On Saturday I was introduced to this blog and it knocked my socks off as soon as I entered! It's called "A Holy Experience" and if you visit it you WILL know why. She has started a gratitude community where everyone takes notice of the little things in their lives. She calls it 1,000 Gifts and the idea is to grab a sheet of paper, your journal or blog and daily list the things you are grateful for. I, being a lover of gratitude joined this wonderful community and have decided that within each blog post and journal entry I will daily list 5 things I'm grateful for until I reach my 1,000. What happens after you reach your 1,000 things? Hopefully, you'll just keep going. :)

Today I'm Grateful:
1. That I was able to experience a joyous moment in my daughter's life on Saturday
2. That I am breathing easily without asthma interrupting my day
3. That by the time you read this hubby and I will have hit the semi annual sale at B&BW *Big Grin*
4. For all of the uplifting and spiritual posts I read yesterday in Blog land
5. That Borders had a Huge sale on Saturday and I was finally able to get the Bible I've been wanting

Journal (made by me)

On Saturday Princess Charlie went on her very first date. The young guy asked her to the movies and ice cream. Hubby and I picked him up, met his parents then dropped them off at the movies. Hubby and I were a few feet away sitting in Borders passing the time away. After purchasing my new Bible and a great book by Dr. Wayne Dyer we sat in the car while they sat in the ice cream shop eating and chatting. This little guy was so polite and sweet! He complimented PC the moment he laid eyes on her. He opened the doors for her and held her hand during the entire movie. Who said chivalry was dead? She was extremely excited and so was I! My daughter had the blessed opportunity to experience a true Old Fashion, the way it should be date. She felt respected and cared for and for that I'm grateful for A (her date).

Of course my heart is still in my throat after realizing my kid is at the dating age, but I have to admit God sent a True Gentleman her way. He made my baby feel like the princess she is and I like him - I like him A LOT!!


  1. oh wow...chivalry still does exist...that's fabulous...some great things on your gratitude list...what an awesome Idea....thank you so much for coming by on my featured day on Thurs....I'm so happy you did

  2. I will have to check it out..The Simple Abundance book is about gratitude, too (The book review I recently wrote about).

    Great list!!

  3. So glad you found A Holy Experience. It is one of my very favorites! The date sounds like a dream. What a blessing!

  4. Oh how wonderful for PC to go out with such a nice young man. I know you were happy for her and sad for yourself because she is growing up. I think it was sweet you and your husband had a lil date too while waiting on her. That's great :-))

  5. I don't think there is anything that scares me more than my babies getting old enough to be dating age. I am so glad that she had a good first experience.

  6. What a wonderful experience! I hope it goes that well for me. I have three young girls.

  7. Yikes - dating - that is a challenge for a Mom!!! Hang in there girl!!
    Tabitha..you are by far one of the most grace filled women I know. Your spirit shines in every word and work you offer up! I feel very blessed to know you!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  8. I am so glad your daughter's first date was such a memorable and nice one and I know you are, too. We all have so much to be thankful for and this is a great idea.

  9. I love your attitude of gratitude... as always!

    And I'm so happy PC's date went so well!!! I think it's adorable that you guys picked him up and drove them AND that she was OK with it!!!! You're great parents!

  10. Tabitha,
    Can you pass on the URL to the Holy Experience site? I'm always on the lookout for kindred sites. :-) And so happy your daughter's first date was lovely and that it will be a true memory for her to hold onto and savor. :-)

  11. Lovely Tabitha

    and by the way you were Tagged today at my place :-))

  12. Oh how cuuuuuuteeee! I can't even imagine my daughter being dating age! LOL!!

    He sounds like a sweet young man!

  13. gratitude is quite healing. and life-changing. what a lovely story about the dates you and your daughter each had.

  14. OH, Tabitha. This sweet story brought a lump to my throat. And gave me hope for my own daughter.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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