The Little Things

Many days in my journal I write what I'm grateful for. Its a great exercise for all, but not everyone get's the BIG picture. I'm grateful for it all, but lately I've been taking stock of the little things.

I'm Grateful For These Little Things:

Breathing - Sight - Speech - Hearing - Mobility - The way her voice smiles when she says mommy - The way he hugs me tightly when he returns from work - The love I receive from my nieces and nephews - The peace I feel when I pray - Learning to live a stress free life - When my puppy son flops on his back so that I can rub his tummy - My gray hairs - the arthritis in my left hip - IBS - When a beautiful person surprises me with their kindness - That I write and can read poetry - Hot Chocolate - Vanilla Soy Milk - Relaxing baths with my different bath gels (Heavenly) - Scented Soy Candles - Music - Reading a good book - Cuddling on the sofa and laughing at The Golden Girls or Frasier - Watching nature bloom - Talking with my sisters - Creating cards for kids - Loving and being Loved.

All of these little things bring me great Joy. I choose to embrace the gray hairs, arthritis and IBS. Because the alternatives could be so much more devastating.

And as we say in Louisiana - Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez = Let the Good Times Roll!!!

So Grateful Monday!

I have so much to be Grateful for that I need to share it with you guys!

1. My beautiful friend Lilly @ Lilly's Life sent my daughter and I a gift bag of Australian goodies!!! She sent many great things, but the thing that hit my heart in the sweetest way was my very own Apron with Australia on it!! how neat!! We SO Love You Lilly!!!!

2. A few days ago I posted about a mission we are doing to honor baby Stellan whose in the hospital fighting for his little life and the following people left comments or emailed me that they would love to help out. Each lady placed an order with Oriental Trading on our behalf!!
Diane, Mommaof4wife2r, Kacey, Molly, Samantha, Darsden, and Rachel - I don't know her blog address yet.
We are Eternally Grateful!!!

3. My beautiful, sexy and kind hearted hubby handed over his bank card and said "Get what you need cutie pie" He called me cutie pie!!!!! LOL

4. My daughter received her new MP3 players slash digital camera and after she opened it she texted all of her friends and cousins to say her parents Rock. What mom or dad would not float after that reaction?

5. I posted about my dream and so many of you left the most UPLIFTING comments ever!! You have no idea how joyful and loved you made me feel! Thank You!!

6. In three days my daughter will be 14. I've been blessed to be her mom for 14 years and I so look forward to many more!

Soul Deep Sunday

In all of the years I've been on this earth I have never dreamt of myself with all of my limbs. That changed sometime Saturday night while I slept peacefully.

The Dream:

I was looking at myself in a full length mirror and my reflection had two arms and two legs. I was confused and kept asking how could this be possible. My reflection stepped out of the mirror, placed a gentle smile upon her face and hugged me. As she hugged me we lifted from the floor and kind of hovered. I wasn't scared and neither was she. We would embrace and then look one another in the eyes. I don't know if we were communicating or what, but somehow I knew her every thought.

My dream was interrupted by a bathroom run, but upon opening my eyes I felt this great sense of love surrounding me. I've never harped over my disability. I have wondered what I would look like with two arms and two legs, but could never picture it. In my dream I was given a full view and although it felt awesome to embrace the perfect born me I would never NOT want to be the imperfect born me. My imperfection is what perfects my spirit, my essence, and my heart. Being born with deformities has strengthened me in ways I can't fully convey.

I know my reason for being here at this time, in this body and I fully accept it every day I awake. In all truthfulness I guess I have known what I look like with my limbs through my daughter. She is indeed in my image and everyday I smile knowing I carried her perfect born body within my imperfect born body...Perfectly.


Soothing Saturday

This morning while praying I told God I wanted to make him and my Grandparents proud. I go to my email and receive this message from, which said.

I was wondering, Tabitha, if we could use your name, story, and likeness to begin promoting a new series here for angel trainees called, "Extreme Success in Time and Space"?

You blow us away every single day.
The Universe

That’s God at his finest showing up and showing out!! I’m richly blessed and I know this and I am indeed DEEPLY grateful.

I’m Grateful: That I received that message in my email this morning, for the time I spent with God this morning, for realizing reality from fiction, for soothing and soul stirring music, for the comforts of my home, for my family and true friends, for the many lessons I receive daily, for my life and all that it entails, for joy – bliss - and peace.

Freaky Friday w/Princess Charlie

So, my daughter's school asks me to come in for a conference with her guidance counselor regarding her excellence in academics. (Proud Mama Beaming)

School Counselor: Your daughter is excellent in school and she's just what Lee High is looking for! If she accepts this opportunity she will be in great company and will truly excel as an individual.

The Child: What types of classes would I be taking?

School Counselor: You'd be taking the same classes you would take if you were to attend Mac, but the difference is ALL of your classes will be advance classes.

The Child: Wait! Stop! You just lost me.

(She looks at me and says)

The Child: Mama, at Mac I'll only have two advance classes and those are all I can handle. I am NOT taking All advance classes! Even if one of the classes was advance finger snapping - I'm NOT doing it!

Me: Did you say advance finger snapping? (I proceed to fall out laughing as the counselor looks confused)

After composing myself.

Me: So, you would not like to attend Lee next school year?

The Child: If I go to Lee everyone at Mac would miss out on my fabulousness and who am I to deprive them of my wonder. (she was so serious)

Me: You need Jesus Charlie

The Child: On second thought there should be an advance finger snapping class. I would so rock that subject!

Me: Falls Out Laughing

School Counselor: Thank you all for coming in today. I would offer you good luck for next year, but something tells me you are one kid who does not need it. (she smiles)

The Child: Re-creates the sound that "Lightening McQueen from Cars" makes when his picture is taken.

and me? I'm rendered weak from laughter. If you could have seen this counselor's face as she fell out laughing herself!

Again, I say. Lord help meh!!!

A Mission Of Love For Stellan

Please Please pray for
Mck Mama's baby Stellan! Here's the most recent update.
Stellan was consistently in SVT all night and this morning so far, but slept fabulously last night!

Here's What I'd Like To Do:

I'd like to create goody bags and send them to the hospital Stellan is in currently. The bags will go to the patients there in Honor of Stellan. But, I need a little help. If I can get a few other bloggers or concerned, caring people to purchase a few of the items needed for the goody bags I can pull this off the way Stellan deserves.

This is NOT about anyone other than Stellan. I am NOT asking anyone to send in money for any reason.

What You Can Do To Help:

1. Review the wishlist below
2. Choose an item(s) you wish to donate
3. Visit to purchase item or items
4. You pay for the item(s) you select and have them shipped directly to us

Mail Items To: A FiveOh4 Uplifting
PMB 1155
13909 Nacogdoches Rd #105
San Antonio, TX 78217

Wish List:

IN-24/1164 Smile Face Rings - $4.99 (144)
IN-39/1493 Mini Activity Pads - $9.99 (6dz = 72)
IN-12/2320 Neon Hexagon Bubble Bottles - $5.99 (4dz = 48)
IN-39/1875 Neon Monkey Finger Puppet - $3.99 Per Dozen
IN-39/1881 Neon Monkey Tattoos - $4.99 (Kids LOVE these) (6dz = 72)

Anyone willing to help out please leave a comment below or email me. If you have ANY questions please feel free to email or call me at 504-232-3353 (cell)

I Thank You All In Advance.
With All My Heart,

You Had Me At Hello!!

Please Pray For This Little Darling.
He's in a Battle for his Life.

The days seem to get better as we go on and I am loving it!! First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my tribute to hubby here!! He smiled so hard I couldn't contain my laughter! He's a Wonderful man and you all uplifted him in the greatest way. So, with all of my heart I Thank You!!

Relyn over at Come Sit By My Fire comes up with these great lists and because I love them so I felt compelled to join in and post my little list of things that delight me with ease. :)

My Easy Delights:
* watching cartoons with my daughter * music * hearing the birds sing in the morning * the smell of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at midnight with hubby * writing letters to those I love and even those I do not know personally * laughing until your head hurts * watching a child light up as they find a treasure * cooking for my family and watching them sink into the sofa afterward * rubbing my daughter's hair as we watch television * dancing with hubby * cuddling up with my puppy son * creating goody bags * the feel of the sun on my face * the feel of rain on my face * taking a nice walk just to admire the neighborhood * butterflies * reading* peppermint patties and reeses peanut buttercups * vanilla soy milk * reminiscing about my childhood * coloring with crayons on sundays * breathing * seeing * hearing * collecting pens and magnets * loving all who cross my path*

Have A Fabulous Thursday! AND Check back on Friday for another wacky event with my princess Charlie!!

Wishcasting Wenesday

The beautiful Jamie @ Starshyne Productions asks this week.

What is your money wish?

My Wish:

1. I wish that my family will continue to be blessed as we are.
We are able to survive and still help others.
2. I wish that we will always be able to finance our mission.
3. I wish that one day our finances will be so that we can visit Ireland.
This would be a dream come true for me.

Today I'm Grateful:

*For a brand new day
*For God's Love
*For Our health, home and Joy
*That yesterday totally Rocked!
*That I exercised for 11.5 minutes
*For rain - we need it here in S.A.
*For my beautiful blog friends

You All Make A Difference In My Life!

Tuesday's Tribute: A True Gentleman

This handsome devil is my hubby and today my tribute is to him. My hubby was raised by his Grandmother and then by his aunt Helen (who in my opinion did a hell of a job!). They are church people and believe in manners and compassion (woo hoo! I hit the jackpot!). Anyway, back to hubby.

I've seen his kindness and his manners in rare form MANY times, but I don't think our princess ever paid attention (typical kid). We went to Wal-Mart a few nights ago and as we were parking the car there was an elderly couple trying to get in their car. The wife was trying desperately to assist her hubby, but she couldn't really help him. Hubby gets out of the car, walks over and offers his assistance. He gently helped the older guy into his car. He lifted each leg for the man so tenderly, then he buckled him in for safety. The wife was deeply grateful and I think a bit shocked (they had been there for 20 minutes before we pulled up and no one offered them help!)

Hubby returns to our car to a beaming wifey and a crying princess. She was SO moved by her daddy's actions. He said to her "you see me help mom all the time" and she replied (while still crying) "but that's just mommy!" Well Good Grief is what I said. :)

For 6 years before Hurricane Katrina hubby was in a job with excellent pay, but no passion. The job he was offered an accepted with a loud "Hell yes!" in 05 allows him daily to transport the elderly to their doctor's appointments. He loves talking with them and helping them. This job allows him to be the man he truly is.

He's caring, considerate, kind, compassionate and thanks to The Father he's Mine!! I'm SO grateful my daughter will seek his qualities in her future mate (when that day comes).


Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

Monday 3.23.09

(Author Unknown)

My friend left this as a comment on my Myspace page and I was like Whoa! Its so true, yet we tend to forget this day in and day out. I read it to my baby sister and she loved it as well. I told her Oprah is a millionaire, but I am Abundantly Rich! I have SO much that can not be purchased with money. I'm learning so much and with each new lesson I feel as if I hit the lottery!

Today I'm Grateful:

*That I am granted a new day to be His hands and feet
*That my hubby and I found one another. We are just what the other needed and it feels SO good!
*That God trusts me enough to give me the title Mommy. It is by far my greatest accomplishment and just think those dumb doctors said I'd never be able to do it. Nah Nah Nabooby!!!!
*For the many blessings in my life that allow me to bless others
*For music. It is my saving grace!!!
*For the talents He has placed within me
*For the laughter my puppy son gives me. He's a cutie!!!!
*That my household has three great chefs within it. I loves me some great food!!!
*For the beauty outside my bedroom window
*For my sight, hearing, mobility and ability to speak
*That I now know to leave everything to God and Believe with my whole heart.
*That He will never let me down.
*That I'm able to express my heart here without being judged.

As you go through this week pay close attention to those subtle lessons and gentle blessings. Noticing and acknowledging them will make a world of a difference!!

Hugs To U All!!!

Silent Saturday

This beautiful art was sent to me by my beautiful blog friend Julia @ Share World Love
Its personalized with the word Bliss!!!
How awesome is that??

Thank You Julia!!!!
I Adore You and My Gift!!!!

Today I'm Happy Because:

Sun Shines In My Heart
A New Day Of Life Given
God and Family

Enjoy Your Weekend!!

Freaky Friday

So, my princess texted me on Tuesday afternoon as she was walking from her bus stop and the following conversation occurred. I Promise Y'all I never dropped this child as a baby. Sheesh!!

Child: Hi Lady

Me: Hi Kid

Me: R U Ready 2 Shop?

Child: OMG YES!! BUT FIRST I want to thank the bank and fonzy, big bird, dora, elmo, mung, daal, chowder, mr. magoo

Child: little lulu, alvin, patrick, stewie, tedd, barney, lilli, marshall. Wait was I talking about? Oy yeah thanks for making it possible!

Me: What the he%%!!

Child: Hey hey hey NO NO NO bad bad!!

Child: Hey no cursive writing (her way of saying no cuss words)

Me: I'm sorry

Child: Okay you're forgiven

Child: Now lets go spend that money!!!

My name is Tabitha and I live with a nut job and I love it!!!!
Lord Help Meh!!!! ☺☺☺

Unveiling Thursday's & Prayer Request

*Clears Throat*

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my fab new hat that I purchased from Target. Is it not Fabulous?!
I hardly ever make purchases for myself, so I am sooo stoked about this one! I have always been a hat fanatic, but would not get any for myself. Well, I SO loved this one at first sight and knew it was meant for me! Don't we make a Fab pair?

During my lunch yesterday, which was a delicious meal by Michelina along with a cucumber and carrot salad I read "The Shack" for the second time. There's a quote in this book that says:

"Faith never knows where it is going, But knows and loves the One who is leading"
-Oswald Chambers

To me it was reassurance That He is indeed with me and ANYTHING is possible! One of those subtle nudges from above again.

Today I Feel:
*Blessed *Overjoyed *Blissful *Peaceful *Inspired *Guided *Healthy *Beautiful *LOVED

Today I'm Grateful:

♥For a bounce in my step
♥That my Mom noticed my joy and rejoiced with me
♥For music (where would I be without it!)
♥For the safety of my family and home
♥For the beautiful words from my blog land friends

Prayer Request: Yesterday my hubby's co-worker Romero was in a very serious car accident. Today we found out he is paralyzed from this accident. Please uplift Romero and his family in prayer. Thank You!!

Wishing Casting Wednesday

Artwork found at Deviant Art

The lovely Jamie @ Starshyne Productions has prompted this weeks question of Wishcasting Wednesday.

What do you wish to say yes to?

I wish to say yes to:

*All of my dreams
*To the desires of children in need
*Complete bliss
*Feeling sad and knowing its alright
*Feeling sexy
*Whatever my heart desires

Today I'm Grateful For:

-The wonderful time my princess and I had in Wally world last night
-Subtle blessings
-My sight and hearing
-My Family, our health and Home
-Lessons being learned day by day
-Possibilities and no longer being afraid of them

Tuesday's Tribute: My Sanity

It Reads "Love is to think of someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself"

I dedicate this post to my sanity. I'm SO Joyful that you've returned!

I am surrounded by The Father this morning as this song plays continuously on my laptop. For a few weeks in silence I was fighting a battle. A battle within my heart and mind, but today that battle is over. The sun is shinning brightly and my heart and mind are once again at Peace. Fear can be a crippling thing, but yesterday while riding with Hubby in a gentle whisper God reassured me that He is on the Throne. I am HIS and I have nothing to fear as long as I believe in His words. I do. With all of my heart I believe in HIM and His words.

I cry tears of joy, because once again I'm reminded of His love for me. His compassion cradles me and allows me to be his little girl in my time of need. I have tried Very hard to not be an overly emotional person. I've even tried to drain out the cries of the world, but my heart WON'T allow me to Not care. Knowing that babies are dying, women, men and children are battling diseases like cancer and AIDS affects me. It grabs my heart and painfully squeezes it. But, I now know that its okay that I feel for others so strongly. He will cry with me and when I'm done He will pick me up from my knees and hold me near to Him. His love is Eternal and He finds ways of relaying that message to me.

I was led to a blog about 14 year old Johnathan who's battling Cancer and a song on his player began. In my dark moment God spoke through a beautiful young lady's voice named Hope.

Lighthouse by hope

I was lost somehow I'm drifting away
Was almost gone
You brought me to life again
So let me be your lighthouse
And I'll help you find a way out of here
Let me be your lighthouse
And I'll help you find a way out of here

I need nothing more than His words. For they light my way. My way back to the sunshine. I see it today and it shines ever so brightly.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.


A Call For Prayer

Click On Button To Go To Blog
Pray For Jonathan

I read about Johnathan on Spirit Jump and if you're not familiar with Spirit Jump its an awesome organization that matches a spirit jumper with a cancer patient. The spirit jumper sends cards or small gifts to their patients weekly. I am proud to say that I am a spirit jumper within this fantastic organization!

Jonathan is a 14 year old boy who has a brain tumor and is fighting for his life. We encourage you all to visit his blog and leave tons of love for him. If your heart moves you to please add his button to your blog or even contact Spirit Jump and become a Spirit Jumper for Johnathan.

Memorable Sunday on a Monday

Normally we spend Sundays in our home resting for our week ahead, but hubby wanted to take a ride to Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake is a beautiful location here in San Antonio and until yesterday we had never fully explored it. As I went across the dam I thought about all of you. I prayed everyone was having a beautiful Sunday. I thought about all of the children who are hospitalized and all they see day in and out are the four walls of their room. I asked God to give them a HUGE hug for me at that very moment.

I totally enjoyed being with my family and looked forward to coming home and sharing my day with You. Although, its a day later I'm sure you'll appreciate the feelings I held in my heart yesterday and still hold them today.

Far away view.

Between Canyon Lake runs a huge dam where visitors can walk across. Scared as ever we walked across this dam and fell head over heels in love with the view!!

View from right side of dam.

He SO loves being on my blog!! LOL

Have A Blessed Monday!!!

Silent Saturday

Gwendolyn Strong:

Emerson White:

Please Keep These Beautiful Babies In Your Prayers.
They Are Fighting Life Battles and Need Uplifting
From Us All.

Happy Saturday

*Added 3/14/09*

Fantabulous Friday!

So, why is This Fantabulous Friday Tabby?

1. Because, I woke up today!
2. Because, I feel unstoppable, loved, encouraged, inspired and empowered!
3. Because, no matter how hard evil tries I will NOT give up!
4. Because, HE has placed some WONDERFUL people along my path who believe in what I'm doing and they encourage me to NEVER give up.
5. Because, this weekend we are blessed to honor two beautiful children @ A FiveOh4 Uplifting
6. Because, hubby is off on the weekends and I look forward to his Spectacular Meals
7. Because, I'm going to play my music and shake my bootay!

And Last But Not Least...

8. Because I Said So!!

I Wish You All: Love, Peace, Inspiration, and A Fantabulous Friday!!!

Happy Thursday!

My new blog friend Tabbie has the quote below on her blog and since I read it yesterday it has consumed my little head.


A woman's heart
should be so lost in God
that a man must seek Him
in order to find her.

When Hubby and I met I had no idea he'd be in my life forever, but he knew and he wasn't scared to say so. After a week hubby looks me dead in my eyes and says "You are going to be my wife." Of course, I thought he was absolutely crazy. But he had prayed and asked God for a wife with certain qualities. Once we met and talked he says he knew.

Next month we'll be married 10 Yrs and we've been a family for twelve. Reading that quote made me think of him and our dedication to God and to one another. All I can do is Smile ☺

Today I'm Grateful For:

My Life
Gentle Kisses
Every Single Blessing

I Desire To:

Be Blissfully Happy
Stay A Great Mom
Help Those In Need
Do The Work That HE Puts Before Me
Live In & Spread Peace

Have A Blessed Filled Thursday!!

Crazy Conversations!!

Ok, so I'm on my computer yesterday trying to win Awesome items during Spring Fling and my daughter comes in and we have this crazy conversation. Actually, she did most of the ranting and I sat here looking quit confuzzled. In the end I still had to laugh at her, because she's very opinionated.

I wonder who she gets that from?? *Looks all innocent like*

Said Conversation:

so she comes in my room to ask if we can watch "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Siterhood and I tell her to ask Dad, because maybe he wasn't in the mood for a chick flick.

The Child: NO!!!! We don't have to ask anything!

Me: Well, jo we have to be equal and fair to him.

The Child: equal!! Men don't need to be equal!

For years before now and i mean YEARS men have oppressed women. Long ago women had absolutely no rights what.. so.. ever! None! Not one to their name!!

Me: Well, its different now.

The Child: Yeah different. I have a problem with this!
How come for the longest men could oppress women and get
away with it then all of a sudden BAM!!! We're all "equal?"

For a few decades women should be able to oppress men!!
Take away all their right.. Lets just stomp on them and let them see how it must have felt

Me: Ummm Jo?

The Child: AND another thing men are still oppressing women!!

Its just the MAN trying to keep us down!!!

Me thinking what the H***!!

The Child: I am done now.

She laughs, then I laugh.

The Child: What is my problem?

Me: No seriously, where did you come from?

She kisses me on my nose and leaves my room.
Oh the joys of Motherhood!

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday's Tribute: My Puppy Son

Today I'm paying tribute to my puppy son Jasper. He's the love of my life when it comes to pets. We went through a bit of heartbreak before we were connected with Jasper. We got him at 6 weeks old and he stole my heart that very day. This year he'll be 2 years old and he's a Hoot!

He Loves:

*To snuggle
*Eating Carrots
*To have his belly rubbed for HOURS
*To give kisses every day
*For his dad to hold him as he falls to sleep
*Us and WE love him

He has several nicknames and he answers to all three. He loves going on walks with us and he loves watching me cook dinner (that's because he thinks its for him). I LOVE my puppy son and I'm so grateful God set it up for him to come home with us!

Hubby was ill and Jasper refused to leave his side, so he made himself comfy on his belly.

Jasper Rocks!!

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

*Note* We did not reach the 200 followers we were aiming for, but that's OK. Our goal to donate $200 to Neuroblastoma Research will be fulfilled. A Big Thank you to Those who did come over to the other blog and became a follower in the name of CHANGE!! You Rock!!

Gaining Followers For Cancer Research

My Friend Mommaof4wife2r @ A Thorn Among Roses had a fabulous idea this week on her blog. For every comment she received she donated $1 to Neuroblastoma Research. It was such a success! She received the 250 comments she was hoping for!

SAME IDEA, but a little different!

For every follower we receive At This Linkmy family and I will donate $1.
Our cap will be $200 = 200 Followers.

This starts Today and will end on March 31, 2009.

The $200 will be donated to Neuroblastoma Research

$100 will be donated this month - March 09
$100 will be donated next month - April 09

This way our goal is attainable!

Please Help Us Fight Cancer By Simply Clicking Your Mouse.

Thank You ALL in Advance!!

Twists & Turns

Help Cure SMA

If you have not all ready signed please click the button above to sign the petition for The Strong Family. Their 17 month old daughter Gwendolyn is living with and fighting through SMA. It only takes 2 minutes TOPS and you'll be helping a fabulous family.

Thank You!!

Last night hubby and I truly talked about OUR parts in God's plan. We both know that He is using us to do his works and we Humbly accept. Whenever my day comes I want to stand before him and say without a doubt "I Gave You My All Father."

Our mission seems to change every year in some way. I now know we must be advocates for ALL children dealing with life threatening diseases.

This coming Monday I will post a very exciting post and I pray YOU ALL will join in.
It will Cost You
Nothing, but the click of your mouse.

God Bless You All

Please Read...Important

Good Morning To All!!

Please be so kind as to go HERE (my 1st blog)
and read today's post.

It is regarding a very sweet child
and indeed Very Important

Thank You
God Bless

I'd Like To Thank The Academy!

Just when I though my Joy couldn't get any Bigger along comes Thursday to prove me wrong!! On Tuesday I was awarded these two beautiful awards from Kacey @ Chronicles Of A Mommy
She So Rocks!!!

AND Today I receive this Triple award from the lovely Beverly @ So This Is Wonderland

Can We Say Awesome!!

Kacey and Beverly, I thank you both with ALL that I have in my heart.
I am both Grateful and Honored to receive these awards from you two
Fabulous ladies!

On This Day I Want To:
1. Smile
2. Dance
3. Be at Peace
4. Love all those who cross my path
5. Be Me (I LOVE Who I Am)

Happy Thursday Yall!!

*Update 3/5/09*

Today we received our new goody bags and we wanted everyone to see
what they look like!

They are clear, so the parents can see what's in them as soon as
they open the package!

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