It Gets Better As I Go

Yesterday I was reading over at The One-Minute Writer and the following question was asked: Is life getting better or worse as you get older?

I don't even have to ponder on this question! As I get older life get's better for me. For Many years I allowed others opinions to dictate how I would live. I also do not feel I was truly living. I believe I was just existing. Of course I had hubby and Princess Charlie in my world and please know they bring me deep joy, but something more was missing. I allowed fear to Rule over me and because of this I've missed out on wonderful opportunities.

For the past four years I've seen a great amount of growth within myself. I grew a voice. A voice that is now able to say NO whenever I choose. I no longer try to fix things and people that I have no control or power to fix. I allow God to run my life and no one else. In my seeking Him completely it has strengthened me as a mom and wife. I've noticed my positivity has rubbed off on not only hubby and PC, but also my nieces and nephews. That brings me great joy. I allow life to happen as it should and in doing this I've been granted sweet Peace.

There is no more stress, struggle, pain nor cloudiness in my life. Every time I say I am happy - I truly am. I now know bliss. Something I never knew existed before 2005. Pain comes when I lose a loved one, but He always soothes my pain in the morning. Yes, I must admit as I get older life becomes sweeter and I say Thank You Father!

This Is Awesome!! Check it out: joy rebel interview:: I choose bliss

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  1. Sorry about the comments acting crazy everyone! I think I've fixed the issue now!

  2. It could be a TV show... The Sweet and Blissful Life of Tabby ;)

    You are an inspiration, my friend. Never stop, k? xo

  3. Such a wonderful outlook. And your positivity doesn't just rub off on your also influences everyone who reads your blog each time we visit!

  4. I I have "aged" (gasp!) LOL ... I have found a peace that so long eluded me in my youth!

    Love u 2 :)

  5. I'm glad the fear and worry went away and that you are now able to ENJOY each day! What a gift, but I notice you don't just sit there and "hoard" the gift, you share it out via your bloggie and your ministry! Which is so nice for those of us still struggling with fear and worry...

  6. and the best is yet to come! Love living in bliss.

  7. Stoppin' over from Xazmin! Bliss? I can use all the uplifring I can get. Your site is beautiful...will spend more time on it later! Hugs

  8. I'm with you. Life just keeps on getting better. I think it's because with age comes wisdom.

  9. I love what you wrote here. You always encourage me with your outlook on look for the good in everything. Thank you!! I too feel I have found my "voice." I know my calling. I live my passion. There is not greater place to rest!!!

    Blessings to you,


  10. I'm with you Tabitha! Life is sweeter as we get older, wiser, more secure in who we truly are and with these we see the true joy in life. Enjoy my dear!

  11. It definitely gets better :) And I love what you've said here ... especially about no longer fixing things and people you have no control or power to fix. That was a huge one for me. It's still hard watching people falter, but unless they ask for my help, I give only advice and try to let go of the situation. I had to realize that by trying to catch people, I wasn't letting them learn their own lessons and I was making more work for myself.

  12. very well said,
    well-wishes for you and yours. :-)



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