Tell All Tuesday

I created a new journal for myself. I went to Kinkos last night to get it coil binded. It's 200 lined pages
and each page is titled Butterflies & Bliss. What do you think?

*Morning Thoughts*
1. Thankful for a new day
2. I feel DEEPLY Loved
3. I'm Inspired
4. God is Amazing!

1. Today you can read my *Daily Devotion* being posted at Devotional Daze. Please go over and show support to this extremely uplifting blog. :)
2. Yesterday I received a fabulously beautiful gift from Dar @ Ramblings About Why!! She sent Princess Charlie a gift, 2 wonderful magnets for me and two containers filled with delicious home made cookies!! I can NOT fully convey my gratitude to Dar. She truly uplifted me and made me feel SO loved!
3. I also received a Gorgeous butterfly magnet and sweet card from Yaya @ Yaya Stuff! I LOVE that Yaya thought of me and sent such positive vibes my way!! Thank You!!
4. I entered into a contest over at Kind Notes and was one of the winners!! They will use one of my positive messages in their notes!!
5. God blessed us in an abundant way. This allowed me to do a few things within our home that needed attention. We were able to fill our freezers and cupboards completely! We are SO truly grateful!

I Wish You All Peace, Love & Blessings


  1. Wow! You are so creative! I love it!!!

  2. Love the journal! May the blessings keep coming :)

  3. I got my beautiful little mask yesterday!! Thank you!

  4. That is an awesome journal. Girl I can see you smiling from here. You and Princess Charlie do so much for others..just wanted to send a big {hug}! Enjoy your week :-)

  5. I too design my own journals! It is a fun project!

  6. I've just stopped by to say I am smiling ear to ear now that I see the Joy Rebel revolution has incorporated some of your happiness arsenal (ie the 10 commandments). They are popping up everywhere like crocus in March! Another delightful thing you started.

  7. Hooray for you! You've got an abundance to be joyful for right now!

  8. I would never have thought of getting something coil bound!!! How clever to have created your own journal.

  9. The new journal looks great! Love your thoughts!

  10. Love the Journal. Great Job on that!


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