Day 31 - Pledge of Peace

Podcast: Pledge of Peace - Finale

A month ago God pressed it upon my heart to take a journey.  He made it very clear that this journey would teach me things about myself and that it did.  This journey showed me the importance of loving and nurturing myself.  It taught me how to truly forgive myself and in turn has taught me how to forgive those who have offended me.

During these 31 days subtle revelations about me and my relationship with God and those in my life have come about.  I have never been ashamed of my handicap, but I did let loved ones and society ridicule me of my weight.  This decreased my self-esteem big time.  I no longer care what others think of my weight, because I now know that God loves me no matter what I look like.  That has taught me to love the skin I'm in.  Am I aiming to lose weight presently?  Yes, but only because I want to help my lungs have a fighting chance.  God honored me with this body, so I must do whatever in my power to take care of it until I no longer need it.  If it takes me a year to lose 40 pounds, so be it.  But I WILL lose 40 pounds on my terms and for my own reasons and not for another being.

This life is temporary, but while I am in it I am going to be the best me that I can be!  It all begins with me loving the me within, trusting God, loving others and living in His righteousness.  With those four elements we/I can not go wrong.  Thank you all for following this journey and thank you to everyone who took this journey in their lives with me!  It has been a rewarding 31 days and I'm excited to see what's ahead, but for now I will cherish this moment, this day and these life lessons learned.

God Bless

Day 30 - Pledge of Peace

I'm a huge fan of writing or speaking of my gratitude.  On this beautiful day I wanted to share a few things that have simply made me smile.

*Delicious, crispy salad
*Getting my hair cut off and feeling absolutely beautiful afterward
*Having a love filled family talk
*Scratching my puppy son and making his little leg shake in delight
*Drinking a truly delicious Verry Cherry Snapple (they know what I like)
*Laughing with my daughter
*Realizing I am starting to lose weight (woohoo!)

Intention and Gift: I intend to take it very easy today.  My gift will be a facial and foot soak as I watch a great movie.

Day 29 - Pledge of Peace

Two days left and my 31 day journey will come to an end.  I'm not sad though, because MANY great things have come from this experience.  I've come to know me and love me more.  The great thing is this journey is just truly beginning for me.  I love what's come from this and am looking forward to the future.  This time I'm taking life slowly..One day at a time.

A Quick Recap Of What I've Learned:

1. I seriously neglected myself
2. My neglecting myself had created resentment within me
3. I put everyone else's needs and concerns above my own
4. I am stronger than I ever knew
5. I must FULLY trust God
6. I ate to satisfy my emotions (now I ONLY eat when I'm hungry)
7. I gave my emotions WAY too much power
9. Take each day at a slow pace
10. Set healthy intentions and boundaries
11. NEVER allow others to intimidate, use or abuse me
12. My worth is PRICELESS
13. NEVER feel guilty for nurturing myself
14. How to fall in love with me
15. I'm learning how to rid myself of impatience and selfishness (a daily process)

I look forward to the days, weeks, months and years to come.  I see a great change and many others see it as well.  I'm grateful for what's becoming of me and I hope this journey helps many!

Day 28 - Pledge of Peace

For many hair is VERY important and for years it was for me as well.  For the past five years I've been threatening to cut it off (due to damage and frustration), but feared doing it.  I feared others opinions instead of my own.

Well, yesterday I stared in the mirror for 10 minutes, took a deep breath and had my hair cut off.  As soon as the clippers stopped buzzing I felt free and prettier than ever before.  This journey gave me the courage to do this.  Learning to love the me within has given me great cause to love the me on the outside.

Charlie said "mama, you look so happy!"  I am...I am very happy!  I've never been afraid of aging and this year I'll be 39.  I'm actually VERY excited about the big 40!  I've been asking God to change me from within and He is.  The bonus is the outside is now changing with very little resistance.  Yay God!

Today's Intention and Gift: I'm going to celebrate the new me (always evolving).  I'm giving myself the gift of embracing my beauty.  After all, I was created my the Greatest artist known to man. :)

Day 27 - Pledge of Peace

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. --1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I have so much I'd like to say to you, but fear I would overwhelm you.  I read a few blogs where the authors truly speak to my heart.  They are like-minded women, mothers, wives and children of God.  All seeking Him and desiring to know their true authentic selves.  I am so grateful that I am capable of reading. I'm grateful that hubby has a job that enables us to have the internet, so I can connect with so many beautiful beings.

God is truly working within me and I know I've given him a few moments of resistance, but I love that He never gave up on me.  I am being freed from my selfishness, impatience, critical self-talk, emotional living and judgmental mind.  I think I judged myself more than anything else and it hurt in the long run.  He is helping be free from all of those things.  What a beautiful, loving Father we have!

Awesome Moments:

*Waking up
*Having health insurance to see the doctor when needed (yesterday)
*Not having to pay a co-pay on a new medication (yesterday)
*Eating an awesome salad made by the hubster
*Receiving a loving gift of 5 books of postage stamps from the hubster (for uplifting mail)
*Watching Charlie (my beautiful daughter) receive 5 awards of Excellence and a plaque for STUDENT OF THE YEAR!!! (yesterday)
*Having the ability to hear and enjoy the most relaxing music...EVER
*Being present in the NOW
*Drinking a Hot cup of coffee with Hershey's Chocolate Creamer (YUMM-EE!!)
*Hearing from God through His Word and through Mike Breaux (Double Hitter!!)
*Eating ONLY when I'm hungry (A HUGE Success for me!!!)

Today's Intention and Gift: I intend to meditate on God's promises to me and you through His Word.  Today I give myself the gift of being completely being ME and stress FREE!

Day 26 - Pledge of Peace

The journey is coming to an end, but is it truly?  There is no way I can turn back now.  I've learned so much about myself within this journey that I know going forward will be the key to a successful walk with God.  This day is a little cloudy outside, but within my spirit the sun is beaming.  I'm enjoying a delicious cup of vanilla-caramel coffee and the silence within my home.  I am praying that a solution to the oil spill will come shortly.  I am thinking of loved ones now gone and praying for those who are still here struggling with life.

Yesterday I paused a few times and thought of wonderful things in my life such as:
*My beautiful daughter
*How the Christmas lights in my bedroom give it that beautiful glow (I feel SO joyful in this room)
*I cooked today's dinner in my new slow cooker and loved the outcome
*The feeling of being loved by The Father
*Warm goodnight kisses from Princess Charlie

I am enjoying life and even with it's ups and downs I must confess it is a ride worth taking.  I wish you all a beautifully blessed day!!

Day 25 - Pledge of Peace

Mike Breaux - pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford.

Do you think God has a sense of humor?  I do and I often look up and say "you're a trip!"  I bet He places people and events in front of us and as soon as we connect the dots to see His purpose He smiles and goes "now you've got it kid!"  I'm sure it happens to everyone a few times in their lives.  The one thing I SO love that he does is when I'm sitting alone thinking about a particular situation.  I'll ask myself or him a question and maybe a day or two later He answers me through Joel, Joyce or one of my favorite blog writers.  Yesterday it was through Mike Breaux.  I had never heard of the guy and was not even looking for him.  I went to watch this week's message by John Ortberg, but Mike Breaux was filling in.  His presence jumped through the screen and his passion was amazing!  His message was the answer to one of my questions.  Am I missing out in life?  That was my question.  Mr. Breaux spoke on how we go through life in such a rush we miss out on the little miracles God places right in front of us.  We focus on yesterday and tomorrow and we forget to pay attention to the moments within Today.  WOW! God surely knows how to answer a question when it's placed before him!  Mr. Breaux suggests we all should hit the pause button from time to time and take notice of the wonderful moments (those little miracles) in our lives daily.

Yesterday my daughter texted to inform me that she passed the TAKS test in both math and English.  When she got home from school I hit the pause button (metaphorically), opened the door and we both did our happy dance we created when she started Kindergarten.  She's 15 now and she still loves to do this silly dance with her mama and her mama still loves doing it with her.  After our dance I took a moment and watched her as she walked to her bedroom.  I felt a beautiful and overwhelming sense of love and pride.  I journaled that experience and now I'm sharing it with you.  I'm not perfect, so I know I'll slip from time to time.  But, I'm going to do better at pausing and taking notice of my little miracles.  Afterall, today is a gift and that's why it's called The Present.

Today's Intention and Gift: To pause throughout this day taking notice of my little miracles and wonderful moments.  I hope you to will pause today and take notice of your little miracles and wonderful moments!

God Bless

Day 24 - Pledge of Peace

On yesterday the hubster and I had a very long talk.  We've been together for 13 years and through it all there has been bliss and a many number of bumps.  The main thing missing was God.  We both believed, well I believed.  He believed when things were going right.  As of this February (when the darkness came) he gave his life to God...Fully.  He's taking baby steps (as everyone should), but there is visible progress.  We talked about God, our marriage, our mistakes and of course our successes.  Our greatest success being our daughter.  Although, biologically he is not her dad he has indeed gone above and beyond the definition.  Our daughter is a 15 year old who loves reading the bible.  She's an A - B student who respects our desires for her life.  We have allowed her to learn her own voice and she is indeed impressive.  But with one another hubby and I have made great mistakes.  We marvel at how our many mistakes have somehow glued us together more-so.  We don't make the same mistakes any longer.  New ones have taken place, but with God being present we now have better guidance.  I had to let go of my notion that he should be exactly how I wanted him to be.  He had to let go of the belief that I was this super woman who could never be hurt.

No one can ever say they know what the future holds, but I'm sure there are many more lessons to be learned.  Tons of new growth of love to be shared (in whatever way God sees as best).  Our discussion ended with us both understanding our roles clearer and seeing God as the leader of this family unit.  Then of course many hugs and kisses ensued. :)

Today's Intention and Gift: To walk through this day believing in myself and my hubster.  Knowing we will allow The Father to lead us through our journeys.

Day 23 - Pledge of Peace

"If you want inner peace find it in solitude, not speed, and if you would find yourself, look to the land from which you came and to which you go."  - Ewart L Udall

Yesterday was most peaceful indeed.  I have not felt this comfortable in my home in a few months.  I cried as the plane took off with my nephew.  I think I cried mostly because I know what he's walking into and there's not much I can do to help.  Mostly because we are 800 miles apart now.  But I find solace in words from my 15 year old daughter "let go and let God mommy."

Today we have no plans.  I'll watch Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen.  I'll laugh with my daughter.  I'll put goody bags together and I'll love every minute of it!  Peace is what I desire and I know without a doubt I will have it.

Things are changing in my world and I truly am excited about it all.  I'm not sure what the end of this life story will be, but I do know I'm going to live it fully until the big lady sings. :)

I intend to enjoy my day and I will give myself the gift of some serious self love!

Day 22 - Pledge of Peace

With this journey I have come to see that I put myself last.  I focus so much on my hubby and daughter (especially her).  But, listening to Chip Ingram the other day I had to stop and ask God "had I made them idols in my life?"  I didn't hear an answer, but everything inside of me shouted YES.  I truly see how this happened and I now see even more so why He placed this 31 day journey upon my heart.  He needed to FREE me from this behavior!

I LOVE my daughter (she's a blessing) and I love my husband, but not only did I put them above me I placed them above God. Whoa!  What a revelation!  I listened to my heart and it gave me a guideline.  It said the line of priority should be God, Me, and then My family.  I'm truly getting this and I never want God to feel as if He comes last in my life.  I surrender to Him daily, because I know my way was indeed the wrong way.

Today's Intention: I intend to re-organize my home (nephew has left and I wish to re-energize our living space)

Today's Kind Act: The gift of taking it slow.  And I'll buy myself a pack of awesome ink pens (been collecting since I was 11)

Day 21 - Pledge of Peace

 My nephew is preparing to leave tomorrow, so we will spend the day helping him pack.  We will be watching movies and enjoying one another company. 

Today's Intentions: To enjoy my nephew and daughter's company

Today's Kind Act: I plan to take a 30 minute soak, with candles and relaxing music.

I'm SO Grateful:
*I can see, hear and speak
*There were no asthma attacks yesterday
*For the lungs I have and the healing going on within them
*For my loving family and amazing friends (including YOU)
*For God's gentle guidance
*For peace returning to my spirit

Day 20 - Pledge of Peace

Photo taken by my husband

Can you believe we are twenty days into our journey already?  As I was reading my journal last night I smiled.  I smiled at all God has revealed to me these past few weeks!  Taking the time to truly get to know me has been the greatest gift ever!  I look forward to what I'll learn in the next 11 days to come!  I have been growing to love myself over the past 3 years, but this exercise has truly shown me how to love myself as God loves me.  He would never wanted me to neglect myself.  He never wanted me to put myself last.  He never wanted me to allow such pain to come my way.  I see this clear as day now!  Today I can say that I love myself completely.  I will never neglect my needs.  I will never put me last.  I will never again allow another living being to intimidate, use or abuse me...EVER!  If I feel I have to do something or be someone I'm not for them to like/love me, then they don't belong in my life.

This journey is creating a freedom that My Father knew I desperately needed and I am eternally grateful.  I'm also eternally grateful to everyone who's taken this journey with me.  Love on yourself!  There is no wrong in that!  Each day take one baby step towards nurturing yourselves.  If it feels uncomfortable start small.  Eventually it will become natural, because IT IS!

Today's Intention: I intend to go with the flow.  No pushing or forcing things to be.

Today's Kind Act: I give myself the gift of just being.  Enjoying my time and space.  Loving the skin I am in completely!

Day 19 - Pledge of Peace

When my daughter was little I taught her how to write her name by tracing.  So, I was so blown away when she suggested I perfect my drawing skills by doodling with dots!  If you click the photo you can see what I call my dot doodling. :)

My nephew has been living with us this school year and it has been a trying time for my hubby, our daughter and myself.  He's a beautiful child who has no love for himself.  So, he has decided that he doesn't need an education and he can hang with ungodly kids.  I even think he may not believe God exists.  I've talked, cried, prayed, encouraged and hugged him each and every day.  Nothing so far has reached him.  My sister has given him permission to go back home and that's where things became worse.  I have always battled with issues with my lungs and the stress of everything that has taken place since hurricane Katrina has increased my issues.  As my nephew heads back to the root of his troubles I ask you all to please uplift him in prayer.  Please pray that I will stay on my journey of nurturing myself, because it is imperative at this point in my life.

5 Things I Love About Myself: 1. My heart  2. My voice (I use it to inspire others who are disabled like me)   3. I woke up to God's will for me  4. My brown eyes (I'm fascinated by eyes)  5. My thirst for knowing God and the real ME

Today's Intentions: I intend to light a scented soy candle and go through my day putting uplifting mail together for my chemo buddies :)

Today's Kind Act: I will do breathing exercise to strengthen my lungs and I'll dance for 15 minutes to strengthen my body.

Day 18 - Pledge of Peace

"The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one's life."  - Peace Pilgrim
The past few days have been very calming.  I've been reading through my journal and noticing little nuggets of joy within it.  I've started exercising (dancing) again as of yesterday.  This time I'm going to be realistic.  I'll exercise every Mon, Wed and Fri, because any longer and I would quit again.  It's important that I do this, because of my disability and the fact that my lungs need the extra push from time to time.  So, yesterday I committed myself to dancing three days a week to nurture my health. :)

Today's Intentions: I'm impatient, so I've been going through my days taking things slower.  This is conditioning me with my patience.  I'm going to continue with this.
Today's Kind Act: I will not eat any pringles today (they are a weak spot for me). lol

Day 17 - Pledge of Peace

"Meditation is not a way to enlightenment, Nor is it a method of achieving anything at all. It is peace itself. It is the actualization of wisdom, The ultimate truth of the oneness of all things."
- Dogen

Meditation has been a true life saver since starting it.  I have serious issues with my lungs and meditating has strengthened my breathing.  I am a very visual person.  When I meditate I ALWAYS visualize God and I together.  Of course I can never see his face nor specifics, but I know it's Him.  A beautiful, soft light always surrounds him.  We are always sitting together on a balcony that overlooks the most gorgeous view I've ever seen in my life.  The greenest grass, extraordinary flowers and huge trees that reach the Heavens.  For 20 minutes as my meditation music plays I visualize meeting with Him on that balcony and I talk/pray to Him.  Afterward, I am always extremely relaxed and I can see things clearer.  I also feel this tremendous amount of love within my room and know I am not alone.

This weekend I colored, doodled and loved on myself in great detail.  I wish I would have done this years ago, but better late than never!  I'm letting go of the people pleasing side of me and am embracing the notion of pleasing myself by loving who I am.  And I'm truly loving the idea of taking care of me.  I hadn't for so long!

Today's intentions: meditate, read and enjoy each and every moment of the day.

Today's Kind Act: Today I'm going to remind myself just why I deserve to be loved by myself.  I'm going to express gratitude by writing 5 things about myself I'm grateful for.

Can you share 5 things about yourself you're grateful for?  I bet you can!

Day 16 - Pledge of Peace

After reading an awesome new blog called "Owning The Words" I decided that yesterday and today I would color outside of the lines.  I love doodling and coloring!  It calms me and I find great peace in doing it, but somehow I stopped doing it.  Every Saturday I use to doodle or paint with Princess Charlie.  I'd tell myself "you're no good at doodling" and then it stopped.

Why do we talk ourselves out of doing what we love?  The answer is simple..Fear!  I feared I was not good enough, so I talked myself out of doing it.  Today, I am talking myself back into it.  I now understand that it does not have to be perfect.  The idea is to enjoy the moment!

Is there something you've talked yourself out of doing?  Will you join me today and step back into that thing that makes you feel alive?

Today's Intention: to draw and doodle to my heart's content

Today's Kind Act: Yesterday I went to Kinko's with a package of typing paper and had them coil bind two art journals.  One for me and one for Princess Charlie! 

Day 15 - Pledge of Peace

Hello Beautiful Friends!

I have been enjoying the interaction here lately and watching you all bloom right along with me.  It stormed yesterday like nobody's business!  The lights went out while in the doctor's office.  What an adventure getting back home!

Upon returning home Princess Charlie and I watched a Jerry Lewis movie and laughed our butts off.  She is 15, but very wise and strong willed.  I'm watching her as she walks along her journey and to see her bloom mentally and spiritually right before my eyes is a TRUE blessing.  Knowing that she is watching my every move encourages me to keep forward.  At the end of the day I know this journey will have changed more than just me.  :)

Today's Intentions: It's pajama Saturday! PC and I intend to watch funny movies, eat nachos and FULLY enjoy our day together.

Today's Kind Act: PC is going to do my hair for me.

Take it easy today my friends and remember to say "I Love You" to yourself!

Day 14 - Pledge of Peace

I first want to say thank you to everyone who decided to take the 31 day challenge with me.  Whether you've left your comments on the blog, have emailed me or have done it in silence I appreciate your presence.  It's amazing what we find when we dig.  It's funny how you can learn that of all the people in the world to come into your life and cause you grief YOU actually cause yourself the most grief of anyone.  For me this is true.  I allowed myself to be a people pleaser to the point of resenting myself and neglecting myself.  You can imagine the look on my face when this realization came to view.  It was as if I were receiving new sight!  I love me, don't get me wrong.  But, I didn't love myself enough to say no to those I should have said no to.  I didn't love myself enough to say "it's okay if that person won't like me."  I pleased and did things so that someone who should love me anyway (family) would do so.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I know I am not alone.  I know that there are millions of other beings on this earth who think "If I do this so and so will like/love me."  Truth is TRUE love does not require that we please anyone.  True love does not hold restrictions nor limitations within it.  And when we start to fully love and value ourselves as God does the need to please dissolves and we become free to be who we are.  We are able to say with clarity and love that "if I have to bend over backward to receive your acceptance, then your acceptance is no longer needed in my life."

As I've said before I never imagined this 31 day journey would reveal so much.  But I am deeply grateful for everything that has been revealed.  We are 14 days into this journey and already a bunch of you have shared eye opening moments with me.  I pray that our journey will be one filled with peace, joy and an abundance of clarity and freedom.  Thank you for spending a little time with me each day.   ♥ Tabitha

Today's Intention: I intend to keep digging and finding my freedom and clarity

Today's Kind Act: I'm going to make myself a HUGE fruit smoothie, share it with my daughter and watch Bewitched (my fav show)

Are you a people pleaser?  How did you overcome it?

Day 13 - Pledge of Peace

This journey has been eye opening!  I have to admit I never imagined doing this would open up so many doors nor did I think it would be a healing tool to this degree (That's MY Truth).  Learning about myself is a blessing and I pray that this journey will help anyone who reads it.  I learned that in allowing people from my life (present and past) to hurt me I developed an anger for myself.  Until this journey I never knew this, but I see it clearly now!
My mentor suggested I write down a few of my desires, so I did just that.  I am taking a stand!  I am declaring my worth and demanding respect, honesty and trustworthy relationships (on ALL levels)!!

My Desires:
*To trust myself
*To live IN peace ON earth
*To trust and forgive myself
*To be strong and wise enough to say Enough is Enough
*To rid myself of self sabotaging within
*To NEVER AGAIN allow ANYONE to DISRESPECT Me or Steal My Positive Energy
*To love myself as God and Jesus do -- NO LESS
*To Respect and Nurture my Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit
*To walk with God and Jesus
*To be Changed Completely from within
*To embrace my Worth - I AM PRICELESS and WORTHY in the eyes of God

Today's Intentions: I intend to stay present in the moment

Today's Kind Act: I will speak loving words to myself

How's your journey going?

Day 12 - Pledge of Peace

Day 12 - Pledge of Peace

Purpose Affirmation: Today I live my truth. As I live my truth, I teach others to do the same!

Freedom: That is my word for the rest of the year.  The word I chose at the beginning of the year was "abundance" and they work beautifully together, because I am seeking an abundance of freedom.  I wish to be free from emotional living and thinking.  I wish to free myself from the ideals of society.  I wish to be free from self-sabotaging (in my thinking).  I wish to free myself from the bondage of caring what others think about me.  Now the latter I can honestly say I have been very good at these past three years, but the others I have some work to put in.  I'm learning that if I succeed at freeing myself from these things I can find a greater joy than ever before and let's be truthful.  I WANT greater joy in my life.  Who doesn't right?  To gain this freedom I must TRUST.  I must trust God first and foremost and then I need to truly trust MYSELF.  At the end of the day that's whom I truly have a trust issue with.  This was my Aha thought after I re-read my post yesterday.  I TRUST God, but I don't fully trust me.  Why?  I've allowed so much to happen.  I've allowed so many to hurt, use and even abuse me.  Although, I have been on a path of restoration since 2008 I still have allowed people to hurt me.  Not saying I have the power to see it coming and then stop it, but I do have the right after their first offense to say enough is enough.

This journey is about learning to love ME as God does.  It's about trusting my own judgments and knowing that it is SO okay to nurture myself daily.  In fact, it is imperative that I nurture myself daily.  I'm not speaking of "things." It starts from within and moves it's way to our outer areas.  Some of the things I'm learning scare me, but they also push me to improve.  For living a peaceful and love filled life does not happen magically.  It indeed takes work.  Work I am completely willing to do.

Today's Intentions: I intend to re-assure myself that it's okay to nurture myself

Today's Kind Act: I'm going through this day completely trusting myself.  No seconding guessing and forgiving myself for past mistakes.

Day 11 - Pledge of Peace

Yesterday was one of those eye opening days for me.  When a mirror is placed before you and you see yourself for who you truly are it can be very uncomfortable.  But, at the same time, it can be rewarding.  This chance allows you to correct the bad and give thanks for the good.  For me two realizations have emerged with these 11 days so far.  the first is I have let far too many people stump upon my heart.  The other is I have an issue with FULLY trusting God.  Whew!  That was hard to type, but I have to stay authentic if I wish to help others and to grow myself.  My issue of trust comes from my dad and hubby disappointing me in BIG ways.  I sometimes get afraid and give my energy to the past instead of fully trusting that God will be with me no matter what.  I do believe He will be, but somebody needs to tell my brain to get on board.  I had a dream the other night where a guy (unknown to me) kept telling me how God wants to help me and how much he loves me.  I believe with my entire heart that He does, so I've resolved to giving Him more time so that my trust issues may be mended.

As for any living being ever stumping upon my heart this is a day to day process.  It kind of goes hand in hand with trusting God, but also it's me now knowing my worth in this life.  I am SO worth love, joy, peace, kindness, HONESTY and RESPECT.  If they can not give those things they can not be in my life.

Today's Intentions: I intend to walk through this day KNOWING my worth and EMBRACING it.

Today's Kind Act: I'm going to cook, enjoy the quiet of my home and remind myself often of my worth in this life..Of course I'll do all of these things in sincere LOVE.

Day 10 - Pledge of Peace

For the past three years I've put goody bags together on a card table, which has caused severe back pains over time.  For Mother's Day I told hubby that I wanted money and I'd pick out my own gift.  To Wal-Mart we went to get me a very sturdy and pretty oak table (just like my kitchen table) and placed it in my work area/bedroom.  This made me extremely happy.  It's big, sturdy and there's tons of room for putting together goody bags. :)

Here I am at day ten in my 31 day pledge of peace and I must admit there have been a few bumpy moments (emotional), but I quickly talked myself out of those moments.  There have been a few times I've wanted to put myself on the back burner just to make someone else feel happy.  However, I knew that behavior was no longer accepted and it is okay to want to put me first sometimes.  The meditating helps so very much.  It's teaching me discipline and that I truly needed.

I've Learned:
1. That I ignore my needs way too much
2. I allow others to guilt me into doing what they want
3. I let my emotions get the best of me
4. That I actually LOVE giving myself attention and care
5. That God lead me to this journey for a very good reason

Today's Intention: I intend to spend more time with God by reading my Bible

Today's Kind Act: I'm NOT allowing anyone to make me feel guilty, because I won't give in to them.  I'm standing up for myself!

Days 8 & 9 - Pledge of Peace

My Princess Charlie made me a plate of supreme nachos for lunch today as a pre-gift to Mother's Day.  I enjoyed today greatly and look forward to tomorrow more so.  Since tomorrow is Mother's Day chances are I will not be online, so I wanted to combine Saturday and Sunday's posts into one.  To every mom I wish you a beautiful and love filled Mother's Day!!

Today's Intention: I intend to be kind to myself

Today's Kind Act: I bought myself a cheesecake, night gown and two coffee mugs (they are cute!)

Sunday 5/9/2010
Tomorrow's Intention: I intend to be at ease and let hubby and daughter pamper me *BIG Grin*

Tomorrow's Kind Act: I'm going to eat my cheesecake while celebrating my motherhood and not worry about weight at all!!

Day 7 - Pledge of Peace

*Update for 5/6*
My day was shared with my daughter as she stayed home from school so that I could nurse her sore neck.  We enjoyed each others company and it was delightful.  The majority of my evening was spent reading "The Shack."  I read this book a year ago and it altered my life and way of thinking.  It has once again flipped my mind frame upside down.  It's crazy how this book re-surfaced during my 31 day journey.  I know it's no coincidence, so I read and allow each page to transform my spirit.

Day 7: I'm not doing much today.  I'm feeling a bit exhausted emotionally, but in a good way.  I think I'm going to finish my book and allow my being to be lifted in a beautiful way.

Today's Intention:
I intend to be love and allow love to wrap itself around me gently and just BE.

Today's Kind Act: I am going to pamper myself in stillness.  No putting mail together.  No conducting business calls.  I'm going to read, drink coffee, listen to music and just be still (until the kids return from school).

Day 6 - Pledge of Peace

*Update for 5/5*
I took the day very slow and easy.  I typed slower (which was a great challenge), I read slower than usual (which I rather enjoyed) and I did my work at a slow pace.  I enjoyed listening to my new CD's!  They're so very relaxing.  I even cooked dinner at a slow pace (crock-pot action ☺).

Day 6: I'm very excited about today, but not really because of the journey.  Today my package of new goody bags for our mission are being delivered today!  It's the simple things that excite me folk!  Last night the urge to simplify our home hit me hard.  At 9pm every able body was cleaning out closets.  We got rid of things we no longer needed nor no longer wanted.  I dislike clutter with an extreme passion, so doing this brought me great ease.

Today's Intention:
I am going through this day being content with my life, home, and body just as they are now.

Today's Kind Act: I'm going to dance (my way of exercising).  I need to treat my body better and MOVING is indeed a great way of saying "I love you" to your body!

Day 5 - Pledge of Peace

*Day 4 Update*
I read the Shack a year ago, but felt compelled to pick it up again.  When I read I am literally in the story.  I have a very vivid imagination.  I'm not done reading the whole book yet, so I think I'll finish it up today.

Day 5: It's been 5 days and already I've learned a few things about myself.  An important thing I've learned is I was truly not good to myself.  I also learned that I was giving away my peace for far too long.  I'm loving this journey.  Forcing myself to look from within has a profound impact on me.  I hope you are enjoying your journey as well.

Today's Intentions:
1. Today I intend to write 10 things I love about myself in my journal
2. I intend to finish reading The Shack

Today's Kind Act: I've decided it's time to add to my meditation (music) collection so I'm going to get myself 2 new CD's to add to my collection.

I look forward to your thoughts!

Day 4 - Pledge of Peace

*Update from 5/3*

Yesterday was amazing!  I meditated, watched Joyce Meyer and then I enjoyed my Jerry Lewis marathon.  I laughed out loud and enjoyed every minute of my alone time!

Today's Intention:

1. I intend to cook my family a delicious dinner (I love cooking)
2. I intend to do a bit of reading, journaling and enjoy some soul stirring music

Today's Kind Act: I'm going to put my headphones in, jump on my scooter and take a LONG stroll around my beautiful neighborhood.

How was your yesterday?  What will you do today?

Day 3 - Pledge of Peace

*Update for 5/2*
Yesterday I woke up and watched Joel Osteen, meditated for 22 minutes and danced for 15 minutes.  Pure Joy!  I took the day at my pace, enjoying my music and putting goody bags together for loving children and adults.  I even decided to go through my day speaking at a whispering level.  I got a kick out of Princess Charlie joining in and embracing it with her mom!  For his lack of enthusiasm the day before hubby made up for it by preparing me a fabulous salad for lunch and preparing the bathroom with candles, soft music and the needed towels for me to take a 30 minute soak in a delicious bath (bath salt included).  *BIG Grin*

Day 3: Everyone will be at school and work today, so it's a perfect opportunity to use this alone time to place my undivided attention on myself.  I'm going to watch Joyce Meyer (as I do every weekday morning), meditate and read a chapter in Deuteronomy.  I'm continuing my practice of allowing my body to relax and keeping my mind clear of negative self talk.

Today's Intention:
I intend to allow myself to go through this day walking in self love, peace and joy.
I intend to laugh as much as possible (see today's kind act)

Today's Kind Act: I have a Jerry Lewis collection and it's been a year since I've watched it, because I'm so busy allowing everyone else to watch what they want on MY television.  Today I'm treating myself to a Jerry Lewis Marathon!

What will you do today to place a smile upon your face?

Day 2 - Pledge of Peace

*Update For 5/1* Yesterday was beautiful.  Hubby resisted a bit towards my being silent, but he had no choice but to come around and embrace the idea.  I loved being silent!  It gave me an opportunity to truly ask myself a few questions and I was able to answer them and gain great insight.  Yes, I am going to love this journey my friends!

Day 2: Have you ever stopped to notice just how tense your body may be?  I've noticed for some time now that even while watching television I am clenched.  My muscles are at attention in the worse way and I grit my teeth.  This started 5 years ago after Hurricane Katrina and I tried all types of things including medication (which I dislike).  Meditating is the only thing that truly seems to be effective, but after a few hours I would notice I'm tense again.  While sitting at my desk reading a few great blogs yesterday I noticed my body was tingling (in a very good way).  Every muscle in my body was at ease and I was not clenching my teeth together!  I believe I am achieving this now, because I am more mindful of how I'm treating myself.  My body does not deserve the lack of attentiveness I've given it and now a beautiful Aha moment has arrived.  Throughout the day whenever I notice myself tensing up I immediately corrected it.  This is only day 2 my friends!  Just imagine what nuggets we'll produce by the end of this journey!

*Tip* When you're at your desk or where ever you may be be mindful of what message you're sending your body.  Allow every muscle to relax.  If you do this often not only will your body thank you, but you will feel awesome!

Today's Intention:
To be mindful of my body and allow it to relax as it deserves
To dance to a 15 minute play-list I put together just for the occasion

Today's Kind Act: I'm going to buy myself that 8GB memory chip for my new cell phone that I've always wanted, but denied myself the joy of getting it.

How are you treating yourself today my friends?

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Day 1 - Pledge Of Peace

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"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at
peace with others."  - Peace Pilgrim

If this is your first visit to my blog I welcome you!  For the next 31 days myself and a lovely group of my readers are going on a peace journey.  For the next 31 days we are pledging to love on ourselves and treat ourselves with the sweet love that we give to so many daily.  If you wish to join please do!  You do not have to have a blog to participate.  You can leave your thoughts in the comment section or NOT. 

For the next 31 days daily we will:
1. Set a daily intention geared toward ourselves
2. Commit one kind act for our-self (whatever you wish it to be)
3. Erase negative self talk
4. Speak kind words to our-self
5. Not allow anyone or any situation to rob us of our peace
6. Pamper ourselves with loving-kindness

Loving myself has been a true adventure.  Being born with birth abnormalities and having both parents point the finger at one another was no walk in the park my friends.  It was not until October 2008 that I read this (John 9:2-3  His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"  "Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.) I knew I had the wrong mentality.  I saw myself in a new light!  I saw myself through the eyes of God!  I love me as I am and no one can change that now, but I truly need to be kinder to myself and that is the focus of this journey.

Today's Intention: (You can have as many or less)
1. Mindfully say "I love you" to myself throughout the day
2. Not allow anyone to disturb my peaceful day
3. Be as kind as possible with myself

Today's Kind Act:  I am always talking, actually refereeing the three beings within my home and it often times exhausts me.  That's right sometimes I get tired of talking, so today I have informed my family that as a gift to myself I am demanding a peaceful atmosphere AND I will not verbally communicate for the FULL day.  I am allowing my vocal chords a day of rest.

What gift will you give yourself today?

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