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I awoke no more than 25 minutes ago to the birds chirping and singing. I still can't believe how I never noticed them before. But, at the same time I'm truly grateful to notice them now. These past few days have been truly a blessing for me. No big events happened. It was because of all of YOU. Your words wrapped around my heart and uplifted me in the sweetest way. I wasn't down or anything. I've actually been feeling at my best and within this week you all added to that. I've become friends with women I've never seen, but whom I deeply care for and whom I believe truly care for me. I've met women and men who share in my quest to be close to God. I never feel uncomfortable discussing this with them. I've met women and men who share my thirst for making a difference in this world. I no longer feel alone in this area of my quest! I feel loved and I pray with all of my heart that YOU feel loved in return. Thank You All for reading my words daily and gently reaching out to grab my heart when I put it out there. Thank you for allowing me to be ME. Thank you for NOT noticing my disability. That is a true compliment to me. And even if you do notice it I thank you for looking at me as a human being and not as a handicapped person. These past four years in my life have been a crazy ride. I've been on blogger for 7 months (with this blog) and you all have enriched my life ten fold. Thank You!

Today I'm Grateful:
1. For a wonderful night's sleep
2. For God's love & mercy
3. For Endless Possibilities
4. That I'm finding my way in life
5. For the words you all have left - They will forever be embedded within my heart!

Awesome Moments:
*Realizing I'm Alive
*Hearing The Birds Sing
*Going through This Day Knowing Great Things Are Ahead Of Me :)


  1. Isn't it great to find a spot where people love you for what is in your soul? That is the best thing about these lady bloggers, how they all rally around eachother and always do their best to love, love on one another.

  2. You are so full of love, it spills over in your words and actions! I am blessed to know you.

  3. Aww Tabitha, that is so sweet. I feel blessed to have "met" you just yesterday!

  4. Wow, you are in a good mood! Look at the timestamp on your post -- 7:31 -- that is EARLY and I know you, like me, are NOT usually an early bird!!!

    I look forward to your blog. Not just the "up" posts, but the ones where you are a bit down, too (not that I want you to be down, dearie). Just fun to follow along on your day-to-day life!

    Hope it's a Fun Friday for you -- in old New Orleans we'd undoubtedly be eating fish today, Catholic or not - LOL -- I miss it sometimes but usually I like this new life better!

  5. Today I'm Grateful for YOU!

  6. Oh Sweetness, you get what you give in this life. Everything you've gotten here in Blogland? It's because you give so much of yourself to everyone... so much love and caring and kindness! WE thank YOU! xo

  7. You make a world of difference ... and you are a blessing to so many. I'm grateful that I have come to meet you and to get to know you.

  8. Tabitha,it is wonderful to have found you to have an inspiring chat everyday!thank you friend!
    blessings for abundance,

  9. in your presence I stand humbled and disabled Tabitha you have enriched my life so mere words cannot express I stand in AWE of you :-)) can't wait to meet you one day...hopefully soon my dear!

  10. Oh that everyone should be so "aware and awake" as you! Today I am grateful that I have found the time to catch up on my Blog reading, and have therefore been touched by your post.

    Have a blessed, safe and happy weekend!

  11. What wonderful words. I'm glad you had some amazing moments today. It's so great when we can take the time to hear and see things around us...things that are always there, but we never take the time to notice. I love watching and listening to birds. It's so peaceful and they are beautiful creatures. I always remember the scripture where it talks about God caring so much for them, so why would we think He wouldn't care for us?! Hope you're day has been fabulous!!

  12. its a cycle sweet one- give love, get love xx

  13. Thank you for sharing your infectious spirit of happiness with us!!!

  14. Tabitha, I could call out any number of the comments and say "ditto". The good that you feel is a reflection of the kindness that you generously show. Personally I am the one who feels blessed -- your spirit is magical and makes me want to be more. Needless to say, I am very grateful for you. :)

  15. Tabitha..I'm so glad to have met you in blogland! You have such a sweet spirit!!

  16. Tabitha.. you are a light hon - a true old spirit, a joy to be in the presence of!! Thank you for shining your sweet light my way!!
    Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

  17. This is so beautifully said Tabitha! YOU are one special lady, and one I'm honored to know. And you've created such an uplifting corner here - I'm refreshed every time I stop by!

  18. Disability, what disability. Honey we see the person, the beautiful woman you are. And dont you ever forget it!

  19. Ohhhh Tabitha....((((big hugs))))

    Tears are plopping onto my keyboard. You are one of the most authentic, positive, loving human beings I've ever crossed paths with.
    Please don't refer to yourself as "handicapped" rather than a human being...we should ALL hope and strive to be as "human" as you are. You are teaching me to be grateful and thankful each and every day for all that I have, instead of feeling sorry for all that I lack.
    You are an awesome person and an awesome teacher Tabitha!
    You Rock!!!

  20. I know what you mean, Tabitha, about the community of bloggers--ever since my family broke up several years ago, God has been opening my eyes to so many ways that He "setteth the solitary in families." For me, finding kindred spirits here in Blogland is part of that.

  21. One tear for you...one tear for me...

    Two tears for friends...and love in between!

    the muse

    gosh you are just a rainbow in this world!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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