Early Morning Thinking

Everyone who knows me knows that I am never up before 7am, but for some reason I awoke at 5am and actually felt refreshed. Admittedly for the past two nights I have made it my priority to be sleep no later than 10pm. For me this is major, because I'm a known insomniac. I will lay and think of a million things I either need to do or want to do. Depriving myself of sleep and nighttime relaxation. Being up at 5 is awesome, because I was able to talk with The Father in pure quiet. I didn't have to wait until everyone left as I normally do. This moved my spirit in a beautiful way! I would never lie and say this will be my normal routine, but I would definitely love to do this at least once a week. Who knows if I keep up my bedtime schedule this may very well become my new morning schedule. I would not be mad at that. :-)

Morning Sounds:
Hubby Snoring
Ceiling Fan (it soothes me)
Birds Chirping

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. A new day
2. subtle lessons
3. Humility
4. My daughter & Hubby
5. Music
6. Peace Within
7. The LOVE & MERCY of God
8. The path God has placed me on
9. Simplicity

Things I Know For Sure:
1. God's Love is REAL
2. I'm His daughter
3. Life is Awesome!
4. I'm successful (without a huge home, fancy cars and loads of money)
5. I create my happiness...No One Else
6. Luck has NOTHING to do with my success
7. Being Blessed has EVERYTHING to do with my success
8. Being a mother was meant for me ☺
9. Living a simple life is phenomenal
10. To Receive Love You Have to Give Love

I Pray That Your Day Is Filled With Great Peace ♥
I'm Off To Read Many Uplifting Blogs!!

Hugs To All!


  1. Love your blog. Very inspiring! I linked you and grabbed the button *I Choose Bliss.*

  2. Your attitude and the way your write just makes me feel awesome & uplifted!

  3. Can you feel this? (*HUGS*)... YOu delight me in heart and spirit! :)

  4. Very nice! I am usually up at 5:30 whether or not I HAVE to be. When everyone leaves, I can the put on some soothing calm music before I head off to work.

    I love your lists. I am so glad to have found you

  5. I love those early morning times, Tabitha, though mine start about 6:00. Yes, you can real hear Spirit whisper your name in the dawn hours. Enjoy! And Happy Mother's Day!

  6. beautiful, beautiful post.

    I loved reading what you were grateful for and knew for sure.

    I agree that success has nothing to do with having a huge home and a fancy car

  7. Tabitha I enjoyed your Grateful list but I loved your Things I know for Sure list.

    I can relate to a lot of them.

    Have a blessed day!!

  8. I am now a morning person I use to like to sleep in...then I started going to bed no later than eleven so I started getting up earlier and earlier..I love it too, all the birds start singing and you can hear all the sounds without the "work day noise" it is very peaceful. Listening and watching God's beauty (with my morning coffee) :-)

  9. I can't sleep without a fan running! The noise really helps me, too.

    We all have different rhythms, and early morning is NOT mine either (except that I'm often still up at 5 a.m. LOL) -- but a few times, I have been sleeping and woke up then, and it was very nice -- for a rare treat!

    Hope your Mother's Day weekend is going to be wonderful, but I know it will with Princess Charlie and Handsome Hubby at the helm!

  10. I have recently become a morning person. Out of nowhere. I wake up early and it have become my hour of meditation, connection, silence. It's a beautiful thing :)

  11. Oh wow,
    I love waking early too and having some quiet time. Unfortunately I've not maintained this like I would want, but your post has certainly challenged me to get back to it. Thanks dear.

    - LJ


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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