Freaky Friday

I have no idea as to why I titled my post "Freaky Friday," but it sounded cool so I went with it. LOL
Nothing freaky happened today, which I'm grateful for. Hubby and I had a quick trip to the doctor's office to have lab work done, then we were headed home. It is so beautiful outside!! Still floating off of yesterday's high I have made my daily rounds in blog land. There are SO many inspirational and hilarious people on here!! Today, I thought I'd share a few blogs and sites I truly admire and enjoy with you lovely folk!

Tabitha's Recommendations:

*The Zen In You
*Reality's Insanity
*The Souring Impulse
*A Diva's Hammer...Wielded By The Muse
*Lilly's Life (She's Hilariously Clever)
*Spirit Jump (A great way to help uplift adult's with cancer)
*Make A Child Smile (A great way to place a smile upon the face of a kid)
*Daily OM

Today I Feel: Excited, Loved, Healthy, Thinner ☺, Joyful, Grateful, Peaceful, Compassionate, Creative and
Hungry For All Life Offers Me.

Wishing You All A Beautifully Blessed Day
And Send Tons Of Smiles Your Way!

From My Heart To Yours,

Love And So Much More!

My heart and soul have truly been fed today in the deepest and greatest of ways. I am in no way good at drawing or painting, but I am very creative in many ways. My morning started off with a WONDERFUL talk with The Guy up High. :) Then, of course I watched Joyce Meyer and this show was very educational.

I then felt the Angels of Creativity speaking to me, so with great respect I listened. After putting on my soothing music (and I do mean soothing) I began to put together some "Uplifting Mail" for 10 beautiful and deserving girls. Each child living with a major life changing illness.

These are the items I placed within each girl's envelope.

Dear Hubby was sweet enough to mail them off for me on his way
back to work. :)

I also received an email from Stacy & Meaghan today! The two wonderful young ladies who created Spirit Jump. A program where they match you up with adults who are currently battling cancer. Your goal is to send them uplifting mail. Hello! That is so up my alley! So, I sat down and created this below for the two lovely adults I'll be uplifting.

This day has truly been fulfilling for me. I am at my happiest moment when I can do something nice for someone in need. I wish I could fully convey how living this way truly makes me feel inside. All I can say is at this very moment I am beyond happy and feel DEEPLY grateful.

Wishing You All Peace & Smiling As Hard As Ever
Your Friend,

Day 21: Non Guilty Pleasures

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Why do they call them guilty pleasure?
I in no way feel guilty every Wednesday as I sit in my room and watch 3 hours of Ghost Hunters. :)
I LOVE this show!! LOVE IT!! After the passing of my Grandma the attraction grew much stronger, but I've
ALWAYS loved this show none the less.

On Fridays you can find me watching this show.

Ghost Whisperer! Do you get the theme here? This show is Awesome!! Its romantic, yet creepy. LOL
I adore Jennifer Love Hewitt. :)

Today, the TAPS team will have my undivided attention and I won't feel guilty at all! :)

Today I'm Grateful:

*That its Wednesday!
*That my Avon Bath Products (another non guilty pleasure) arrived today
*That I laughed with Monica for awhile
*For a lovely night with Hubby (he's so cute!)
*That my daughter's report card ROCKED!! 5 A's and 3 B's Whoop! Whoop!
*For the awesome music that danced across my eardrums today

Love To All!!!

Day 19 & 20: Re-Emerging

I didn't post yesterday and the above book is totally to blame. :)
I didn't exercise either, but in honesty for me this book was worth it. I will not go into any of the details that lie within this book. The ONLY thing I will say is it is by far one of the GREATEST reads in my lifetime. I laughed and I cried. If the author's goal was to deeply move the readers, then I say Well Done!

Today I Feel: Blessed * Extremely Loved * Guided * Compassionate * Caring * Grateful * Happy *At Peace

Today I'm Grateful:

-For the beautiful talk with The Father this morning
-That I'm given a new day to "be" and help those I can
-For the food and home in which we live in
-That I can admit to my flaws and know that He'll still Love me
-That I can hear, see, touch, feel, move and LOVE
-That He lives within Me (that is the best gift ever)

A Blessing: Last night a very dear friend called. Its very significant, because we hadn't talked in a year, but the moment I heard her voice it felt as if it were just yesterday we last spoke. Talking to her was like a gust of fresh air flowing through my body. At the beginning of my spiritual journey she was there and planted some very strong seeds within me. Although, we do not speak daily our love is no less today than it was 4 1/2 years
ago. This is one of those instances, which make me look upward and simply say Thank You.

Today I will be exercising and smiling at the thought that I am not alone in my quest to maintain good health. I deeply appreciate the support and sincere words given to me. I see them as gifts, which I'll cherish with all that I have.


Day 18: Restful Sunday

Used From

Yesterday is still swimming around in my head. I held a two hour conversation with my 17 year old niece and afterward I felt so uplifted. She's very intelligent and mature for her age, so I'm never truly surprised when we have these talks. But, this particular conversation brought us closer (if that's even possible). During our conversation I mentioned how I love writing quotes that move my spirit into my journal. She became excited and yelled "me to!" I then told her how I meditate and sit quietly as my music plays throughout the day. I told her that if I could not hear music my soul would morn for it. She then describe her daily ritual to me and I was in awe. She was always under me as a kid, so when she began writing poetry I felt it only natural. But, now this 17 year old mini me spoke spiritually to me and lifted my heart. We share so many of the same beliefs and values! I can not explain what this means to me. She was on a rocky path a year ago, but the death of our uncle this past October showed her so many truths. I'm so grateful she's finding peace and happiness in her journey to the Father. :)

Today is my resting day, but I think my idea of resting is TRULY different from many. After going to Borders for a devotional book for my Mom. I'm going to surprise her with it! I plan on putting my music on, sitting in my room and creating cards for children who are hospitalized. This allows my spirit to sit quietly and just be in the moment. The sheer idea of making children smile brightens my life, so I choose to use today to do just that. :)

Today I'm Grateful:

*That it is Sunday and I can simply rest
*For a loving conversation with my niece yesterday and my baby sister today
*That God and my two sisters have given me 8 beautiful nieces and nephews
*For 24 minutes of exercise yesterday (That Rocked!)
*For a beautiful day
*For laughter - It Feels Awesome!
*For a phone call this morning from my 3 year old niece Mera :)

Blessed Be

Day 17: Complete Serenity

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Let me start off by saying: What A Week!!!

Yesterday I decided to meditate before exercising. I have this great CD my princess gave to me last Mother's Day. I put it on, sat straight up in my chair and started my breathing exercises. My soul was feeling a bit heavy and so were my shoulders, so I started talking to God. For 15 minutes straight I talked to Him as if He were right before me. I noticed afterward the heaviness disappeared and my shoulders were light again. I started to cry, but not in sorrow. I cried tears of pure joy, because I KNOW He heard me and answered my prayers as I was talking to Him! I felt this complete sense of calm in my room and I'm so grateful for it!

Today, I woke up still feeling it and I know its here to stay. I've been feeling this calm for over 2 years now, but yesterday it grew to a new level. My heart desires so much, but not things. I desire for everyone including myself to live Happy, Healthy and Peaceful lives. I wish for my mission to flourish even brighter this year than it did last year. I believe yesterday was his way of saying "So Shall It Be." That makes me tear up as I type it! How awesome is that?

These past two and a half years have been simply Awe Inspiring. I had to share this with you all, because it is so the right thing to do. I humbly thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.

Today I'm Grateful:

*For the gentle signs from above
*That I'm able to receive and accept them
*For a newer level of growth
*For answered prayers
*For the healthy food that's within my home

Update: Normally I've been exercising for 20 minutes per day, but today It increased without me even planning it. What's the magic number you ask?

Today I exercised for a whopping..
Wait for it
Wait for it
24 minutes!!!!!

Blessings To All

Day 16: Feeling Blessed and Expressing Gratitude

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When I awoke yesterday I immediately knew that grubby satan was ready to play. I was home alone and for a brief moment I felt unsafe. What! I never feel unsafe in my home! This is where I am the safest and in complete peace. I knew he was trying to get to me, so I took immediate action! I grabbed my 365 Daily Promise Bible and started reading, but before I started reading aloud I announced that I needed the Father to cover and protect me. I declared my life and heart belong to ONLY HIM. After reading I quickly felt at peace and my home had returned to its normal state. :)

Today, I woke up feeling completely peaceful! I'm very proud of myself, because around 11pm last night I grabbed a small pack of cookies to eat. I looked at the cookies and said "NO WAY!" Instead I chose to eat an apple sauce cup and headed to bed. Yay Me!!

Another Blessing:
For three days one of our front headlights had been out. hubby went to auto zone to purchase the bulb and to see how much they'd charge to replace it. Of course they wanted $132, which we could not afford. After speaking with hubby I told him to place it in God's hands and let it go. The next day his co-worker noticed our light was out and asked hubby if he had the bulb. Hubby retrieved the bulb from the car and the co-worker took his time and replaced our bulb for FREE! Divine Intervention at its best!

I'm Grateful:

*For a new day with my family and blogging friends
*For the scent of my warm glass of vanilla soy milk (Yum!)
*For all the beautiful sentiments I received yesterday on my 100th post - Thank You All!
*That I was able to hear the birds chirping this morning
*For the strength & support I am receiving in my quest to live healthier
*That my actions are now rubbing off on my princess and hubby who are now on board 100%
since last weekend!!!

I'm off now to do my 20 minute workout!!
I wish you all truly knew how your support is inspiring me. I BELIEVE in each of You!!

Thank You!!!

Day 15: My 100th Post!!!

Image used from: Desktop Wallpapers

In the midst of still walking on cloud 9 from this weeks activities I now have a personal moment to celebrate. For this post marks my 100th Post!! For me its a HUGE thing, because I did it and in the course of doing it I've made some beautiful friends. I have laughed harder than ever and I've been inspired in ways I never knew would come to me. But, they did and I'm so very grateful! I'm grateful that you decide to come to my blog and share my words and my LOVE for words. Through my blog I get to be ME. No falsehoods needed and that in itself is a blessing. Being accepted for who you truly are is one of the greatest gifts to receive!

Today I Feel: Happy - Blessed - Grateful - Inspired - Guided - Peaceful - Loved - Kind - Compassionate - Empowered - Healthy - Over Joyed.

I'm going to exercise for 20 minutes today. I've been doing it this way for 15 days now and I'm seeing and feeling results! I'm breathing better at night and my pants are looser!! Woo Hoo!!
I still have a short way to go, but I now know that "Yes I Can!!" :)

I'm Grateful:
-For a new day of life
-That I am loved by The Father, my family and true friends
-That I'm sincerely supported by those I've never met
-For this blog world
-That my actions are increasing my health
-To know that my positive thinking truly works!
-For this moment
-My 100th Post!!

If you'll kindly excuse me I must put on my celebration music and dance my butt off!!

Love & Hugs From,

Day 14: Feel

Have you seen the Kleenex commercial where the lady is saying touch shoe, touch toy, touch blah blah blah then she picks up the Kleenex tissue and says Feel? Well, I have and that commercial inspired this post today!

Feel: Love, compassion, joy, inspired, happy, hope, empowered, beautiful, sexy, handsome, strong, courageous, silly, serious, intense, uplifted, bliss, spiritual, creative, healthy, empathy, daring, spontaneous, bold, fearless, confident, profound, motivated, ambitious, able, trust, awake, purposeful, gentle, successful, competent, talented, needed, witty, intelligent, sincere, brilliant, influenced, calm, clear, grounded, wise.

Touch: The lives of those you come in contact with.

"Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved"

America's Song

This aired On Oprah yesterday. The words are beautiful and uplifting!
Every time I've seen President Obama today I've cried tears of joy. I'm so hopeful
for our Country. I'm deeply inspired and grateful that America is where I was born!

May God Keep Us Together :)

Day 13: So Inspired

Today we gain a new president and I can not say how honored I am to call Barack Obama our Commander and Chief! Please pray for his strength and guidance through his term. Please ask the Father to show him the way. Our country needs an uplifting and I pray we will ALL come together to make this possible. One of my favorite songs is "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. I know that no matter what adversity we may face if we BELIEVE and hold complete FAITH change can come in a very positive and empowering way. Although we are not completely out of the darkness (racism - terrorism - struggling economy) on this day, this moment, this President gives us ALL HOPE. With his new journey we see the light shinning and how beautiful it is on This day. Today we sing in celebration. We sing because A Change Has Come. Hope has arrived in this human being, this child of God, this man of courage. Our change goes by the name Barack Obama, but after today you can respectfully refer to him as Mr. President. :)

Today I am grateful, because history is being made. Because we all CAN make a difference. Because Love is taking its stand and Hatred is cowering in the corner. Because WE as a people are finding happiness in one another. Because the impossible is now possible. Because "Yes We Can" will be the mantra of generations to come. Because we have the freedom to speak our hearts and not be persecuted. Because I am an American.

May The Angels Guide You Throughout Your Journey Today & Forever More !!

Day 12: Honoring Those Before Me

Wow! Where do I begin? Today we celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest men to ever exist. He left this earth before my birth, but his impact has grown with me throughout the years. I have drawn great strength from Dr.King. I am deeply grateful for his sacrifices and his words. I see my Grandfather in him. they are both strong, courageous and caring men who influenced the greatest parts of who I am. Dr.King wanted a world of peace and harmony. He lived to help and uplift others because it is what God placed in his heart. The same goes for me. I strive to be one of HIS children who are determined to live and bring forth peace and harmony. I strive to help and uplift those in need. To LOVE all, because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Today, I honor Dr.King and my Grandfather. For they are two of my greatest inspirations!

Last night while reading from my book "Daily Guidance From Your Angels" it stated that we should express our dreams out loud as well as in written form. So, I grabbed my journal and expressed my dreams and today I am verbally expressing them (virtually).

Dear Father and Angels,

Please guide me as I walk this path chosen for me. Please help me to continue with my mission of creating goody bags for ill and homeless children. I wish to do this until I am told by YOU to stop. Guide me and bless me with the way to continue this mission. Guide me in my journey as Mother. Please teach me, so that I may teach my princess. I desire to be the difference. To make an impact in her life and many other children. I believe my dreams are attainable and I thank you for making them come true in advance.

Thank You.

I exercised for 20 minutes today and I feel Grrrreat! (My tony the tiger moment)

Blessings To All!

Day 11: All Pooped Out

Pic of my princess when she was 3 Yrs Old

This weekend has been FULL! Yesterday I was so excited about getting my books, which I did! Yay Me! That excitement crept over into today, because we went to Target to get my little princess a few pair of school pants. Well, ok I was not excited about that. But, I was so VERY excited to visit their stationary department! As I've written previously (here) I love writing letters and notes to those I love. I also adore creating "Just Because Cards" for children who are hospitalized. Anyway, I was able to get a few awesome sets of notecards and I must admit they are Fab-U-Lous. I can't wait to send them out! We also went to Wal-Mart, because we were out of salad items and I can't have that. :)

So, I didn't excersice today because this morning around 3:30am I woke up with excrutiating back pain. Its all better now and I'm back at it tomorrow for sure! For now, I'm off to bed because I truly need to sleep. (Nite Nite!)

I'm So Grateful:

1. That the sun paid us a visit today
2. That I was able to get some very awesome books to add to my fabulous collection
3. For family time (even though I'm pooped!)
4. For the fact that I can see and hear
5. That I was created to be just as I am

Blessings To All!

Day 10: Reading Awakens Me

At the present time I am reading Miss Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I know I'm a bit late in reading it, but oh my goodness I am hooked now! I've finished the first 23 chapters and LOVE it! I love reading so much, because as I read I am actually there watching things play out. This causes me to lose track of my surroundings and of all time.

I'm Also reading Eclipse. The third installation to the "Twilight Saga." I so love these books!

Today, my beautiful hubby is treating me to a shopping spree at Borders! I feel so very blessed and excited!
These are the books I'm going to get:

If anyone knows of a good book I should read, especially if it's uplifting please let me know and I'll get it next time. :)
For now I am off to do some peaceful book shopping. I will exercise upon my return (Girl Scouts Honor!)

Today I Feel: Blessed * Loved * Grateful * Excited * Beautiful * Guided * Inspired

I wish you all love and light,

Day 9: Determination Has Taken Over

Today I exercised for 20 minutes working on my abs and legs! The eating part of this form of living has never been my issue. It was the non-desire to exercise, but now determination has bit me in the butt and I am all for it! I do NOT own a scale. I disposed of it a few months back when I noticed my daughter jumping on it everyday after coming from school. If my clothes start to fit me loosely then I know I am achieving my goal, but for this mission I will be weighed again by my doctor next month. So, until then you will find me in my bedroom, music blasting and shaking my groove thing. :)

Today I Feel:

Beautiful * Determined * Confident * Blessed * Loved * Supported * Guided * And Extremely Grateful

I'm Grateful:

- That a new day has come and I've been invited to take part in it
- That love surrounds me in every aspect of my life
- For endless possibilities
- For so many uplifting souls who I get to engage with each day
-For the music, which moves my body and soothes my soul
-For the loving advice of those who truly care :)
-That my princess loving styled my hair beautifully

In high school I dated a guy named Eddie. We attended both of our proms together and even spoke of marriage, but that never came to be. God did make it so we would remain best friends throughout our lives. I had not seen Eddie in almost 9 years, then a few days ago my cousin called and told me to register for our high school's website. I registered, set up my profile, commented to a few friends I had lost touch with and then I logged off. Yesterday I logged on to find a message from Eddie saying he was in town for a convention and was leaving today. We exchanged numbers, laughed a bit and made plans for him to come to our home this morning.

This is us on our way to my prom

This is us early this morning

I truly feel blessed to have had that opportunity, because Eddie is indeed a wonderful friend and he was my first Love. :)

Peace & Sweet Uplifting,

Day 8: Validation

As I've said in a previous post I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual one. I strongly believe that God speaks to us in dreams, in our hearts and through others. Since I was a little girl I have been in love with the Fluer de lis symbol.

In North America, the fleur-de-lis is often associated with areas formerly settled by France, such as Quebec and Louisiana. It is also associated with the Virgin Mary.

For me the Fluer de lis has always symbolized a sign of peace and beauty. So much so that as of this past November it is now permanently a part of me.

I was praying and asking Him to please send kind people our way so that our mission may continue to spread smiles to ill and homeless children worldwide. So,afterwards I go to watch Joyce Meyer as I do every morning and look what she is wearing!

She's wearing a beautiful black shirt with the Fluer de lis smack in the center!! I was like "I hear you Father!" To me that was a sign of him saying "Your prayers are heard."

Today I Feel:

Deeply Loved - Blessed - Grateful - Passionate - Loving - Happy - Joyful - Inspired - Confident

Blissful Moments:

*Receiving validation from up High
*Being given a new day filled with possibilities
*Exercising for 20.3 minutes
*Creating goody bags for very deserving children (read more here)
*Created a delicious and healthy meal for my family

Day 7: I May Bend, But I Won't Break

Lift up your heads; that the King of glory may come in. Who is the King of glory? The Lord mighty in battle. -Psalm 24:7, 8

Thank You:
To everyone who have left words of encouragement on yesterday's post. I wish I could fully describe how strong it makes me feel to know that there are other's around the world routing for my success. They want to see me healthy and happy. For that I am extremely grateful.

Last night I went to bed feeling light. Free of anxiety or worry about the outcome. I BELIEVE I can do Anything, so this weight loss is no exception to the rule.

I have never claimed sleep apnea, in fact, sleep apnea has been seen as an intruder and soon it will be evicted.
I'm not big on dieting. I believe the word alone sets us up for failure, but I strongly believe in Living a healthy Life. (eating healthy and exercise)

I capitalized my L's, because I want to stress the importance of living life and not just existing in it. I am Living and although there may be days when I may bend I KNOW I will never break. :)

Today's Blissful Moments:

-Waking up and remembering a beautiful conversation with Hubby
-Having Hubby come home just to get a kiss (Oh La La!)

-Feeling the blessings of my Father
-Exercising for 23.5 minutes (Cardio - Yay!!)

Today's Word: Victory

Loving Advice From The Beautiful Muse:

Just don't worry too awfully much about those scales...but try to eat healthy and wisely..if God made it it!

My Reply: AMEN!!

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Day 6

For four years I've been dealing with sleep apnea and I've been told and I know for a fact that if I can drop a few pounds I'll no longer have this health problem. I read that a study shows if you do something for 21 days you can form a habit or un do one. I'm not a bad eater, but I could be a little better. On the 8th of this month I decided to try this theory by exercising for 21 days straight to develop this as a habit. I was sitting here thinking and thought what better way to receive support than from my beautiful blogger friends! My goal is to drop 20 pounds in order to rid myself of this nasty health issue and to gain a healthy and wonderful new habit - Exercising.

Yesterday, I was weighed and so far I have lost 4 pounds!! So, my hope is to share my journey for the next 18 days and with your support succeed. I know for a fact that with encouragement and a strong will anything is possible. :)

Four Awesome Moments Today:

*Having my new wireless network installed (Yeah Baby!)
*Exercised for 23.5 minutes
*Enjoyed a delicious meal with my family
*Laughed so hard @ Pooh (my puppy) going after a frozen juice drink

Today I'm Grateful:

-That I have a support system
-That I am smart enough to know when to make a positive change
-That I am so loved
-For music and the inspiration it gives me
-For small miracles
-For You


Happiness Is

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.
~Mother Theresa

My friend Caroline over at Seasonal Happiness lists something beautiful daily that equates with happiness. I'm sitting at my desk and as I think of this a gang of things come to mind, so I would like to share them with you. But, I'd also appreciate and would feel deeply honored if you'd share a few of the things you equate with happiness.

Happiness Is:

- Truly noticing yourself inhaling and exhaling
- The sound of birds singing in the morning
- Laughing until you wet yourself
- Listening to music which uplifts your soul
- The laughter of children
- My daughter's sense of humor
- Not being afraid to wear my heart upon my sleeve
- Taking control of my life
- Believing in the Unseen
- Truly seeing the beauty that surrounds us
- Feeling completely comfortable in your skin
- Your child saying I Love You (You KNOW its true)
- Helping those who are in need
- Meeting positive and like minded beings
- Feeling God's Love
- Realizing a blessing has just taken place
- Writing Poetry
- Meeting Earth Angels and truly knowing it
- Sunny Delight (I'm addicted)
- A heartfelt hug from a loved one
- Cooking Delicious Foods
- Meditating/Praying
- Having a worthy life and being able to list the things that make you happy


I long to accomplish a great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.

- Helen Keller

Hum-ble: not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive

I've been through many life experiences, which have taught me how to humble myself. The above quote speaks my heart far greater than I could.

Today I Am Grateful:

*For this new day
*My family & True friends
*Growth, Health and Humility
*The beautiful time with my family this weekend
*Peace within
*Blessings of all sizes
*For new paths and success
*For ALL that has been given to me
*For love & Music

I Believe:

-In God
-True Love
-In Miracles
-That we CAN make a difference
-I'm meant to Uplift those in need
-I'm Beautiful
-I'm Loved Unconditionally
-I'm Living My Best Life NOW

We've been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope. But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.

-Barack Obama



Embrace Yourself

This is Mother Theresa and throughout her life fitting into the status quo was never a priority. Her heart and soul defined her beauty, so there was never a need for an outer facade. She spoke with love, acted out of love and embraced everyone through love. Never caring what their outer shell looked liked.

So, who do so many women in the world allow themselves to be consumed with looks and appearances. Mainly because of the media you may say, but I must disagree. It starts within the home. What you are taught as a child or what you teach your child will define how you/they grow up to see themselves.

Do you look into the mirror everyday and say "Damn, I am beautiful!" Or do you say "I'm fat" "I have wrinkles forming!"

Many of my postings are on the spiritual side, because this is the side where I know I belong. So, please bare with me as I make my point.


There is NO SUCH THING as a perfect body. Models are not perfect. They are either too thin or airbrushed, so if you are basing YOUR look against theirs you will never be satisfied.

A child should be told how beautiful they are and as they grow and their bodies change they should be encouraged to love themselves unconditionally. My thirteen year old is at that age where she notices many things. She's a bit taller than her friends, so I was worried she'd feel a bit self-conscious about this. I sat her down and asked her was this an issue for her. She raised one eyebrow, took a deep breath and politely said "have you gone mad mom?" She continued. "I watch you everyday going through life as if you were never born disabled. Everyday you tell me how I'm created just as God intended, so how could I ever have an issue with who I am if I was created by HIM?" The lump in my throat grew three sizes and all I could do was hug her. When she walked out of my room I proceeded with my You Go Girl dance, because I now knew that my talking was not in vane. She got it!

I want YOU to get it. Losing weight to ward off health issues is understandable, but to do it because you want acceptance is a huge NO NO. We should all be accepted for WHO we are not HOW we look. YOU were created by the greatest artist ever known. Your worth is priceless and he does NOT make mistakes.

Take care of your body, because it is after all a gift. But, more importantly take care of what's inside. Your mind, soul and spirit. When you can be in accord with them beauty will flow from you effortlessly.

Be kind to others, smile everyday, truly care about the world we are living in, and by all means laugh until you wet yourself. ☺

This is a sure fire way to Love the You that HE Loves.

Peace & Uplifting

Letting Go

For most of my childhood and adulthood I lived to make others happy. If I thought they wouldn't approve or if I believed they would be mad at my decision I simply would NOT do it. Also, I would hide a few of my successes in hopes of not making others feel bad about situations in their lives. In all honesty, this truly made my life miserable. I didn't feel as if I were living for ME.

I pray for growth daily and I do see it in many instances. But, it didn't become prominent until I decided that I would live MY LIFE. I would NO LONGER live to please others. Uplifting them is one thing, but to allow them to take away your bliss is just insanity.

I don't wait for others to approve my decisions. I ask my Father for guidance and if HE feels something is not meant for me, then HE has his ways of clarifying that.


In the past three years I have been extremely happy. I know this is because I decided to be "The Ruler Of My Life." We can't please everyone in life and in my opinion we are not here to do so.

So, today I am letting go - AGAIN!

*Letting Go Of Anyone Who Feels I Should Live As They See Fit
*Letting Go Of Anyone Who Can't Be Happy For My Blessings (they downplay them)
*Letting Go Of ALL Negative Energy
*No Longer Caring About What Others Say

Instead I Will:

*Live Each Day My Way
*No Longer Hide My Successes (they are worthy of being known)
*No Longer Go Out Of My Way to Please EVERYONE
*Follow My Destiny
*LIVE Happily In Peace

I'm letting this go for the VERY LAST TIME! This is an issue I had worked out awhile ago, but I felt the need to do this publicly. With witnesses I am held accountable!

Now I Can Breathe...Relax and Move Forward ♥

Peace & Uplifting,

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Creating A Positive Day and Night

Every morning when I wake I set quiet time to worship/meditate. But, within my worship/meditation I state my intentions to my Higher Power.

- I intend to have an awesome day
- This day will be filled with laughter
- I will be filled with Peace
- My actions will be successful
- Positivity will surround me like a blanket of protection

Each night I loving state my gratitude and briefly reflect on the positive highlights of the day. It is very important to express gratitude on a daily basis.

Before closing my eyes I make it a point to let my higher power know how I look forward to the very next day. I simply say Thank You with deep sincerity, then I'm off to dream land.

I've been doing this for 2 1/2 years now and I seriously have to admit it has made a huge difference in my life.

Try it for a week and let me know if it works for you ok?

To affect the quality of the day; that is the art of life.
-Thoreau, Henry David

Gentle Rain

I read a piece over at Black Tie and Sneakers titled "Gentle Rain" and immediately my pen began to dance. I love it when another poet can inspire me! I'm deeply grateful and I hope you'll go read Robert's version as well.

Gentle Rain - Tabitha D.
January 5, 2009

It's like a gentle rain
falling over my soul
crashing into my being like hard waves
Yet, it comforts me
It comforts me like the sun does on a warm summer day
beaming it's life into mine gently
And my mind is open and receptive
Ready to receive all that the universe has to offer

In the dark I hear the rain
tapping gently against my inner window
wanting me to know that it's there
Waiting for me to acknowledge it's presence
so I slide into my slippers and join the rain in a dance
We dance to celebrate life
and the beauty in which it holds
We dance to celebrate one another
for in this moment we are ONE

It's like a gentle rain
cradling me to sleep and gently awakening me in the morn
A new life, a new love and endless possibilities
Never torn on what the next step may be
because Faith is my tour guide
and she knows that the secret to true happiness
is to simply be...Free
So I am
and I love, laugh, cry and praise
Knowing every given time I will be heard

It's like a gentle rain
that uplifts my soul
and cheers me on throughout each day
It nurtures who I am
and molds who I am to become
with the sun, moon and stars
Limitless are my dreams
as long as IT exists

I thrive to feel it with every breath
and hold on to it with all that's within me
I seek guidance from it
and am covered in it

It's like a gentle rain
lighting my path through life
and washing away any sorrow
Healing me from pain
and strengthening my tomorrow

God's Love...It's like a gentle rain

My New Mantra

Yesterday I was visiting Melissa over at Operation NICE and her newest assignment was to create a mantra that would encompass what you wish to achieve in 2009. I thought this to be brilliant, because it's right up my alley! I had chosen a word for 2009, but after serious consideration I decided this was not the word that best fit what I was aiming for. Then, I read Melissa's post and within it I found my word for 2009 - CONFIDENCE. I know many reading this may feel a bit baffled and wonder why does she need confidence. But, the answer is simply. Because I do! LOL

I am a fairly confident woman, but I can definitely use a boost in that department. So, this is my word for this year. My mission will be to STOP myself from shying away from opportunities, because I'd rather be in the background of it all. NO MORE!
I am doing away with that sort of "Stinking Thinking!" I will display my confidence in ALL that I do and with each time I feel myself easing into the background I will remind myself by repeating my mantra of 2009.

"I Am A Confident Masterpiece!"

If I am created in the image of The Almighty, then that means I have all the confidence I need coursing through my veins! I just need to awaken it by repeating my mantra! I feel like the shackles just fell off of me! I'm light and feeling Very confident that this WILL work.

What will your mantra for 2009 be?

5 Positives Of Today:

1. I was given another day of life
2. My new word and mantra have filled me with JOY
3. My inner voice has been strengthened
4. I'm SO Very Happy & Peaceful
5. YOU will drop by and read my words *Warm Hugs*

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