This Is The Day!

Today is the day for "Project Uplift"! I look forward to coming together tonight with so many great people and begin to make a difference. Anyone interested in attending via phone conferencing please use the information below! :)
7 PM Central Standard Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4800
Access Code: 1007590#

On today I celebrate my 200th post!! And how do you celebrate your 200th post? Well, if you're me you have a giveaway (I'd do it anyway)!! I am actually giving away 2 gifts and there are 2 ways you can win.
1. Leave a comment - Winner will be announced Saturday Morning
2. The first person who calls in tonight will receive the 2nd gift :)

Brandi @ Life Is Art interviewed me!! You can read it Here.

Darlene @ Your Blooming interviewed me last week for her podcast show and that's available Here!

I want to thank every single one of you for your support and friendships! Thank you for reading and feeling my words!

I'm so nervous about tonight, but I am also filled with Great Hope!

Peace & Blessings To All


  1. Hey. I'm thinking I'd like to join in the conference call, but it all depends how my day goes. It sounds like a great idea, definitely along the lines I have been thinking. I just finished writing a post (yet to be published) in which I concluded happiness is a concept of selflessness.

    I have been planning to make some cute/funky/pretty little 'hope notes' with affirmations, encouragement on them ... and leave them around the 'skid row' part of downtown, where many people are homeless, living on the street. For some reason anonymous and small gestures like this seem so precious, and important. Doing for others, it always fills me up.

    You're like me, a little, like to change your blog look once in a while. Looks good. I like your signature. Its got my favourite things ~ birds, water, and a kitty. Well, I changed my look, too. I just love blog templates ~ you know like how some other girls like shoes? hee hee :^)

    Well, today is May Day, or cross quarter day ~ we finds ourselves exactly half-way between spring equinox and summer solstice.

    This profile picture of you is beautiful. Just beautiful.


  2. I am really going to try to make the conference call. I have a meeting that I hope doesn't last long!!

    Congrats on 200 posts!!

  3. Good luck tonight, Wait you don't need luck, you have God.....
    Congradulations on the 200th post. Of course sign me up.

  4. Tabby, hope there is a big turnout for your wonderful project. I'll try to be there if I can get the medical probs with my son settled down...

    Happy May Day and congratulations on 200 posts!!!

  5. I am sure it will be wonderful! I wish I could do this tonight, but alas, I will not be able to. I can't wait to hear all about it though!

  6. Best of best of best of luck sweetie! :)

  7. this is my first time visiting your blog, but I have enjoyed my visit. I will be adopting a spiritual to do list also

  8. best wishes for the success of project uplift!
    blessings for abundance,

  9. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. Congrats on the 200th post.

  10. Thanks Tabitha for stopping by and I will most certainly enjoy my weekend.

  11. Congrats on your 200th post! :)

  12. Such a joy and blessing it is to have you in my life Daughter. And such a joy and blessings other receive by just knowing you. You speak from your heart with God's words. You show how much you love our Father by your actions and deeds. May you be blessed more than you could ever imagine for all the blessings you bring to others! You are an inspiration, a beautiful soul and I am so very very proud of you!
    God bless and love,
    Mammaw/Mommy Pat

  13. Great! I will be joining in on the call, can't wait! My sister is also excited. You'll do FANTASTIC!

    Sharing the love,


  14. congratulations on your 200th post! What an exciting day for you :-)

  15. Wow, what an amazing blog. A quick glance revealed your spiritual To Do List- that's brilliant. Then, feeling free to just BE ... no airs and graces; no trying to impress; no feeling wound up or strung out; just BE. I needed to be reminded of that so thank you. I have 2 class papers due tomorrow, but I will definitely be back. I am curious about the gifts give-away, but your blog has blessed my spirit this evening so I'm good anyway - lol! Stay blessed.

  16. You ROCKED the conference tonight Tabitha, it was wonderful to speak to you. You have fabulous Ideas!

    Make Kindness Contagious :-)

    xoxo dar

  17. Darn, I'm sad I missed the call. Hope it went wonderfully!
    Congrats on your 200th post!!

  18. Knock, knock...just dropping by your blog for a visit. I enjoyed myself! Congratulations on your 200th post!

  19. Hi Tabitha,
    Awesome! Your 200th post - very cool! And tonight's call - I'm sorry I missed it, know that you were in my prayers for a wonderful evening - and I hope to join you soon! I think you are doing such great things. And I read the interview by Brandi earlier today - so great to learn even more about you!!!

  20. Congratulations on your 200th post! I wish I could have attended the conference tonight. I was SO looking forward to it. I'm sure it was fantastic!

    God bless.

  21. I wasn't able to make it tonight...I have a very sick 2 year old. But I was thinking of you!

    I'm anxious to go check out your interviews!

    I hope everything went well!

  22. dear one, i do hope that you will have another spiritual event and i pray that i can be there this time!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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