Thankful Thursday

This is Thankful Thursday, so bare with me because I have to thank a few people I am grateful for today. :-)

First up is the lovely Molly who included me on a cute meme called 8 things! I'm thankful Molly is a loyal reader of my blog and ALWAYS leaves the sweetest comments. They truly make my heart smile!

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. Visiting New Orleans
2. My sister's home cooking
3. Having my nieces and nephews visit me this summer
4. Finishing the writing of my daily devotional
5. Seeing Joyce Meyer in June!
6. Doing many kind acts with the kids this summer
7. Mother's Day
8. Watching Princess Charlie attend High School in Aug (time flies!!)

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Praised God for his divine favor
2. Talked on the phone with my cousin and laughed
3. Talked to my niece Nadia and laughed (she's hilarious!)
4. Read 1 Peter
5. Put together Goody Mail for a few sweet kids
6. Laughed at Reba (tv show)
7. Wrestled with Princess Charlie and my puppy son
8. Read many uplifting blogs

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Ride a bike
2. Visit Ireland
3. Sew (I'd love to make baby blankets)
4. Talk to my Grandma and have her reply
5. Sing like Rascal Flatts (they make me swoon!)
6. Dance with my Grandpa to a Rascal Flatts song
7. Feed the hungry everywhere
8. Travel to hospitals across the world personally handing out our goody bags

8 Shows I watch on t.v.
1. Ghost Whisper
2. Ghost Hunters
3. Numbers
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Bones
6. House
7. Flaspoint
8. Iron Chef America

A heartfelt Thank You goes to Sema who has blessed me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!! I am humbly grateful dear friend. :)

I was blessed with a lovely award from the wonderful Jan Lundy as well!! I Thank You with my whole heart!

I'm Thankful for every reader who graces my blog. Your words uplift me, but your presence moves me deeply. Knowing you are here drives me to give the best of me. On this day and every day that follows I am thankful for you all.


  1. Lovely Tabitha hope you have a wonderful day :-)

  2. Enjoyed reading all your 8's! I would be thankful to get to go to New Orleans. I know you are looking forward to your trip.

  3. tagged you to do this today, you beat me to the punch!

  4. and I'm thankful for you! I love that you wish you could deliver your goodie bags in person. :-)

  5. Randomly found your blog and just wanted to say hi!

  6. You always have the most beautiful sentiments. I always know when i need to feel lifted to come visit you :)

  7. Wanted to stop by and say thank you for following my blog! I love your 8 things post.

    Come my blog for a Bath Luve giveaway!

  8. Hi Tabby,
    You're reminding how easy it is to be "thankful", and you are so so uplifting. It is indeed an honor to be here, and read your words. Tabby, that's what I'm thankful for - for our paths crossing, and for being able to see just the real love for life you share so openly. It's refreshing and real - and beautiful...

  9. As I just commented to another blog writer, "in all things be thankful and count all your blessings ... every last one". God is good!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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