who I wish to be. I wish to be the me that I am this very day, but with a little difference. For years I thought I had all the answers as to how my life should go, but now I know it's not just what I want for me. I was created by The Father and He clearly has plans for me and always has. I was just too busy doing my own thing to hear Him.

I wish to be the me God wishes me to be and I finally have an idea of what that entails. I wish to be authentic at all times (giving the good and the bad). I wish to grow and remain: Joyful, content, caring, confident, spiritual and comfortable in my very own skin.

I Choose Bliss Podcast #5

I Choose Bliss Podcast #5 (13:26)
(Click link to listen to show)
(Right click to download to your PC)

Links mentioned within show:
A FiveOh4 Uplifting

I invite you all to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and join me in giving ourselves a dose of Loving-Kindness. This episode deals with the topic of self-love. I hope after hearing it you will find peace in being who you are meant to be.

I give complete permission for any who wishes to forward the link to the podcast(s) to anyone you feel may benefit from them. These are created with love for men and women.


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holy experience

It's a brand new week and I have much to be grateful for. I am counting my blessings and I hope you'll join along!

I'm grateful that although he's a boy he loves Princess Charlie enough to allow her to place ribbon in his hair for a quick picture. He even posed! Too funny!

I have always suffered with back issues (scoliosis) and dear hubby purchased a brand new massage chair and foot massaging machine for me this weekend. He said "If I'm going to pamper you I might as well go all the way." I'm so grateful for this man!!!

This beautiful Angel survived Katrina as well and everytime I look at her I know everything will be okay. I'm deeply grateful for that message she gives. :)

I'm grateful for the heartfelt laughter my nephew brings into this home of ours.

I'm grateful for this pretty new journal!
I have so much to say and so many more things in which to be grateful for.
I can write them down and one day maybe my Grand-kids will read it.

I'm grateful Princess Charlie put these goodies together for the kiddies in Methodist Children's Hospital.

I'm grateful for the love and support I receive daily within my home.
I'm grateful that I can hear when my puppy son barks and wakes me up at 7:20 on a Saturday morning.
I'm grateful for God's love and guidance
I'm grateful to end this post knowing I still have much more to be grateful for :o)

Sunday Citar 8/16

"May the friendships you make be those which endure and all of your gray clouds be small ones for sure. And trusting in Him to whom we all pray, may a song fill your heart every step of the way."
~Irish Blessing

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Blissfully Fridays

If you are new to this blog let me welcome you with a huge smile :o)
My goal for I Choose Bliss is to uplift any and everyone who crosses my path and in return I am gently uplifted. This blog started in October 2008 and in June 2009 I launched the I Choose Bliss Podcast. In 60 short days I have been blessed by everyone who has listened to these podcast and by everyone who has submitted something positive for the podcast. You all are encouraging me to fulfill my dreams and in turn I am learning that the blog and podcast has given many of you great strength and comfort. I am deeply grateful and after reading the post in which I am offering you today in my new weekly theme "Blissfully Fridays" a huge question to God was confirmed. Each Friday I will offer you something positive for your soul. I pray that my first offering helps you just as much as it helped me!

I Choose Bliss by FranticMommy

One of the many things I dearly love about blogging is all the fabulous people I get to "meet". I have honestly met some of the coolest. peeps. ever. thanks to my little ol blog.

One of those people is Tabitha from ichoosebliss. Not only does her voice sound like velvet and never fails to sooth this frazzled Mommy's nerves, I love how she thinks. How she writes. How she blesses people.

Plus, she's rubbing off on me :)

How do I know this?
Every Wednesday morning I have a very early morning women's networking group. This meeting is very important to me. I leave it energized and feeling like Superwomen. It also requires me to push my already tight schedule up a half hour. No big deal, but that means I also have two little sleepyheads to try to motivate at the same time. I hate being late and since this is a professional group, I try very hard to never BE late. But as with all little kids, things rarely go as planned and there ends up being a lot of rushing around Wednesday mornings.

But today it hit me. As I barked at my poor half-asleep 6 year old (for the 5th time) to put on his dawned on me. Why am I doing this? What is the WORST that can happen to me by being a few minutes late?
Will I be booted from the group?


Will I look bad in the eyes of the other members (who are all Moms as well)?


The only penalty I could think of was...I'd have to pay a $1 late fee.

A BUCK! One hundred friggin pennies.

That's it.

In that moment I decided from now on I will gladly pay the $1 every week....and NOT spend one morning a week hollering, carrying on, and starting my babies morning off on a bad note .

Thanks Tabitha.

Have You Heard? It's A Contest/Giveaway!!

Ok, I've had several giveaways, but this one will much more exciting!! I've been receiving so much wonderful feedback on the podcast that I feel it only fitting that we celebrate it's success with a giveaway! To the first place winner I am giving a $25 Wal-Mart gift card! Second place winner will win an authentic ceramic Mardi Gras Mask, third place will receive a ceramic Louisiana Bell (it's cute - trust me!) and fourth place will win a scrumptious smelling Soy Candle.

Here's What You Have To Do To Win:
In podcast #4 I give 7 steps to simplify your life. The first person to list more than one step will win the $25 gift card. Anyone (following) the first place winner listing just 1 step will be the second, third and fourth place winners! Easy Peasy!

You will find the link to the show on the right hand column! Good Luck To Everyone & Thank You!!

I Choose Bliss Podcast #4

I Choose Bliss Podcast #4 (14:31)
(Click link to listen or right click and save to your computer)

This week's show focuses on the introduction of "7 Steps To Simplifying Life" and tips on meditation. I am deeply grateful to everyone who listens and uses the tips given within each show. My goal is to help and I'm deeply honored to have the platform to do this.

*Wishcasting Wednesday ~ Aug 12*

This week Jamie asks:
What door do you wish to open?

Wow! I didn't see this question coming, but I don't have to hesitate for an answer. There is so much already going on in my life right now with school, the family mission, being a mom, wife and doing the podcast. But, what I've learned is that for many years I self sabotaged many opportunities that came my way. I no longer do it, but I have been afraid to walk straight through the door with complete faith and confidence.

My dream has always been to either run my own facility or work within one. My professor, family members and a few of you have referred to what I'm doing now as my ministry. I've never looked at it this way and after talking to my professor (who rocks big time) I see things clearly.

What door do I wish to open? I wish to officially open the door to my Ministry. I don't need a building (yet) to help those who may need me and what better way to reach millions than through the internet? I wish to kick this door open with confidence and Unbelievable Faith.

This is my wish and today it begins.


If you wish to join us in our weekly wish casting visit Jamie Ridler Studios!

Acts of Kindness

After visiting this lovely blog I was inspired to conduct a random act of kindness. I wanted it to be anonymous, but since dear hubby will be passing these flowers and cards out to the patients he works with it won't be so anonymous. Giving to others is such an awesome feeling and I pray each patient feels our love as they receive their little gift!

I have opted to close the comments on this post. I am not posting this for accolades. We do this to Honor God and spread joy to His children. He deserves all of the accolades. Giving to others is a truly rewarding act and I pray this inspires you to look around your home and search your heart for a way to uplift someone in need.

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion."
~Dalai Lama

Counting My Blessings w/Ann Voskamp & Friends

holy experience

A few month's ago I joined Ann Voskamp's gratitude community over at A Holy Experience. I've been very mindful of the things in which I am grateful for far before joining. I have reached my 1,ooo gifts since joining, but will never stop writing nor speaking of the blessings which fall upon me. I am grateful to Mrs.Voskamp for she has been a true source of inspiration and I needed to thank her publicly from my heart. I'm honored to be apart of such a beautiful community! Every Monday I will continue with my gratitude list and hope it inspires others to be grateful for everything they have and even those things we do not have. -Tabitha

I Am Grateful For:

*The blessings of hubby's job
*The opportunity to fill our home with delicious and nutritious foods
*The gorgeous clouds in the sky on the way to Sams

*My nephew's sense of humor :o)
*A wonderful family Bible study
*A delicious cup of coffee with my princess before she headed off to Six Flags for a day of fun
*The inspiring note she left me on my desk
It Reads: Your beautiful inside and out -Jodie

*That she is loving the skin she is in
*The chance to see her beautiful photos she took this Sunday - Her camera has the wrong date set, but isn't she good at this for a kid?

*This wonderful award given to me by Teresa@Too Many Heartbeats. She's a sweet and wonderful friend!!

*For another opportunity to express gratitude :o)

They Are So Quotable

Taken by Princess Charlie (wrong date on camera ~ picture was taken 8/8/09)

"I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell."
-Walt Whitman

"Right now, right this minute, do today what you yearn to do in this life. Don't postpone Joy. Get your party started."

"The Fruit of the spirit is love, joy and peace."
Galatians 5:22

I Know That I Know

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One day I dream of building my own facility to help the homeless, battered women and anyone in need of spiritual guidance. It's been my dream since 1992 and I know one day it shall be. :o)

Thank you to everyone who uplifted me in my moment of need!! Your words re-charged my batteries! I know for a fact that great things are in store for what I'm doing. Nothing pertaining to fame, because EVERYTHING I do is done out of love and loyalty to my Father. But, I know because I DO have Him on my side the goal of uplifting and spreading love will catch like wildfire. :)

I may get down at times, but with beautiful supporters such as you all I can NOT go wrong in this quest! This is my calling and I have answered with a resounding Yes Father!

A Huge Thank You To:
Jan@Awake Is Good
Lauren@Round The Kitchen Table
Brandi@Welcome To The Joy Rebel
for promoting my podcasts! That was so beautiful and I'm deeply grateful!!

I Know...

1. That I was created differently. Not because of any sins upon my parents, but so that I could do works for God.
2. That we are all destined to an everlasting life
3. That I am a great mom
4. That I am loved on earth and above
5. That living right is a struggle, but can and will be achieved
6. Music is my saving grace
7. That peace surrounds us. We just have to want it.
8. That true love does exist
9. That my Grandma changed my life for the better
10. His love is unconditional and everlasting
11. He speaks to our hearts
12. Happiness starts with YOU
13. Simplicity is best
14. Stress Kills
15. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile

I'm Grateful For:

Lessons learned - Soft kisses - Forgiveness - Struggles (they strengthen us) - The kindness of others - Sweet Chocolate - Cotton candy and movies sent by a bloggy friend - Loving the skin I am in - Grace and Mercy - His patience with me - Beautiful sunlit days - A dedicated and loving husband - My daughter and all she does for me - Every kind word that comes my way.

and the list goes on...

A Grateful Heart = An Abundant Life

Photo by kalandrakas

Yesterday was rough on me. The enemy was out to steal my joy and sadly he won. But, I did recognize what had happened and fought hard to turn things back around in my favor. The enemy kept telling me that what I'm doing for the the ill children was nothing and my shows would go no where. I haven't cried this much in so long. My ribs literally hurt as if they were fractured. I KNOW his words are LIES! Today is a new day and I refuse to let that scoundrel get to me again. Even through his wickedness I still find things to be grateful for!

I'm Grateful For:

Hot coffee (a first for me) - Waffles - Expressing Love and Receiving it - Watching the clouds - My silk pajamas - Fluffy slippers - Ice cream sandwiches - Meditating - Sincere words - Powdered Donuts - Encouraging others - The sound of rain
A warm breeze - Acts of kindness - Soft music caressing my soul - Grandparents - Sunsets - Clear Messages - Crooked Paths - Sitting by the pool in silence - A clean home - Nieces and nephews - Huge moonlit nights

...and the list continues

If you are having times of struggle please know that you are not alone. Stand strong and know who you are! You are a child of The Most High and no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper.


I Choose Bliss Podcast #3

Photo by cpcat

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.”
- Christopher Morley

Blessings One and All!

Today I offer you a new episode to I Choose Bliss. I want to thank everyone for all of the encouragement you've given. I'm truly thrilled of the outcome and I look forward to the path in which this leads us all (You-The Listener and Me).

I Choose Bliss Podcast #3

Sites Mentioned and Contributors To This Week's Show:
Spirit Jump
Lauren@Today I Pray
Brandi Reynolds

*Wishcasting Wednesday - August 5th*

This week Jamie asks: What do you wish to make room for?

I wish to continue my quest to make more room for peace, grace, love and contentment. I wish to make room for my nephew T who is now living with us. I wish for his stay to be a very positive and loving one. I wish to make room for success, instead of fearing it. I wish to make room for complete and utter joy. I also wish to make room for confidence and wisdom. They both have been begging for more leg room, so I guess it's time. :)


Totally Thankful Tuesday

Everyday I have tons to be thankful for, but today is just a bit more precious. The events which took place this weekend were awesome! I placed a very simple wish out there (two to be exact) and both have come true!

Wish #1: I wished that for my birthday I could have ice cream and cake with my immediate family. When I arrived in New Orleans and reached my mother's home there was a beautiful "Buttery Vanilla" birthday cake (that my mom got for me)! Along with a home cooked meal, my two sisters and all 8 of their kids. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and I felt like a loved child!

This beautiful creation was made for me by the lovely Penniwig@Penniwig's. I can not describe just how joy filled this made me!! Thank You Penni!!

There were so many moments to be thankful for this weekend, but this post would never end if I list them all. :) For now I just want to convey how ginormous my joy truly is.

I'm Thankful that we made it to and from New Orleans safely.
I'm Thankful for the 8 hours of laughter and giggles and snoring I shared with Princess Charlie in the back seat.
I'm Thankful for the new body who has taken residency within our home (my 15 y/o nephew T)
I'm Thankful for the beautiful necklace given to me in remembrance of my cousin Michelle (passed 4/09)
I'm Thankful for the beautiful logo, banner and business cards created for our family mission by Julia@Share World Love
I'm Thankful that I was able to go food shopping in N.O. for items I love, but are NOT sold in SA.


I'm Thankful for receiving this loving gift from Jan @ Awake is Good
How Sweet is This!!! Thank You Jan!!

Wish #2: I wished that my podcast would be heard by many and YOU ALL answered my wish!! Over the weekend all three episodes have been listened to a total of 336 times!! That makes my heart race!!!

Blessings To All!

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