Love Should Always:

Love Should Always:

*Lead us to be truthful
*Lead us to speak kindly
*Keep us from being selfish
*Lead us to help others
*Cause us to count our blessings
*Cause us to tell our family we love them daily
*Cause us to be completely joyful right where we are

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True Perspective...My Truth

Sometimes we can be our own ENEMY. Sometimes WE are the Culprits in making ourselves lose Focus...
True Perspective:
1. Luvmail is NOT about how many packages I send out. It IS about sending them out in Love.
2. It is NOT about how many likes we receive on Facebook. It IS about Honoring God & Highlighting his Love for All.
3. It is NOT about who helps us run this financially. It IS about FULLY depending & relying on God to provide in HIS way & time.

4. This is what I was CHOSEN to do.  I can't expect everyone else to be on board with me.

Loving What I Do

Doing What I Love Most :)
Uplifting Others & Spreading The Love of God!

Life is A Ladder

"Life is a ladder. Every day we go up one step to get closer to God. Some days we are knocked back a step or two, but then we get up and move forward with a new day" 
-Andre K

We Can

We have the ability & the capacity within us to show our brothers and sisters on this earth exactly what God's love, mercy & blessings look and feel like.  We can help them see that His Love is very real.  We can help them see Him within Us.  We Can.

The Joys of Giving

The Joy of Knowing A Child Will Smile Because of Something I've Done is Indeed The Sweetest Gift From God. -Tabitha

Luvmail (A Card & Small Gift) in USA to boys & girls (ages 3-10 Living w/sickness Chronic, Neurological, Mental), their siblings (ages 3-10) & their Mom.  

Please request mail via our Facebook Page

The Truth About You & Me

I am Loved...Not Hated
I am Chosen...Not Rejected
I am Blessed...Not Cursed
I am Healed...Not Sick
I am Whole...Not Broken
I am Joyful...Not Sad
I am Light...Not Darkness
I am Peace...Not Chaos
I am One...Not Many
I am Pleasure...Not Pain
I am Truth...Not Lies
I am a Victor...Not a Victim
I am MORE Than Enough...Not Less Than

I am One with God, Nature, Humanity, my Mind, Body & Soul

One Love

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