Giveaway Winner & Monday Blessings

It's time to announce the winner of the Bath & Book Giveaway!!
I used to help in selecting the winner.

Number 15 is: Mom2boys!!
Congratulations To you!!

Mother's Day ROCKED!! Hubby and Princess Charlie are the bomb! I woke up to hot banana pancakes made by PC. Afterward we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart where I bought myself a blender. For lunch hubby created a grilled chicken and shrimp salad with lobster cakes on the side. PC made banana and strawberry smoothies to drink. They were yummy!! For dinner hubby cooked stuffed bell peppers with dirty rice and blackened crab meat .

And what did I do?

Absolutely NADA!! I was ordered to take a long refreshing bath, then I was to sit back and be served. How about that?? It was amazing!!! I felt like a true Queen. I watched television and laughed with my baby girl. PC's best friend for the past three years spent Saturday with us. Her and her mom gave me two Fabulous candles (I Adore Candles), a great smelling lotion and body spray. PC gave me the new Dove bath gels with the matching body sprays. Can you say Heaven!!?

This entire weekend was filled with joy and great memories. :) I can honestly say I SO enjoyed myself!

Mother's Day Was Amazing!!

Morning Thoughts:
1. Grateful for another day
2. Yesterday Rules!!
3. PC and Hubby are Amazing!

Father, I thank you for the blessing of becoming a mother. Thank you for guiding me along my path. Please give me the wisdom and strength to guide my baby girl along the path you have chosen for her. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. I'm honored in your faith in me. ♥


  1. Welcome to another week. Glad you had a super mo's day.ther

  2. Sounds like the perfect mother's day. So, glad you had a wonderful one. Lucky number 15 Congratulations

  3. What a wonderful Mother's Day! You made out like a bandit! Now both you and your house will be smelling like a Bath and Body Shop!!! LOL...I love good-smelling things too...can't have enough candles or body sprays, IMHO!!!

    WOW, your hubby and daughter can really COOK!

  4. Yes! They treated you like the Queen you are! :)

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day.

    I've posted today prepping my readers for you tomorrow!

    Here we go!

  6. And I wish you 364 more wonderful days of being a mother between now and next Mother's Day! What a wonderful day for you! Very nice, and you have a super family to treat you this way!!!

  7. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day, sure deserved to be pampered.

  8. Hi Tabitha!
    I just found your blog and I'm delighted to read your words. I found you through Mimi's "Devotional Daze".

    So glad you had a great Mother's Day. Me too!

    I signed on as a Follower, so I'll be back.

  9. Happy Monday! I got my book in the mail today!! It's so awesome and uplifting :) Thank you.

  10. the joy just exudes from this post.

    so wonderful that you were so pampered-as you should be!


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