Positive Truths

YOU Are: Beautiful, Talented, Healed, Loved Unconditionally, Fearless, Brave, Wise, Kind, Handsome, Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, Blessed Abundantly, A Masterpiece, More Than Enough, Victorious, Needed, Wanted, Cherished, Perfect in Every Possible Way, Good Enough. ‪#‎IChooseBliss‬ ‪#‎TeamLove‬


#‎FairyMarie‬ & ‪#‎PrincessJojo‬ send mail to little boys and girls (ages 3 & Over - Sick or Healthy) in the US, Canada & UK! They believe that EVERY child deserves to SMILE. They also want children to know that they are Loved beyond their families :)

Luvmail for kids include: Coloring & Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoo & band aid and other items when available!! To request Luvmail simply message Random Acts of Luvmail & they'll be happy to help!! This is a FREE Service <3

Luvmail Club

We have created the "Luvmail Club"on Facebook!!  Here your kids will be placed on our mailing list to receive Luvmail Once Per Month.  PLUS on birthdays and holidays ( Valentine's Day, Halloween & Christmas). They will receive Coloring & Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoo & band aid. Plus any other awesome flat items we may find.  We will be holding Awesome giveaways for Moms & kiddos in our Club!!  At this time it is just my sister, my daughter and myself sending the mail, so we can only accept a "select" amount of children.

To join the club your child/children (sick, healthy or special needs) must be between the ages of 3-13 (requesting for anyone over 13 should be done through our main page - Random Acts of Luvmail) AND you MUST agree to let us know monthly when mail has been received (exceptions for moms with kids who have terminal illnesses).  We do NOT require moms to post photos of their kids (that is Completely up to you).  We just want to know it arrived safely. :)

To request Luvmail without joining the club simply message our Facebook Page Or email us 504uplifting@gmail.com

You can message my profile page - Tabitha Marie if you have ANY questions or are interested in the club!

The Luvmail Family

Sunday Inspiration

Today's Job:
-LOVE people for WHO they are right WHERE they are.
-AVOID Hatred by Any Means Necessary
-CREATE More Smiles & Less Frowns

Lord, I pray in Jesus Name:
-That LOVE will expand & strengthen throughout the earth
-That LOVE will BLIND us from seeing color, sexual preference, class or religion
-That LOVE will soften millions of hearts & a movement of service will begin
-That LOVE will make us ALL More like YOU & Less like this world
-That LOVE will ERASE evil & judgement from Every Single Heart that beats

My Truth

My ENTIRE mission in life.  The Totality of my Existence is to Spread as much LOVE as I possibly Can.  So on the day that I meet Jesus I can Honestly say "I Gave it ALL Away for You."
-Tabitha Marie

Spreading Our Wings!!!

Please Help Us Spread The Word!! We will be sending Luvmail to children in the USA and Now also to children in Canada!!!  We send mail to ANY kid Ages 2-12 (USA & Canada). Whether they are dealing with sickness, special needs, being bullied or are perfectly healthy, but can use a little EXTRA Cheer.  Luvmail is a card, coloring & activity sheets w/stickers & tattoos (Other Flat items when available). To request visit us on Facebook Or email us at 504uplifting@gmail.com

Inspiration Abounds

Today's Job:
-Know who YOU truly are
-Find Your purpose and LIVE it with no apologies
-LOVE who You truly are

Today's Job:
-Love someone in spite of their flaws
-Laugh a Hearty Belly Laugh today
-NEVER Criticize...Just Uplift

Today's Job:
-Meet people where they are and LOVE them anyway
-LIVE Today as if Tomorrow will not come
-LISTEN to that Still Voice Deep Within
-Trust Yourself

CHOOSE to be at Peace
CHOOSE to be Kind
CHOOSE to NEVER Judge Others
CHOOSE to be Joyful/Happy
CHOOSE to Bless Others
In This LIFE we Get to Choose. Choose Wisely My Friends

Jesus Be Present

-Wherever your children are & they're feeling invisible - Jesus Be Present
-With moms & dads who are feeling helpless - Jesus Be Present
-With those who are struggling financially - Jesus Be Present
-With those trapped in addiction - Jesus Be Present
-With those diagnosed with sickness & disease - Jesus Be Present
-With the parents who are burying their child - Jesus Be Present
-Wherever hatred exists - Jesus Be Present
-With every heart consumed with racism or bigotry - Jesus Be Present
-With every homeless being on this earth - Jesus Be Present
-With EVERY Man, Women & Child that feels LESS THAN - Jesus Be Present
-With every mind trapped in Depression - Jesus Be Present
-With every broken family - Jesus Be Present
-With EVERY Woman battling self image issues - Jesus Be Present

Today's Job:
-STOP Complaining (it will NEVER change anything)
-Be the Change You wish to see
-Worry about NOTHING...Pray about EVERYTHING

Be True To Self

Today's Job:
-Know Your Worth (men & women)
-Create Your NOW (Present)
-Know that This to (whatever it is) Shall Pass

Today's Job:
-Ask & You shall receive
-Release Yourself from labels & titles
-Open yourself up to Unconditional Love (giving & receiving)

Today's Job:
-Be honest with yourself
-Completely accept yourself
-Forgive yourself

Today's Job: (for me)
-Uplift God's little ones -Study the Word (Had a BLAST)
-Surrender ALL to God (Feeling LIGHTER than ever)
Today's Job:
-Embrace & Accept Yourself (Flaws & All)
-Make healthier decisions in every are of your life
-Surround yourself with wise people. Run away from Fools


Today's Job:
-Be Gentle With Yourself & Others
-Don't Be Hard On Yourself

I Am well
I Am healed
I Am wisdom
I Am Joy
I Am Love
I Am Peace  

When my Grandmother passed over (I HATE the term died) a HUGE Transformation began in my life. I had a MAJOR Breakdown TWICE. I had a MAJOR Breakthrough. I became an ordained minister & public speaker advocating for the disabled. But NONE of that DEFINES who I Truly am!! The TRUE ME has been showing herself more and more the past two weeks. She's very down to earth and grounded in ways I NEVER was. She allows herself to FULLY Connect to God AND She talks MAJOR Smack to the devil!!! I use to be afraid to pray out loud, but she gets right in his ugly face!! She scares me, but in a GOOD way. She excites me! She's taking me somewhere. Somewhere I've never been before. Somewhere I want to go. She's teaching me how to FORGET MY PAST and CREATE MY NOW! 

Intention :)

Today's Job:
-Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday
-Speak with Kindness
-Love others as you desire to be loved
-Don't just pray...Praise!

Things I Know For Sure:
-It is not my job to judge others for how they live or who they are
-Jesus IS my Lord & Savior
-You MUST be careful with people's hearts
-No one is HOPELESS
-LOVE Conquers All
-I serve the same God that turned a killer into an Apostle

Today's Job:
-Help Those in need WITHOUT second guessing things
-LOVE and then Love some more
-Be in the Moment with those around you
-Enjoy EVERY second of Your Gifted Day on Earth

Today's Job:
-When someone speaks negatively about you understand that it Truly isn't about you
-Walk in Love no matter what
-Choose to be Happy

*I feel it is OUR Job to Uplift one another. Regardless of sex, race, age, religion or sexual orientation. Selfishness and Ignorance hinders this from becoming a reality. That's heart breaking.

Today's Job:
-Don't Judge someone's story by the chapter you just walked into
(saw this on FB)
-Do something for someone else
-Be a Friend and Listen
-Spread Joy NOT Hate

Today's Job:
-Be silent if you can't speak kindly
-Trust Your Instincts
-Know that you are loved BEYOND a human's capabilities of loving you
-Know that you are are LOVED with a love that will NEVER fail you nor leave you.

I Pledge:
-To help Heal this Earth & NOT Hurt it
-To NEVER hurt a being, but to Love them
-To Inspire, Uplift & Encourage my Family in Christ (EVERYONE)
-To be a Positive Light Force in this World for All Beings
-To Lift YOU Up & NOT tear YOU Down (EVERYONE)

Daily Intentions

For the past week I've been writing my daily intentions.  I started posting them on Facebook as my daily Jobs.  I thought I'd share them here as well.

My Job For Today Is:
-To walk in LOVE, speak in LOVE & behave in LOVE
-To keep Everything Simple
-To Focus on MY Walk Only
-To Remain Peace-Filled at ALL times
-To Spread The LOVE of God Like Wild Fire!!

Today's Job:
-See every SPIRIT Being & NOT the outer shell
-Love Unconditionally
-Live Unafraid
-Drop LOVE into as many hearts as Possible

Today's Job:
-Be A Leader NOT a Follower...Only Follow Jesus...No Human
-Walk in LOVE, speak in LOVE & behave in LOVE (A Must)
-Be More like Jesus & NOTHING like this world
-Nurture your mind & body
-Laugh as much as possible

Today's Job:
-Lean on God Completely & NOT Myself
-Eat as little sugar as possible
-Put mail together for my Chemo Buddies -Laugh Uncontrollably

Today Job:
-Be EXTREMELY Grateful for it all
-Just Believe
-Keep Smiling
-Ignore The Negativity 

Luv Notes - Encouraging Adults

I originally started this mission 7 years ago to bless children, but my heart keeps leading me towards adults as well. When we did the Luv-Notes for adults last year it was very successful. EVERYONE can use kind words in their lives. If you're an adult in need of kind words for WHATEVER reason please feel free to request a Luv-Note and Book marker. It will be our Honor to bless You.

Way To Request:
Email Us 504uplifting@gmail.com
Request Via Facebook: Facebook.com/GodsLuvmail

A Healthier Option

I use to cook stew with beef, but since I'm consciously making better choices I choose shrimp and veggie stew.  I put shrimp, of course. I added mushrooms, carrots, peas, onions & green peppers.  We ate this with small portion of Brown Rice.  Yummy and Filling!!

My Prayer

I wish You joy. I wish You peace.
I wish You endless blessings. I wish You Heavenly Protection.
I wish You healing. I wish You Eternal Provision.
I wish You Non Stop Laughter. I wish You less Tears.
I wish You an Abundance of Kindness. I wish You LOVE.
God Bless You‬.

Clean Eating

On 2/3/15 I watched two documentaries on our Food Industry.  It frightened me, but also explained so much about the health crisis we are having in America.  I decided to take things into my own hands and do what's best for me.  I was not eating enough fruits and veggies.  So, I'm challenging myself!  The challenge is to eat more fruits and veggies and eat NO Pork, Beef, Dairy nor Fat based foods.  I'm not rich so I must stay realistic.  I will still eat chicken, but it will be less than I usually do.  I will eat LOTS of fruits and veggies and drink 8 cups of water per day.  I will succeed!  I have to!  I'll keep you updated and I'll be sharing a few meals along the way.
Veggie Tacos
Sauteed onions, bell peppers & mushrooms with Black Bean Salsa.  Topped with homemade Guacamole on Multi-Grain Tortillas.

Dad Vs Father

I grew up in a home with a praying mom and a non praying step dad.  My step dad never told my sisters and I that he loved us.  Both of my sisters are His biological children, yet he never said it to them either.  I actually understood him NOT saying it to me, but to not express love towards your OWN kids?  Knowing that our dad was not like most dads lead us to seek comfort in the wrong kinds of guys.  Heartache ran rampant within three girls who truly just needed their dad to SHOW that he indeed loved them.

My own biological dad was a drug addict, so I didn't meet him until I was twenty one.  Two dads and no good father figure in sight.  As I grew up these two guys lead me to believe God was just like them - UNAVAILABLE.  I knew all about Jesus and I LOVED him, but this God who's suppose to be my Father had to be just like the two I had in the flesh.

It was my Grandmother's passing that thrust me deeply into God's arms.  I started reading the Bible.  The more I read the more I learned how Jesus was just like His Father.  If His Father and my Father are the same, then my Father is NOTHING like the two earthly dads I encountered. 

I started talking with God daily.  Several times a day I'd speak to him.  As time has gone by I have realized just how Different God is from my two dads.  He tells me he loves me daily.  He has filled MANY voids within my heart.  He has shown me how to fully love myself.  But most of all He has shown me what a True Father should look like.  I no longer feel Fatherless in this world.  Knowing God as my Father has given me tremendous strength and self-worth.  God also shows me his True Identity through my husband who is by far the greatest and most AVAILABLE dad I've ever met. 

My daughter has two earthly dads who are there and love on her non stop.  Their actions have shown her who her Father is and How he is.  Today we share that same Father and we know we are loved unconditionally.  We know we need not seek love that is less than what He is giving us.  We know that Our Father who art in Heaven will never fail nor abandon us.  Because of this truth I can still love my dads knowing they did the best they could with what very little they knew.

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