Sunday Thoughts

Nothing in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 
Romans 8:39

On Wings Of Love

Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do     good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do     them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we     think, say, want and do.
            - Emmanuel Swedenborg



Each day we receive requests for uplifting mail to be sent to a child, parent, loved one, neighbor and friend.  With each request we lovingly reply "yes", because we understand that there are many out there who just need to know they are loved and thought of.  Although we never meet them we hold great love for them.  We love them as our sisters and brothers in God and we would want the same done for us when we are in need.  We've been there before (hurricane Katrina) and we know what it feels like to have a group of strangers love us unconditionally and uplift us in our time of need.

We hope and pray that you will find it in your hearts to commit a kind act today.  Whether it be big or small is not the issue.  The only thing that truly matters is that you do it out of LOVE. (-:

Love Always,

Tabitha and Family

ICB23: Redefining You

We live this life allowing others to define (label) us and place a status upon us that they seem is best fit.  It is time to take back control and re-define who YOU are based on your very own feelings and beliefs!


The Simple Things

Photo Credit Dianne-Poinski

Today I am sharing the simple things with you as many other bloggers are doing in an effort to help Christina over at Soul Aperture.  For every blogger who signed up to take part Christina and her family are donating $1 to Doctors Without Borders to help in the aid of Haiti.  This is a beautiful gesture and I in no way could pass up this opportunity.

The Simple Things I Adore:

Reading a book ~ The feel of clean sheets ~ Soft music in the background as I drift off to sleep ~ A tight hug from my daughter every morning and every night ~ Laughter ~ The smell of bananas ~ The sound of a birds singing ~ Quality time with God ~ Meditating ~ Cooking for my family ~ A car ride on a Saturday evening ~ Receiving handwritten letters ~ Writing handwritten letters ~ snuggling ~ A hot cup of chocolate ~ Holding Hands ~ Smiles ~ Life.

*Wishcasting Wednesday* This week the lovely Jamie Ridler asks: What do you wish to awaken?

I wish to awaken the child of God I am meant to be.  I wish to awaken the sweet bliss that lies within me.  I wish to awaken that superhero that fears nothing and can do anything she puts her mind to (she's almost awaken).

Change For Change


In this trying economy millions of families are struggling.  My family and I are not exempt from this, but we choose to help others knowing it is the right thing to do. I have been given the honor to speak on behalf of the disabled children and adults in New Orleans.  I will also speak to children and teens born with deformities.  During my visit with them I would love to show them that not EVERY being in the world sees them as imperfect.  I believe if we all do something so loving together it will inspire and encourage them immensely.

The idea is to hand them goody bags filled with age appropriate and inspiring items.  The idea is that we ALL come together and do this by donating just $1 each.  My family and I are putting up the larger sum to purchase items, stickers, ribbon and goody bags.  We are asking YOU our friends, readers, family and supporters to join us in this effort by simply donating $1.

The donation can be sent via PayPal on either blog Or You may mail it in to us at the address below.  I think it's safe to say you all know my heart by now.  You know that this is how I plan to live out my life here on earth.  Realistically I am not able to pull this off by myself, but with YOU joining forces with me for just $1 YOU can be apart of a new Change.

Thank You!...Tabitha

Mailing Address:
Afiveoh4uplifting - PMB 1155
13909 Nacogdoches Rd. #105
San Antonio, TX 78217

Releasing Expectations To God

"Put your expectations on God, not on people."
Joyce Meyer

Podcast: ICB24 (7:08)

For years I lived and tried to succeed off of what others expected of me.  Then, I decided to live by what I expected.  Let me tell you neither way worked for me.  That was a complete set up for FAILURE and when I crashed I crashed HARD.  I've learned a very important lesson within these past three years of my life.  I learned that what others outside of God expected of me never truly mattered.  I also learned that my way (my expectations) were harming me both mentally and physically.  But, the greatest lesson learned was if I surrendered to God and allowed him to take the lead I could bare witness to his wonders.

Daily I surrender and expect God to take the lead.  I no longer place unrealistic expectations upon myself.  Instead, I ask him "what is it you wish (expect) me to do today Father?"  When I quiet my chaotic mind and meet with him in prayer he shows me his expectations for that day.  He never shows me weeks, months or years down the line.  He is very realistic!  He gets that we humans can only handle things day by day and so, that is how he operates with me.  He frees me from stress, anger, hurt and disappointment by doing this.  I expect to be joyful, glad, happy, kind, compassionate, successful and blessed.  I expect all of these things not by what man says, but by what His Words tell me.  I know through Him, through surrendering each day in total Faith I WILL be granted these things.  I place my expectations in the palm of His hands and He blesses me.  I expect nothing more than what He has to offer me and THAT is all I need in this life.  --God Bless


Geaux Saints!!!!!!
We Are Superbowl Bound!!!!!

Sunday's Thought

 A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.  ~Charles Gordy

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Chinese Proverb

Come join the fun and share your favorite quote(s)
 with everyone over at FreshMommy's Blog!

ICB22: Guided Meditation

I deepen my experience of God through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness.
Marianne Williamson

My Love List

 It's been awhile since I've done one of my love lists, so I think it it indeed time. :)

I Love:

Singing praise music and feeling His presence
The feel of clothing when they first exit the dryer
Seeing the compassion of this world grow
Soft conversations with hubby in the middle of the night
The sound an ink pen makes when it's dropped into a mug
Watching cartoons with my princess and allowing our inner child some play time
Sweet hugs and kisses from my daughter
Pringles and a cold bottle of water with Peach Tea Crystal Light
The way the sun gently enters my room each morning

Wishcasting Wednesday:
This week Jamie Asks: What Do You Wish For Your Family?

I wish for my family to have days filled with joy and peace. I wish for there to be laughter in their hearts each and every day.  I wish no harm nor strife to cross their door paths.  I wish for them to love themselves unconditionally just as they are.  I wish that they will be blessed in ways that they will never know struggle, homelessness and starvation personally.

Continual Transformation

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With each new day I express gratitude. Whether I am writing it in my journal or speaking it aloud I make it a point to put it out there.  I'm noticing great things from this practice.  I'm listening to my inner being more intently.  I wait for God to answer my questions and prayers before leaping without a net.  Now when I leap I know He is there to catch me.  I now know that he desires my faith and patience and in return He delights in providing my needs.  His love is teaching me, moving me and allowing me to grow into the Masterpiece He's always wanted me to be.  Yes, I love expressing gratitude to my Father.  With each new conversation between us I am transformed a bit more.  With each intimate moment together I receive more joy than ever before.  By His sacrifice I am healed and in His name I am blooming.  Because of His grace I am joyfully and willingly being transformed to be the child and servant He needs me to be.  For this gift I am forever and immensely grateful.

Today I Am Grateful:

*For His Unconditional Love
*For my life, health and family
*Because of God and His Son Jesus I am never alone


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Sunday's Thought

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 He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own. 
- Confucius

ICB21 & Prayers For Haiti

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When I put together this weeks podcast the very day before the earthquake happened I never imagined how tied together they would be.  I guess it's one of those moments where God wants you to see just how majestic He truly is.  Before I ask anything of you I ask that you please pray for the people of Haiti.  They need all the love and compassion this world can provide.  Yesterday my family and I donated to the effort through the Red Cross.  By texting "haiti" to 90999 you are donating $10 to the relief fund and you will be billed on your cell phone account.  If you can not afford to help financially maybe you can donate clothing, toiletries or even non-perishable food items.  But most of all they need your prayers.  --God Bless

Meditation & Wishcasting Wednesday

My dear friend Jan over at Awake Is Good is conducting a series titled "The 28 Day Meditation Challenge."  I accepted the challenge, but had not blogged about it yet.  There's no better time than the present right?  This morning after everyone left I meditated to a lovely video I found on youtube awhile back.  Then I did my Metta Practice, which always bring be back to focus.  Getting back into the groove of meditating brings great peace to me.  I dislike when I get off course, but it feels like going home when I find my way back to what is right for me.
*Wishcasting Wednesday*  This week we cast caution to the wind and speak of our desires.  We take part in a lovely ceremony of wish casting.  Our beautiful wish-stress Jamie Ridler asks: How do you wish to shine?

Let LOVE Be Your Guide

Ephesians 5:2
Let love be your guide. Christ loved us and offered his life for us as a sacrifice that pleases God.

I've been studying this verse intensely lately.  When I sit and think of all Christ endured for me I can't help, but to be filled with great love.  The kind of love that's so powerful it leaves you in tears of joy.  He loves me so much that he gave up his life for me.  He ask that we love him with our entire heart, mind and soul.  He even asks us to love others as we love ourselves.  This is the path He has lead me to for the past three years.  I've always been one to help others, but today it is a totally different path.  I wish to thank Jesus Christ for all he's done for me by uplifting any and all who need it.  Sometimes the acts are big and sometimes they are small.  But each time they are from my heart and in honor of our Savior.  Ephesians 5:2 says "Let love be your guide."  Each day I strive to do just that.  A smile to a stranger, a hug to my princess, encouraging words to my nephew, a card to a being battling cancer, an anonymous act of kindness.  He was beaten, even tortured for me and all he asks is that I live my life as he lives his.  This I can do.  This I will do for my Father who's only request is that I let LOVE be my guide.

What does this verse say to you?  What thoughts come to your heart & mind?

Today I Am Grateful For:

*Every single blessing
*His love & mercy
*The right to share what's in my heart
*My sight, hearing and ability to speak
*For new possibilities

Sunday's Thought

To see the world in the light of Love, which can only come from within, is to live w/o fear, in unshakable peace. ~Chopra

Faith + Authenticity = A Happier You

ICB20: Faith + Authenticity = A Happier You

I read this creole proverb on Twitter and ever since I have been pondering it. It reads: Tell me who you love, and I'll tell you who you are. Tell me who you love,(pause) and I'll tell you who you are. First, and foremost we must love our Lord with all of our hearts. Then we must love ourselves as He loves us. Which means we must love ourselves unconditionally. Do you know your authentic self? You should. She is no father from you than your very breath. Many people are searching for their true selves, but there really is no need to search. Just open your eyes and heart to the gem you truly are.

If we all decided today to live each day in complete faith and embrace who we are from within we would all know what it feels like to live in bliss. There's no preparing needed. There are no twists and turns to menuever. All one must do is accept with complete certainty that YOU are who God intended You to be and live with that joyfully in your heart & soul. Believe that there is a Father who loves you to no end. Have faith that He will be with you every second, of every minute, of every day of your life. Have faith that in your abilities and dreams, because He placed them within you. Live each day as if tomorrow may not come. No fears. No doubts. Just faith.

Feel that you are beautiful, intelligent, artistic, kind-hearted, compassionate, healthy. Know without a doubt that you are who you are meant to be. Hug her, love her, speak gently to her. She is the greatest companion one could ever have. She is You and You are Her. The both of you are faithful and authentically living out each day as it is written in His book. For that is the greatest story ever told. The story of YOU!

If the blind put their hand in God's, they find their way more surely than those who see but have not faith or purpose. - Helen Keller

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. - Richard Bach

God Bless

Valentine’s Day Give In Honor of Jackson Turpin

One of our favorite times of the year is near and we are excited about what's to come! Valentine's Day is all about LOVE. Love of family, friends, strangers and love of self. We love spreading love throughout the year, but we especially love doing it for Valentine's! This year Valentine's Day will be extra special for us, because we are honoring a very special child.

Although we have never met Jackson we were very affected by his passing. I adore his aunt Amy who’s a very dear friend. The days after Jackson’s passing Amy’s love and grief engulfed me. I went to my family and told them that I wished to honor Jackson. We decided that when our goody bags are donated this Valentine’s Day each bag would be given in honor of Jackson. We are including cards within each bag to state just that.

This year four hospitals will be gifted with gift bags for their patients:

Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas will receive 200 goody bags.
Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, La will receive 200 goody bags.
Shriners Hospital For Children in Shreveport, La will receive 45 goody bags. (They only have 45 beds)
Shriners Hospital For Children in Philadelphia will receive 75 goody bags. (They only have 75 beds)

Through the past two years we have built beautiful relationships with 130 beautiful kids who we send uplifting mail & small goodies to twice a month. These children will also receive a Valentine’s Day gift bag in honor of Jackson as well.

You can help us achieve this goal by purchasing an item or two from the "items needed" list below via Oriental Trading and have them shipped directly to us. All orders need to be received by February 1st to give us time to put all 650 Uplifting Bags together and get them delivered and shipped out. We deeply appreciate your support and kindness!!

Needed Items:
All Orders Should Be Shipped To:

A FiveOh4 Uplifting - PMB 1155
13909 Nacogdoches Rd. #105
San Antonio, TX 78217

IN-36/2010 VBS Prayers From The Pond Activity Books - $2.99 36 Piece(s)
IN-9/667 Laser Valentine Notepads $5.99 72 Piece(s)
IN-36/2008 VBS Outback Wallet Prayer Cards - $2.99 36 Piece(s)
IN-32/1110 “Flip Flop My Heart” Notepads - $1.99 24 Piece(s)
IN-32/895 Glitter Conversation Heart Tattoos - $4.99 72 Piece(s)
IN-32/470 Valentine Two-Sided Stampers - $5.99 48 Piece(s)

It is a blessing to us to honor a sweet child like Jackson Turpin! He will live on forever in the hearts of those who love him and to those who never met him, but love him nonetheless.


"We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us."
~~Marianne Williamson

I came to a serious realization this very morning. I had been asking God for guidance all year long and instead of me "listening" I "assumed". I started school to become a spiritual counselor and that was a perfect move for me. I know for a fact that this is what God wanted. But, when it comes to my family mission I lost focus of why this all began and who began it. I didn't create this - God did! He knew I had a strong desire and passion to help others, so He placed the idea in my heart and lead me every step of the way. Now, here's where I get real with myself. Because I saw how easily people helped organizations with non-profit status I (alone) assumed this was what God wanted me to do. I thought if we attain this status more people would want to help us, but the truth is this is NOT about what others will do. This is about the love my Father and I posses for other beings. It's about uplifting those who need it most. Jesus didn't search for backers nor did he seek approval from anyone other than God. I lost my focus and I have begged Him for forgiveness. This mission is about ONE family doing God's work. It's about what God has placed before us. We accept what is and what will be, because we know He will be with us every step of the way.

If obtaining non-profit status is the only way people will help us, then we will lovingly pass. We are servants of God and all I/we every wanted was to help others. We will do this! We will do this on the strength of God and not a status that others have made us believe we needed to succeed. Because, at the end of the day ALL WE NEED IS GOD & EACH OTHER.

We've Hit The Ground Running Over At!!

It's a new year and we have hit the ground running!! Our mini vacation is over and we want to uplift thousands of beings. In 2009 we uplifted 3,000+. This year we are aiming for to double that! Yes, that means we are gearing up to uplift the lives of 6,000 beings!!!

These past two years have shown us that "Anything Is Possible!" We've overcome many obstacles, so we are going full steam ahead!!

Ok, so we are starting the new year by sending off our very first box of goody bags to Shriner's Hospital For Children in Shreveport, La!! The box was mailed this morning (1/2/10) to be exact!

We love doing what we do and we're so honored that the patients of Shriners in Shreveport, La are the first recipients of the year!!!

We sent this goody bag to a beautiful woman battling cancer. We are holding her in our hearts and prayers and we ask that you do the same. (-:

We visited Dollar Tree yesterday in search of figurines and what we found was too cute for words!!
These lovelies will be sent to the adults we uplift and I have to admit I am super excited to send the very 1st
one off!! Are they not just the cutest?!


For Valentine's Day we will be sending out over 500 V-Day goody bags all in Honor of Jackson Gray Turpin! (AmyB's Baby Nephew) who earned his wings in October 2009. We are holding a raffle to raise funds to help us in this effort. The Prize: $50 Wal-Mart Or Target Gift Card. A $10 donation from YOU via our Paypal button gives you a chance to win the Gift Card. Our goal is to raise the $250 we need to place an order with Oriental Because Oriental now allows payments via Paypal this is a WIN/WIN for us and for the raffle winner!!

We Pray You Will Consider Helping Us Uplift 500+ Hospitalized & Disabled Children This Valentine's Day!!

God Bless!

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